Spire of Torment. Chapter 7: Between a Keeat and A Hard Place.

By: Lucien

Cazel awoke, positioned on all fours. Her hands and legs bound to a metal frame attached to the stone floor. She couldn’t move. The dark stone walls in front of her, spun widely out of control as she slowly regained her senses. Thick semen coated her entire elven face, her throat sore and lips bruised from the entire regiment of demons that had orally raped her earlier. Jelthra’s human face slowly came into focus. Her blue lips smiling, her harsh orange eyes cutting through the low light.

“Well, well, well Cazel. It waz quite impressive seeing you take all zee cocks.” Jelthra smiled. ” I didn’t think you were going to make it.”

Cazel strained to speak as only mumbles came out. Physically exhausted from the hours and hours of abuse.

“Where are we?” Cazel coughed.

“Me personal chambers.” Jel smiled. “We going to get zum answers.”

Jel turned a sat down across from Cazel. Resting her soft ass in her stone semi throne. Crossing her fishnet covered legs before taking a sip of northern elven wine.

“Luckily for you, Yuldasha iz busy, attending other business. She has ordered me to extract what I can from you with any means necessary. So, we do dis my way today.”

“Why are you doing this ?” Cazel cried out. “You’re human, why betray your own kind? You owe nothing to Yuldasha.”

“Ha!” Jelthra laughed. “I owe nothing to my own kind, or you elves!” Your corrupt Elven Houses and greed ridden Human kingdoms are no better then Yuldasha’s rule. I have my reasons.

Now, lez get down to business, I have better things to do. Where is your clan’s Queen?”

 “I’ll never tell you, demon filth!” Cazel spat.

 Jel smiled before placing her fingers to her mouth, shooting of a short whistle, echoing off the chamber walls.

Cazel could hear heavy panting emitting from deep within the shadows. Off to her sides.

Two enormous Keeat Hounds emerged, Their heavy weight walking past Cazel on either side, before sitting at full attention at the base of Jelthra’s seat.

Jel pet their large armored heads. Both growling softly.

The two beasts sat on their haunches, their barbed tails whipping back and forth eagerly. Cazel noticed their large cocks beginning to partly unsheathe. Their thick members starting to swell. A long strand of pre cum running to the stone floor.

” Now, I ask you again, Where is your Royal Elven Queen ?” Jel asked.

Cazel trembled in fear trying to get ahold of herself.

“I-I don’t… I don’t know.”

Jelthra smiled before letting out a long sigh. “So loyal aren’t you? but answer me dis, have you ever encountered a Keeat Hound before?”

“Uhh, I’ve only heard of them through other coalition soldiers…deadly creatures that came along with the demons. ” Cazel responded.

Jel smiled again.

” let me tell you a few more things about dem. They are extremely intelligent, excellent at trapping prey. They wont stop hunting their prey until they catch it or die in the process. Now, let me tell you something dat iz a little more interesting… Something that concerns you Cazel. Their semen is not very potent to other Keeat females. The chances of successful impregnation iz low among their species. Over many years and cycles they have evolved physically and instinctually. With a lower probability of success, they don’t take any chances when it comes to insemination.”

Jelthra rose to her feet. Approaching Cazel. The elf restrained to the floor, only looked ahead puzzled. Jel brushed some of the dry cum off of Cazel’s soft face. Pulling her face upward under her chin to face her.

“What this means is that when they mate, they wont stop until the female is full to the brim.” Jel smiled.”They won’t stop until there is physically no more room to dump their seed into. Unfortunately for you, you are much, much smaller then an adult female Keeat hound.

Instinctually, they won’t know the difference and they will keep filling you far beyond your physical capacity.”

Cazel’s eyes opened wide with fear at the thought.

“I will give you one more chance Cazel. Where iz your clan’s Queen?”

Cazel swallowed hard before answering.

 “The Great Warden isles… Wayyel island to be exact. She’s on Wayyel island.”

Jel smiled, biting her lip slightly.

” Please let me go, I’ve told you what you want to know.” Cazel pleaded.

The woman shook her head and pulled up a leather strap with a steel ring gag into view.

“What are you doing!” Cazel cried out.

Jel placed it inside Cazel’s mouth, forcing her lips open before securing the strap behind her head tightly. Cazel’s mouth forced open, she could only manage a group of incomprehensible words.

