By: Lucien

Aeltha moved back, eyeing Neicul carefully now. She watched in awe as the Kazdruk began to pry the chain anchor out of the wall. Shards of stone crumbled to the floor as cracks spidered up the slabs of stone.

“Truly remarkable,” Aeltha spoke softly.

Neicul growled, pulling at the chains with all his strength. The elf in the room backed up with Aeltha, her face laced with pinching fear. Aeltha smiled and glanced at the elf as she backed away.

“He’s going to get loose! Aren’t you going to do something? Stop him!” The elf screamed, now starting to panic.

“No need to panic,” Aeltha reassured the alabaster elf as she turned and pressed her talon into a stone block. A soft hiss emitted as a heavy stone slab door opened leading to a shadowy candle light hallway. Aeltha smiled and pointed down the corridor.

“No time to waste, dear. Quickly now, into the corridor.”

The elf quickly shuffled through the door just in time. Neicul broke one of the anchor points, freeing his left arm. Quickly he grabbed his right cuff and pried the dark steel apart freeing his other arm. Slowly moving towards Aeltha, he tossed the shackle remains off to side and let them slide across the stone floor.

Aeltha backed up more, her face a mix of nervousness and intrigue. With a smile she unsheathed her dagger and watched closely as the crazed man headed towards her. Neicul walked on unfazed by the kazdruk blade.  He flanked the outer wall of the room and then stopped as he reached the secret door. He looked at Aeltha and then back at the door, sniffing the air like a Keeat. Quickly, he disappeared through the dark doorway chasing the scent of the elf. Aeltha grinned and quickly shut the stone doorway.

Turning sharply, Aeltha viewed her various scrying orbs, each one operating as view ports through the small labyrinth Neicul and the elf just entered unknowingly.

Dark walls filled the view of the elf as she blindly ran into the dim halls. In fear she made her way around a corner, only to find more halls. Dull candles sprinkled the halls, emitting just enough light to not stumble. The elvish woman ran her hands along the walls keeping herself from falling over.

“I don’t understand, where am I supposed to go?”

Neicul slowly entered the void like halls. Instinctively, he lowered himself. Creeping onward, his eyes flickered, pulling in any available ambient light and turning his vision to shades of white and grey. His senses went into overdrive as he picked up traces of the elvish woman who had passed through moments earlier. Neicul could sense her, smell her, taste her. His canines lowered as he continued onward quickly. An unbearable craving took control, leading him and driving him to his prey.

The elf could sense something getting closer, terrified she began to run. Her fear drove her, she didn’t know which way to go, she only knew she had to run. Her heart racing out of her chest, each step syncing with her pulse.

Neicul was getting closer, he could feel her, he could hear her racing heart. She was close. Like a wolf he prowled the shadows, closing in.

Aeltha watched on in awe as her experiment unfolded with remarkable results.

“Fascinating, there’s over one hundred possible paths he could’ve taken, but he knew exactly where she went. Without hesitation or doubt.” The crimson sorceress watched on in wonder.

Necul turned the corner and found his prey, a wave of bloodlust filled his veins, her pulse was deafening to Neicul. His adrenalin racing, he enclosed at full speed. The elvish woman turned at the last moment in a shriek. Neicul ran full sprint.

A vibrant blue collar suddenly materialized around Neicul’s neck and pulled his muscular body to a complete stop, knocking him off his feet. He struggled to get up and attempted to continue forward, but a arcane glowing blue chain stood strong, running off in the direction from which he came. Neicul growled in frustration as his prey stood only mere feet away but was unable to move anymore. He clawed at the collar in aggravation, blue shocks of energy being scraped off and sprinkling to the ground. The collar stood firm and would not allow him to move forward. The woman crouched in terror and slowly moved away from Neicul. The halls suddenly disintegrated like ash all around Neicul and the elvish woman. The halls vanished and blended back into Aeltha’s original room.

A slow clap cut through the confusion. Aeltha walked forward holding the end of the magic chain leash.

“Not bad Neicul, not bad at all,” She spoke while approaching him. ” I always have a fail-safe,”  Aeltha proclaimed. Neicul still pulled on the leash trying to get closer to the elf. “Hmm, I can tell, you want her so very badly. But we have many more tests to perform. Alas, It would be unwise to give you the bait so early. This will be enough for one day, let’s get you two resecured.”




Jelthra and Kamri tiptoed along the olive colored granite floors. They whisked through the shadows, keeping low and out of sight. Under the cover of moonlight, the two secretly slithered like vipers weaving behind the large spire pillars. Silently they made their way towards Aeltha’s work chamber on a quest to find the means to open a portal and rid Luzella once and for all. Patiently, they waited as two guards walked by. The two Kazdruk spoke among themselves, too deep in conversation to notice Kamri or Jelthra. As the guards hooked around the corner, the two women rolled out of the black shadows and made their way to Aeltha’s apothecary door.


Jelthra ran her gloved hand down the dusky oak wood before running her finger across the keyhole.


Kamri watched Jelhra’s back, watching for any movement or guards who might happen to walk by. “So can you pick it?” Kamri whispered, pointing at the lock. Jelthra smiled back as she removed a strange key from deep within her cleavage. Inside the handle, a glass serpent eye laid infused. The key glowed a steady green for a moment as Jelthra slowly pushed the key into the door’s key hole.

