Spire of Torment. Chapter 2 : Crimson Blizzard

By: Lucien

White icy flakes whirled delicately between towering timber trees. The frozen tundra was covered in a fresh coat of powder, masking the afternoon mountain side in a coated shimmer of crystal. Cazel watched as the light snow blanketed the ground. She carefully scanned the ash and porcelain colored woodlands. Cazel’s icy azure-blue eyes followed small crimson birds gliding from one frozen branch to another. Puffs of mist from her warm breath wafted before her face as she reached up and brushed fresh flakes off her eye brow and the bridge of her elven nose.

The snow was becoming heavier; this was no surprise, a more than common occurrence in the north reaches of the Northern Colony Expanse. Cazel tightened her fur hood, and tried to listen best she could. The air was calm and tranquil, no wind or ambiance. The birds were strangely quiet, absent of their usual winter chirping and song. The silence was deafening. Only the sound of snow flakes could be heard softly landing on the now rapidly piling powder. Being late afternoon, the temperature was undoubtedly dropping. Cazel bundled her royal guard corset tightly, covering her rosy pale white skin.

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The elven forces were taking heavy loses at the southern tip of the Expanse. The Kazdruck Forces were decimating the coalition’s defenses. Most of the coalition forces were being placed at the southern tip, taking the brunt of the demon’s onslaught. They couldn’t afford another loss like at the Plains of Atzgol. This in turn caused the defenses in the north and along the western coast to be spread thinly. Cazel’s team of four, including herself, was joke of a defense. Her squad was placed with the assignment of defending the western woodland ridge.

The narrow wooded corridor was a little over a days long journey west to the closest Elven outpost. Even farther from any major coalition city. The small woodland valley was located on the far west of the Colony Expanse border. The team was to defend or report back any demon activity. The last few days had been less then eventful. Only a few travelers from far off eastern Driftafay. Passing through, risking it all to trade and barter. Less and less travelers have been coming through. In part to the rising presence of demons and the escalation of the demon conflict. Cazel and her people heard the horror stories. She knew what was out there beyond those trees and what the demons were fully capable of.

Cazel crouched slightly, checking her leather boots and laces. She re-secured her engraved silver combat dagger around her ankle. She double checked the lacing on her tightly fitted leather pants. The dark tan hosen now catching the wild snowflakes. Her dark green, winter corset was embroidered with intricate white elven designs running up the sides and across her perky breasts. The large over sized hood, trimmed with animal fur was covering part of her face. Her pure white locks of long hair running down across the sides of her thin angled face. Cazel re-positioned her leather quiver, slinging it higher on her broad shoulder. The elven quiver was stuffed with long barbed, steel tipped arrows. She reached up and fixed her wooden longbow, checking the threading and tension of the bow. Across her back housed a long sword scabbard. Sheathed inside was her royal two-handed long sword.

Cazel finished her gear check and looked down to her right. Through the dense evergreen trees she could spot Larcus. His thin taller frame hunched with his bow drawn, his dark green cloak covering his pale skin. His dark brown ponytail swaying ever so slightly. Cazel turned and looked to her left. Tasha and Benith stood peeking behind a massive timber tree. Ben’s short sword drawn, his shorter golden blond hair covering part of his elegant face, his dark blue eyes scanning from side to side. Tasha’s black hair was held in one long braid running down her back. A tad bit shorter then most elves she was easily hidden behind the bark. Tasha carried a heavy long range crossbow, her darker southland skin contrasting against the white snow. The dark elf’s soft cheek rested on the butt of her crossbow, her sharp deep green eyes fixed through the bow’s steel sights, searching for a target. Cazel continued to scan the deep woods along with her elvish partners.

Something isn’t right.” Cazel whispered to herself. The heavy snow was now coming down in thick blankets making the already difficult visibility even worse.

Cazel took a slow step forward while drawing her longbow.

A loud crack followed by a whizz sound shot trough the silent air. Cazel looked to her right, just in time to see a steel crossbow bolt catch Larcus in the side of his neck, puncturing his jugular. Bright red blood spurted even around the bolt. Larcus’s hands reached up to his throat as he feel to his knees, spitting up frothy blood from his mouth. The elf fell face down into the snow. A pool of ruby blood spreading under his body, staining the white snow and trees around him.

Cazel dove behind a fallen tree to her right. She peeked up over the large trunk to see two massive demons emerging from a wall of snow. The hulking brutes’ cloven hooves crushed small bushes and trees with every step they took. Hunched over they still stood at least four meters. Their dark red muscular skin covered in heavy snow. The demon’s red eyes were filled with rage and blood lust. They carried little armor, only black layered thigh armor, dark spiked shoulder pauldrons and leather bracers. Long dark blood stained leather cloth covered their genitals. Their heads were a hellish mix of a goat and dragon, long twisting coal black horns jutted out of their large skulls. Each demon had long messy low mow-hawks of dark fur. One carried a massive battle axe and the other carried what appeared to be a sword. It was a massive, long chunk of black steel with the razor edge coming to a harsh hook at the end.

