Spire of Torment. Chapter 1: Midnight Malice

By: Lucien

The smokey chamber was dimly lit. The multiple sconces that lined the chamber flickered in the nocturnal hours. Soft shadows bounced off the smooth stone walls, casting subtle movements around the dark room. Only the cold winds could be heard. Muffled in the distance as they whipped wildly across the Tortured Sea and up against the towering fortress walls, frequently disturbed by a sudden pop or hiss from the candles.

Kamri was on her knees, her wrists shackled with heavy steel cuffs. Each arm spread off wide to either side of her body. The chains hung tightly with no slack. Her silhouette, forming a kneeling crucifix. Kamri’s exposed supple breasts moved up and down slowly with every breath she took. Her long, dark, chestnut brown hair hung loosely, covering parts of her small fruit like breasts. Her elongated elven ears jutting from her locks, while other strands were braided with beads and Zelkathorn jewellery. A tiny but constant small breeze moved her strands of hair back and forth. Feathery wisps moved rhythmically across her southern elven face. Her dark tan cinnamon skin gleaming in the low light. Kamri’s soft, glossy lips were involuntarily trembling. She tried lightly biting her plump bottom lip in a nervous counter to help fight the tremors. Her hazel eyes scanned from side to side, catching only the contrasting candle light. The light and dark was wreaking havoc on her pupils as they dilated and constricted, trying to comprehend what lay beyond the shadows. Kamri couldn’t move much in the position she was in. The heavy chains that bound her made it difficult and uncomfortable to stand, forcing her into a submissive kneeling posture. Her lithe waist and toned abdomen caught some ambient candle light. Her wide hips contrasting against her thin, upper frame. A small black thong hugged her ass tightly, the sides of the garment running across her upper hips firmly. The kneeling position was arching her lower back and popping her rear end out. Light hit Kamri’s thick built thighs. The result of years of running through the hazardous Jungles of Zelkathorn. Her quadriceps slightly bulging in the forced position she now kneeled in.

Kamri was recently moved to this chamber. She believed this chamber was located higher in the fortress. The wind was stronger and the air was fresher, the dampness was not present. From what she could see in the low light, the chamber was much more organized and up kept than the previous she’d been in. This one was enormous, the ceiling seemed to rise up into an endless black abyss. Long obelisks and detailed pillars circled the room. The walls were engraved with harsh patterns and symbols alien to her. As far as she knew, she was alone in the chamber. She was captured during the invasion of Zelkathorn a few days prior. Caught off guard while bathing in a river. The gods only know what happened to the rest of her fellow people and her village.

Kamri’s thoughts were shattered; loud footsteps were drawing near. A clacking sound that sounded like very light boots. The closer the sound drew near, Kamri thought they sounded like hooves. Only two feet though, where one would think four. The years of hunting, Kamri’s senses were very alert and on target. She could tell it was only one person.

A demon for sure.” Kamri thought to herself.

A lot of them had cloven feet. Kamri heard muffled talking outside the chamber door. A male and female. Presumably the woman was speaking with the mammoth guard outside the door. With that, the chamber door opened. A very tall demoness women walked in, slowly closing the chamber door behind her.

She was intimidation and wickedness incarnate. Her reddish tan skin held hints of purple and magenta. The demoness was very tall. At least by human and elven standards. She stood at least two and a half meters. Her extra hock leg joint gave her the extra height. The demon’s curvy physique swayed with every step closer she took. Elegant but unmistakably deadly. Her body was powerful, designed with the hellish intention of seduction and killing. Slick reptilian, black leather thigh-highs hugged her long powerful legs as they elegantly carried her closer. Her thick chiselled thighs glimmered in the low light. Her hourglass figure was topped off with her massive breasts. Larger than the demon’s head, the large mammaries bounced softly in her low cut armored top which struggled to contain them. Her long raven black hair hung straight, reaching the top of her hips and framing her soft face. Her black, curling goat like horns twisted out and behind her head with menace. An intricate head piece was strung across her forehead, embedded with green gemstones. Her thick, deep purple puckered lips held a pleasurable grin. Kamri couldn’t help but notice her piercing green serpent eyes. The glow cut through the dim light like emerald fire balls, piercing Kamri’s very soul.



