Spire of Torment. Chapter 5: Essence

By: Lucien

Kamri tip-towed through the bathing chamber towards the long marble table. Crowded with fruits and strange foods, the table was the greatest thing Kamri had seen in days. She was starving, her stomach rumbling and screaming in hunger. Kamri nervously looked over her shoulders towards the stone like guards posted at all four corners. She didn’t entirely trust the situation she was in and certainly did not trust Yuldasha. It could easily be a trap she thought to herself, but the twisting knot in her stomach pushed her onward towards the table. An assortment of berries , nuts and exotic fruits were piled in hollowed out bone-bowls, pitchers and goblets of different liquids were scattered around between the bowls. Kamri reached into a bowl of Swazzum Berries. She recognized them from her homeland, small and purple and plump with flavor. She nervously sniffed a hand full, before shrugging and shoving the hand full into her mouth. The lush berries exploded with sweet zest, they tasted even better then she remembered. She ravenously scooped more into her mouth. Sating her painful hunger. She sniffed some of the goblets and found one with water, she drank the entire over sized mug in one swig before returning to the berries. She ate a few more handfuls and then munched on some amber nuts. She found a small Qwazel fruit and munched into it, the sweet pink juicy nectar running down her cheeks. With that Kamri could hear giggling coming from behind her, she quickly spun around, fruit in hand, still munching on the mouthful of fruit. She slowed down her chewing and looked into the steam coming from the pool. Two distinctive silhouettes could be seen moving around slowly within.

” H-Hello?” Kamri spoke out softly.

The rushing water spilling in from above drowned out her words. Kamri took a few steps closer to the pool, peering in as best she could. The warm mist felt refreshing as it sprinkled across her body. More laughter bellowed out, catching Kamri by surprise and she froze in her steps. The voices were female, no mistake she thought to herself.

“Why don’t you come on in?” Two voices emitted in unison from within the pool. Kamri paused for a moment, not entirely sure what to say or do. The steam was very thick and enwrapping its self around Kamri. She quickly became confused not being able to tell which way she was facing. The white fog washed over her body and soon heard giggling bouncing around her.

” No need to be fearful, we only want to relax and enjoy ourselves.” The pleasant voice came from behind Kamri as two soft hands pressed up against Kamri’s back.

” Go ahead, walk forward.”

The intoxicating voice spoke. The voice was very relaxing and soft. Kamri was mesmerized by them and cautiously walked forward into the white abyss. The closer she got to the pool, the thiner the steam became. She started to regain her vision and the azure water lay before her. The soft spoken woman led her into the crystal pool, before vanishing beneath the water. The water was perfect, warm and refreshing. Her dry, caked skin slowly hydrated itself as the warm water enveloped her. Two female humanoid heads emerged from the water simultaneously. No horns, human she thought with a sigh of relief. As they completely surfaced from the water Kamri’s eyes filled with joy as she noticed their elongated elvish ears. Her joy quickly turned to confusion and uneasiness. They looked like elves but something about them was very sinister. The two were identical looking. They both had the exact same features. Tan skin, exquisite elven faces topped with long straight, dark purple hair. Soft elven noses and dark, glossy full lips. Kamri quickly noticed what was wrong. Both had white, horizontally slanted serpent pupils. Kamri could feel the icy eyes piercing her very soul. They both flashed a smile showing sharp vampric canine teeth. The two even blinked in unison. Two spade tipped tails rose from the water on either sides of them moving in elegant mirrored motions, swirling and spinning the water. The elf to the left broke from their mirrored movements and waded forward, softly wrapping her wet arms around Kamri’s neck.

“Shhh, relax. ” The elf spoke as she placed her dark lips onto Kamri’s neck and began kissing her softly.

