Spire of Torment. Chapter 25: Retaliation & Submission

By: Lucien

Wispy strands of shadow clawed across Kamri’s back. Fresh from the showers, the praetorian and twisted Kazdruk elf made her way towards Yuldasha’s chambers. She had been instructed to meet with her moments ago. The defense of the elvish assault was a great success; the higher ranking Kazdruk commanders and talon leaders were very delighted at the swift defeat of the weak and impuissant elves. Kamri had not yet seen Yuldasha since the conflict. She tried to speculate what she would think of her and her assigned Talon’s efforts. Thoughts skimmed across her mind as she wondered how the demoness queen would feel towards her. She was not afraid – in fact, she was quite proud. A flare of pride and vanity flushed over her tan skin. Kamri walked with purpose and confidence. She knew she was now a force to be reckoned with and no longer a victim. She was the breaker, the scythe, and the hand that would pull the coalition deep into their graves. Kamri smirked at the thought. The feeling of power and hunger had not diluted any since the end of the elvish offensive. She wanted to taste more, she wanted to stretch her abilities further. The cravings bubbled at the back of her tongue and tingled through her fingertips. She made her way through the dark corridors that glimmered wildly with candles. Soon she found herself at Yuldasha’s door. The two husky guards nodded and motioned her to enter.

Kamri walked slowly but confidently across the dark polished tiles.The distance between her and the Kazdruk leader seemed to extend forever. Each tile she marched on brought her a meter closer to the majestic leader of this Spire. Straight ahead Yuldasha sat, waiting at her great throne. Her long raven hair framed her face perfectly. Kamri smirked at how Yuldasha always appeared so wrathfully exemplary. She was unparalleled and pristine in her deadly beauty making it difficult to not gaze.

“Come before me, young urchin,” Yuldasha spoke with her chin held high.

Kamri continued walking. Her heeled greaves echoed off the granite surface loudly before she kneeled before Yuldasha.

“My, my, haven’t we come far,” the demoness spoke, rising from her dark throne. “Word travels fast in these parts, Kamri. Whispers of your actions and admirable performance have already reached my ears.”

Yuldasha waltzed across the chamber letting her spade tail lash in unison. She stopped at her immense granite table and looked down across the sprawling map. Kamri remained on her knee, not sure if she should rise or not.

” You may rise, Kamri,” Yuldasha finally spoke out as if she’d almost forgotten.

“Thank you, master,” Kamri said, rising to her feet and shifting to face Yuldasha.

“But of course, I don’t rely solely on rumors, Kamri. I saw your actions with my own eyes,” Yuldasha smiled as she pointed toward a large scrying orb. She spun to face Kamri. “Your actions were quite impressive, I must admit. Hmm, but perhaps I’m a bit biased.” Yuldasha turned back to the great map smiling.” I must continue the advancement of my forces across this powerless and frail plane. My plan is falling into place nicely,” She spoke before fumbling her lip in frustration and slamming her fist hard across the map. Sparks of jade evaporated into the dark air around her clenched fist. “I need better Talon commanders! Ones with drive, determination, and perseverance.” Yuldasha paused for a moment. “…someone such as yourself,” Yuldasha grinned, turning and looking down at Kamri.

“Tell me, how did it feel to sever your lovers head from his body?”

Kamri’s eyes ignited sharply. ” It felt… magnificent.”     

“You lack remorse. You’re driven only by your cravings and inner drive. Hmm yes…maybe a bit too early.” Yuldasha stopped for a moment and then smiled. “You’re being promoted to Talon commander, Kamri; congratulations. “

Kamri smirked in surprise. “It would be my honor. Thank you, Master.”

“I’ll give you a few days. Select your members. Run them through some drills, get to know them and report back to me when your Talon is ready.”

Kamri bowed. “Yes, Master.”

“You’re dismissed.”

Kamri made her way back across Yuldasha’s vast chamber. As she reached the large doors, they opened inward. Pure anger soaked Kamri’s being. Jelthra walked in eyeing Kamri down in silence. Equal hatred seething under her skin.

Yuldasha turned to look at the two, sensing the thick animosity that suddenly spilled into the chamber. The two spun around each other like feral mountain cats. No words had to be spoken, no story to be told. Yuldasha could easily sense the detestation between the two.

“You bitch !  How dare you cross before me! I’z fucking kill you!” Jelthra spat in rage and lunged for Kamri’s neck with her hands.

Kamri rolled back, letting Jelthra follow through forward. The corrupted elf grappled and pulled downward while rolling smoothly to her back. She rode her long leg up into Jelthra’s stomach and flipped her backward skyward. Jelthra landed hard on her shoulder blades. She quickly scrambled to her feet in outrage and embarrassment.

Yuldasha took a step away from her map table and looked on in amusement. She thought about intervening and stopping the two, but she was genuinely curious on the outcome. Two guards ran in to stop the scuffle but Yuldasha quickly called them off. She took a seat while sipping her delicate wine and watched on.

Kamri opened up on Jelthra. She lunged with quick combinations of jabs. Jelthra blocked the punches and deflected the last strike, redirecting Kamri’s movement outward. She forced the elf’s hand upward and struck her hard in the face. Kamri buckled backward slightly dazed before returning a high spinning roundhouse kick. The kick caught Jelthra hard across her jaw; she was sent spinning into a stone column filled with Kazdruk decor. The human crashed through artifacts and fell hard to the floor. With perseverance, Jelthra came up to her knees launching an intense fireball. The flaming spell splashed across Kamri’s right arm bracer. Brilliant flames engulfed her armor and she was meet with an axe kick. Kamri fell rearward and back hand sprung out of the line of Jelthra’s next fire spell. The elf quickly ran up towards Jelthra; she jumped sideways and sprung off a nearby pillar, coming down hard with an elbow strike.

The elbow crushed into Jelthra’s face, sending her tumbling backwards. Kamri used the moment to follow up with a knee strike to the human’s stomach. The strike sent Jelthra airborne and Kamri quickly knocked her back down across her spine. Jelthra cried out in pain as she landed hard across the tile, sprawled out flat on her chest. The fuming elf approached Jelthra as she struggled to stand back up. Jelthra’s body suddenly vanished before Kamri’s eyes. The human spell-sword reappeared behind Kamri. Jelthra wrapped her arm around her neck, placing her into a choke hold. The dark elf struggled in the human’s hold.

