Spire of Torment. Chapter 3: Winter Acolyte

By: Lucien

Cazel was leaning against the cold timber. Her shattered hilt in hand, the shards lost in the snows. The mysterious human woman still held her blade up to the elf’s neck.

Drop ze hilt. On ye feet. Slowly.” The woman spoke in a soft, thick broken accent.

Cazel dumped the hilt into the snow and watched it vanished. She hoisted herself up slowly, trying to ignore the throbbing in her skull. The women still held the tip of her long blade to Cazel’s neck, letting it guide the elf.

Ye dagger, give it to me now.” The woman ordered.

Cazel slowly reached down not making any sudden movements and unbuckled her dagger from her ankle. She slowly rose back up and handed it over, handle first to the woman.

Your arrows too, hand zem over.”

Cazel unslung her quiver of arrows and handed it over. The woman grabbed the sling and heaved the quiver of arrows off to her side, the arrows rattling within. She simultaneously ignited the quiver with her palm, the sack and its contents instantly bursting into flames.

The mysterious women placed two fingers in her mouth and whistled loudly.

Don’t forget ze other one” The woman yelled into the woods.

Two massive towering demons, like the ones before, marched out of the snow. One walked heavily towards where Tasha had been buried in snow and branches. The second marched over to the woman’s side. The woman spun Cazel around and cuffed her hands together with heavy steel shackles.

Take dis one.” The woman commanded the large demon. “We’re leaving.”

The other demon emerged from a few yards back, carrying Tasha’s motionless body slung over his muscular shoulder. Tasha’s hands now bound behind her back as well.

The great towering demon approached Cazel from behind placing a mammoth hand on Cazel’s shoulder wrapping his larger finger around her neck. Cazel tried to break free from his grasp, but the demon held her in place with both of his giant hands griping her shoulders. The woman turned around to face Cazel, witnessing her struggle for freedom. The woman smiled.

There’s no chance of escape, I never lose my targets. Zome time day-die, but never lost, No. Now, lez go.”

They all marched deep into the snow filled woods, the winter sun now setting behind the trees. They walked down a small hill for roughly one hundred yards. At the bottom of the embankment laid a small clearing. A group of demons were surrounding the area keeping watch. In the center a massive black scaled dragon laid on his haunches.

The dragon was at least twenty meters long. His black scales absorbed more light then reflected. Chaotic deep purple and snow white designs marked the dragon up his flanks and around his neck. The demonic lines ended at the dragon’s head. The sleek reptilian cranium held multiple black horns all jutting out backward at aggressive angles. His pearl white eyes matched his sharp teeth hanging out over his mouth like a cluster of razors. A leather saddle was attached to his dorsal section between two gigantic black wings. Cazel noticed two large wood and steel cages hanging from underneath the massive beast’s forearms.

You two, place dem in the cages. Prepare Daliik for flight.” The women spoke to the surrounding demon soldiers. The demons brought their prisoners towards the dragon’s cages. The Dragon twisted his head to the side, sniffing the cold air. His snake like tongue slithering in and out. The beast stared Cazel down as she was dragged past.

His glowing white eyes following her every move. The dragon lashed out towards the demon and Cazel. Cazel ducked his advance and kept moving with the demon. The Crimson demon tossed Cazel into one of the cages and slammed the steel door shut, locking the outer metal cross bar. Tasha, still knocked out, was tossed in the adjacent cage.

Cazel watched as various demons raced around to detach the dragon’s reins and cross ties. The woman ran quickly up to the dragon. The dragon lowered his neck and the women ran up his neck and sat down on the saddle. She pulled up his reins and the beast extended his titanic wings, lifting himself and all aboard up into the snowy dusk, blizzard sky.




Kamri and Yuldasha walked down the cold hallways of the dark fortress. The upper floors were surprisingly less hectic than the lower prison cells. This must be Yuldasha’s entire personal floor Kamri thought to herself. The hallways were filled with smooth stone walls. Sconces were hung on the wall every three yards. Small port views where chiseled into the wall less sparingly. Kamri would try to catch a glimpse out the rare view ports whenever she could. All she could see was dark reddish black clouds and crimson sand that seemed to stretch on forever.