“Where the hell did you get that?” Kamri asked with her eyes wide in wonder.

Jelthra smirked as the lock clicked open.

“In zis line of work, you come across many useful tools; where I got it is of no concern,” Jelthra replied with a sly grin.

“Mhm, well you’re just full of surprises aren’t you? You just happened to have a magic key,” Kamri whispered sarcastically.

” Of course. I’m an assassin, how else would I get to ze targets? Now shush, we have work to do.”


Kamri curled her lip to the side and watched as Jelthra pushed the heavy door open and snuck into the ominous chamber. Along the south side of the stone wall stood a tall stone book shelf. Jelthra crouched and started to thumb through the books. Inquisitively, Kamri looked around the room, fascinated by all the odds and ends, tools, and evil devices.   


“Kamri! Don’t touch anyzhing… you’re supposed to be looking out for guards, remember?” Jelthra whispered out. “I think, I found what we’re looking for,” Jelthra ordered. She removed a large leatherbound book and started flipping through it.


“Alright, alright, ok,” Kamri uttered annoyed. With a leering gaze, she turned to head back to the door to keep guard. As she walked over, she passed a statue leaning up against the wall. In the low light she tried to look closer at it. Her curiosity pulling her deeper until her nose was about to touch. Suddenly, it jumped out at her in a vicious lunge. It was no statue. Kamri fell back as the figure was held back by heavy chains. Quickly, she slid backward to keep herself just out of reach. She could make out that it was a tall male. He growled out, snapping his sharp canines trying to break the chains. His eye’s lost in a white blaze. Kamri’s eyes widened as she realized it was Neicul. As Kamri continued moving backward she bumped into a circular stand laying in the center of the chamber. A scrying ball sat at the top. The large black mirrored ball bumped back and forth slightly, almost falling off the table.

Jelthra grabbed Kamri’s arms and pulled her back to clear her from Neicul’s reach. “Shit, what the fuck?” Kamri stood up, looking at Neicul in disbelief. ” Neicul it’s me, Kamri.” Neicul only looked at her in feverish hunger.


Kamri frowned puzzled. “What happened to him?”


“I don’t know, but we need to hurry,” Jelthra spoke while running back to the book. She crouched and removed her crystal while flipping through to the page she needed. The gem began to glow a steady cobalt. Carefully, Jelthra began to imprint the required pages. Each word magically copied itself into the stone. Neicul growled staring at Kamri in sheer lust. Kamri looked back in awe.

“What happened? Why are you here locked up?”

Neicul only looked back coldly like a predator about to strike.

“Let me… out of these… chains!” Neicul responded in a guttural tone.      

Kamri looked around the room and noticed the scrying ball in the center of the room.

“Uh… Hey Jel, there’s an scrying orb in here,” Kamri announced worried.

Jelthra looked over her shoulder as the gem kept working.

“Not good, not good at all, find something to cover it with, quick!” Jelthra ordered.


Kamri looked around the dark chamber for something to cover the orb with. As she moved, Neicul followed her the best he could until his chains gave no more slack. Like a dog, he did everything he could to pull free from his shackles. Kamri found a large cloth and tossed it over the large dark orb.


“Let me out of these!” The Kazdruk demanded again. The only words he was able to put together. His frustration now boiled over and his eyes flared brightly. Kamri didn’t know what to do, something was clearly wrong with him and he was chained up for a reason.


“Ignore him Kamri, it’s almost done,” Jelthra spoke.


Kamri looked at Neicul confused. “Y- you have to wait, I’m sorry Neicul.” The Kazdruk male pulled harder this time in anger, before backing up into the shadows.


“Got it! iz done, lets go.” Jelthra announced while she closed the book.  She shoved the tome back into place and quickly made her way for the door.

“Come on, lez go,” The human spoke again.

Kamri made her way for the door but then stopped to look back at Neicul.

He leaned into the light that was peering through the door and grinned a twisted malign smile. The look struck Kamri hard, she could tell he was going mad. Aeltha must have done something serious.

“Hey come on! Leave him,” Jelthra ordered.

” We can’t just leave him here, ” Kamri returned.

“Are you kidding? Lez go, he’s done, there’s nothing we can do, look at his eyes! Hez completely lust blind. If you undid his chains, he would turn on us in a heartbeat. You’d do him a favor if you ended his life. Now lez go! “


Kamri thought for a moment. Torn, she looked back one last time before sneaking out and closing the door behind her.



Aeltha sat back comfortably. Running her talon softly across her lip, she watched as Kamri tossed a cloth over the scry orb, blacking out her view. The two thieves had triggered an enchantment spell the second they opened the door, alerting the sorceress of their iniquitous trespassing.  The crimson demon watched the entire diminutive escapade unfold.

“Hmm, imprinting a few pages, rather than take the whole tome. Impressive, I must admit…but what did they imprint? That is the question…and what else did they steal?” Aeltha sat for a moment scheming, wondering what those two could be up to. In anger, her fingers clutched themselves tightly. The malevolent demoness stood up and paced across her personal chamber, stopping to look outside. An Idea struck. She turned quickly and activated her orb.

The orb swirled for a moment and then cleared up as Luzella’s face entered the picture. “High Sorceress Aeltha, What an honor it is to be graced by your unsurpassable presence,” Luzella smirked while bowing. Her words filled with bite and mockery. The great Kazdruk grinned being a bit surprised by the call from Aeltha. “How can I be of service?”