Yuldasha: Leader of the Kazdruk forces


The demoness continued to approach her captive slowly. She criss-crossed each step, emphasizing her hips. Kamri couldn’t tell if the movement was being done deliberately or if it was a result of her long hoofed legs. The Demon reached out to her side and ran her long fingers across a dark marble table as she drew closer. A small screeching sound echoed into the chamber as she harshly flicked her nail off the table’s edge. Leaving a thin line across the surface of the table. The demon bit her lower lip and stopped in front of Kamri who was kneeling before her. The demon bent over slowly, her heavy breasts squeezing together in her armored top. Her deep cleavage lined up with Kamri’s face. Kamri’s nose was suddenly bombarded with aromas. It was a sweet spicy smell, mixed with smoke and oiled leather. The musk was intoxicating. Kamri gasped lightly. The demoness ran her finger across the elf’s neck, smiling and flashing an extended canine fang before standing upright again. The demoness turned around, her hands behind her back. Showing off her smooth round ass, barely being covered by short form-fitting leather bottoms. With a long tail running down, wiping side to side. The demon began to pace slowly in front of Kamri, back and forth.

Tell me elf, why do your people resist?” The demon spoke softly. Her voice holding a thick accent. Her voice seemed double layered. Both low pitched and feminine at the same time.

Kamri said nothing, she only looked away off to her side. The demon stopped pacing and looked at the elf.

Where are the rest of your little friends hiding?” The demon asked.

Kamri still didn’t speak.

I asked you a question.” The tone in the demon’s voice slightly becoming annoyed but still under control.

The demon drew in closer to Kamri again. Placing her hand around the elf’s neck. Squeezing slightly.

Do you think your silence is patriotic?… Hmm, My little slave?” The demon whispered.

I’ve crushed millions of your pathetic kind. The entire Northern Coalition is falling before my very hooves. Do you honestly think you south lander elves have a better chance of surviving the inevitable?”

Kamri only stared in horror. The demoness smiled again.

At least your northern cousins fought back.” The demon laughed out loud. “Your village was pathetic, my forces enjoyed leveling your home and took much pleasure in leaving nothing but a pile of smoldering ash!”

Kamri gritted her teeth in anger. Wishing she could throw a punch. Trying to move her arms but failing due to the chains holding her in place.

I-I’m not afraid of you demon!” Kamri spoke with hesitance and fumbling of her words.

The demon smiled and quickly grabbed a handful Kamri’s hair, tugging back. Forcing her to look straight up. The demon slid her tail up around Kamri’s neck, wrapping it around like a vine two times.

Oh, you elves are so naive. So blindly faithful and overconfident, too busy being proud instead of accepting the facts.” The demon spoke.

That’s what makes your kind so enjoyable. You all start out so strong and pompous. Rambling on about righteousness and valor. I love nothing more than seeing your kind crumble and beg for mercy.”

The demon paused for a moment.

Hmm, though I must admit, you southerners are a bit different from your northern counterparts. Not so lost in ethical reasonings, or too busy riding upon your high horses… No, you jungle elves seem to be bound by even more irrelevant things. Like family and friends. Regardless, you lack respect and discipline. I will take pleasure in rectifying this.”

The demon’s tail began to constrict around Kamri’s neck, slowly cutting off her air supply. Kamri began to panic and flail helplessly.

I was at least kind enough to bring you to my personal chamber. You should be grateful you’re even alive!” The demon spoke.

I am Yuldasha, ruler of the Kazdruk forces but you will call me Master from now on. Do you understand?”

Kamri only looked up at the demon helplessly. Struggling desperately for air. Only desperate coughing came out of Kamri’s mouth.

Yuldasha’s eyes flared as she smiled and nonchalantly and tightened her tail’s grip around the elf’s neck. With Yuldasha’s hands being free and her tail slowly choking out her victim, the demon began to unlace her leather bottoms that barely covered her ass cheeks. She slowly undid the leather strings holding them together. Her short bottoms fell free and onto the cold stone floor. Her smooth mound had a small thin strip of black hair running down to her glistening pussy.

Kamri’s frantic movements begin to whimper and slow. Yuldasha released her grip lightly, allowing Kamri some much needed air. As Kamri began to take in a large breath of air, Yuldasha grabbed the back of the elf’s head and pulled her face in-between her legs. Plastering Kamri into her cunt and smothering Kamri’s face. Yuldasha began grinding Kamri’s face into her wet pussy, manhandling the elf’s face.

Kamri tried helplessly to pull her face away, her lungs screaming for air. But Yuldasha didn’t budge. She held her slave’s head in place. Pleasuring herself. Yuldasha’s large breasts bounced in rhythm as she used the elf’s face as a fuck toy. Yuldasha bit her lip in pleasure as her slave struggled helplessly under her.

I’m not feeling enough tongue down there.” Yuldasha commanded.

I have all night! You on the other hand, not sure how long you can hold your breath for. You better get to work quickly.” Yuldasha placed her tail around Kamri’s neck again and kept her air cut off.