The two reached a large wooden, engraved door at the end of the hall. Two substantially large demons stood guard. Their demonic goat like heads staring straight ahead. The two guards were dressed the same as most. They wore heavy black pauldrons and leather braces. Their deep red skin glistening in the dark hallway. Recognizing Yuldasha, the two quickly side stepped to either side of the door, clearing the way for her to enter. The demons stood like stone at attention. The demon on the left quickly glimpsed at Kamri. His red eyes looking the elf over with interest, before quickly returning his gaze forward. Yuldasha continued moving steadily with her slave. Her long powerful legs carried her with grace towards the door. Yuldasha quickly halted mid step, snapping her head towards the demon on the left.

Like what you see solider?” Yuldasha inquired.

The demon nervously thought for a second, searching for the correct response.

I asked you a question. I expect an answer!” Yuldasha demanded harshly as she stepped closer to the now cowering demon. Resting her hand softy on his defined dark red muscular chest.

Y-Yes my lady, I…I do like what I see.” The demon spoke in a deep voice, fumbling his words.

Yuldasha’s hand began glowing. A dark purple orb of dark magic began to bubble on the demons chest. Yuldasha pressed her palm into his chest softly.

Wrong answer soldier.” Yuldasha grinned with a smile. She leaned into the demon’s ear whispering.

You know the rules, you don’t look and you don’t touch, unless I say so.” Yuldasha’s serpent eyes flickered.

Please my lady, I’m sor- ” The demon’s voice was cut off as smoke began pouring from the demon’s chest. His eyes rolled back into his head as he fell to his knees. The essence of the soldier evaporated from his large husk and was washed into Yuldasha’s mouth. Yuldasha stood for a second lost in a wave of lust and pleasure. She bit down on her lower lip and looked at the other demon. The demon was still at full attention not moving at all.

Replace this guard at the end of your shift.” Yuldasha commanded.

YES MY LADY.” the demon responded back, not shifting his eyes or movement at all.

Kamri only looked on in horror. Yuldasha nodded at the demon, The large beast reached over, his large built arm slightly trembling in fear and opened the great wooden door.

Beyond the great door a cloud of warm steam hit Kamri in the face. The steam was surprisingly refreshing and pleasant. An enormous stone basin filled much of the room’s sunken recessed floor. The massive pond like tub housed hundreds of gallons of water. Statues of dragons and other wild demonic serpents hung from the stone ceiling, fresh water falling from their mouths like waterfalls into the aqua pool. Clusters of candles were erected along the corners of stone, casting warm amber light around the chamber. Kamri could see four guards, one at every corner of the room keeping careful watch over the pool. Two other figures were already in the water. The thick steam in the room obstructed their details. Kamri squinted trying to make out the figure’s details better. She looked to her right. A long table streached across the wall filled with an assortment of different fruits. Yuldasha bent over to Kamri.

Now, I have some business to a tend to. Have some food, stay out of trouble and clean up.”



Cazel looked down at the rolling terrain from high above, her platinum hair flowing wildly in the harsh cool breeze. The dark Dragon carrying the captor, Tasha and herself glided softly against the cool sun setting sky. She could see the war torn landscape below. Desolate grassland, smashed woods, and small burning villages could be seen in the distance. Occasionally Cazel would see large regiments of demons trudging across the land in loosely organized rabbles, the large waves heading in the opposite direction from which they flew. Some larger domesticated beasts were trailing large catapults and battling rams. Small demon outposts littered the once fertile lands, with more demons scattering about.

Pulling her gaze forward once more, Cazel assumed they were traveling south. The barren fields of snow were becoming blotchy with dark sands hidden underneath, slowly resurfacing. Miles later the snow eventually vanished altogether, replaced with the once beautiful beaches of the coast. Now a hellscape of war. Coalition defenses were still holding firm against ramshackle demon camps that struggled to prevent their stores from being carried away in the tide. She even saw the port city of Karlsbarg in the distance, but couldn’t tell whether it had been overtaken or not. Then they were over the ocean, flying far above white capped waves. Each beat of the dragon’s wings carrying her and Tasha further and further from home.