Kamri was instantly drowned in a wave of ecstasy as her body fell limp in relaxation, smooth tingling waves ran up her body as every sore and knotted muscle in her back and legs began to vanish. Kamri couldn’t resist or fight back even if she wanted to. The elf ran her tongue up Kamris neck and nibbled on her ear lobe before running her hands between Kamri’s inner thigh and softly pet her labia. Kamri’s head feel back as she moaned in pleasure. The ceiling spun and the draconic mouth waterfalls above, blurred in and out of focus. The Elf sank her middle finger into Kamri’s tight pussy pulling up and massaging her slick walls. Kamri felt the elf’s second finger slide into her lips pressing hard and gyrating her hand in a soft rhythm. The dark elf’s mouth locked with Kamri’s as she shoved her tongue into her mouth, pulling it into her own and suckling on the slick berry flavored muscle. Kamri lost herself in lust, the misty room glowing as particles of light blue magic rose from the water. Kamri could feel the twisted magic surging through her body, her heart raced and she could feel her face begin to flush. Kamri’s body desired more, she wanted the elf and her loins ached with hunger. Kamri pushed her tongue into the elf’s mouth reversing their positions as she now dominated the elf’s mouth. Kamri now controlled the situation her body burning with lust. Kamri groped the elf’s heavy breasts and squeezed softly. The Elf moaned and returned the favor, fondling Kamri’s tits. The elf pushed Kamri back up against the edge of the pool and lowered herself, disappearing underwater. Kamri frowned for a moment loosing her sexual companion. Then she felt the elf’s tongue between her twat. The elf shoved her face into her pussy deep and deeper swirling her strong tongue up inside her. The second twin moved forward towards Kamri the Elf’s eyes glowing a firey white. The elf sank her face between Kamri’s breasts kissing her breast bone and sliding her tongue upward. The elf continued running her tongue across her collar bone and up to her jugular. The elf bit down softy, sinking her fangs into Kamri’s neck. Kamri cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. The massive amount of pleasure surging through Kamri’s body was paralyzing. Blue shocks of energy danced around the elf as she fed upon Kamri sexual vigor. Kamri felt her body weakening as the demonic elf slowly drained her essence. Kamri now realizing what was happening attempted pushing the elf off, but it was too late. The dark elf had absorbed too much energy and Kamri fell weaker and weaker. The first elf still working her tongue deep inside Kamri’s inner wall. The world grew dark around Kamri as she passed out in pleasure.


Tasha laid on her side, waiting for Brazeek’s next move. She could hear rustling of chains and leather, she rolled more and peered over to see him reclothing himself. Tasha felt a sharp pinch on her rib, at first she thought it was the way she was laying, then she realized she was laying on something. She rolled onto her back facing Brazeek. She reached back with her bound hands and picked up the object that had been digging into her side. She felt it in her small palm twirling the small cold piece of metal in her fingers. A nail or rivet she thought to herself.

“Get up!” Brazeek roared. Reaching down and pulling the elf up to her feet.

“Off to the dungeon with you. ” He laughed. He shoved the elf in front of him and opened the chamber door. The two marched down the dark halls into a holding cell area. He nodded at the small guard standing watch to open up. The small emaciated demon reached over and opened the gate to the lower prison level. The two trotted down a dark dimly light twisting stairwell. The air was musky and stale, the walls glossy, dripping wet and caked in fungus and strange barnacles. The farther down the twisting stairs they went the darker and more wet the air became. The two finally came to a landing where another guard stood watch and opened a second gate. The chamber was very narrow and filled with holding cells on both sides of the room. A deep sea green hue filled the dank chamber and the wet uneven floor danced with torch light . Tasha looked into the cells as she walked by them, some filled with rotting prisoners, others held quite healthy coalition soldiers, both human and elven, male and female. One weathered, middle aged man reached out through the cell bars grabbing at Brazeek’s armor.

“Please, sir we need water!” The man cried.

Brazeek stopped and took a step back to the chamber the man was in. The man’s arm still outstretched and pleading. Brazeek grabbed the man’s arm and pulled him into the bars smashing his face into the black steel. The man tried to pull his arm back into the cell but Brazeek’s hellish grip held his wrist tightly. He slowly pulled the man’s arm out farther towards himself. The man couldn’t stretch his arm any farther as the bars restricted him from moving any closer. The man began to scream in agony, As Brazeek continued to pull.