Aeltha glared back coldly into the orb. “I need to speak with you in person at once, I have an opportunity for you that I think you would be most…interested in. “


Luzella smiled back running her finger across her horn. “Oh? Well you have piqued my interest. Where would you wish to meet?”

” We will meet outside, along the upper east wing tower,” Aeltha explained.

“As you wish, High Sorceress.”

Aeltha flicked her talon, snapping the orb off. She turned, making her way toward the east tower, her face filled with wickedness.



Under the brisk night, Aeltha stood watching across the endless, nocturnal landscape. The sorceress’  dark robe fluttered in the strong night breeze. Luzella and her littermate Wulfshn approached, their hooves cutting through the violent howling. The two amazonian Kazdruk kneeled before Aeltha. Luzella flashed her canines before rising. Aeltha looked up at the Kazdruk keeping a close eye on her body language. Aeltha found the soldier’s recklessness off-putting. Wulfshn rose shortly after, her hungry eyes pierced into Aeltha. The High Sorceress would not be intimidated by the two. She turned her back on them and looked across the baleful sky.                      

“I may have something you want,” Aeltha spoke slowly.

Luzella smiled slightly now stepping closer to Aeltha. “I’m listening.”

“I have a problem, you see. A problem with small rodents sneaking into my personal chamber and rummaging through my books.”

“I see…,” Luzella replied sharpening her eyes.

 “So what do you want from us?” Wulfshn butt in, growing tired of Aeltha’s suspense.  “Surely someone of your echelon could easily dispose of them.”

Aeltha rose her eyebrow in annoyance. Turning on her heel, she approached the snappy Kazdruk. “And who are you?” Aeltha asked, now running her sharp talon under the soldier’s chin.

“Wulfshn, 2nd in command of the 7th Talon,” She began to speak proudly. “Descendent of-“

Aeltha laughed cutting the soldier off. “Mhmm, a glorified grunt then, maybe a pebble higher than a helot on a good day.” Aeltha proclaimed with a sly grin. “Remember your place, drudge.”

Wulfshn grimaced in rage as a flare of searing hatred rose between her shoulder blades. “Now, do you wish to hear my proposition or not?” Aeltha asked sharply before turning around again to look out across the sky.

Luzella jabbed Wulfshn hard in her side with an elbow, eyeing Wulfshn to keep her mouth shut.  “My apologizes, High Sorceress Aeltha,” Luzella returned. “Do please continue.”

“It’s your little friends, Kamri and Jelthra,” Aeltha explained.

Luzella’s tail twitched at their names. “Oh?”   

“I don’t enjoy individuals stealing from me…Whatever they copied or stole from my books, I want back, I will give you free reign to hunt them down and return what they stole.” Aeltha paused for a moment.   “You may do whatever you please with them, as long as you obtain what they stole.”

Luzella smirked, her mind now filling with villainous thoughts. “What of Yuldasha?” Luzella asked, skeptically smiling.

“I will cover up whatever happens to her little toy soldiers… just return what they took. Their health is of no concern to me.”

Both Wulfshn and Luzella’s lips curled up. “It would be our pleasure then, High Sorceress.”




Kamri and Jelthra returned to a secluded chamber off the south wing of the spire. The two spoke for a moment planning their next move. Jelthra sat down examining the copied spell in detail. Cobalt light reflected off the human’s face as she studied the complex sequences carefully. Kamri stood off to the side doing her best to not distract Jelthra. The elf stood with her back against the wall spinning a sharp dagger. Now restless, Kamri was finding it hard to keep quiet.

“So, what do you make of it? Will this work or what?” Kamri asked before tossing the dagger into the wall.

Jelthra lifted her eyes up off her notes, annoyed.

“Ja, it will work. Opening a small portal is the easy part. It’ll only be open for a few seconds to a minute… But zat will give us enough time,” Jelthra smiled.

“Good, i’m looking forward to pushing Luzella in!” Kamri proclaimed while she yanked the dagger out of the wall hard. “Hey, I like this dagger of yours.” Jelthra only shook her head and went back to work.

“All I need to study here iz, how to direct the planar fabric’s apex point. Zee portal’s ripple vortex will be spiraling wildly in a counterclockwise manner, in turn causing etheric plane tearing and altering the mana vertex lock time… this is troublesome, because the spell’s casting structure could potentially implode, causing a regression in the magicka’s dilation period… So calculating a precise exit point will be tricky.” Jelthra spoke perplexed.

“Uh…what?” Kamri held the dagger down for a second. Raising her eyebrow, she blankly looked at Jelthra, completely lost with whatever she was blabbing on about.

“Basically, I don’t know where ze portal is going to lead to, I need more time to study this.”

“I don’t care where it leads to! As long as it leads someplace awful…” Kamri smiled before driving the dagger into the wall again.


Suddenly, wood exploded into the room. The heavy chamber door feel over with a deafening boom. Splinters blasted inward along with a small cloud of dust. Startled, Jelthra jumped back out of her chair and Kamri clutched the dagger tightly.

Luzella entered the room, having to slightly duck to clear the doorway. Holding her halberd, she stormed into the room.