The sun eventually set, and despite her still throbbing head and the fear that plagued her, Cazel fell asleep. It was not a fitful one, full of nightmares of blood, pillage, and her own rape.

She woke with a start, nearly smashing her head again against the bars of the cage. The waters of the ocean had been replaced with dark blood red sand and fine red dust. Cazel could see violent dust storms ragging below, snaking across the barren dunes. Jagged rocks and twisted monoliths speared up trough the ground speckling the sea of sand. The rising sun was becoming lost behind thick ash clouds and carbon debris. Small shards of hard ash and debris struck her face, stinging across her cheeks.  Cazel wrapped her hood around her head tightly and masked her face as best she could.

This was the land that had once been the Goldulin Empire, renowned for its vineyards, olive orchards, and great swathes of golden wheat fields. Now twisted and corrupted from the occupation of the invading demons. Grand cities of stone and marble decayed to desolate ruins teeming with demons searching for any hiding victims among the rubble.

The dragon began to drop altitude and banked softly to the right dropping out of the dark ash filled cloud cover. The large dragon broke free of the clouds. An enormous black spire lay before them. The fortress filled the entire horizon. Smaller twisting spires rose out of the base of the large structure leading up to one giant spire that shot straight up into the dark sky. The ground around it covered in broken roads and ground down stone from whatever city had once stood here. Waves of more demonic troops marched around the hellish stone fortress. Cazel noticed two other dragons heading straight towards her.

The two dragons broke from their formation and flew by her and her captor’s dragon. Cazel could see figures riding the other dragons. They looked humanoid, not the usual goat like grunt demons that Cazel was used to seeing. The other riders waved and threw their fists into the sky as they passed. The two dragons swooped down then returned to their flight formation.

The dragon, Woman, Cazel, and Tasha all landed in a wide, onyx stoned courtyard. Other dragons stood ready for departure and demonic troops were gathering supplies and racing around readying for something. As they landed, two demons raced towards their position. One demon ripped open the cage that held Cazel and pulled her out into the courtyard. Another demon did the same with Tasha. The women hopped down to the cobble ground. The two demons, Cazel, and the now awoken Tasha all moved towards the entrance of the infernal castle. Yuldasha was standing at the entrance of the fortress, admiring her forces as they prepared for another invasion.

The small group approached the colossal entrance where Yuldasha stood.

The demons kicked out Cazel and Tasha’s legs, with their hand’s bound behind their backs they both fell to the ground hard.

Show some respect and bow before Master Yuldasha” One the demons commanded as he himself knelt before her as did the other demon and Woman.

What do we have here?” Yuldasha asked and looked down at the Woman kneeling before her.

As requested mazzter, I’ve retrieved two more femalez.” The woman spoke proudly. Yuldasha smiled.

Jelthra, my sweet seed of darkness, your skills never fail. Please return to your feet, You’re one of my devoted acolytes, you need not act like the elvish filth you have brought here before me. Their future will be spent on their knees, not yours my dear.”

Jelthra rose up to her feet, standing tall but still shorter then the demoness. Yuldasha hooked her finger around Jelthra’s chain link strap that held her dress top together and pulled lightly. Jelthra answered her beckon and pulled forward towards Yuldasha. Yuldasha kissed Jel softly on her plump blue lips. Yuldasha slid her tongue into Jel’s mouth locking her tongue and swirling it around. Jel’s knees quivered slightly as she moaned in pleasure. Yuldasha slowly released her kiss. Jel wanted more and tried to reach up to Yuldasha for another wet kiss. Yuldasha only smiled.

We will discuss your… success later.”

Jelthra smiled and nodded. Yuldasha then looked down at the two elves that now laid awkwardly on the ground.

You two will do just fine. Bring them into the dungeons, I will deal with them later.” Yuldasha ordered.

Yes mazzter, as you wish.” Jel complied.

Jelthra and the two demon soldiers bowed and moved onward into the dark spire with Cazel and Tasha.

The halls were dark and damp, the walls cold and grey. Various hallways ran off into a massive labyrinth of barracks and dungeons. Grunts marched by, eyeing the two elves being dragged. Jel and the group turned a corner and continued down the dark hallway. One of the demons spoke out.