Yuldasha turned around, spread her legs apart, sliding her cloven hooves across the stone floor to each side. The demon slowly bent over. Yuldasha pulled Kamri’s face into her ass and dripping pussy. The demon’s large ass re-smothered Kamri’s face, allowing her to remove her tail from Kamri’s neck.

The quicker you get me off, the sooner you can have your precious air.” Yuldasha laughed.

Kamri moved her tongue into the demon’s tight pussy. Sliding inside her slick walls, lapping up and down and running it over her clit. Yuldasha pushed her ass back into Kamri’s face in a pleasurable response. Yuldasha let out a light moan.

Mmm yes that’s a good little girl,” Yuldasha moaned.

Kamri kept pushing her tongue deeper and deeper. Using all her strength to stay conscious. Yuldasha’s grinding rhythm begin to pick up pace, her breathing becoming slightly heavier. Kamri’s body began to lose stamina. She tried to scream but only soft muffled sounds could be heard. Her vision blurred and her head began to spin wildly. Her mouth being forced onto Yuldasha’s pussy and her nose covered by the demon’s soft wide ass. Kamri arms spasmed, jingling the chains. She made one last desperate attempt to free herself before her body finally fell limp.

The slack-less chains kept Kamri’s body upright. Yuldasha face grinning in a hell-bent joy. She continued to grind her cunt while backing her ass into the unconscious elf’s face. A wave of ecstasy enveloped Yuldasha as she came over the helpless elf mouth. The demon arched her muscled back as sweet juices exploded from her twat. A flutter of tingles ran up Yuldasha’s spine and through her entire body, her nipples becoming rock hard and her eyes flaring with bright green fire. Yuldasha pulled Kamri’s face in deeper holding her head in place as the waves of lust faded. Her orgasm slowly subsided and she began to catch her breath. Yuldasha released her powerful grip of the elf and took a step forward. Kamri’s head fell forward, her body motionless and deep in slumber. Long strands of cum strung themselves from Kamri’s lips back up to the demon’s dripping ass and pussy. Yuldasha turned around and grabbed the back of Kamri’s head again.

Oh poor little thing. Tisk-tisk, but I’m not done playing with you.” Yuldasha spoke sorrowfully.

Yuldasha back handed the passed out elf, hard across her right cheek. The demon tugged on her hair, snapping her head up-ward, back to attention.

Kamri’s eyes began to open slowly. Quickly regaining consciousness, Kamri’s eyes struggled to re-focus. She coughed a few times, clearing her airway and breathing heavily. She began to catch her breath. With her deep brown hair covering part of her face. Kamri looked up at her captor with hatred and defiance.

Yuldasha slowly licked her upper lip, wetting the surface of her purple mouth. Staring down at her captive toy.

The demon leaned over into the elf, reaching down and pinching Kamri’s left nipple and twisting softly. Yuldasha pressed her thick, puckered, purple lips upon Kamri’s soft pink lips. Kissing her sensually. Yuldasha bit softly into Kamri’s lower lip, licking her own sweet pussy juices off of the elf’s mouth.

Now, let me ask you again. Where is the rest of your elvish clan? The demon inquired.

Kamri gasped slightly. The kiss and pull on her nipple catching her off guard. Kamri looked up, dazed and confused. The room spinning and the candles twirling in a whirlwind of flickering lights.

I-I…I don’t know.” Kamri spoke softly.

Yuldasha smacked the weak elf hard across the face again. Leaving a pinkish palm print across Kamri’s almond skin.

You will refer to me as Master.” Yuldasha spoke sternly. Slowly twisting Kamri’s nipple again. This time pulling with more force then before.

Kamri gritted her teeth trying to cancel out her gasps.

Do I make myself clear?” Yuldasha asked.

Yuldasha’s intense serpentine eyes flickered, sending a shock through the fingers pinching Kamri’s nipple. A powerful wave mixed of both cold and heat jolted Kamri’s breast. A cobalt blue ring of energy swirled around Yuldasha’s wrist and hand.

Kamri let out a slow uncontrollable moan. The pleasure running through her body was border-line unbearable.

Yes m-master.” The elf struggled to speak through the magical wave of pleasure. Yuldasha released her grip from the elf’s nipple.

Good.” The demon responded.

Kamri knelt there, weakened and defeated. Her body strained from the assault.

Yuldasha ran her right hand down, combing her fingers through Kamri’s hair, spreading her fingers wide and palming the top of the elf’s head. Yuldasha looked down, frowning her lips.

You look tired, you’ve been through quite a lot the past few days. You must be hungry.” Yuldasha spoke.

Struggling to lift her head, Kamri looked up and nodded.