“Ha! Iz got you now wretched whore!”

Kamri fought, gasping for air. She thought quickly and pushed herself forward flipping Jelthra over her back. The two fell over hard. Kamri placed her hand across Jelthra’s face, prying her jaw sideways. The human returned the favor reaching up and pushing against the elf’s face. The two rolled around like snakes looking for a window of advantage.

“Enough!'” Yuldasha stood from her throne. Noticing the stalemate, she walked toward the two and launched two bolts of green lighting. The two women became separated and were flung across to opposite sides of the room. Kamri leapt back to her feet, already running, trying to close the distance. Her face full of animalistic rage. Yuldasha launched her whip around her neck, pulling the elf clean of her feet. She fell hard.

“I said enough!”

Kamri kneeled but did not advance anymore; she held her ground glaring at Jelthra with a trickle of blood rolling down her lip. Jelthra stood doing the same.

“I will not allow you two to waste anymore potential!” Yuldasha outstretched her hands and pulled the two closer.

“From this point on, the two of you will set aside your differences. I believe you two need to spend some more time together. I’m placing you both on stall duty. If either of you assault another you’re done!”

“Vhat! but Mas-“

“Silence, Jelthra! You’re already on thin ice. Now check in with Joyok in the Dragon stalls!… and Kamri, once this disciplining is complete, perhaps I will re-analyze your possible position as a Talon commander.”

Jelthra’s mouth opened wide in a mix of bewilderment and anger, but she didn’t dare speak a word.  She only glared at Kamri.

“Do I make myself understood? I think I’m being extremely generous.”

“Yes, master,” Kamri and Jelthra spoke in unison less than excited.

“Good; now get out of my face. Jelthra, whatever you came here to speak about can wait.”    


Neicul had returned to the Spire. His muscles aching and clothing covered in snow, the Kazdruk dismounted from his dragon. Handing over the reigns to a stable worker, he brushed his vest, trying to cover his wound best he could. He continued walking into the main hall, escorting his two subjects. Both elves were gagged, one male and one female. Neicul gazed around the busy spire before calling over another soldier.

“Take these two and get them cleaned up, then bring them to Aeltha’s holding cells for me.”

“Yes, Master Neicul. As you wish… welcome back.” The Kazdruk soldier bowed, taking the two prisoners from him.

“By the way, have you seen Aeltha?”

“Yes sir; I believe she’s still in her personal chambers.”

Neicul nodded. His eyebrows folded slightly and he walked off towards the upper chambers. Making his way up several stairs he peered at his wound again and shook his head in disbelief before turning the corner. He failed his mission and was preparing for the consequences. He didn’t think Aeltha would be understanding. She would want to know why he only returned with two subjects and not three.  

  As he made his way down the dimly lit corridor he noticed three Kazdruk soldiers, two of them he didn’t recognize. They looked like run of the mill guards, but the tall purebred in the middle he knew. There was no mistaking her. Luzella.

“Ahh fuuck…,” he whispered under his breath in frustration.  “Not this berserker ballista bitch again.”

He stopped for a second, thinking of turning around and taking the long way around to Aeltha’s upper chambers. He really didn’t want to deal with her again, not right now. At this point It would be too obvious to turn, so he held his ground and walked on, trying his best to keep his face out of view. He marched by steadily, rubbing one of his small horns and keeping his head down, half trying to cover his face. He thought he got by, but a cat call whistled off before he was shoved up against the wall.

“Neicul – aren’t you going to say hi?” Luzella smirked looking down at him.

“ Oh… Hi Luzella…my apologies. I guess… I, uh, didn’t see you,” Neicul returned with a sly smile knowing she was impossible to miss. He held his breath trying to hid the immense pain surging through his body as Luzella unknowingly pressed into his chest wound. Slowly he ran his hand up toward one of his daggers, letting his fingers glide across the hilt. Luzella noticed the slight movement and grabbed his wrist pressing it up against the cold, dark wall.  

“You’re a rude boy Neicul…But I guess that’s what makes you so attractive…” Luzella bit her lip looking at his exposed arms, smaller in comparison to her own. She squeezed one of his biceps between her thumb and index finger playfully.

“You been working out, Neiky? Hmm? How adorable!” She smiled again, pinching her thick lips together. The large Kazdruk leaned down to his ear whispering.  “Maybe we could… wrestle sometime, hmm? I know I would enjoy that very much.”

Neicul struggled slightly now, extremely uncomfortable by the whole situation and her sudden frighteningly promiscuous and flirtatious manner. He tried to get away.

Luzella did pique an interest to him after a few stiff drinks but she seemed like a lot to handle. It also occurred to him that she obviously wouldn’t be the type to lay underneath.    

Neicul wasn’t getting anywhere near a bed with her.

“Aww noo Neiky, don’t leave! You’ve been gone for so long…” Luzella eased off him letting him slide free. “Ya know, you should really stop by my chambers sometime,” she spoke before running her tongue slowly across her sharp canines.

“Heh… yeah, uh… yeah maybe we could play chess?…Listen, Luzella, I have to get going.” Neicul responded nervously.

Luzella reached out, wrapping her hand around his neck and thrusting him hard into the wall. With immense aggression she slid him up off the floor. Neicul reached up with both hands around her wrist.

“I’ll tell you when you can leave!” Luzella grinned and lapped her long tongue up across his lips before composing herself and dropping him.

“I’d love to catch up but I’m on my way to see Yuldasha; I’m sure you understand. See you around, Neicul.” She spoke playfully.

“Right…Good day, Luzella.”

Suspicious of taking his eyes off her, he walked backward a few steps while straightening his vest. Once out of her reach, he turned and walked away. Luzella bit her lip watching his ass move in his leather pants. With a large grin she turned and went along her business.   


Jelthra and Kamri left Yuldasha’s chamber in silence. As ordered, the two moved on to find Joyok in the stalls below. Side by side they turned the corner together only to collide with Luzella. Both Kamri and Jelthra fell back as the amazonian plowed through them.