“All due respect, Mistress Jelthra, the dungeons are that way.” The brute spoke in a deep voice.

I know quite well where ze dungeons are, you goddamn fool. I’ve decided to reward you two morons and your fellow garrison. But if you don’t shut up, we will go back to ze dungeons.” Jelthra fired back.

Yes mistress.” The demon responded, and Cazel shivered at the unholy grin that now marked his features.

The group continued down the dark hallway around another corner and into a large open area. The chamber was large and the ceiling was high and open. The great mess hall was filled with demon grunts of all shapes and sizes eating, drunken and others playing various gambling games. Just as the group entered the room, an extremely large demon stepped in front of Jelthra, cutting her and the group off. This demon was much more humanoid looking then the standard goat grunt but equally as evil.

His mammoth size was intimidating, his rusty skin was covered in scars and tattoos and his head held two massive black horns. The demon towered over the group and everyone in the room. He would surely have to duck to get through the door ways. His black steel armor was fashioned with spikes and splattered with dried blood, small humanoid skulls dangled off his one large pauldron that rested on his right shoulder. A long vertical scar ran down his left eye, his other good eye- a crazed yellow serpent eye examined the group.

Shit..” Jelthra whispered under her breath.

Jelthra my deeear, just the bitch I was looking foooor.” The great demon spoke out loud in a very low guttural, baritone voice.

Surly yooooou remember the bet you lost the other niiight? You lost fair and square and you owe me my winnings. Ha! I told you that elvish bitch couldn’t take more then tweeenty loads before puking.”

Cazel and Tasha only looked on in confusion and terror. Not entirely understanding what the massive demon was talking about. The demon let out a long hefty laugh and lifted his leather battle skirt, exposing his large dangling flaccid cock.

Jel, I will enjoy your sweet lips around this piece, my old frieeend.” The demon reached down towards Jelthra. The woman dodged his hand and backed up.

“Yooou better pay up or I’ll break your little neck.” The huge demon demanded.

Hold on, von minute Brazeek! I have-counter offer for you.” Jelthra spoke out quickly.

Brazeek paused and stood up-right, stretching his chest and back, cracking his vertebrae. He crossed his massive arms across his ripped chest, showing off his broad defined body.

I’m listening, but if yoooou try to pull anything funny or use any magic, like last time, I swear I’ll fucking cruuush you.” The demon’s hand swiftly curled into a fist just in front of Jelthra’s face. She in turn grabbed Tasha and brought her forward.

Dis little elf said she’d offer her services for you, instead of me.” Jelthra spoke with a devilish smirk on her face. Tasha’s face ignited in furry.

WHAT!? no I didn’t! You fucking bit-” Tasha’s mouth was cut off by Jelthra’s hand. She kept Tasha’s mouth smothered under her soft glove, her fingers gripping the elf’s jaw surprisingly tight, and smiled at Brazeek flashing a quick wink.

Well, whaz you think ol ‘buddy?” Jelthra asked.

Brazeek let out another long hefty laugh and grabbed the southland elf by her one long braided pony tail. He dragged her towards him with a quick tug that pulled a scream from Tasha as she was ripped from Jelthra’s grip.

Alright, you win this tiiiime Jelthra.” Brazeek spoke. The demon flashed a crooked smile, and left the mess hall, dragging his new kicking and screaming toy along with him.

The other two demons held Cazel and looked at Jelthra.

Go ahead, BUT no fucking her. If Yuldasha found out, youz all be dead. Keep her in one piece and don’t completely wreck her.” Jelthra ordered.


Jelthra walked over and fetched herself some mead and then she sat on top of an empty stone table backed into the corner of the room. A drunk demon stumbled over near Jelthra rambling on with a large grin on his face. The beast began to run his hand up her fish-netted leg. Jelthra scoffed at the demon in disgust and smashed his face with her boot, the solid kick breaking the demon’s nose. The drunk demon fell back and passed out on the uneven stone floor, breathing in a heavy drunk slumber as blood poured over his face. Jelthra only smiled to herself, as she leaned back raising her goblet to the demons.

Cheers men.”