Jelthra swiped up the small imprint gem. Panicking now with no place to hide the small crystal, she popped the small gem in her mouth and swallowed it. The human backed up quickly launching a salvo of brilliant fireballs. Three of the orbs splashed against Luzella’s halberd, a fourth impacted across her shoulder, exploding and burning across Luzella’s armor. The fifth and sixth missed, impacting across the back wall.

Wulfshn entered quickly behind with both hand axes out, and a face of determination. Kamri tossed the dagger across the room, but Wulfshn deflected the blade with her axe and grinned at the failed attempt.

    With haste, Luzella clutched the end of the heavy oak table with one arm and flipped it towards the two. The heavy table smashed into Kamri and Jelthra knocking them both backward.

As the two fell, the heavy table rolled flat on top of both of their chests. Luzella was already placing her hoof across the table, preventing the duo from pushing the table off.

“Well that was certainly anticlimactic. I’ll simply squash you two like bugs,” Luzella proclaimed,  looking down at the faces of Kamri and Jelthra as they both struggled to push Luzella off. Wulfshn joined and placed her hoof onto the table, adding to the already heavy weight. Both Kamri and Jelthra grunted in pain as their faces turned blue.

“Watch the human Wulf, she likes to play with fire,” Luzella laughed as she pushed into the table harder with her hoof, earning another grunt from the two.

“I’ll skip the small talk, where is it!” Luzella demanded, flexing her thigh.

“I-hnnnnn- where…is…what?”  Jelthra managed to squeak out.

“You’re a bad liar, Jelthra,” Luzella laughed shifting her weight more ever so slightly.  

“You know what you stole, time is short, you better speak up!” Wulfshn chimed in.

Kamri grimaced in anger, trying desperately to push up. “We didn’t…take..anything!” Kamri exclaimed.


Luzella smirked at Kamri and leaned down to get closer to Kamri’s face, the wood table now creaking under the Amazonian’s hoof. Luzella ran her predatory eyes across the south-lander for a moment.   


“Deep, deep, down, I was hoping you would make this difficult, little Kamri. The two of us have unfinished business, ” Luzella spoke, flashing her fangs.

Kamri helplessly looked upward at her enemy.  

“Shackle them up Wulfshn, We’ll take them to my chamber and pry the information out of them.”

Wulfshn’s face ignited with twisted excitement. She stepped off the table and pulled out a set of shackles. Keeping her axe blade at the elf’s neck, she pulled Kamri’s arms back, and attached her arms. Intrigued, Wulfshn ran her finger across Kamri’s smooth caramel face. “My, you’re a cute one aren’t you?”

Kamri only glared back, her eyes mimicking fiery coals. Wulfshn moved to Jelthra and shackled her as well.

Luzella and Wulfshn pulled the two up and pushed them out of the room with force. Kamri and Jelthra only looked at one another, worried as they were led down the dark halls as the Kazdruk litter-mate’s new prisoners.




Kamri gritted her teeth trying as hard as she could to break the shackles suspending her arms above her head. Anchored to the cold wall, she flexed her arms in exasperation looking on at Luzella and Wulfshn as they approached. Beside her, Jelthra attempted the same. In earnest, the human shook her arms trying anything to free herself.


Luzella approached the two with a large grin across her maligned face. Looking down at her two prisoners, she ran her finger across her own bottom lip in an acute dark interest.

Prying her fingers between Kamri’s chest plate, Luzella leaned in closer, running her nose, and lips across the elf’s neck.


“Funny how things turn out, no?” Luzella inquired while pulling slightly on Kamri’s chest armor. “Not too long ago, it was Jelthra that had asked me to roughen you up some,” Luzella shivered at the thought, her long tail twitching hard for a moment. Jelthra, lowered her head in shame, knowing the painful truth Luzella now spoke.

“I enjoyed that night… but here the two of you are, working together. How very ironic. We Kazdruk have a saying: Twice as sharp your blade becomes once the tempest turns to your sails and ally steals the blood of your kill,” Luzella tugged lightly on the elf’s top. ” It seems i’ve become the greater enemy now. I’m hoping we can find out exactly what you two have been up to,” Luzella spoke while pulling Kamri’s chest plate completely off now. Shiftinging closer, Luzella pushed her soft lips across Kamri’s mouth for a moment, enjoying her taste. “So, care to explain?”

Kamri only pulled off and looked away in defiance. As Kamri turned her head, Luzella held it in place, pulling it back to view her. Squeezing the elf’s cheeks softly, the Kazdruk smiled balefully. “So very rude…but certainly not out of character for you.” Pinching the elf’s nipple now, Luzella twisted it slowly, relishing in her feeble movements.


“I’ll get what I want out of you, one way or another,” Luzella claimed, pinching even harder now, causing Kamri to gasp. “I always do.” Luzella paused for a moment licking her lips before turning to face Jelthra.  “But, let’s start with you first.” Jelthra looked up at Luzella.

“You’re a sneaky little human Jelthra – you’ve always been,” the Amazonian expressed. Pushing her own muscular build into the human, Luzella growled softly through her canines. Letting her heavy breasts squash into the human’s. Jelthra shook one last time in an attempt to escape. Luzella’s lip curled up wickedly before running her hand softly through the human’s long black hair.

” Be still my dear, there’s no escaping. You know that, but your wasted efforts are truly delightful,” Luzella spoke, now shifting her hand downward to grope the human’s large breasts.