“Hey!” Kamri yelled, not entirely realizing who she had walked into.  

“ Watch your step!” Luzella declared and then paused for moment looking down at the two, finally recognizing who she just ran over. Her anger filled face quickly turned to a bewildered smirk.  

“Well, son of a succubus, look what the wind blew in.” Kamri scooted back one way across the floor and Jelthra went the other.

“Little teammates now, huh? How cute, I’m truly terrified… You two must have every goddamn goddess of this realm looking over your backs! As much as I want to, I can’t stay and play. Seems you two have lucked out again.” Luzella spat and moved onward. She eyed Kamri silently for a moment and then jumped at Jeltha causing her to flinch backward cowering. The tall Kazdruk laughed into the hall making her way up to Yuldasha’s chamber.

Kamri and Jelthra looked at each other for a moment silently before getting back to their feet and heading to the lower levels.


Luzella carried herself with pride across Yuldasha’s gloss chamber floor. Her heavy hooved gait echoed out endlessly along the stone walls. Yuldasha still stood at her table pondering troop movement.

“Luzella…” The dark demoness spoke with her chartreuse eyes still fixed upon the table’s map. Luzella made her way to her mistress’ side and kneeled before her.

“You requested my presence, your highness?” Luzella asked.

“Hmm, It would seem so,” Yuldasha spoke half ignoring her, her mind preoccupied with finding a tactical advantage.

Luzella sneered slightly, her eyes gazing off to the side for a moment and letting her inpatients rest across her broad shoulders.

“You seem to have trouble with order and authority, little one. It would seem you’ve lost respect for myself and your superiors. ” Yuldasha spun, now looking down at Luzella with her deep devilish eyes.


“Silence!” Yuldasha yelled, cutting off the amazonian.

With a smooth trot, Yuldasha walked a tight circle around Luzella, examining her build while she remained kneeling before her. Stopping behind her, she softly ran her elegant fingers through the tall Kazdruk’s onyx hair. Caressing her long locks tenderly, she twisted a handful into her palm and yanked backward. Flashing an edged fang, Luzella growled softly in a low carnal warning like an aggressive dog. Yuldasha smiled at her animalistic response. Sensing her aggression and detest, she pulled her head back farther. Not one to be pushed around, Luzella’s stubborn arrogance revealed itself cleary.  

Yuldasha took note of the soldier’s tail jerking from side to side in irritation. With her free hand she drew it across Luzella’s neck.

“I can see you’re already becoming restless…I understand your bloodline and breed Luzella. The obsessive need to hunt, the need to constrict and overpower. Passed down within your refined heredity, breed for endless conflict. And that you do well.” Luzella smiled proudly at the flattery while Yuldasha pulled her head back further.

“But, that does not ostracize you from the rules of our kin! ” Luzella spat, pulling upward on Luzella’s hair and bringing the amazonian to her hooves. The great Kazdruk stood tall with her chin up, her white piercing eyes looking out over the horizon. Yuldasha walked around her a second time, examining the built soldier. Stopping behind her, she whispered up into Luzella’s long pointed ear while detaching the Kazdruk’s chain battle kilt and letting it fall to the floor. Yuldasha rode her finger up across the tank’s chest armor. A brilliant glow flashed out as Luzella’s armor shattered apart like glass. The small pieces crumbled to the floor before evaporating into green mist.    

“As impressive as you might be among weak elves and their fragile human counterparts, you are nothing to me. Don’t you ever forget that,” Yuldasha smiled, reaching around and letting her fingers glide across Luzella’s cock sheath. Her wine scented words burning across Luzella’s ears.

“I could crush you under hoof and simply make another just like you.”

Luzella sneered at the harsh words knowing they were only half truths. She feared Yuldasha. Her powers knew no bounds, she knew the dark matriarch could disintegrate and dismantle her in a single hand motion.  But she also understood her worth and how truly important she was to Yuldasha. Her eyes squinted in pride. If she could simply create another such as herself, then why wasn’t the entire Kazdruk army filled with soldiers of such pedigree?

Luzella was snapped out of her egotistical thought as Yuldasha pushed her back to the floor. Luzella looked up in anger as her master’s jade aether whip fell into view.

A sizzling strike lashed out across her athletic back. The searing pain was even too much for Luzella. She gritted her teeth in aggravation. Another cinder laced slash pulled at her skin, forcing a tiny whimper of pain out of the great amazonian.

“Hmm, perhaps I slightly underestimated your tolerance of pain,” Yuldasha admitted.

She flicked her wrist, snapping the whip from jade to a brilliant amethyst. The violet ciders sprinkled across the polished floor like tiny droplets of ice before quickly burning away.

Yuldasha lashed out another strike. The whip flashed across the Kazdruk’s back like lighting. Luzella fell to all fours in unbearable pain.

“Perhaps that’s a little better…” Yuldasha smiled.

Luzella’s eyes flashed in anger as a she was punished severely under the mighty whip.

Yuldasha relished in her agony and moved backward, letting her ass rest against the edge of the table and took another sip of wine. With a wave of her hand, a bright binding spell enwrapped itself around Luzella’s wrists and ankles, securing the great Kazdruk to the floor on all fours. In boiling rage, Luzella struggled to stand. Every muscle flexed and bulged trying to bring herself up to her hooves. Yuldasha’s spell held her firmly in place as she guided Luzella’s face between her legs.

“Now show me the respect I deserve and service me.”

In sharp antagonism, Luzella looked up at her master, peering between her legs in an apprehensive manner. Luzella was met with another sharp strike of the whip, the lash sending shards of pain throughout her body. She extended her long tongue and lapped it across Yuldasha’s glistening petals. This was humiliating. A Kazdruk warrior of such caliber and distinction should be in charge. The breaker, not the broken. Luzella submits to no one. She pushed through her anger and continued to lick Yuldasha’s sweet pussy. This was Geem’s fault, she thought to herself, cursing out that she didn’t kill him quicker. She smiled though, knowing Avelyn was waiting for her in her chamber. She lapped her strong tongue again up across Yuldasha’s clit causing a moan of pleasure. She would crush Geem next time; the thought eased her submissive position she was now forced in.