” Cazel my friend, we didn’t bring any female Keeats with us to these lands. We need to keep these boys focused. These two males are in their prime. It wouldn’t be fair to get them all riled up like that, then leave them longing. It would be far too dangerous to our own personal, our horses or wild wolves … or really any being they could get their paws on. Determined creatures they are. “

Jel turned to leave the chamber.

“Oh, and one last thing Cazel… The Keeat on the left is blind. Pray to all of your worthless gods that he finds your correct hole to fuck… or even the correct end of your body. “

Jel snapped her finger before exiting the chamber. Releasing the hounds from their obedient positions.

The monstrous creatures circled Cazel’s helpless, naked body. Breathing heavy as every defined muscle articulated. One of the horrid hounds brushed its warm snout into Cazel’s soft round ass before lapping its strong tongue across her tight pussy. The thick elongated muscle slurped up and down repetitively. Savoring the taste and scent of her sweet juices. The beast snorted wildly before dragging his tongue again up her pussy and ass, growling softly, establishing his dominance over Cazel. Cazel’s lip quivered softly as shivers ran down her spine with every lap the beast took. She could feel the beast’s excitement growing. As it lapped faster and more viciously. Cazel rolled her toes and dug her nails into the base of the floor.

7Keeat Hound

Keeat Hound

The Keeat’s tongue plunging deeper into her twat, spooning out her juices, spilling drool and excess sweet honey to the cold floor. Cazel moaned through her ring gag as she was forced to endure the heavy wet licking. The hulking beast reared itself before mounting Cazel’s body. Locking his hefty arms around her torso and resting his mammoth weight on her arching back. Cazel’s elvish body disappeared under the Keeat’s massive frame. Cazel shivered again as the beast growled into her long ears. She could feel his hot member growing and probing for her now dripping cunt. The beast’s powerful hind legs flexed as its sharp talons tore into the stone floor, gaining traction as he thrusted his hips forward violently. Cazel screamed through her gag as the beast’s massive cock pierced her wet walls.

His hot muscle sank deep into her cunt, stretching her tight inner walls. Cazel moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure as she tried to pull herself forward to gain some space and relief. The clamps securing her wrists and ankles to the floor offered little give. A deep, heavy breathing filled Cazel’s ears, interrupted by occasional guttural growls. The beast started pumping his solid hind end into her, sliding deep into her slick pussy. The beast’s fore-arm sized member swelled, stretching Cazel’s tiny cunt wider. Drool spilled from Cazel’s open mouth, as she winced with every hard thrust. His hefty, meaty balls slapping into her over and over.

The Keeat held his new mate in place plunging his cock in and out of Cazel. She felt his cock expanding, stretching her insides farther. The great beast continued humping, hammering into her relentlessly. Cazel screamed in agony as the thick cock pumped into her faster and faster. Her heavy tits bouncing in rhythm, heaving wildly back and forth clapping together, echoing into the dark chamber. Cazel felt the first explosion of warm cum inside her womb, the beast’s cock flexing with every salvo of hot cum. Just as Jelthra had warned earlier, the Keeat kept fucking her helpless body. Not slowing down or easing up in the least. Cazel let out a long moan as the beast pummeled her tiny cunt. The beast drooling onto the nap of her neck and floor. Cazel winced as she felt the beast unload a second load of cum deep inside her. Long heavy spurts fired off inside. Cazel’s eyes weakened as she felt the warm spunk filling her up.

 The Keeat didn’t stop. His powerful arms squeezed Cazel tighter as he pumped his hard cock into her over and over. The second Keeat slowly came closer sniffing the air. His cock dangling semi erect, trailing pre cum. The blind beast brushed into the other hound. The great Keeat while still fucking Cazel lashed at his blind brother, snapping at his neck. Reminding him that he was the Alpha and that Cazel was his. The Blind Keeat backed off and walked to the other side of Cazel waiting for his turn. Cazel felt another hot thick load dump into her loins as the beast didn’t hold back and continued.