“Now, tell me. What did you steal from the room?” Jelthra said nothing, she only looked away like her partner. Luzella stopped for a moment and ran her tongue along the inside of her cheek.

“Honestly, I don’t care what you took, but i’d be a bad soldier if I didn’t at least try and complete my given orders,” Luzella grinned, and then turned to Wulfshn. “Would be a real shame if these two showed up dead wouldn’t it?”  

Wulfshn smirked. “A terrible shame indeed.”

Jelthra only looked on in resistance, before speaking. “You will regret this Luzella, zat I can promise,” Jelthra uttered.

“Oh? How very threatening,” Luzella returned in a jokingly manner. Her smile quickly turned to an evil smirk.

Without warning, Luzella reached up and pulled the chain out of the wall, snapping the links like brittle wood. The iron links spilled to the floor as the shackles disengaged. She held Jelthra and pushed her down across the stone table in the middle of the room. Jelthra struggled. Kicking and squirming she fought back. Luzella rung her neck with one hand pinning her hard to the cold table.    

“Why all the conflict, little Jelthra? Lying on your back is what you do best, no?”

Wulfshn approached the side, looking over the human’s body hungrily. “Please, let me work her ‘zella, you can’t have all the fun you know?”

Luzella smiled at her litter-mate’s comment and then paused for a moment. “Alright, fine, you can have your way with Jelthra. Don’t tell me I never you gave you anything,” Luzella disclosed with a sly smirk and backed off.

Wulfshn quickly took her place now, running her hands across the smooth human. The smaller Amazonian straddled Jelthra atop the stone table. In horror, Jelthra wriggled trying to get away. In brute, harsh strength, Wulfshn pushed Jelthra’s shoulders down holding her still. “Oh, you’re all mine now little teacup.”

Wulfshn slowly grinded her hips across Jelthra. Purring in anticipation, the Kazdruk torqued into her harder, letting the human’s lower torso push against her own clit. Pinning the human to the table sent a shiver up between Wulfshn’s defined shoulder blades. Eagerly, she gyrated her womanhood across the human further, her arms now flexing as she overpowered her smaller prey.


Leaning forward, Wulfshn drove her sharp fangs across Jelthra’s barbells. Teasing the human’s nipples,she tugged at them while rubbing herself harder into the human. Luzella watched on with a spark of jealousy, her thick cock now emerging from its sheath. She looked on as her litter-mate toyed with the smaller human. Her hand gliding downward now, Luzella wrapped her hand around her cock and began stroking it slowly.


Wulfshn continued humping Jelthra. Face to face, the Kazdruk forced her lips across Jelthra’s, moaning in bliss as she rocked back and forth. Wulfshn reached up and groped her own breast, tugging at her nipple as she rocked harder. Her own movement,mixed with the human’s struggles sent waves of pleasure through her womanhood and up her spine. With a feral growl, Wulfshn became more aggressive. Rocking her hips wildly she leaned into Jelthra’s neck and bit down forcefully. The human let out a mixture of a moan and pain. The small Amazonian’s eyes sharpened and she bit harder while brushing her now wet cunt across the human’s waist. Luzella found herself stroking harder now. The sight of Jelthra pinned under Wulfshn was driving her wild. She stepped closer to the two with her cock fully erect. While rocking back and forth, Wulfshn looked back over her shoulder with a sinister grin. Eyeing Luzella, she smiled. “Mmm, you want some of this too don’t you?”


Wulfshn spun around, resting her glistening pussy over Jelthra’s face. With a small cry of opposition Jelthra reached up to try and stop her. Wulfshn looked down smiling. “Time to try out that little mouth.” With ease, Wulfshn pushed herself down upon the human’s face. Her tail whipping back forth in content, Wulfshn sighed in pleasure as the human’s face disappeared under her. Fiendishly, she rocked her hips slightly, popping her ass out and letting her full weight smother the human. Biting her lip, Wulfshn pinned the human down and ran her eyes up to Luzella.


Luzella approached with a large grin across her face. Wulfshn smiled back playfully. Leaning forward, she stuck her tongue out to meet Luzella’s cock head. The amazon’s cock head rested on her litter mate’s tongue. Eagerly, Wulfshn wrapped her lips around Luzella’s cock. Feeling Jelthra struggle and try to free herself underneath, Wulfshn quickly pushed herself back down, keeping the human smothered in place.

“Numm Mmm,” Wulfshn was able to hum out, with a mouthful of cock.  She looked back behind her, making sure her new toy listened. Softly she suckled on Luzella’s cock, wetting the wide shaft. Wulfshn pulled back, letting the big head pop out of her mouth with a strand of saliva spilling behind. Winking up at Luzella she smiled knowing what was next. Luzella’s eyes narrowed in lust as she angled her heavy member downward towards Jelthra’s womanhood. The strong demon pressed her cock up against Jelthra’s cunt. Slowly she let her slick cock force its way into Jelthra’s walls. The human started to gasp and moan to stop but her cries were silenced as Wulfshn sat back down on Jelthra’s face, turning the cries to a barely audible muffle. The sound sent shivers up Wulfshn’s back.