“That’s a good girl, Luzella,” Yuldasha purred in luxury pulling Luzella’s head between her legs deeper.

A ring of green magic swirled up around Luzella’s cock. Her eyes opened wide as a surge of bliss enveloped her thick member. The great Kazdruk shivered as the magic increased. Biting her lip in lust she started to lap harder with increased enthusiasm, licking up her master’s sweet honey.  The magic instantly brought Luzella close to climax and then stopped, holding it there. The pleasure would travel no farther, leaving her craving for release. Luzella growled between her master’s legs, hungrily lapping more and more. Squirming in place and muscles flexing more, Luzella arched her back as she was denied orgasim.

Yuldasha and Luzella good

“Don’t you stop licking, my little Luzella,” Yuldasha commanded as she drove Luzella’s face into her twat agian and agian. The demoness queen gasped as her slave’s tongue brushed across her clit. With wicked force she grinded the purebred’s face across her nethers. Driving her sharp nails into the table, Yuldasha moaned out again in twisted satisfaction. Panting heavily, Luzella kept her pace hoping she would be rewarded with freedom to cum. Yuldasha tremored slightly as she brought herself to climax, her jade eyes feel heavy as she wrapped her leg around Luzella’s head. Biting her lip in fulfillment, she slowly released her grip from Luzella’s head and leaned back slowly, relaxing and letting the euphoria spill through her body.

“Mmm, well you have certainly earned yourself a second chance,” Yuldasha smiled as she canceled the spells holding Luzella down and taunting her cock.

“Let this be a warning. Next time I won’t be so pleasant. Now, leave before I change my mind.”

Luzella rose to her hooves. Her thick cock jumping in eagerness and leaking pre cum across the floor. She lapped her tongue across her lips, licking up all of Yuldasha’s remaining juices. With a shudder of delight she pulled herself together and bowed.

“T-T-Thank you master…”

Luzella turned and made her way out, suddenly in need of a cold shower… and Avelyn.                  


Fucking bitch!

I hated her. Everything about her, the way she walked, her short skin-tight skirt. Her stuck up, condescending ways. It took everything inside me to not drive a dagger through her back when she wasn’t looking. This was her damn fault, she started this mess. She had something to prove towards Neicul that first day and then it all crumbled to pieces after that. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth! Now here we were, cleaning dragon stalls. It made my blood boil. Every time I looked at her…or heard her name! Jelthra. I would see red… every damn shade of it. Crimson would fill my eyes as I would fantasize wrapping my hands around that fucking human’s neck.

Look at Jelthra, trying to talk her way out of cleaning these stalls. Letting her tits hang out and chatting it up with the stall master Joyok. I’ve seen a lot of ugly Kazdruk in these lower parts, but Joyok was a real winner… And he was just as stupid as he looked. He made Brazeek look like an elegant elvish tactician. He was falling for Jelthra’s small talk… just as any stupid boy would. He stood there with his big dumb mouth hanging wide open and fumbling over his words. I almost broke the handle of the pitchfork I was holding. Anger was an understatement. I stood there and took my eyes off his ugly Kazdruk mug. I found myself resting my eyes on Jelthra’s back. A perfect target for a pitch fork… my grip eased up some as I gazed toward her long raven hair that rode down her shoulder blades. I lowered the pitchfork as my eyes grazed down further along her elegant figure. I paused for a moment as a spark tingled south of my navel. My sharp fang slowly rode up over my bottom lip.

I jumped as a nearby dragon roared at a smaller dragon next to it, violently snapping at him. I watched in frustration as the smaller dragon shifted sideways and knocked over a large steel food trough. All of its mixed contents spilled to the floor. This time I snapped the pitchfork handle as it erupted in a wave of flames. This was was all Jelthra’s fault!

Ugh Damn it, zat bitch Kamri can’t do anything right. What the fuck did she just do over there? How did she manage to spill the dragon’s food trough? Those things weigh a ton. I bet she’s trying to distract Joyok here! Well it worked, because now he’s walking over there to help her. Zat elvish cunt ruins everything…Everything! I waz so close to talking my way out of this mess. Zee mess she started by showing up!  I was on my way to becoming a Talon commander. A special division Talon commander at that. Bitch! I would have had Luzella off my back but she ruined it all. Now I’z been fucked over left and right! I was Yuldasha’s right hand… I was her favorite, now i’m cleaning up dragon shit. All because of her! Little special princess. Neicul’s little assignment. That man was mine!

  I watched as she started scooping up the spilled minced meat. Her caramel skin glistened in the low red torch light. The fire spell I hadn’t even realized I was clenching, faltered out in a hiss as I watched her elegant movements. Then Joyok blocked my view and I was reminded how Kamri fucked up my plans!

“Hey Joyok!” Jelthra yelled, slightly annoyed. “I vaasn’t done talking to you!”

  The lumbering Kazdruk slowly turned his head. His big asymmetrical face looked at her dumbfounded as if he suddenly lost his hearing. He slowly turned and stumbled toward her bumping his single horn on a wood beam.

“Ugh, fuking moron,” Jelthra whisperd under her breath. “Hey! Hoz about you go bring us more shavings and sand, zo we can reset zee cages hmm? ”

Joyok’s heavy build waddled back toward Jelthra.

“Uh ja,…ja ok. idea good, you right,” The heavy Kazdruk ogre nodded and started to walk away.

“ Hey wait… no, help me first!” Kamri spat. “Get this cleaned up first, then we can get the shavings together.”

The confused Kazdruk spun in place not sure who to help, bumping his head twice on the wood beam.

  “Joyok! No! Don’t listen to her, she made zee mess, let her clean it! ” Jelthra barked angrily. She quickly reeled back her attitude and calmly approached the large demon. She leaned upward to his gnarly ear.

“Listen big boy, if you behave and do what I ask… I’ll give you a little zomething later.”

Jelthra smiled and ran her hand across his bulging loin cloth.

Joyok purred in zest and then smiled, flashing a row of broken and missing teeth. He turned slowly and nodded in approval before walking off to fetch the shavings, bumping his head one last time on the way out. Jelthra and Kamri locked eyes in anger. The human shot her a pompous smirk. Kamri grimaced in anger and went back to work.

