Spire of Torment. Chapter 4: Sodomy’s Grip

By: Lucien

Tasha found herself deep within the fortress halls. The chamber dark and tinted in a deep blue hue. The air was thicker and warmer towards the innards of the lower fortress. Tasha tried desperately to free herself from the massive demon’s grip. The beast known as Brazeek, dragged her into his chamber by her long single black braid. The pain constant in her scalp as her legs kicked against the floor and her rump dragged across the stones.

Brazeek slammed the chamber door behind himself, locking a heavy bolt into place. Like Cazel, Tasha’s hand’s had been bound behind her in steel shackles. Brazeek held her braid tightly from behind her. The beast stopped walking as they reached a makeshift bed. Brazeek was almost twice Tasha’s height, easily overpowering the petite southland elf. His red leathery hand pulled the elf’s hair downward arching her head up towards the low ceiling as she let out a screech.

He slid out his slithering tongue and ran it up her soft neck. Inhaling the scent of the female in a deep huff, his pierced septum dragging lightly across her bronze skin. He growled lightly into her elongated elven ear before reaching down with his free hand and groping her soft, tight, athletic ass. Sliding his finger down along the smooth, dark leather. He stopped at her pussy region and pressed inward, hooking his finger up into the small soft mound. Tasha gritted her teeth in opposition. Brazeek tugged down on her hair in a sharp response.

Tasha kicked downward and to her side, aiming for the demon’s leg. Her boot smashed into his ankle causing the demon to step back, caught completely off guard by the elf’s maneuver. Tasha spun around, jumped and kicked Brazeek square in his thick muscled chest. The kick didn’t phase him. Brazeek laughed and grabbed Tasha viciously by her neck and lifted her off the ground. Slowly squeezing the life out of her. Tasha kicked and flailed looking for the ground bellow her feet.

Brazeek drove the elf into the nearby stone wall, handling her like a small doll, and pinning her against the rock surface. Air burst from her lungs and she gulped desperately for breath. Brazeek held her a foot off the ground with one hand. Tasha struggling to break free from his death grip, shackled arms grinding against the wall, legs kicking fruitlessly. With his other free hand he grabbed Tasha’s left boot and pulled it off her foot, followed by the other. Tasha still kicking and squirming trapped in the demon’s grip.

Quite the feiiisty one.” Brazeek laughed to himself.

Ackk- I will… kill… yo-” Tasha’s voice was cut off before she could finish her verbal threat as Brazeek further tightened his grip around her small neck.

I’m aaafraid I didn’t quite catch that, what was that?” Brazeek mocked Tasha as she fought for her life.

Brazeek reached up and tore off what was left of her damaged corset, exposing her light cinnamon skin. Her modest breasts jiggled lightly as she thrashed around trying to break free. The demon’s grip held her throat tightly, constricting her air supply. Tasha was on the edge of passing out. Her struggles becoming weaker as her body began fading. Brazeek drew his face in close to Tasha’s.

I’m going to puuummel you, my little friend. I’m going to ruin that little ass of yours. I’m going to make sure every pathetic, slain companion of yours feels this in their miserable afterlife.” Brazeek smiled again as he squeezed his powerful hand even tighter, beginning to crush her wind pipe.

I’m going to fucking break you!” Brazeek spoke in a crazed rage.

Brazeek and Tasha

The demon dropped Tasha to the floor. Collapsing under her feet, the elf fell down on her knees and over onto her side. Coughing and gasping for air. Pain throbbing in her throat.

Brazeek stood tall over her. The giant reached down and palmed her small head, lifting her up off the floor and tossed her across the room into a pile of trunks filled with armor and gauntlets. With her hands behind her back Tasha caught her fall with her stomach, knocking the wind out of her once again. As she struggled to keep conscious and get her breath back Tasha began to lift herself, but Brazeek was already behind her pushed her small head back down, pinning her body across the closed trunk. Mashing her breasts into the rough grain of the wood.

The great demon held her in place as he detached his leather battle skirt, exposing his monstrous cock. He removed a long curved dagger from his pauldron strap and began slicing trough Tasha’s leather pants, exposing her tight elven ass. Brazeek spread her long toned legs apart with her knees. Tasha’s pants ripping further open along her thighs until they fell. He then shoved his dagger between Tasha’s thin undergarment and skin, her tight thong snapping, fully revealing her. The elf wiggled in fear and anguish knowing what was soon about to happen.

The demon held her bound hands with one hand, securing her in place with ease. His meaty cock began to awaken, the fat head brushed up against her ass cheek, smearing pre cum across her smooth skin as it grew. His stocky phallus was easily the length of Tasha’s fore arm and just as wide. The heavy slab of meat pulsated in eager excitement, his dorsal vein pumping raging hot blood, expanding the large shaft. His cock synced with his heavy heart beat. Tasha couldn’t see behind her, her face being forced down against the trunk made the view of what was going on impossible. But she could feel everything. She felt the heat and the shear weight of his manhood resting on her taut ass and up to between her lower back dimples.

Aren’t we quite pretty baaaack here.” Brazeek laughed.

The demon moved his large hand up to her hair and tugged on her pony-tail braid. He lowered his other hand down towards her loins and began stroking his thick finger across her clit and then up to her tiny tight ass hole.