Luzella leaned forward, letting her massive cock sink into Jelthra’s pinned body. With the human pined in place, Luzella rocked in harder slowly picking up the pace. Each hard thrust caused Jelthra to moan, which sent more waves of pleasure up through Wulfshn. Splatters of pre-cum splashed out with each hard thrust. The sisters feed off of each other as the combination of lust and fucking echoed off into the room. Kamri was forced to watch on, now worried that the two demons did not care about Jelthra’s well-being.


Minutes went by as Jelthra was held under Wulfshn and Luzella fucked into the human in hard robust thrusts. Kamri shook her arms in anger trying to free herself. She watched on as Jelthra was now trying to push Wulfshn off to breath. The smaller Amazonian, only looked back destructively, knowing damn well what she was doing. Effortlessly, Wulfshn held Jelthra down, torturing her while she got off from it. Wulfshn threw her head back in pleasure, letting her long black hair fly back. Bitting her bottom lip, she ran her arms down pushing down on Jelthra keeping her in place.


The more Jelthra fought, the more it aroused Wulfshn. The nefarious Kazdruk looked up past Luzella and made eye contact with Kamri. Kamri noticed the burning lust in Wulfshn’s aqua colored eyes. She knew the Kazdruk wouldn’t stop until she was satisfied. Kamri noticed Jelthra’s body was faltering, her hands fell off Wulfshn’s legs and collapsed to the table’s surface.  Kamri shook again in desperation, doing anything in her power to break the chains. The sudden outburst caught Luzella’s attention. Looking back, Luzella slowed her tempo.

“What’s the matter dear? Don’t worry, your turn will come.”

“Let her go! Tell her to stop!” Kamri yelled.

“I’m not going to stop Wulfshn, that would be unwise,” Luzella replied.

Luzella Wulfshn


Hungrily, Wulfshn didn’t let up and rubbed her womanhood across Jelthra, using her as a fuck toy. The Kazdruk moaned out as she reached climax. Her nails digging into the stone, she arched back as a tremor of bliss filled her body. Luzella watched on as her litter-mate slowed. Panting heavily, Wulfshn looked up at Kamri hungrily, her eyes sharp and predatory. She kept herself seated on Jelthra’s face as the human’s arms flailed weakly. Basking in the afterglow and relishing in the human’s faltering struggles. She kept her eyes on Kamri’s.


“Maybe we should let her up ? Don’t hog that pretty face all to yourself,” Luzella growled.

The words snapped Wulfshn out of her blind lust.

“Oh?… mmm, yes ok,” She smiled.

Wulfshn looked down and lifted herself off of Jelthra’s face. Jelthra’s gasped, her face slick and covered in Wulfshn’s juices. Luzella pulled her thick cock out, leaving a strand of precum. The Kazdruk reached down and pulled Jelthra by her hair, spinning her around she tugged the human off the table and onto the floor. Dazed, Jelthra looked up at Luzella.


“Now, would you like to tell us what you were doing in Aeltha’s room?”

Jelthra remained silent, her eyes heavy and dizzy. Luzella smacked her across the face, trying to wake her up.

“I asked you a question! What were you doing in Aeltha’s chamber!” Luzella asked again annoyed.

Jelthra looked up. “Go fuck yourself!”

Luzella smirked, and shook her head slowly side to side. Luzella grabbed Jelthra’s head forcefully and shoved her cock into the human’s mouth. Wulfshn watched on and then looked up at Kamri.

“Just tell us what you took,” Wulfshn smiled.

“She’ll never tell, and neither will I,” Kamri spat back.

“Shame really,” Wulfshn smiled and then stepped behind Jelthra. Leaning her hips into the back of Jelthra’s head as Luzella pushed her cock down Jelthra’s throat. Wulfshn reached down and pushed her hands on the back of Jelthra’s head so it was impossible for Jelthra to pull away from Luzella’s cock. She was sandwiched between the two amazons now. Softly, Wulfshn pushed on the back of Jelthra’s head rocking in a slow rhythm. Jelthra gagged as she was force fed more of Luzella’s cock. The massive member was pushed down her tight throat. The human reached up and tried to push back but was easily held in place by the two.

“Oh no you don’t, you’re going to work her cock until you tell us what you stole,” Wulfshn announced. Jelthra responded with a gargled muffle of protest.

“Hmm? Sorry can’t hear you,” Wulfshn smiled. ” Perhaps, Kamri can speak for you? What do you say Kamri hmm?”

Kamri watched on in dismay as Jelthra’s lips stretched around Luzella’s fat cock, her eyeliner running and her orange eyes starting to roll back. Wulfshn grinned up at Kamri as Jelthra started to struggle. She watched as her hands pried into Luzella’s powerful thighs yearning for reprieve. Softly, Luzella rocked into Jelthra’s throat, purring in euphoria. Banefully, Wulfshn pushed Jelthra’s head forward as far as it would go. Small muffled gags squeaked out again. Jelthra’s body started to go limp as she was deprived of air.


   “Mmm, you’re going to cum aren’t you sister?” Wulfshn questioned, her eyes filling with wicked delight. “ You better speak up Kamri, or your friend drowns.” Kamri watched on, pulling on her chains. In crazed anger her hands ignited, the fire turning the chains orange. Alas, the chains held strong as Kamri ran out of options.


“Ok, Ok! I’ll talk!”   


 Luzella smiled but held herself deep and stopped rocking. She leaned forward one last time, pushing Jelthra’s nose into her firm stomach. A shiver ran up the Kazdruk’s back as Jelthra’s lips struggled around her shaft.