“Whore…” Kamri whispered under her breath.

A few minutes went by as the two worked in an uncomfortable silence. Joyok had to go down a lower cell level to obtain more shavings. The two moved along the different dragon enclosures cleaning up debris, bones and old shavings. Most of the dragons were unnamed and served only as mounts for lower ranking Kazdruk soldiers, but the two soon found themselves along the next junction. Here, more specialized mounts were stationed. Jelthra’s dragon Daliik was across from them along the back sleeping. Neicul’s dragon Xagsaw was along the other side. Xagsaw was fast asleep seeing as they had returned earlier in the day. Jelthra moved ahead of Kamri looking into a much larger cage.

The human smiled in a villainous grin. She knew whose cage this was. Belva’kr; Luzella’s dragon. The two were made for each other. The beast was impossible to control; he was a chaotic and furiously muscled brute that just happened to have wings and breath fire. Not many dealt with Belva’kr and lived to tell the story. Only Luzella and a few well trained stable hands could handle him, and even they encountered many unfortunate accidents when dealing with him.

Perfect. The massive creature laid in the back corner sleeping.

Jelthra looked back. Kamri was too angry to be paying any attention. She was busy tossing shavings around with her broken pitchfork. Jelthra slowly unhinged the roller lock on the door that allowed any personnel who was suicidal enough to enter Belva’kr’s massive cage. Jelthra waited for a moment as Kamri got closer to the slightly unhinged door. At this point, she was preoccupied with dragging her fork and making interesting line patterns in the red dirt. Jelthra waited for the carmel elf to stroll directly in front of the unhinged cage.

“Hey, you’re making a mess,” Jelthra proclaimed, pointing at the dirt in the opposite direction.

“Hmm, wha-” Kamri spun looking at the lines she left.

Jelthra took the moment and kicked Kamri backward, shoving her through the unhinged cage door. Kamri stumbled backward trying to catch her footing but it was too late and she fell to her ass. As she got up, Jelthra was already re locking the cage. Kamri ran to the cage door and pulled with all her strength.

“ You bitch! Let me out! You heard Yuldasha’s orders!”

“Oh yes I did, but I won’t be assaulting you, no. not zis time.”

Kamri struggled again and again trying to get the cage door to open. Jelthra calmly reached into a small pouch on her hip and pulled out a short vial. She pulled the stopper out and splashed the clear liquid through the cage across Kamri’s skin.

“ Hey, what the!  What are you doing! let me out! What did you just splash on me?”

“Oh, nothing, its juz a little… a bit of perfume for your date tonight.”


Kamri focused and erupted fire along the cage door, trying to melt the door’s bars.

“Haha, you think you can burn through a cage that iz designed to hold a dragon? I’m going to enjoy this Kamri…oh yez, very much so.”

In a fury of anger, Kamri smashed the cage with her pitchfork letting out a loud clang.

Belva’kr was asleep along the opposite side of the enclosure. The sudden clang of steel on steel awoke him. His deep scarlet eyes revealed themselves and slowly began to scan his dwelling. His clear nictitating membrane flickered sideways as the serpent’s glowing orbs fixed themselves on Kamri. Belva’kr let out a soft roar and slowly rose his thick reptilian build before stretching himself out. Kamri slowly turned around and pressed herself up against the cage bars. Shivers ran down her back as she made eye contact with two crimson coals. Belva’kr’s nostrils flared causing his septum bull ring to rock back and forth. The beast picked up the sweet aroma Jelthra had splashed on her only moments earlier. His scales rose up in liveliness as his nostrils flared again launching small puffs of orange flames out to the side. The great crimson dragon made its way towards Kamri, rearing his long neck upward in dominate like arousal. In a wide powerful canter the dragon approached, crushing old bone and rock under each heavy clawed hand. Kamri was trapped, she slowly moved side ways against the stone wall trying to get out of Belva’kr’s line of sight. She slipped into a dark shadow trying her best to stay hidden. It was no use. The beast could smell her luscious fragrance and outstretched his head closer, inhaling deeply .

“Iz no use hiding, Kamri. I marked you with female dragon musk. Belva’kr here thinks you’re in heat,” Jelthra explained, smiling. “You think he honestly cares about your size? Or species for that matter,  you smell like a dragon, so surely you muz be one.”

Kamri didn’t say a word, she only clenched her fists in anger. How could she let this happen? She looked at Belva’kr in fear, trying not to make any sudden movements. The tremendous serpent suddenly snapped out towards Kamri. She dodged to her right just missing his powerful jaws. Belva’kr outstretched his massive wings to either side, showing off his sheer size and build. He struck again. Kamri reached up blocking her face with her Kazdruk rerebrace. The heavy hit knocked Kamri over like a tiny stick. With a large bellow, Belva’kr roared out again establishing his dominance over the elf. Kamri raced to her feet but was quickly knocked forward to her stomach by his large head. The beast nuzzled into her smooth cheeks and pulled off her bottoms with his strong tongue.  

“I’z suggest you let him have his way Kamri, I don’t think you would survive

their true mating ritual,” Jelthra laughed. “You don’t have armored scales after all, zay tend to get a bit violent when it comes to subduing a mate.”

Kamri tried crawling forward as the colossal dragon straddled over top casting a large shadow across her back. Belva’kr, palmed her shoulder and pushed her down hard into the red dirt stopping any further moment in its tracks. He growled softly as he lowered his immense weight atop of the elf. Kamri dug her hands into the sand as the hellish reptile mounted her athletic build, Kamri grimaced as she felt Belva’kr’s thick cock unsheathe itself. The hot shaft pressed across her smooth ass, brushing across and seeking any tight entry it could find.

“Jelthra, get him off m-” Kamri grunted out as her breath was knocked out of her lungs. The dragon’s heavy build planted on top of her. His roar bellowed out again in unrivaled aggression. Kneading the rose dirt with his talons, he angled his cock doward into the elf. Kamri gritted her teeth as the beast’s cockhead pushed up against her tight cunt. She struggled under his weight feeling his warm scaled belly press across her back. Seeking leverage, she only pulled back handfuls of loose dirt.