Hmm, where to go? What to fuuuck? Decisions, decisions. Any requests, deary? The demon asked.

“You can rot in Hell!” Tasha spat, fighting again to free herself, but it only made the demon chuckle and pull his finger out of her slick twat.

“Haaaave it your way then.” The demon smiled and pressed his cock head against her pussy lips. His immense head stretched her pussy slowly. Tasha tensed as the large shaft began to pierce her. His large head slowly disappeared within her pink lips. Tasha tried kicking back at the demon’s legs, but the angle made it impossible, she could only flail her legs awkwardly. It made Brazeek laugh at her.

Tasha gritted her teeth as the Demon buried his enormous cock deeper. Only about a quarter of his length was inside her, her wet pussy soaking the demon’s monstrous cock. Tasha groaned as the shaft pushed deeper and deeper.

Please, no! Stop!” Tasha begged.

“Don’t worry, I’m ooonly warming up. You’re going to cuuurse the gods and wish I continued fucking this tight cunt of yours.” Brazeek assured her.

What!? NO! WAIT! PLEASE!” Tasha screamed. Quickly realizing what was about to happen.

The demon pulled his thick cock out of her dripping pussy. His wet colossal shaft glistening in the low light. He re aligned his thick cock head with her tiny ass hole and pressed his head up against it. His large slick head at least quadruple the size of her small sphincter, pressed hard demanding entry.

Please, I’ll do anything! I beg of you, don-” Tasha screamed out in agony as Brazeek forced his fist-sized cock head into her tight ass, stretching her petite hole and forcing it to accommodate his mammoth girth. His fat head slowly vanished inside, as her muscled ring struggled to take it in.

NO STOP! IT’S TOO BIG!” Tasha screamed.

Trying everything she could to break free. Her ass reflexively trying to expel the large dick. Her tight ass squeezed Brazeek’s shaft as he advanced more of his cock. Tasha winched in pain and gritted her teeth again as the cock sank impossibly deeper. Tasha could feel his fat rod sliding in farther, the cock seemed to go on forever. She couldn’t tell how much was in her ass. Only that she could feel herself stretching more and more, submitting to his manhood.

Brazeek reached up and covered Tasha’s mouth and nose with his large hand. Tahsa’s purple eyes shot wide open in agony as he suddenly sank his entire cock, burying his member balls deep. He pulled back out slowly and then buried his cock back in again. Slapping his heavy balls against her dripping cunt in a rhythmic pummel. Barley audible, muffled screams cried out from under Brazeek’s hand as the great demon hammered the tiny elf’s ass. Tasha’s small cheeks bounced softly with every hard thrust. The demon increased his rhythm, his swollen balls smacking hard against her pussy lips. Brazeek’s toned thighs flexed with every hard pump, placing all of his titanic weight behind his thrusting. The five hundred pound trunk under them began slowly sliding across the floor. With every hard thrust, the trunk moved a little more. Tasha cried out under the demon’s gloved hand as the anal hammering continued.

Brazeek released his grip over the elf’s mouth and pulled on her long braid using it as a rein. Tasha’s painful screams echoed through out the chamber, The demon relentlessly pumped himself into the elf’s ass over and over. Small trickles of sweat began running between her grinding tits, and a stream of tears and mascara ran down her soft face. The demon reached down and held her delicate hips, throttling his thumbs across the small of her back. The loud smacking sounds of Tasha’s ass bouncing against Brazeek’s solid hips filled the room, drowning out her strained screams.

The Demon leaned over growling in an animalistic fury, absorbing and savoring the terror and agony the elf was emitting. He fed on her screams and pleas, her helpless struggle and small frame pinned under his heavy body. His one wild yellow eye twitched as he began to cum. Tasha felt Brazeek’s rhythm slow, but become more rigid. She didn’t think she could take much more. She felt as if she was being split in two. The demon’s rock hard cock repeatedly buried it’s self into her. Her ass unintentionally squeezing and stroking his member.

Thats a good little girl, I’m gonna puuump this little ass full of cum.” The demon spoke.

Brazeek let out a long low grunt as his cock began unloading into Tasha’s ass. He buried his member all the way in, as his cock began uncontrollably firing salvos of thick semen. Tasha felt the hot explosion inside her. A torrent of warm cum filled her insides as her ass tightened around the shaft. She could feel the thick meat pumping its load into her. The demon’s orgasm shuddered through his powerful body, weakening his legs. Brazeek collapsed forward on top of the elf. Sandwiching Tasha between himself and the trunk.

His cock continued unloading wave after wave of thick cum, Tasha could feel his cock still flexing and pumping, dumping more into her ass. Tasha’s screaming turned to whimpers as her innards were forced full of warm demon spunk. Brazeek finished his last salvo and began to slowly pull himself out of the tight hole. Tasha tensed again as the massive slab of meat stretched and pulled its way free, it felt like an eternity for the entire length to remove itself. Just as she thought it was all out, more kept pulling free. She cringed as the fat cock head spread her hole even wider, finally exiting with a small wet pop sound. Spilling thick ropy strands of cum onto the floor and along her thighs. Tasha grunted in pain and fell to the ground, her legs, pussy and ass too sore to support herself. Broken and defeated Tasha didn’t even attempt moving. She could only wait in fear and uncertainty.


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