Sewers of Harrow. Part II : Horror

The following events take place during Spire of Torment Chapter 24: Tempest’s Seed.

The group continued down the solitary passageway, only the sounds of the water and their breathing filling it up as they remained dejected and silent. A light in the distance signaled a larger hall ahead, like the ones they left behind.

Tereza pointed ahead. “Alright, looks like a second set of large chambers here. If we’re lucky we’ll find an access pipe to the upper levels.”

“We should’ve done something.” Celena spoke, ignoring Tereza’s words.

“There was nothing we could do. Not without a damn map of this place. I’m sorry.” Tereza replied, trying to be of some comfort to the short haired elf.

Celena stopped. “But we left her! We left her to.. to.. get raped..”

Valery put her hand on Celena’s shoulder “We.. we don’t know that. Maybe she’s just trapped, maybe..”

Celena spun around and batted Valery’s white gloved hand away. “What in the hells do you think we heard, you dumb Wayyel bitch!”

“Don’t talk to me like that. I get she was your friend, but we’ve all lost someone in this war. We just have to..”

Celena continued to seethe. “Like you’ve lost anything, guarding the aristocracy in your fancy fucking armour. I bet you thought this’d be an easy rescue and be promoted to Aria’s head slut!”

“I know you’re upset but do not speak of the Queen in that manner!” Valery pointed accusingly.

“Or what? We’re all probably going to die in this sewer anyway! This.. this is Geem’s sick fucking idea of a decoy.”

“Oh so now it’s conspiracy theories too? He would never do that and you know it!”

Tereza turned to face Valery and Celena again and stamped her foot down, glaring at the two soldiers. “Stop it now! I know.. I know it’s hard we lost Zaya.. and if there’s any way we can rescue her after the mission is done we will. But we HAVE to press on and we HAVE to stop fighting each other! That’s what the Kazdruk want, to upset us, to throw us off balance, to divide and destroy us. Are you going to let that happen?”

Celena and Valery looked at Tereza. “No, ma’am.”

“I didn’t hear you. Will you let your fear destroy you?”

“No ma’am!”

Tereza nodded, and smiled, walking slightly ahead of the other two. The first time since they entered the dank and oppressive sewer network. “Commander Geem picked us because he knew we were all capable of securing his escape. He’s relying on us, so let’s go and save our Quee..”

In an instant, Tereza was cut off as a dark creature appeared behind her and with lightning speed wrapped several then appendages around her form and dragged her upwards as she shrieked. Celena and Valery looked on in horror as their commander was taken into an opening in the ceiling of the passage, barely visible in the darkness. Tereza’s screams echoed and her sword fell down, making a splash as it dunked into the water in front of the remaining two.

Valery looked up, trying to find a way to follow whatever had taken Tereza. But the ceiling was too far up and the walls too smooth to grab onto.

“Shit.. oh shit.. shit!!!” Celena was close to hyperventilating as she ran forward. Valery followed closely, both realising it was better for them to be in the open chambers ahead, trying to not give into total panic as Tereza’s screams were abruptly cut off.

Tereza felt something sticky and foul tasting get forced into her mouth, it seemed to bond with her lips and jaw, gagging her. The elven commander tried to struggle and kick, but her arms and legs were held down tightly by the creature’s multiple limbs. She let out a muffled protest as the spider-like entity moved her swiftly through small ducts.

The creature and it’s new prize emerged into the ceiling of one of the large chambers, thick purple goo covered it, along with several fleshy pods. Tereza was disoriented as the demon held her upside down and began spewing more purple goo from it’s abdomen, covering her legs and fastening them to the ceiling, then doing the same with her arms. The creature let go of her and left her dangling, her braided ponytail hanging from her head. Tereza looked down. It was at least a 15 metre drop from the ceiling to the chamber floor and the knee high water wouldn’t break her fall. The webbing that now bound her was the only thing preventing that now, but it seemed impossibly strong and like the goo in her mouth seemed to bind to her skin and armour like strong glue.