Yes, I am Master.” Kamri answered softy.

Yuldasha smiled, still griping Kamri’s head, she pulled herself closer to the restrained elf. Yuldasha’s eyes flashed as they had before. Cutting through the dimly lit room.


A wave of energy raced around Yuldasha’s pelvis, green shocks of magic danced around her hips. The waves ran down to her pussy and up to her navel. The demonic particles began racing faster and faster, spinning wildly like a swarm of angered hornets. A large, phallus shaped silhouette began to materialize behind the racing wave of dark magic. The small storm of magic died down and fizzled out. A few cinders slowly floated away in the dark chamber as the last of the magic cleared away. A large equine like cock lay before Kamri’s face. The semi-limp slab of meat hung partly out of its sheath. Yuldasha’s thick member heaved slightly with her breaths. A long curling vein ran up the side of the horse like demonic cock. A heavy set of grapefruit sized balls hung low from Yuldasha. The smooth sack barely carrying the immense weighted spheres. The large dark balls swayed slightly, their smooth surface reflecting the distant candle light.

Kamri looked at Yuldasha’s member in horror. The cock, only partially erect was at least half the length of her forearm. The diameter as thick as her bicep. The large head of the cock was swollen and flared. A string of pre cum already dripping down to the floor. The immense cock pulsated slowly, as if it had its own heartbeat.

Yuldasha (cock)

Kamri swallowed hard nervously. Not being able to take her eyes off the intimidating sight that lay before her. Yuldasha griped the base of her cock with her free hand. Her hand struggling to fit around it. She lifted the heavy cock and slung it over Kamri’s head. Resting her large balls up against the elf’s face. Smushing themselves over Kamir’s nose and soft lips. Kamri tried to pull away, failing again due the shackles and chains.


Lick these clean.” Yuldasha demanded. Pulling down on Kamri’s hair to help correct the angle.

Kamri’s tongue slid out and lapped the heavy balls. Starting at the bottom and sliding up to the base of the shaft slowly. The large sack covered the elf’s nostrils, the orbs conforming to the sides of Kamri’s face. Yuldasha moved in a bit closer, making sure her dominance was present. She pushed her huge balls to cover more of the elf’s face. Kamri’s lapping echoed throughout the camber. Her tongue sliding over the smooth heavy orbs, strands of saliva running down her face and lathering up the mammoth balls. Yuldasha held Kamri’s head in place as she continued to lap.

Mmm that’s right, you good little slut. You lick those balls.” The demon spoke. Yuldasha’s stepped back. Her heavy balls sliding smoothly off the elf’s face, letting a strand of saliva trail from her wet balls to the elf’s mouth. Yuldasha aimed her half erect cock towards the kneeling elf’s face.

Alright, my little cunt, time to see if the rumors are true.” The demon spoke.

Kamri tried to turn her face to the side, to obstruct the trajectory of the impending cock.

Yuldasha only laughed and held the elf’s head in place, her strength easily overpowering the elf.

It has been said that you southland elves perform the best fellatio.” Yuldasha said with a smile as she pushed her throbbing cock up against Kamri face.

No, please. I beg of you.” Kamri pleaded, fighting as hard as she could to pull her face away. Yuldasha forced the elf’s tiny mouth onto her fat cock.

Plea-mmmpgh,” Kamri pleads where cut off as Yuldasha’s wide swollen cock head slid past the elf’s plump lips and into her mouth. The invading head spread her soft lips, stretching them wide open. Kamri looked up in horror, her eyes open wide from the intrusion. All Kamri could see was Yuldasha’s large swaying tits.

Yuldasha let out a sigh of pleasure.

Oh your little mouth is tight.” The demon moaned.

Yuldasha slowly slid more of her semi erect cock into the elf’s mouth. Kamri’s glossy lips stretched more to house the massive horse cock. The thick head forcing her tongue down and pressing against the back of Kamri’s throat. Kamri began to gag.

Yuldasha started to slowly pull back out. The huge head sliding over Kamri’s tongue. Pre cum oozing out into her mouth, her cheeks slightly bulging from fat head inside her small mouth.

You’re going to have to do much better than that my dear.” Yuldasha spoke, palming the elf’s small head. With that, Yuldasha pushed herself back in slowly, shoving her rod into the elf’s gullet.

Kamri’s eyes shot wide open again at the impossible invasion. The thick meat slid back over her tongue, forcing itself into her throat. Kamri gagged hard again. Her reflexes trying to push back the invading shaft. Kamri began to panic again, helplessly trying to free herself from the chains and grip of the demon. Only the sound of chains rattling and gagging echoed throughout the dim chamber. Yuldasha bit her bottom lip in bliss. The elf’s lips puckered around her massive cock, saliva trickling out over the beast’s thick member. Yuldasha began to push more of her cock into Kamri’s throat. Ignoring the elf’s gagging and futile attempts at fighting back. Her struggling only fueled Yuldasha’s lust. The demonic cock sunk deeper into the elf’s tight throat.