Tasha dove out head first from behind her tree cover, landing in a somersault roll. She quickly came up on one knee aiming at the axe wielding demon. She squeezed the trigger and fired off her heavy cross bow. A loud thunk sound rang out, sending the arrow towards it’s target. The bolt caught the demon in his right shoulder, making the beast jerk back. The beast growled in pain and frustration, reached up and tore the bolt out in a gush of blood, tossing it to the ground. Thin black blood ran from his open wound.

The demon leapt toward Tasha with a roar. Tasha became lost in his shadow. He swung his mammoth axe as he came down. Tasha dropped her large cross bow and leaped to her side, crashing face first into the wet snow. The elf barely dodged the incoming strike. Benith ran from cover, swinging his short sword at the behemoth demon. The demon blocked the strike with his axe, locking the short blade within the edge of the axe. The demon twisted his hilt, ripping the sword from Benith’s grip and swinging it off into the woods.

Ben quickly pulled out his combat dagger and threw it. The silver blade sliced through the winter air, spinning violently before stabbing itself into the soft flesh of the demon’s wrist. The blade severed the tissue and tendons in the demon’s hand and wrist, causing the brute to drop his massive battle axe. The large weapon vanished into the deep snow.

Ben flipped back-ward kicking the demon in the jaw, snapping the beast’s head back. The demon cocked his head back down with a grunt. Annoyed but unharmed. The beast reached out with his good hand and grabbed the elvish man by the throat and lifted him off the cold ground. Ben struggled frantically trying to pry himself free from the demon’s grip, his legs kicking wildly above the snow. The demon tightened his grip, smiling at the helpless elf.

The beast slowly crushed Benith’s neck and wind pipe like a twig. The beast tossed his limp body off to the side, striking a tree and shattering Ben’s vertebrae. Ben’s body slumped around the tree and slid down the trunk into a pile of snow.

Cazel frantically pulled an arrow and launched it at the demon that just took Ben’s life. The arrow struck the demon trough his left eye. The demon cried out in pain and began stumbling back, black ichor spilling from his eye. Tasha nimbly ran up the demon’s leg, jumped and slashed the demon’s neck with her combat dagger, landing in the snow behind him. The towering beast let out a gurgling cry as he held his neck and fell back into a tree, crushing the branches and toppling over in a small avalanche of snow. A river of black blood pouring from his neck as his body slowly became motionless.

The second demon raced out towards Tasha carrying his heavy sword with both hands low to the ground. Each large step shaking the ground under her. The demon lifted his black sword up into the air overhead and came down with a heavy strike. Tasha quickly rolled out of the way, the sword shredding part of her cloak in her escape. The onyx sword became lodged into the frozen ground. Without hesitation Tasha lifted her robust leg high, coming down with an intense axe kick. Her boot’s heel smashed down onto the demon’s right forearm. Fracturing his arm and splintering the bone.

Tasha reversed her dagger grip, letting the blade rest parallel to her wrist. She quickly followed through her offensive strike, spinning her torso and slashing outward with a right hook. Her dagger sliced across the demon’s face, right to left. The elvish forged blade slicing a deep gash from his beast like ear, down to his lower jaw. Without stopping her assault, Tasha spun on her right foot, launching a backward spinning round-house kick. The demon reached upward, intercepting her kick with his already broken forearm. The kick surely would have broken his jaw or worse. The mammoth beast roared as the severe pain exploded in his damaged arm. He pushed her kick back knocking the elf slightly off balance. The demon rose upward quickly, he returned a pulverizing upper-cut with his left hand, catching Tasha deep in her stomach, knocking the wind out of her.

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The lithe elf keeled over and fell to the ground, gasping for air. Cazel raced through the woods towards her fellow fallen elf. The thick woods making it difficult to line up another shot. While running, Cazel found a new window and launched another steel tipped arrow towards the demon. The arrow struck the demon’s pauldron with a spark, deflecting the arrow off into the woods.

Cazel slid down a small embankment and reached Tasha and the demon. She dropped her long-bow and pulled out her royal long-sword. The demon pulled his sunken sword out of the frozen tundra and brought it up, just in time to block Cazel’s vicious over head strike. Sparks danced off the two warrior’s weapons. With one hand holding his gigantic sword, the demon swung awkwardly. Cazel easily ducked the slow horizontal strike. Cazel followed through with a snap kick to the demon’s face, a loud crunch rang out, breaking his snout like nose. Cazel thrusted inward with a quick stabbing jab. The demon parried the strike with his own sword and attempted countering with a slash of his own. Cazel balanced up on her toes and pulled her stomach in, while simultaneously sliding backward in the snow. The onyx blade slashed through her corset missing her skin by a hair.