The Blind Keeat impatiently approached Cazel from straight ahead this time. Face to face with his blank white eyes and scarred mug. Not fully aware of his own position, the Blind beast reared up and blindly mounted Cazel’s head. Cazel moaned in desist, turning her face away from him the best she could. The beast cock pressed across the side of her face smearing pre cum across it. The beast pulled back some trying to realign himself. With that, the beast behind her momentarily sank a talon into her side, bettering his grip and leverage. Cazel snapped her head back moaning in pain, briefly forgetting about the Blind Keeat in front of her. Just as the blind beast attempted re mounting her. Before Cazel realized what was happening it was too late.The Keeat’s soft cock pushed its way between the ring gag and forcing its way into Cazel’s mouth.

Her eyes shot open wide in panic as the beast’s soft cock sank down her throat. Cazel tried pulling her head to the side but the cock was too long and the ring gag forced her mouth open. Cazel felt his member growing, gagging as the beast inadvertently began fucking her throat, filling her gullet with Keeat meat. Cazel felt the beast behind her pumping more demon spunk into her. She could feel her womb stretching, attempting to hold the gallons of cum being dumped into her, her insides rapidly filling. The blind Keeat pushed his cock farther into Cazel’s throat, placing all of his weight behind it. Fucking her face as if it was a female Keeat from his barren demon homeland. Trying to catch her breath between each hard thrust, Cazel felt his cock enlarge as warm cum suddenly blasted into her throat.

The thick demon spunk pumped into her mouth coating every inch and quickly filling her throat. Overflowing out her nose and the sides of her lips. Cazel’s muffled cries whimpered out as the situation grew from bad to worse. The upper part of his veiny shaft expanded wider then the diameter of the gag ring. Lodging the base of the Keeat’s cock into the ring, trapping his meat within her throat. Cazel gaged more and snorted as the beast continued riding her face before unloading another hot load. Cazel gulped down as much she could as the smokey flavored cum flooded her mouth again. Cazel could feel the Keeat behind her still pounding her hard, exploding deep inside her. Ropey cum now running down her thighs pooling on the floor.

The beast lost his grasp momentarily, causing his cock to blow back out of her, launching a salvo of cum across Cazel’s back and ass. The beast attempted re aligning himself. Lost in lust, he aimed too high missing his target and plowing his dripping cock into Cazel’s tight ass. Cazel’s eyes shot open in pain and terror as the Keeat’s hellish member sank itself deep into her ass. Gargles and gagging replaced Cazel’s screams as the blind beast’s heavy balls churned unloading another salvo into her throat. Bubbling strands of viscous cum pouring into her stomach. The beast behind her pumping her ass as if nothing had changed, painfully stretching her. His heavy ball sack smacking her ruined cunt, splashing cum across the stone floor. Cazel felt his cock release deep in her ass, pumping his demon seed through her weak body. His salvos didn’t stop as more cum was pumped into her slick deep hole, flooding her innards. The beast’s large back muscles flexing with every orgasmic wave. His spiked hackles twitching in unison.

Cazel’s vision began to fade, as a seemingly continues stream of cum pumped down her tight throat. The pair of giant chiseled thighs now spinning in front of her. His Barbed tail swinging back and forth like a pendulum. The whole room spun on end. The Keeat behind her shifted his full weight back and forth, sinking his cock into her ass, plunging in and out. Cazel gargled on another load exploding in her mouth. Her nails tearing into the floor in a mixture of pain and oxygen deprivation. With her vision fading Cazel’s eyes suddenly flew open wide as she felt another massive load go off in her ass. This one much larger then any of the previous loads.

She felt the hot sticky seed coat her insides, flooding up inside her like a raging river. The Keeat continued thrusting before his rhythm finally began to falter. Panting heavily the Keeat slowly collapsed in gratification resting his full weight on Cazel. His heavy chest rising and falling with deep breaths. The Keeat slowly dismounted himself, pulling his long cock from Cazel’s cum filled ass. Spilling thick globs onto the floor before her gaping sphincter closed back up, trapping the gallons of cum left behind. The Keeat in her throat continued fucking her face, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. He began firing off his final finale, filling her mouth again with hellish batter. Cum gushed out of her nose spilling to the floor, the rest into her stomach unhindered. Cazel felt his cock finally soften as he pulled back dismounting himself, freeing his cock from her ring gag. A long thick strand of cum ran from her mouth to a puddle on the floor under her. Coughing up warm seed trying her best to clear her airways. Cazel gasped catching her breath the best she could. Grimacing as she felt the gallons of cum stirring deep inside.

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