Cazel looked around the large room in horror. The chamber was filled with demons of all sizes, far too many to count. The room started closing in around her. One demon behind her placed both of his hands on her shoulders and pushed down, forcing her onto her knees despite her resistance. Cazel looked up and around in a panic, she was completely surrounded by demons. A wall of muscular abdominals came into view. A shorter and thinner demon about the same height as Cazel squeezed his way through the group, pulling his small cock out. Before he could do anything he was shoved aside by a larger demon. The brute grabbed Cazel head and pulled it towards his now thick growing member. Other demons unleashed their cocks and encircled Cazel. A fat cock head pushed up against the left side of her face smearing precum across her cheek, shortly after another cock on her right side.

Open wide,” The large demon spoke.

The demon in front of her began to shove his cock head into Cazel’s small mouth. Cazel muffled in protest as she knelt helplessly. The demon slid his wide cock into her soft wet mouth, and began pumping in and out slowly, forcing her jaws open wider. Cazle gagged softly as the thick forearm length meat, slid into her throat.

Another demon rested his large cock on top of her head and began sliding it up and down. Her royal corset was viciously torn off her body. The fabric shredding as if made of old parchment, its markings meaning nothing to these invaders. Her supple milky white breasts fell out into view, her pink nipples hardening in the cool room. A pair of rough, callused hands reached in from behind her and began fondling her soft tits. The demonic hands squeezed and lifted, squishing her breasts. The beast’s fingers rolled upward to her erect nipples and pinched hard. Her soft nipples disappearing under his large fingers. Various demons within proximity were all stroking their hard cocks waiting for a turn.

 Cazel blowjob

 The cock in her mouth began to thicken and pulsate, his pace picked up as he hammered his cock down her wet throat. Cazel’s bound hands left her defenseless. She was forced to kneel and take the giant cock. She had no way of stopping the demon or slowing down his pace. She was a slave to his rhythm. Cazel’s lips slobbered and puckered around his meat shaft as he pumped his dick into her mouth. Cazel gagged more and more as the cock slid farther down her throat. The demon’s raspy breaths grew deeper. Suddenly he buried his cock into her throat and held it there. An explosion of warm cum flooded Cazel’s tight throat and into her stomach.

The demon slowly pulled his cock back out, thick cum bubbled out as a small torrent of cum followed. Before Cazel could finish swallowing and catch her breath, the first demons’s cock was quickly replaced with another. This cock was even thicker, his heavy balls sawed as he began pumping his fat cock into her mouth. Cazel struggled to stretch her lips around it. She tried to pull her head back and free herself off the mammoth cock but the demon persisted and held her head in place with his large hand. The demon pushed his massive member down her throat. Cazel gagged again as the meat slid past her tonsils. The demon pulled Cazel all the way to the base of his cock and held her there.

The demon groaned in gratification as the elf was helplessly held down on his cock, her choking and gagging massaged his cock softly. Cazel’s face began to turn blue, her eyes began fluttering. With that, the demon to her left blew his load onto her face, splattering her hair and cheek. The demon that greedily held his cock in her throat let out a long grunt as his fat cock exploded. Sending more salvos of warm cum down the elf’s throat. Cazel’s cheeks inflated as the warm hell-milk started to fill her mouth. She tried pulling her head back again, but the demons grip was impossible to break. She knelt in place as she was force fed the demonic load. The endless stream of hot liquid continued down her throat.

Cazel couldn’t keep up with the now rapidly increasing amount of cum. Her black eyeliner began running down her soft face as her eyes filled with tears. Her throat kept trying to swallow but the demon’s large cock denied her from doing so. The cum flowed freely down her gullet without hindrance. Her soft swallowing reflex was inadvertently stroking and milking his shaft. Cum started spilling out from the sides of her lips, as her mouth was flooded beyond capacity. Cazel’s hands grimaced, desperately trying to break free from the steel shackles in a last ditch effort to push herself off and inhale needed air. The demon didn’t budge and held his cock in her throat as the last few salvos of cum pumped into her mouth. The demon finally began to pull out. His long slick cock slid up from deep within her throat. Exiting with an overflow of thick globules splooge that spilled onto the floor below.

The hundreds of demons moved in closer to her as the next demon in line took his turn using the elvish mouth.


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