The demon over swung. The momentum and weight of his heavy sword caused him to spin out of control. Cazel brought her sword up with both hands, high above her head for another overhead strike. She brought the sword down hard. The demon regaining his balance, looked up at the last second, he tried sidestepping the swing. The elvish blade sliced trough the demon’s right upper arm, melting trough his hot flesh and cleaving through his bicep and bone. The severed arm fell to the ground into the snow. Reddish-black blood spilled out like a waterfall.

The demon roared in agony dropping his sword and grabbing his wound. Cazel didn’t waste any time before swinging her sword in a fast horizontal arc. Cutting straight through his muscular neck, ripping through the thick tissue and decapitating the massive demon. His goat like head toppled off it’s shoulders, flipping down into the snow. A jet of black blood spurted and misted into the cold snowy air before the hulking body fell over.

Cazel heard Tasha coughing and still gasping for air. The southern elf got up slowly, limping to her feet and holding her stomach. Before the two elves could speak. A female human jumped down from the branches above. Landing with a soft explosion of snow. The impressive darkly clothed woman walked towards the two elven women.

Who goes there!” Cazel demanded, raising her sword once again, ready to fight.

Cazel noticed the mysterious woman holding a unique scoped crossbow; surely the sniper that killed Larcus earlier. The Human woman was tall and had light skin. Long dark black hair ran down the left side of her face covering her left eye. A long scar ran down her left cheek. Parts of her hair appeared a deep burgundy red when the light would strike it at certain angels. Her right eye was a piercing bright orange, contrasting sharply with her plump glossy bright blue lips. A large armored pauldron with three intricate spikes rested on her left shoulder, engraved in glowing red runes. The shoulder armor was fastened with criss-crossed chains that ran down to her dark purple snake scaled dress, holding up her large round breasts. A large sheathed sword hung across her back. Her long toned legs covered in black fishnets ending at her black high heeled boots.


Mysterious Woman

Drop your weapon and surrender! You’re out numbered.” Cazel ordered.

The human kept walking closer. Cazel raised her sword and rushed the human, letting out a long battle cry. The woman stood her ground, not moving or filching. Cazel slashed her sword down at an angle towards the women’s neck. The human woman dropped her crossbow and vanished in a black blur, bending the cold air in a strange ripple and reappearing behind Cazel.

The woman kicked Cazel hard in the back, sending her head into a nearby tree. Tasha ran in after the strange woman and threw a wide punch with her right hand. With ease the women deflected her punch with her forearm. Tasha continued her attack with a complex sequence of fast punches and jabs, striking the woman at every conceivable angle. The women blocked and diverted every single strike without hesitation or much movement other then her arms.

The women parried Tasha’s final punches off to each side and lightly palm struck Tasha’s breast. Instantly a bright orange fire ball exploded from the woman’s hand. Incinerating the elf’s royal corset top and sending Tasha flying across the woods before smashing into an evergreen tree. An explosion of twigs and branches flew outward, followed by an avalanche of snow and debris burying Tasha.

Dazed from her head first collision with the tree trunk, Cazel lifted herself back up and tried attacking the woman again, this time from behind, raising her long-sword. The woman whipped around to face Cazel, unsheathing her own dark sword in one smooth motion. The woman blocked Cazel’s blade and spun her sword up and over, swinging back down. Cazel awkwardly blocked the counter strike and retreated back two steps, her head throbbing all the while.

The dark woman crept forward towards Cazel, the woman’s vicious orange eyes glaring with immense power. She advanced her offense into the elf. She spun her sword side to side, left to right in a flurry of complex spins. The blade whipping through the crisp air appearing as nothing more then a blur. Cazel raised her sword bracing for impact. The woman’s sword cut right through Cazel’s elvish blade shattering the elven steel like a sheet of glass. Fragments splintered out in all directions, Cazel watched in horror as the silver shards feel into the snow around her. The woman quickly kicked Cazel square in her chest, knocking the elf back into a tree again. Cazel grunted in pain and fell to the ground, her back leaning against the tall timber. The woman drew her black sword up ward and placed it under the elf’s chin, the sharp tip lightly poking into Cazel’s neck.