Jelthra made her way into the cage, watching the interspaces rape unfold. “Tell me, Kamri, how daz it feel, hmm?” She smiled as Kamri could only silently mouth out words for help. She watched on in gratification as Belva’kr took his new mate. Rearing back his hips, he pushed his thick shaft forward again stuffing his wide head between her pussy. Kamri’s eyes shot open wide at the intrusion. The meaty cock sank into her deeper, spreading her wider.          

Heaving his weight into the elf, Belva’kr shivered in pleasure as his mate’s tight lips squeezed around his member.

“What a slut taking zat whole thing,” Jelthra laughed now resting her hands down on a nearby stone slab. Watching on as the dragon pinned her head to the ground.

Kamri vs. Dragon HR

Kamri grunted out as the beast heaved into her over and over. His large talon now wrapped around her shoulder and held her down in the dirt. Pulling backward, he used her like a toy as he climbed closer to climax. Incapable of feeling remorse or wrongdoing. His instinctual beastly nature took control. His only concern was to make sure he flooded her with seed in order to continue his draconic lineage. A snort of flames bellowed out into the cage as his heavy breath heaved deeply. Each powerful thrust plowed into Kamri’s helpless body, faster and faster.

“You’ve fucked with me for zee last time Kamri! “

Belva’kr roared out as he unleashed his hot load into the corrupted elf. Gallons of the thick spunk poured into her womb, flooding her. He kept her in place, making sure every last drop was deposited inside. Kamri’s orange eyes opened wide in horror as the thick cum filled her up and feeling it stir deep inside. In gooey ropes, the thick semen spilled back out across the floor. Feeling satisfied, Belva’kr pulled out, letting the torrent explode out across the dirt. Kamri collapsed from the intense fucking. Belva’kr lumbered away slowly letting his long tail drag across Kamri’s collapsed body. He moved on into the back end of the cage, feeling released he fell back to sleep. Jelthra watched Kamri clutching the soft dirt and slowly walked away pleased with her destructive counter blow.

Kamri reached the cage door and started fiddling with the lock to no avail. Soon Joyok returned wondering where the two went.

“Hey… Joyok. Get me out of here,” Kamri whispered through the bars. The confused demon stumbled over to the cage. He paused for a moment enjoying the view of Kamri’s exposed bottom half.

“Well, come on, just don’t stand there.”

“Right, sorry…?” Joyok leaned over and unlocked the cage. As Kamri limped to her exit, he gazed across her rear end.

“Don’t, even think about it!” Kamri glared at him and left.




Avelyn sat in her cell with her back up against the cold wall. She recognized the room very well. It was Luzella’s personal chambers. She looked into the crisp chamber eyeing all of Luzella’s trophies and war banners.  

“I can’t believe he chose Queen Aria,” she spoke to herself, shaking her head side to side. Demoralized, she counted the steel bars wondering what would become of her. Disheartened streams of dismal pain cut through her. The way Aria looked at her before they parted repeated over and over. Expendable. Their love, superfluous and meaningless.

Her deep thoughts were shattered like glass at the sound of the room’s heavy wood door opening. Avelyn moved back instinctively as she saw Luzella’s long powerful legs come into view.

The amazonian ignored Avelyn for a moment as she locked the door behind her and then lit a set of candles. Avelyn watched in angst, her naked build, height and size was even more intimidating indoors. Luzella outstretched her ripped arms over her head stretching towards the high ceilings. Avelyn observed the titan’s tattoos that spirled across her powerful defined back as she stretched out. With a sigh, Luzella reached back and began tying off her damp hair into a single long ponytail. Avelyn noticed that she looked fresh from the showers but then scurred backward quickly again as the great Kazdruk turned to face her. The amazonian smirked and continued getting herself around for bed.

A cold draft sent a shiver down the elf’s back. She fought the cold by running her hands over her exposed shoulders quickly. A rumble of pain echoed through her stomach as her body reminded her it needed food. The pain would have to wait as Luzella again faced the cell, this time staring directly at Avelyn. She locked eyes with the elf and slowly strode towards the cage door. Reaching forward, Luzella unlocked the cell and then simply turned around and went back to her business, still not saying a word. Avelyn looked at the now partially opened cage perplexed.

“I’m sure you’re cold and hungry; I give you permission to come out if you wish.”

Avelyn frowned at the reminder that she was not only a prisoner but a slave. At first she didn’t move, she only watched Luzella as she moved around the room smoothy.

“Or, you can stay in there,” Luzella laughed moving toward the cell again with a green apple in her hand.

“You want a bite? Hmm?” Avelyn’s mouth watered in unbearable hunger. She couldn’t remember the last meal she had eaten. With her elvish stubbornness setting in, she didn’t want to take anything from these monsters, especially from Luzella. Luzella waited for an answer bringing Geem’s dagger into view. Clean and polished, she carved a slice of the apple off and ate it. What hung from the dagger hurt Avelyn deep inside, more so than any pain she had ever felt. It was Geem’s snowflake pendant. She must have obtained it during the fighting she thought. There the blue flake spun, reminding her again that he wasn’t here.   

Avelyn’s heart whelped at the sight and she remained silent.

“Fine, suit yourself,” Luzella smiled and ate another slice.

“No…wait,” Avelyn pleaded, her green eyes looking upward. She had to survive, that was her top priority.   

The elf rose to her feet taking a few light steps forward. Cautiously she walked out of the cold cell. With a shy gaze she looked at Luzella’s apple. Luzella smiled and held the apple higher above the elf’s head and kicked her hard in side of her leg. Avelyn’s leg buckled and she fell over in a yelp of pain.

“Tisk, tisk, how quickly we forget,” Luzella shook her head before taking another bite. “Animal’s don’t walk on two legs in these parts. Walking on your feet is reserved only for the privileged. Something that you are far from. If I ever see you walking upright again, it’ll be much more than a small love tap. ”

Avelyn kneeled, coming up to all fours. Resting her hands on the floor in humiliation, she looked up at the now almost devoured apple.

“That’s better…” Luzella bent over, looking down at Avelyn, and outstretched a slice of apple. “Here you go.”