“I’m listening.”

“We were looking for a spell…,” Kamri finally replied. “ Now let her off!”

“A spell? What kind of spell?” Luzella returned with a twisted grin, her member still sunk deep.

“A spell…to sharpen blades.”

Wulfshn smirked and looked up at Luzella skeptical, holding her grip tight.

“So…mmm…. what did you steal then?” Luzella asked, with pleasure running up her cock.

“An ingredient… an ingredient to help with the spell… It was an elvish leaf.”

Jelthra’s eyes rolled back and she completely passed out on Luzella’s meaty cock. Motionlessly, she kneeled with drool spilling from her lips and pooling around her knees.

“A leaf? Hmm, interesting,” Luzella proclaimed and started to pull back a few inches of her shaft. “Tell me more about this.”

Kamri hesitated for a moment seeing as Luzella was starting to believe her lie and pulling off Jelthra’s face. “Yes, a green leaf with gold edges. It’s a native northern leaf that when mixed with Kazdruk steel can make the sharpest of edges…and we lost it when you barged in!”

Jelthra’s eyes started to refocus as the cock freed from her airway. Luzella smirked looking back at Kamri for a moment and rose her eyebrow not truly buying the story. She reached down and gripped Jelthra’s head again and stuffed her cock back into the human’s small mouth. A soft gagging swallow squeezed out once more.

“You’re a terrible liar Kamri. Besides, our steel is perfect. Certainly no elvish vegetable will increase its properties,” Luzella spat.

Wulfshn smiled in aggression and pushed back on Jelthra’s head.

“Tsk,tsk, missed your chance Kamri,” Wulfshn giggled.


Luzella moaned out as she couldn’t hold back any longer. Holding Jelthra firmly, she sunk her cock to the balls as she started to erupt in the human’s throat. Large pumps swelled into Jelthra. Wulfshn held the human’s head in place, flashing her fangs; she rejoiced as her sister force fed the human thick seed. Jelthra struggled while emitting heavy gulps as the Kazdruk batter was pumped down her throat. The white seed filled Jelthra’s stomach and airways. The small human pushed against the littermates with all her strength, but the two held still, trapping her between their large bodies. Thick globs of cum started to spill out of Jelthra’s lips as she was overfilled and her stomach expanded. The human’s cinder like eyes started to roll back again as a thick stream started leaking out her nostrils. Luzella’s cock head flared, trapping itself as it continued to unload gooey ropes. More and more flooded the human, filling her tummy beyond capacity.


“My, were’nt you pent up,” Wulfshn laughed, holding the human in place. Kamri only looked on in anger, unable to help. She refused to tell them the truth. Hot cum hung from Jelthra’s face as she began to slowly drown. The thick Kazdruk seed pooled between her soft tits. Luzella held herself in place as the human spell-sword’s body thrashed. Jelthra’s fingers dug into Luzella’s thighs one final time before finally falling to a rest. Satisfied, Luzella slowly pulled her cock out, letting Jelthra collapse in an opaque puddle of cum.


“A shame really, I was hoping to enjoy her more…,” Wulfshn lamented.

Kamri thrashed in anger yelling, her eyes flaring like a raging fire.

Luzella turned and approached Kamri. Running her finger across Kamri’s sternum, she smirked at the elf’s anger.

“I can admire your passion, little Kamri, it’s too bad we didn’t start off on better terms. You could have served well under my command, it would have guaranteed your ascent through the ranks… but no, instead you waste your time with this weak human, sneaking around like little mice,” Luzella proclaimed as she wrapped her hand around Kamri’s neck. Wulfshn came to Luzella’s side, smiling at Kamri.

“Aww, don’t kill her too, let me to claim her as my own in combat, as you did with Avelyn,” Wulfshn pleaded.

Luzella paused for a moment. “Huh?…oh…”  Knowing she could not deny her own blood from a trial of claim, she eased up on Kamri’s throat and turned to Wulfshn. “No, no, Kamri is mine,” Luzella stated.

Wulfshn smirked in gull. “Fine, then I challenge you, in a one on one spar. Winner takes Kamri,” Wulfshn smiled knowing Luzella would never turn down a chance to flex her superiority.

“What! No, you know you will lose Wulfshn!” Luzella replied, now letting go of Kamri completely.

“Then what do you have to lose sister? I don’t think you could defeat me.”

Luzella thought for a moment angered. “You dare challenge me? I will crush you!”

“Ha! You sound awfully sure of yourself. You’re getting rusty. Perhaps even a little washed up! That little Kamri will be mine,” Wulfshn smiled.

Luzella’s eyes opened wide in anger. “Why you little…”


Kamri watched as the two bickerd back and forth.


“I think that’s a great idea,” Kamri spoke out over the two. Both Kazdruk stopped and turned to view Kamri.

“Fine! Tomorrow then! Lock her up with Avelyn,” Luzella roared.

Wulfshn smiled in glee. “What about her?” She asked, kicking Jelthra’s body. The human moaned and coughed up some cum.

“Well, look at that, she’s still alive!” Luzella spat.

“See, I told you, you were losing your touch,” Wulfshn jabbed with a flash of a smile.

“Shut up! Lock them both up with Avelyn, See you in the pit first thing,” Luzella yelled. Lost in anger and ego, the tall Kazdruk stormed out, now fully focused on winning tomorrow.    