Tereza changed her gaze to the creature as it scuttled about in front of her. It was indeed spider like in shape with multiple legs and a large abdomen, but not like any kind of arachnid she had ever seen. It’s skin was grey and leathery, it’s limbs while segmented resembled those of a Keeat hound, and there were only six of them, like an insect. It’s head was demonic, with 3 jewel like orange eyes in the center that looked empty and soulless.

Then, Tereza examined the fleshy pods around her. At first she thought they were just clumps of goo as she was disoriented from being moved about and hung upside down. Now her icy blue eyes widened in horror as she realised what they actually were – people. The purple webbing tightly clung to their forms as they hung suspended from the ceiling as she was. All women, from the looks of it. Some human, some elves, their pointed ears sticking out from their gooey prisons. Soldiers like her? Citizens of Goldulin? Discarded slaves? She couldn’t tell. Some seemed to twitch with movement. Others hung perfectly still. She could even make out some faces through the purple goo. Gagged like her, faces frozen in horror. Some of the cocoons seemed to have large, distended bellies. Pregnant? She thought, and quickly tried to not imagine how that came to be.

Her eyes turned back to the spider demon. It was breaking open another purple pod and feasting on the contents, meat and blood spraying from it’s interior. Tereza let out a muffled gasp, starting to panic – but then noticed the shape of this cocoon was different. Large and dog-like. Probably a Keeat. It seemed this is what the creature used as a food source and not the assortment of women held imprisoned here.

Tereza’s relief was short lived as the spider demon finished it’s meal, cleaned itself and shifted it’s attention back to her. It’s claws swiftly lashed out at her and cut her leather armour to ribbons. Pieces of it fell and splashed into the water below. It soon made short work of her thin undergarments too. When it was done only the tattered remnants of her leggings, shoulders and sleeves remained. Mostly the bits of her armour permanently stuck to the goo-like webbing. The commander was almost completely naked, her body and intimate parts exposed to the dank, hot sewer air.

The spider seemed to pause, seemingly admiring it’s handiwork. Tereza was securely fastened to the ceiling and her body did not bear a single claw mark or scrape. The creature clearly wanted her completely intact, and seemed quite experienced in removing apparel.

It then positioned itself behind Tereza, resting most of it’s limbs on the surrounding webbing and placing two on the elf. It’s large head hovered over her neck. Opening a small 3 way slit that apparently was it’s mouth, full of sharp, needle like teeth. It bit down on her flesh and Tereza felt something warm spread into her bloodstream before the creature withdrew, it’s small teeth barely leaving a mark.

“Mmmf! Mmf!” Tereza protested through her unyielding gag. If she could talk she would’ve spat curses and indignations at this thing as she noticed it’s intent. Something large and hard was growing from it’s abdomen between her legs, right next to her exposed nethers. Her eyes looked down, trying to get a glimpse beyond her own dangling breasts. A shaft, resembling a cross between a penis and an insect proboscis, smaller at the tip and thick at the base emerged between her legs, pointing at her own pussy. Thick white fluid oozed out of it’s tip.

Tereza renewed her struggle against her bonds, now not caring about the likely fatal drop. If she broke free at least she’d take this bastard thing with her, she reasoned. But it was no use. The bindings were impossibly strong and held fast. Tugging on them felt like trying to pry apart her own skin. Even the webbing on her leg armour felt like they had seeped through and bonded to her.

Another wide-eyed, muffled protest escaped her gag as the spider demon pushed it’s member inside of her, parting the petals of her pussy. To her surprise, it didn’t hurt. In fact she found that it felt comfortable.. it felt good. Tereza wondered if this was the result of whatever venom the spider put in her body when it bit her. She groaned and rolled her eyes as the creature filled her, her body feeling pleasantly warm now.

The elf’s blue eyes almost glowed in the dark ceiling as she looked around searching for something, anything to help her situation, but seeing only the female-shaped cocoons hanging still around her. She felt the spider’s member bump against her cervix and yet still, there was no pain. Just an increasingly pleasant warm sensation she tried to deny. The flow of semen-like fluid from it’s tip increased as the cock began a rhythmic pumping motion. It didn’t slide in and out like a regular act of sex, but remained still and pulsed. Tereza moaned into her gag as the cock pulsed against the walls of her pussy. Thin fluid spilled out and down on over her.

