Spire of Torment. Chapter 6: Deadly Discord

By: Lucien

Tasha rose to the surface in a gasp of air. The dark water current pulling her and twisting her through dark caverns. She was washed along through the deep under belly of the spire. An intricate labyrinth of rivers and water ways flowed savagely in all directions, in a snaking maze of tunnels and coves. The strong current began to weaken. She struggled to tread water and drifted into a pitch black tunnel. Soon, cool emerald beams of light poured in from high above. She could barely make out bridges and walkways high up above. This must be the sewers she thought to herself. The waterway slowly came to a halt as it pooled in one area, trickling outward through small steel drains. She pulled herself up out of the water and explored the small embankment. Some old crates, barrels and armor littered the area. Tasha stumbled upon a pile of discarded human armor. She found lower Cuisses and shin Greaves. She rummaged some more and found a leather cod piece and long strips of cloth. Tasha tried fitting the long cod piece and cuisses onto herself. The cod piece was slightly to big but she was able to tighten it. The Cuisses and Greaves fit snug around her thighs and legs. She rummaged deeper and found a breast plate. The plate was far too big for her so she discarded it. She took the remanding strips of cloth and wrapped them around her chest flatting her breasts. Luckily,Tasha’s breasts were subtle so the strips offered some support and protection from the elements. She continued to wrap the cloth around her ribs stopping above her navel.

“Well this is better then crawling around naked, I suppose. ” Tasha spoke to herself sarcastically. Her body was still sore from Brazeek’s pummeling and the cold water and colder armor didn’t help. Tasha heard splashing from behind her. She looked back to see the woman from earlier struggling to pull herself out of the water. Tasha ran to her and helped her out. The woman coughing and choking, struggling to catch her breath.

“By the gods! Thank ye.” Spoke the woman.

Her eyes peering through her long dark brunette soaked hair. Her wet locks sticking to her face and pale milky skin. Her leather harness hugged her chest and led down running to a spliced leather battle-kilt, studded with silver. She was in excellent shape, her defined arms matched her chiseled legs. She stood tall holding herself with grace and purpose.

Ulla 2014 bio


“Ulla.” The woman spoke reaching out to shake Tasha’s hand. “Me names’ Ulla.” 3rd Goldalin Royal Garrison…or what remains of it anyway. Me horse was tripped up by them bloody hell spawns South of The Antler Timberlands . They moved me here about a week ago, me thinks. Ha! But not before smashin some skulls in eh! Any idea where we are ?”

 “I’m Tasha, Northern Wood Colony, AzurLyyn Division. ” Tasha responded, shaking Ulla’s hand. “Seems we are in the underbelly of a Kuzdruck fortress. We must be in some kind of sewer system or storage dump. “

“AzurLyyn Division?” Ulla spat out. “No offense, But ye don’t look like some upturned, royal elven princess to me. Ha! What’s a southy elvish warrior like you doing with dem pretentious snot Northerners eh? Too busy engraving chintzy designs on their armor instead of fighting eh? Ulla sneered.

Tasha smiled “I joined the Coalition about a year and a half ago. My homeland of Zelkathorn refuses to openly enter the conflict. The Demons have a hard time trudging the thick overgrowth and can’t navigate deep enough to our larger villages…Not yet anyway…Last I heard, the Demons were starting an arial campaign with drakes and dragons, fire bombing northern villages and launching smaller, nightmarish condensed task forces near Jadoola.

” Aye, Night Screamers…” Ulla whispered

 “That’s what the villagers call em. Small five to ten man groups sneak in behind our lines, sometimes they charge in on demonic beasts, other times they seem to manifest up from the bloody soil! Before demoralizing the area and leaving with prisoners. God forsaken creatures!”

Tasha frowned.

“Well, lets get the hell out of here, shall we?”

The two rummaged through crates looking for anything of use before heading off deeper. Ulla found a crate filled with old rusty daggers. 

Suddenly, more splashing emitted from the shore. The two looked back to see another woman pulling herself from the dark water. Ulla and Tasha ran over to assist her out of the water.

“I swear to Eletha! The gods be with me!” The elvish woman spoke.

The elf’s soaked long white hair covered her long face, partly blocking her ice blue eyes. Her light pink elongated ears protruding from the sides of her head. Her lithe build was covered in a form fitting, white battle attire. A white corset hugged her breasts tightly with a deep blue trim accenting the curves. Her forearms covered in extravagantly decorated leather bracers and her long built legs covered in knee-high white boots.