“Please! Have mercy ! I’m only but a farmer!” He cried out. The demon smiled as

a small crunching sound emitted from the man’s shoulder as Brazeek slowly dislocated the man’s arm. The weak man screamed in anguish as his arm was torn from his shoulder socket.

“A farmer?” Brazeek asked chuckling.

“Surly you can still plant seeds with one arm.”

The demon laughed before viscously yanking hard, tearing the man’s arm completely off, severing his tendons and muscle tissue. The man shrieked in pain, falling back holding his shoulder area as ruby blood began to spread across his dirty white tunic. Brazeek tossed the the arm to the ground and continued moving forward with Tasha. Tasha began working at her cuff lock with the metal scrap, she still held hidden within her clenched fist. She awkwardly fussed with the small nail shaped scrap. Trying to keep her arms still but walk at the same time proved quite difficult . The long chamber hall extend farther and deeper. The two walked down another set of steps and the stone floor changed to steel rusty cross bars. A human or elf could easily catch their foot within the wide gaps if not carful. Tasha could see rushing water below the steel grating, the wild ripples catching the dim light. Up ahead she could see the hall coming to an end. The two reached a cell with one other human woman inside crouched in the corner. At that moment Tasha felt the clink she had been hoping for as her makeshift lock pick disengaged the simple bolt catch, freeing her bound hands. She held onto the cuffs and continued moving as if nothing had changed. Brazeek unlocked the cell door and attempted to shove Tasha in. At the last possible second Tasha braced her arms against the cell door frame stoping herself from falling inward. Without wasting a second she hoisted herself upward, summersaulting backward and kicking the puzzled Brazeek hard in the face with both feet. The demon feel backward catching his hooves on the uneven grating, He slammed down to the floor in pain holding his face. The other prisoner jumped to her feet and quickly aided Tasha. The young Woman looked around franticly for something to even their odds. The only thing she could find was a shovel resting up against the far wall. Brazeek hoisted himself back to his feet. cursing in enraged anger.

” I should have killed you when I had the chance you fucking bitch!” The demon bellowed. Tasha crouched into a low fighting stance bracing herself for an attack.

The demon pulled out his long engraved knife and flashed his devilish grin. Tossing it back and forth, from hand to hand.

” Surly you remember this, don’t you?” The demon laughed before lungeing forward slashing his knife towards Tasha. Tasha arched herself back, just out of reach of the silver blade. The Woman came running towards Brazeek swinging the old shovel high. Brazzek caught the strike with his free hand and pushed her back, the Woman stumbbled backward, back peddling wildly trying to regain her balance, her foot became caught in the floor gap and she fell backward hard into the chamber wall. Brazeek smiled angling his head down low and charged towards the fallen woman, horns first. The Woman screamed and rolled out of the way of the oncoming beast. Brazeek smashed into the old stone wall, dislodging a support column in the process. An avalanche of rock and mortar fell from above as a section of ceiling caved in. A second large support beam crashed downward smashing through the grated floor, decimating the steel before falling into the rushing water below. With that, the entire grated floor section began to bend downward. The sudden chain reaction of dislodged supports was causing the floor grate to crumble under its own weight. The aft section of the chamber feel apart, stones bounced around and steel bars bent and creaked. The murky rushing water exposing itself below as more and more parts of the chamber fell into its depths. The entire grated floor bent downward on end, switching from horizontal to vertical. Tasha tried running up the collapsing floor but it was too late. She fell wildly out of control down into the dark green water. Brazeek fell backwards and grabbed a hold of a split column with one arm. The Woman tried desperately to out run the quickly disappearing floor but became caught in the awkward grating, before herself, plunged down into the abyss. Brazeek watched as the two fell into the racing waters below. He smiled his crooked smile and pulled his massive frame up to the intact, level ground section. Sheathing his dagger and brushing the dust and rock from his crimson skin.

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