The spider demon held a claw against Tereza’s belly, almost lovingly. She shock her head and strained against her bonds, moaning into her gag as the pleasant sensations overtook her. Then she felt a new sensation. Tiny orbs emerged from the phallus that was violating the bound elf and were pushed into her womb by the copious amounts of fluid – a seemingly endless amount of them flowed inside painlessly.

“Mmmmmmmff…!” Tereza screamed into her gag, face flushed as she felt an orgasm crash over her entire body. She trembled in her bonds, beads of sweat were shaken free of her quivering form to drop into the water below. The creature didn’t seem to react, it’s dead orange eyes staring into nothing as it’s foul cock continued to pump small eggs and fluid inside her. She on the other hand closed her eyes and shook her head. She was humiliated. She was a soldier, a commander in the armies of AzurLynn. A leader of men and women. But now she was a trapped broodmare for a disgusting demon.. and she was getting off on it.

DC SEWER 2_Lucien

Tereza could barely manage another thought before she climaxed again, her cunt thoroughly lubricated by the creature’s fluids and her own wetness. Her body tensing up again. When she was able to recover her thoughts, she pondered on how the creature’s venom must’ve made her highly susceptible to this.. but then thought back to Zaya. How her pained screams seemed to turn into almost.. lustful moans. She had thought she had been imagining things, but now.. in this situation, she observed how insidious these creatures must be. Creatures who dominate not only with cunning and physical strength, but with pleasure.

She wasn’t sure, of course. It might’ve been just her addled mind bringing forth strange fantasies for the sake of survival as she was suspended and fucked with impunity. Regardless, her train of thought was soon wrecked when she came again.. and again.. her own belly becoming slightly distended as she was pumped full of eggs and cum.

Tereza looked down again. She saw her two subordinates hurriedly wading through the chamber below. They didn’t look up, but rather behind them. They didn’t seem to be in the mood to stop and examine the surroundings, or notice the torn bits of leather in the water to their side. She made a weak muffled sound, but she knew it was useless, and there’d be no way to climb up to where she was to rescue her even if they did see her. The spider demon either didn’t seem to notice them, or didn’t care as it bred it’s newest incubator.

As Celena and Valery moved away, Tereza felt comforted that they, at least, went on and could complete their mission. As long as the Queen is safe that’s all that matters. Even if no one ever remembers her part in it or that she is trapped here.. with this thing. She shook again as she was forced to have another unwanted orgasm and panted as the creature finally withdrew, leaving a trail of fluid and eggs along her vaginal canal.

Tereza hung limply, exhausted as the creature began to move. She had a reasonable idea of what would happen next. The spider demon produced another glob of purple goo and stuffed it into the elf’s soaked pussy. It quickly bonded and set there, sealing the eggs and fluid inside her. She then felt her legs pushed together, and the same sticky goo cover her skin. First her legs, then her belly and down to her breasts. She felt the substance stick and hug her form tightly and felt it pour over her head and face. Her braid stuck to her neck as she was sealed inside the cocoon. She realised that she could open her eyes and still see within her new home, her world now consisting of a purple tinted sewer ceiling. She hung there, too weak to struggle, now just another elf shaped fruit to be harvested.


  1. Hey Lucien (or who ever wrote this) I gotta say great story man, and it came out so fast compared to the last update kudos man.
    (here it comes) I saw a few typos in the story I would like to bring to your attention. First:”It was at least a 15 metre drop from the ceiling to the chamber floor” I think u meant ‘Meter’. Second: “She shock her head and strained against her bonds, moaning into her gag as the pleasant sensations overtook her.” I think u meant ‘Shook’.

    I hope I don’t sound like a know-it-all I know these stories can get difficult, and after you have gone over it in your head a thousand times it’s easy to miss the little things.

    P.S. I normally don’t “pull it out” until I see the pic but these stories are so descriptive I can’t help myself sometimes……TMI?

    1. Apologies for late reply, partially because this isn’t my portion. But, meter is the American spelling. UK and Canada both use metre officially (though meter is pretty common in Canada as well)

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