Kamri awoke to a loud clang. It was the unmistakable sound of metal striking metal. She opened her eyes slowly, her left eye had difficultly opening, a bit delayed compared to her right. A thick glob of partly dried semen glued her eye shut. Kamri squinted her face, breaking the seal over her eye. The elf scanned Yuldasha’s personal chamber. Wondering where the sound came from. Still kneeling and shackled to the stone walls by the tight chains. Sticky milky cum still hung from her tanned bare chest and soft face. Sharp thin rays of red light peered into the chamber. Long thin vertical slits near the top of the stone chamber let in the warm angelic beams. The slits reminded her of gills or symmetrical slashes. The sun light strained Kami’s eyes, her body slowly adjusted to the uncommon reddish gold light. The after taste of smoke and salty sperm lingered in her throat and mouth. Kamri’s sinus’s still stuffed with pungent demon cum. Kamri’s mouth was dry but she tried her best to spit out the taste in her mouth.

Sleep well, my little elf?” The familiar dual layered demon voice spoke out.

Kamri looked up. Yuldasha stood with her arms crossed under her thick breasts, leaning on the marble table. Her soft ass pressing into the edge of the black surface. Her demonic cock was now missing. The demon reached down to a glass goblet resting on the table and brought it up to her soft purple lips and took a sip. The demon began to step forward towards the elf. She bent forward down to Kamri’s level and took another slow delicate sip from her glass. Swallowing slowly with a gulp. Kamri stared at the demon’s glass.

Kamri was extremely dehydrated. Now realizing just how incredibly thirty she was. She craved the liquid that lay just out of reach in front of her. Yuldasha tapped the surface of the glass goblet, rolling her sharp nails, rhythmically tapping and humming to herself. The demon stared into the helpless elf’s eyes.

Master, please…water…” Kamri whispered with her dry parched mouth.

Yuldasha ceased her rhythmic tapping and rolled her bottom lip into her fang. The demon then lifted her free hand and waved it.

With that, Kamri’s wrist shackles unlatched. The elf fell forward dropping down to the stone floor, Kamri’s weak arms failing to catch her fall. Kamri laid on the cold dark grey stone. The elf’s trembling arms attempted to hoist herself back up. Yuldasha placed her right hoof on top of the elf’s head and pushed her face back down to the floor. Kamri’s weak body collapsed under the weight of Yuldasha’s heavy muscular leg, her goat like hoof reigning supremacy over the feeble jungle elf. As Yuldasha pinned Kamri’s head down, she took another sip from her glass goblet. Yuldasha laughed as she brought the rim away from her lips once more.

You are in no position to be making demands. You want this? You’ll have to work for it.” Yuldasha placed her hoof in front of Kamri’s mouth.

Clean these off and MAYBE… I’ll consider giving you a sip.” Yuldasha spoke, towering over the elf.

Kamri struggled up onto to all fours, her body aching from the days of abuse. Kamri crawled forward on her hands and knees, her round ass bobbled up into the air as she bent forward towards the demon’s hooves. Her tight black thong hugging her toned body. Kamri slid her tongue out and ran it up Yuldasha’s right hoof. The black hoof was caked in a layer of crud and ash. Kamri worked her tongue across the entire surface, slowly removing the dirt and grit. The elf continued to Yuldasha’s left hoof doing the same.

A few minutes went by of her lapping Yuldasha’s hooves clean. Her mouth dusted and throat scratchy. The foul taste of it all bathing her tongue as she eventually left behind a gleaming polish.

Hmm, not to bad I suppose.” Yuldasha said with a grin on her face.

Kamri looked up pathetically at her master. The elf sat back, resting on her knees. The elf’s throat was now dry as the desert sands that surrounded the fortress. When she opened her mouth to plead the words came out as little more than a painful scratch: “Master please, I beg of you. May I have a sip?”

Yuldasha smiled and handed the elf her glass goblet. Kamri reached up and carefully took the glass from Yuldasha, half expecting a strike or slap from the wicked demon. Her hands trembled as she brought the glass up to her soft lips. Kamri tilted the glass and took a large swig of the clear liquid, Kamri swallowed hard.

Kamri’s eyes suddenly shot open wide in agony, the fluid was not water as she foolishly assumed. Alcoholic vapors shot through her nose. The liquid burning her mouth and throat. Kamri tried to spit out what was left in her mouth. The flavor reminded her of expensive Northern elven liquor. The unmistakable cool crisp refreshing taste followed quickly by the strong alcoholic burn. Kamri wheezed and coughed, trying to extinguish the burning sensation deep in her throat. Yuldasha frowned and shook her head in pity.

Beggars can’t be choosers, now can they? Tough luck for you I suppose. Now get up! On your feet now!” Yuldasha ordered.

Kamri slowly tried to rise to her feet. Yuldasha impatiently grabbed a hand full of Kamri’s long brown hair, twisted and pulled her up by her long thick locks. Kamri gritted her teeth in pain.

I have big plans for you my dear. But you’re filthy. You’re coming with me, we need to clean you up.” Yuldasha tightened her grip around Kamri’s hair making sure there was little slack. She pulled the elf close to her side and began walking toward the chamber door.

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