Avelyn opened her mouth to eat the slice. At the last second Luzella pulled the piece away lifting it out of reach.  

“Sit like a good Keeaty first.”  Avelyn frowned, looking up at the piece and rested her ass across her calfs kneeling.

“There we go… my, what a fast learner.”

Luzella reached down again and gently placed the slice into her mouth, sliding her finger across the elf’s smooth lips. “You see? I sometimes reward good behavior.” Luzella spun around and walked toward her bed. As she reached the side she turned back and patted her robust thigh.

“Come on, you don’t want to sleep in that cold cell do you?” Avelyn swallowed the apple slice hard and gazed her eyes along the large soft bed in uncertainty.

Luzella pulled another apple out from a bag on her bedside table and brandished the fruit toward the elf. Avelyn froze in terror, she did not want to end up in bed with her. But she was starving. Blushing softly, Avelyn crawled toward Luzella, bobbing her ass as she moved. She reached the side of the bed and looked up at Luzella’s built naked body in shame.

“Up you go,” Luzella laughed lifting Avelyn up. The elf was tossed onto the large soft bed. Laying on her back, Avelyn looked up at the amazonian in fear and awe.

“I’m sure you want some more food, don’t you?” Luzella spoke sliding herself into bed before laying on her side. Avelyn nodded up and down slowly.


“Alright, well you’ve had a rough day, so I’ll be easy on you tonight. You wont have to work that hard,” Luzella spoke, rolling to her stomach and nearly knocking Avelyn off the bed. Placing her heavy developed arms up near her pillow, she sighed in relaxation. Her muscular back glimmered in the low candle light. Avelyn ran her eyes across the demon’s physique not entirely knowing what to do.

” Well, what are you waiting for, my back isn’t going to rub itself. Oil is on the bedside table there.”

Avelyn’s eyes widened and looked to her left. On the bedside table was oil. Her hands shaking, she slowly reached for the oil and noticed Geem’s dagger laying there. She paused for a moment, calculating the possibilities. She picked up the oil keeping her elvish eyes on the silver blade.

“Is there a problem?” Luzella asked with her eyes closed.

  Avelyn took her eyes off the knife, moved back and straddled Luzella. Her long elvish legs barely made it across the Kazdruk’s wide athletic ass. She had to awkwardly stretch herself to fit across her build. The elf looked down across the warriors’ back wondering where to start.

  Anointing her small hands with oil, she pressed down onto the rolling terrain of corded muscle and authority. Slowly she ran her hands across her master’s warm skin and rubbed out thick knots in her shoulders. She kept glancing at Geem’s dagger pondering if driving it into her back would even kill her. Luzella purred in satisfaction, feeling her slave’s tiny hands run up and down her back. Minutes ran by as Avelyn ran her hands lower across more hard muscle and letting her thumbs glide into the small valley of her back. Luzella’s long tail whipped back and forth in content. Without warning, Luzella rolled to her back, tossing Avelyn off the side of her. With a soft moan, Luzella stretched resting her hands under her head.

“Hmm, not to bad. You’ll do just fine. You won’t end up dragon food after all…well, not anytime soon at least. I suppose you still want this apple?” Luzella asked holding the apple up and gazing at Avelyn.

The elf nodded softly, her stomach felt like it was eating itself alive now. “Yes… please,” Avelyn responded, hating herself for playing along with Luzella’s evil little game.

“Get back to the foot of the bed like a good girl first.”

Avelyn frowned slightly but complied. She moved back the end of the bed, giving Luzella a wonderful view of her tight elvish ass and cunt. Luzella laid back and placed the apple between her large breasts.

“Well, it’s all yours.” Luzella smiled with a sinful grin, before relaxing her hands behind her head again.

Avelyn looked at her blankly. The amazonian laid before her with her powerful legs spread to either side of the bed creating a funnel to the apple. There the green prize sat nicely, nestled between her deep valley. Avelyn wanted the apple badly, she was starving and desperately needed to eat but she was greatly wary of going after it.

  Weakness was setting in as she slowly and cautiously moved on all fours towards Luzella’s apple. The Kazdruk’s white eyes watched her every move. Avelyn thought for a moment that her master’s eyes alone could kill her if she made one wrong move. They gazed on her like burning white coals, carnivorous and wicked. Confusion and fear quickly filled Avelyn’s mind as she came face to face with a rather large problem. Luzella’s thick cock and her weighty balls. She stopped for a moment wondering how to get past them without touching or sliding across them.  Even un erect, the beastly member was huge. There it slumbered, as thick as her forearm. It snugly held itself within its equine like sheath waiting for its next victim. Its wide head hung outward slightly, staring her down more intensely than Luzella’s very own eyes. Knowing the inclination of every male, the last thing she wanted to do was awake it. She doubted Luzella’s female upper-half could convince her own male, testosterone fueled, lower-half to stand down. Knowing Luzella’s disposition, she was most likely awaiting that very moment and would relish in it when it came.

Avelyn looked up past Luzella’s heavy breasts in question. Luzella gazed back, parting her full lips with her robust tongue before curling her mouth into a smug grin. The elf looked back down at the massive phallic barricade and attempted to move past it. She started the great journey, moving upward in the direction of the apple. Carefully she placed one hand over Luzella’s thigh on one side and then followed with her other hand over the amazon’s other thigh. She was now face to face with Luzella’s shaft. Knowing the dangers of having her face so close, she quickly moved past it. She sighed in relief that Luzella hadn’t decided to palm her head and force her down at that moment. She was safe for the time being. Now, Avelyn viewed a wall of defined abdominal muscle, she was so close to the green apple, its sweet smell filled her nostrils and made her mouth water. Almost there, just one more smooth movement. Daringly, she pressed on.