Ulla shivered as she was dragged by the group of nomadic Kazdruk. The nocturnal sky swirled overhead like black molten lava. Ulla’s body stopped. She twisted the best she could to try and see why the group had suddenly stopped. Her bounds prevented her from turning far enough, but she could hear the leader of the hunting party speaking. They had arrived to their destination. Suddenly, Ulla was forced upward and spun around. She laid her eyes upon a small outpost in the barren world. Soldiers scurried around on their various duties. Two Kazdruk from the outpost walked forward towards the party. One road upon a large four legged beast, the other on foot.  The two were heavily armored and clearly higher ranking soldiers.

The soldier on foot spoke out, his deep voice cutting through the endless howling wind. “You there! Kneel before us!”


The entire party did as they were told and kneeled. Ulla was pushed backward onto her back. The hardy male Kazdruk approached the leader of the party and held a long black sword to his neck. He looked around at the dirty group before turning his head to the other soldier riding on beast-back.

“Hunters, Knightess,” he spoke out. The other Kazdruk soldier approached closer, removing it’s dark armored mask, revealing a cruel female face. Short black horns jut skyward and her long black braided hair cascaded down the side of her shoulders resting along jagged, dark Kazdruk armor. Her cinder colored eyes looked over the party closely. Coldly, the grey skinned Kazdruk calculated, and examined the group for a moment.  

Knightess Strum’za 1

Knightess Strum’za 2

“They’re all outcastes, Zrotall. Each one a disgrace to the Kazdruk way,” The Kazdruk woman scoffed and then paused for a moment before placing her armored mask back on. Whipping her beast’s reins, she turned.


” Kill them all,” she ordered without remorse.   


The beast turned around and she began to trot away. The large soldier grinned and slashed his sword severing the leader’s head clean off. His body slumped forward as a pool of dark blood soaked into the dark sand.


“No wait! We ha-” another party member was cut off before he could get a word out. The soldier’s black sword drove out the hunter’s back. Two other party members attempted to run but bolts quickly filled their cowardly backs, leaving them face first in the sand coughing up blood. Archers near the outpost quickly restrung their crossbows. The soldier sliced through the remaining party members splashing fresh crimson across Ulla’s face as she helplessly laid on her back tied up.


Zrotall stopped at the sight of Ulla, perplexed at the sight of a human, he called his commander back. The shadowy Kazdruk woman rod back in annoyance.

“What is it this time Zrotall? Can you not complete a simple order?”

“High Knightess Strum’za, it’s a human,” Zrotall spoke quickly.  

“What! Do you take me as a fool? That’s impossible, it must be the work of sorcery, nothing more than an apparition! One of those outcastes must have tainted their magica bloodline. Unlikely for a human to be here,” Strum’za claimed with anger as she dismounted.

The two stood there for a moment. Strum’za approached Ulla. Her black armor rustled with each step and her long braids swung with authority. The Kazdruk kicked Ulla with her boot. Ulla turned her head and spit across Strum’za’s foot.

Strum’za turned to face Zrotall with a large fanged grin on her face. Turning back she flipped her armored face-mask up and peered into the human’s eyes. “Perhaps you are real…Excellent for me, not so much for you, i’m afraid. The Matriarch will be most interested in you.” Ulla only smirked back with a fake smile.


“Zrotall, secure her and bring her to my chambers,” Strum’za ordered.

“As you wish commander.”

“I will prepare her for the Matriarch.”   




Avelyn sat in the corner of her cell eyeing Kamri and Jelthra as they entered the cell. The northern elf sat in silence, perplexed on there being two Kazdruk members locked up with her. Kamri supported Jelthra with her arm over her shoulder. Avelyn noticed the rough shape the human was in, her appearance only tossed oil across her fire of wonder.


Jelthra fell to her hands and knees. She looked at the ground in anger. Suddenly her eyes opened wide and her cheeks puffed. Jelthra heaved. Kamri came to her side and held her hair up for her her. Jelthra’s stomach flexed and she heaved again harder. Avelyn watched on even more perplexed now as the human retched and heaved. Jelthra continued to stare at the cold ground, her hands dug into the ground as she heaved again. This time a small torrent of cum spewed out across the ground. Avelyn jumped back as the woman puked. Heaving again, Jelthra vomited up more ropes of cum.


“She really filled you up huh?” Kamri asked while rubbing her back.

Jelthra only glared at Kamri before puking up another large torrent of cum. This time, the small crystal came up with the demon seed falling into the puddle of cum. Jelthra reached down and picked up the gem. Raising it up, she looked at Kamri with a big grin.


“We’re back in bizness my friend.”                






  1. Whoa, I was worried you actually killed Jelthra there for a second. I think my blood pressure went up a couple dozen points. Haha

    Overall though, good stuff as usual. Looking forward to more, as always.

    p.s. – forgive the scarcity of my comments. A bit under the weather, but this helped to take my mind off it for a bit. :)

    1. haha yeah, it was a close one there 😛
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      1. Well… don’t let it cross it again. In fact, forget you even had the idea. 😛

        She’s easily one of my favorites. I think even more so now since recent chapters where she’s really taken a beating – and more than just physically.

        I any rate, so long as ya keep writing, I’ll keep reading.

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