Kamri’s throat began to bulge as the fat meat cut off her airways and continued down deeper. Muffled coughing and gagging erupted from Kamri’s throat. Her small tits bouncing as her diaphragm spasmed and her stomach flexed in response to her gag reflexes. Yuldasha slowly started to pull back up and out again, giving Kamri a glimmer of hope and much needed air. Yuldasha bit her lip and slowly pushed herself back in deeply.

Kamri’s hope again being smothered, taking the giant cock deep into her throat once more. Kamri’s eyebrows winced with every hard thrust. Spit and saliva dripped from Kamri’s mouth. A long strand of drool and pre cum ran down Kamri’s chest, between her soft tits, pooling between her legs. Yuldasha’s cock began to awaken and fully erect. The cock expanding even more inside the elf’s tiny throat. The powerful shaft enlarging and cramming itself inside its new home. Kamri’s vision began to blur. She started seeing doubles of Yuldasha’s firm stomach. Kamri desperately tried pulling in air but Yuldasha’s cock filled her entire throat and cut off her air way. Yuldasha’s pace began to strengthen. She fucked the elf’s face, relentlessly plowing into her mouth over and over. Her big balls swinging in rhythm, punching the elf’s bottom lip continuously. Kamri’s eyes began to roll up into the back of her head. Her lungs burning and screaming for oxygen. Her black eyeliner running down her face. Her soft swollen lips continued puckering in and out as the thick horse cock slid violently like a battering ram. Kamri began to fade as her gagging became louder and more frequent. Yuldasha’s thrusts became slower but more powerful, her balls now smacking the elf’s chin.

Kamri tried valiantly one last time to pull herself free from Yuldasha and her giant cock but Yuldasha held her fast, keeping her slave’s head in place. Yuldasha grabbed Kamri’s head with both hands and pulled herself completely into her throat. Forcing the elf’s mouth all the way to the base of her massive cock. Kamri’s nose pressed up against the demon’s stomach, her lips stretched as far as possible, locked in a suckling position. Kamri’s chained hands waved frantically. The elf let out one last guttural gag as her eyes rolled back. Yuldasha leaned forward holding herself up with Kamri’s head. Holding the elf’s hair in a death grip. Yuldasha kept her member buried deep as her demon cock head began to flare. An explosion of warm cum gushed from Yuldasha’s fat demon cock, her thick heavy balls churned as salvo after salvo of thick white cum was dumped and forced down into Kamri’s throat.

The salty cum overflowed out Kamri’s mouth and back up out through her nose. The horse cock pulsated over and over pumping more and more seed down the elf’s stuffed throat. Drowning her in gallons of white fluid. Long viscous strands bubbled out and over her lips. Yuldasha kept her cock trapped in the elf throat for a minute before slowly pulling her meaty cock out from Kamri’s mouth. Shooting one last salvo of thick cum across the elf’s face. Yuldasha released her death grip.

The elf’s motionless head fell forward, releasing a seemingly endless torrent of more gooey cum. Wave after wave spilled from her throat onto the stone floor. Kamri began coughing trying to clear her throat of the thick demon cum and catch much needed air. Kamri gasped heavily, her body slowly regaining composure. Kamri remained silent. Her stomach felt bloated, tight and distended. Warm cum ran down her forehead across her nose at an angle and over her now bruised lips. Kamri looked up at Yuldasha with hatred and fiery hazel eyes. Kamri started to speak but before she could say a word, her own belch cut her off. Her stomach brought up a large wad of cum, splashing outward. Yuldasha watched in amusement as Kamri continued throwing up more gooey loads of cum, splattering onto the floor. She finally coughed, clearing her throat. Kamri simply dropped her head in submission. Too weak to say anything.

I’m going to enjoy you, very much indeed.” Yuldasha spoke before smiling. Her now soft but still massive, cum covered cock dangling in front of Kamri.

I suppose that’s enough for one night. I wouldn’t want to break you too quickly.” Yuldasha spoke with a malevolent smile on her face. The Arch-demoness spun around and slowly walked away. Her thick ass bouncing with every criss-crossed step, and tail whipping back and forth.

Yuldasha vanished into the darkness, the candles extinguishing themselves as she walked past them. The clicking of her hooves ending with the slam of the chamber door. Leaving Kamri to dwell in her own misery.


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