Avelyn’s heart stopped as she felt Luzella’s cock ever so slightly brush across her stomach under her. The elf stopped moving midway, awaiting a reaction by Luzella. The demoness laid unfazed as if taunting the northern elf to move on. Avelyn tempted fate and continued across the hazardous body. She navigated Luzella’s sea of tight stomach muscle while keeping her eyes on the prize. The apple lay just out of reach now. As Avelyn took her last final movement, Luzella’s thighs suddenly closed like a blacksmith’s vice. The heavy bulk of unrivaled Kazdruk muscle wrapped up along Avelyn’s sides trapping her small frame. Avelyn struggled while foolishly attempting to free herself from the hellish venus man-trap. In a panic, her tiny hands pushed against Luzella’s long immovable legs. Luzella grinned as she slowly squeezed harder. She watched in felicity as the helpless elf squirmed between her long legs. Avelyn gasped for air as the forceful thighs began applying more pressure around her stomach and ribs.

“Aww,what’s the matter?” Luzella playfully asked, coiling her legs harder. Avelyn fumbled her hands around Luzella’s thick thighs trying anything to un pry the death trap. Like a constricting serpent of the southern Zelkathorn jungles, Luzella pulled her prey up against her warm body. The nefarious Kazdruk laid back with her hands behind her head, relaxing as her powerful legs continued to hold the elf captive.

“Oh, is this too much for you?”

Avelyn gasped again as the air was pressed out of her. Gripping Luzella’s thighs tightly she tried as hard as she could to pull herself free from her scissor like clutch. Avelyn opened her mouth in protest but no words could be emitted. Only small squeaks of air rang out.

“Hmm? I’m sorry what was that?” Luzella inquired, squinting her white eyes and squeezing her legs harder.

Avelyn’s panicking became worse as she felt Luzella’s strong cock hardening. The thick shaft awoke, pushing across her navel and continued her up against her soft stomach. She squirmed as the dominate pulsing muscle grew longer, leaving a smeared trail of hot pre-cum along her entire torso. Luzella locked her thighs and rolled over with ease. Avelyn gasped as she was forced to roll with the demon, ending up flat on her back with Luzella now above her. Luzella released her legs and straddled the small elf pinning her deep into the soft bed. Avelyn tried to slide out from under the amazonian but couldn’t move at all. Luzella placed her built arms on either side of Avelyn’s head, forcefully showing off her command and dominance. Looming over Avelyn, she let her long black hair cascade along the sides of the elf’s face. The demon’s hand ran across the silk sheets before gripping the elf’s long blonde hair. Locking eyes In malevolent, twisted passion Luzella forced her full luscious lips across Avelyn’s own, holding her down and kissing her softly. Aveyln’s eyes fell weak as she stopped resisting for a moment. The demon’s hot lips sent a wave of heat down her back. Luzella’s kiss continued on while slowly growing more aggressive over time. She bite Avelyn’s lower lip and began grinding her pelvis into her. Avelyn reached up trying to push Luzella off, her small hands feebly pressed into hard muscle, quickly becoming lost in her build. The Kazdruk pushed down in response, using her weight as an accomplice. Gripping the edge of the soft bedding, Luzella pulled herself into the elf. Her biceps flexed larger than Avelyn’s head. Avelyn moaned in apprehension. Trapped under powerful muscle she felt Luzella’s cock flexing and jumping in truculent eagerness. The girthy heated member pressed into her stomach, thumping up and down.

“P…please,” Avelyn managed to whisper out in resistance.

“Aww poor little pet. Abandoned by your lover. How does it feel knowing he left you to me, hmm? How does it feel knowing the reason you aren’t free is because Geem chose his frivolous elvish honor over you? It’s okay, soon you’ll have forgotten all about little Geem once I have you trained like the Keeat bitch you are.” Luzella smiled, now placing her large hands on Avelyn’s shoulders and pressing her deeper into the bed. “As much as I want to fuck you into oblivion tonight, I’ll be easy on you,” Luzella whispered.

Luzella shifted her body upward letting her heavy cock slide up between Aveyln’s soft breasts. Her flared cock head aiming at Avelyn’s face.

“Besides, you still need to eat something, an apple just won’t do, you need something stronger… something to relieve your famished state… something with more substance and protein.” Luzella humped forward, sliding her erect member across the elf’s chest. The wide cock head brushed up against Avelyn’s lip leaving a long strand of sweet pre-cum.

Luzella reached over to the beside picking up the oil and spilling it down across her own cock and Avelyn’s chest. Flashing her canines she rowed back and forth, letting her ramrod like cock press between Avelyn’s tits. Her perky breasts squeezed up against the hot member, inadvertently massaging her master’s shaft. Each pump pressed the cock head closer to Avelyn’s face until the thick flared head was bumping into her lips. Globs of pre-cum plastered the elf’s face as each heavy thrust became heavier. Aveyln tried to move her face to the side dodging the rams of her master’s phallus. Luzella’s pace increased as she moved her hand around Avelyn’s neck holding her head still. The Kazdruk’s cock exploded in an eruption of thick cum blasting a heavy load across Avelyn’s entire face. Avelyn grimaced under the heavy coating of warm demon seed. Luzella pulled back slightly letting her mighty cock launch off its load, flooding Avelyn’s mouth and chest. The elf spit the hot cum out.

“Drink up little one or you’ll starve,” Luzella smirked as she slid herself off the side of the bed. Avelyn laid there, covered in a mess of cum.

” You have five minutes to lick yourself clean. You can start with this,” Luzella exclaimed pressing her sticky cock head up against Avelyn’s face.

The elf’s green eyes peered up through the opaque layer of white batter. She submissively nodded before placing her mouth around the flared cock head and began suckling the cock clean.

Luzella shivered in pleasure as the elf worked her small mouth. “That’s a good girl, eat up now.”

Avelyn finished cleaning her masters cock and herself. Resting at the foot of the bed, she looked up at Luzella awaiting a command. Luzella rested her hand on Geem’s dagger and placed it in the bed side drawer. She leaned over and blew out the set of candles. Reaching down she picked up the apple and walked up to Avelyn. Without thinking, Avelyn cowered at her approach and rolled down to her side. Luzella lip curled upward at the submissive display and ran her hand through her long blonde hair. Luzella yanked her head back before placing the apple down in front of her. An unneeded reminder of who was in charge. She let up on the hair tugging and patted her on her head before laying back in bed with her.

“Goodnight Avelyn, sweet dreams.” Luzella smiled and blew out the last candle, plunging the chamber into darkness.  


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