The impressive Elf grumbled and looked around at the area, clearing her hair from her face, frowning in disgust.

“Ugh, worthless mud hole! Tell me, you two know a way out of this place!” The elf snapped.

“A thank you would be nice eh? ” Ulla spoke under her breath, rolling her eyes.

The elf glared at Ulla in silence.

“You have a name?” Tasha asked.

“Sabrea.” She snapped harshly. Not making eye contact with either of them. Still looking around.

“Ye a AzurLyyn Guard aren’t ye?” Ulla asked bluntly. ” North’s so called best?”

“That is of no concern to you human.” Sabrea spat.

“Well, I guess ye aren’t, seeing as they’re supposed to be great warriors.

 Ye couldn’t be one, since you’re down here with us… soaked. ” Ulla laughed.

” You have a big mouth human, I suggest you close it.” Sabrea simmered, clenching her fist, fuming at Ulla. “If you damned humans could hold a defensive line. I wouldn’t be in this mess.”

” Aye, your pompousness certainly matches a North Guard, as does your ridiculous attire.” Ulla smiled.

Tasha stepped between the two before tempers escalated any further.

“My name is Tasha, I think we could all use each others help. Now come on, lets get out of here.”

Ulla tossed Sabrea a dagger and the three moved onward down the dimly lit tunnel.

The grimy soil started to turn to a soft mushy mud, Small creatures scurried across the mud. Some emitting a horrific clicking sound and vicious humming. The pockets of light peering in from above offered little comfort. The strange insect like buzzing and crustacean like clicking became louder as the two entered deeper into the impenetrable shadows. The thick mud was getting deeper as the water level began to rise up to their waists.

“What was that?” Ulla yelled out. “Something just landed in me hair and ran down me back! “

Ulla suddenly started waving franticly reaching between her shoulders.

 “Bloody hell, get it off me! something is biting me!

“Calm down you halfwit! You’ll give off our position and get us all killed” Sabrea ordered.

Tasha swam over to Ulla trying to reach her back. As the three fussed about, they suddenly all sank under as the muddy floor below them dipped deeper. The three splashed around.

“Is it still on you!” Tasha yelled with a mouthful of mucky water.

“I don’t know! I think its off!” Ulla responded trying to keep her head above the dark oily water.

Tasha peered upward at the low slick tunnel ceiling. She could see the wet surface moving as hundreds of small segmented worms squirmed around.

“Fuck! Keep swimming!” Tasha screamed. The three swam farther down the pitch black tunnel.

” I have no damn clue where this will lead to!” Tasha yelled gasping and splashing around.

“Ugh, good riddance, what a mess.” Sabrea uttered.

The three swam around a shallow bend, pale green light could be seen off in the distance. Sabrea pointed at the small glow of light at the end of the tunnel.

“I hope to the gods there is land over there! After everything I’ve been through, I’m not drowning in a fucking shit hole! Especially with the likes of you two. ” Sabrea spoke.

The group swam down towards the light and finally reached another shallower pooling area. The trio hoisted themselves up on the side. Breathing heavily and catching their breath. The area opened up into a large circler chamber. Filled with sludge, and stalagmites. Tasha could see hip level orbs lining the walls.

“I think we should rest for a second and keep going onward, this just looks like another storage dump.” Tasha spoke hesitantly.

“No, we pass through this area, surly there is an exit on the the other side.”Sabrea demanded.

“I agree with Tasha, we should keep moving onward. Who made you the leader anyway?” Ulla smirked.

“Well, I’m going through this hold. With, or without you fools.” Sabrea sneered, turned and advanced into the chamber alone.

Tasha and Ulla looked at each other, then down the dark tunnel and back at the chamber Sabrea entered.

“Ugh, alright lets go with her, we’ll be better off all together.” Tasha frowned.

The three walked slowly into the dark green hue’d chamber. Careful not to smash their feet or shins against the rocks and sludge.

“I can’t see a god forsaken thing. ” Ulla griped

“Shut it.” Sabrea snapped.

“What is that smell?” Tasha asked. “Smells like something died in here ten times over and then died again!… And I really don’t like the look of those glowing orbs over there in the corner.”

A plastered group of slimy orbs filled the chamber. Each pulsating a dim sea green.

“Eggs.” Tasha exclaimed. I think those are eggs. The trio marched deeper into the humid chamber.

“Lets get the hell out of here eh?” Ulla nervously asked.

“Yeah, I think that’s a great idea. Tasha agreed.

WIth that, the ground rumbled underneath as an enormous scale-plated segmented creature uncoiled its self from the far wall. Tasha ran off in one direction and Ulla and Sabrea to the other. The large snake like worm slithered between the three, crushing stalagmites and rock. The worm’s massive head held a crown of horns and intricately layered armored plates. It’s horned patterned side danced with phosphorescent markings. The hunkering worm barely fit within the chamber, it coiled around the entire room wiping wildly. It’s neck section rearing like a snake about to strike. Its lower webbed mandible flaps stretched out wide, exposing its deep saliva filled gullet. Two long tentacle like appendages shot out towards Tasha. One catching her right arm and the other around both her legs. She fell hard to the ground dropping her already unsheathed dagger.

“Leave her, there’s no chance of saving her!” Sabrea yelled to Ulla. “This is our only chance to get out of here alive!”

“Fuck ye! I’m not leaving a fellow behind!” Ulla yelled.

Ulla raced around the other side of the great worm trying to assist Tasha. Ulla thrusted her dagger into the worm’s side. The creature retaliated and whipped its mammoth plated tail towards Ulla, smashing her hard in the ribs, sending her head over heels into the dark far corner of the chamber. Tahsa rolled to her side leveraging the worm’s slimy tentacles across a stalagmite, forcing the worm to break its grip. Sabrea made a dash for the chamber entrance, ignoring Tasha and running past her. The enraged worm’s six eyes caught the rapid movement and snapped forward blocking the entrance while viciously coiling itself around Sabrea twice. Slowly constricting the elf with its massive muscled body. Sabrea screamed out in a desperate struggle to stop the worm’s quickly enclosing body. She pushed against the worm’s cold leathery skin, trying to stop the inevitable, her arms began to weaken and buckle under its sheer weight and muscle. The worm’s thick body sandwiched Sabrea between itself until only her head was visible. Her elvish face turning blue, Sabrea opened her mouth to scream but only a soft squeak was exhaled as the last bit of air was expelled from her lungs. The dreadful worm’s coil tightened, crushing her to death as Sabrea’s body disappeared between its wide muscled frame. Tasha watched helplessly in horror before jumping back to her feet, frantically trying to obtain a visual on Ulla.

“Ulla! where the hell are you?” Tasha yelled into the chamber.

 The worm uncoiled itself, dropping Sabrea’s limp, motionless body to the floor and slithered across the slick ground with immense speed.Tasha, unable to find Ulla, turned and made a dash for the entrance. Her long Zelkathorn legs carrying her as fast as she could. The beast lashed out its two long tentacles, both ensnaring Tasha’s ankles. The elf fell hard to the ground face first. With both her legs firmly locked together the worm slithered closer, pulling its helpless prey slowly towards its dripping jaws. The tentacles tightened into Tasha’s legs, securing its tight grip.Tasha franticly dug into the slick ground, trying to find leverage or a hold, leaving long dragging marks in the dark slick soil. She looked back to see the worm’s colossal mouth getting closer and closer, Tasha pulled out her second dagger and drove it into the ground to help stop herself. The rusty dagger dragged for moment before its blade snapped clean off, leaving her with only a useless hilt. The elf continued, helplessly sliding into the worm’s mouth, Tasha fought desperately to free herself from the worm with no avail. The beast’s thick ring like inner lips came up around Tasha’s ankles. The tendrils released her legs, as its powerful throat muscles began undulating, pulling her into its soft slimy gullet. Tasha’s struggled as her legs began sliding deeper into the worms throat. The lips pulled up farther over Tasha’s hips and ass, The great worm lifted its head high having gravity work in its favor. Tasha gripped the worms lips and attempted pulling herself free but the creature’s throat was too powerful and Tasha was slowly pulled farther in. She could feel its muscular throat swallowing hard, syphoning her body inward. The strong inner lip slid over Tasha’s breast’s, now engulfing her upper body. Tasha franticly reached out one last time trying to find a hold. The worm’s powerful ring reached her neck, Its outer jaws began to close over her, cutting her final scream off as her head disappeared within the worms throat. 

Swallowed alive.

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