Sewers of Harrow. Part III : Hysteria

The following events take place during Spire of Torment Chapter 24: Tempest’s Seed.

Valery and Celena kept up a brisk pace as they walked through the cavernous sewer chambers, staying as far as possible from the smaller passages and he possible ambushes that lay within. The rescue mission had quickly degenerated into a struggle for survival.

“At least… at least we’re not wading in that piss water anymore.” Valery said as the pair walked over the shiny stone floor of the inner sewer.

“Geem sent us here to die… sent us here to die!” Celena blurted out, her voice shaking and the brown haired elf on the verge of total panic.

“Celena. Seriously. Get a grip.” Valery responded.”We’ll get out of this okay,

we just need to find a way up to Gee..” Celena stopped in her tracks.

“FUCK Geem! What the fuck do you think the two of us are going to do? They took Zaya! They took Tereza! We can’t even help them! They’re gone! THEY’RE GONE!”

Valery spun, turned and placed her hands on the panicking elf’s shoulders.

“Calm down, just calm down. We’ll find a way to rescue them all, okay? We’ll find a way…”

Celena swatted away Valery’s hands angrily.

“You don’t believe that anymore than I do! We were sent here as fodder for these… things! We have to escape! Right now! WE HAVE TO ESCAPE!”

Valery was quickly losing her patience, grabbing Celena’s shoulder firmly this time she pointed her finger at her screaming comrade. “Look…”

Suddenly, she was cut off by a horrific, otherworldly growl echoing from somewhere. The two elven soldiers immediately drew their silver blades and watched their surroundings. More growls were heard and footsteps… something was approaching. Valery and Celena kept their backs to each other and looked around, unsure of which way to proceed.

“Oh gods… oh gods… I know those growls, they’re…” before Selena could say another word, a pair of the dog-like Kazdruk creatures that had made themselves infamous to all elvenkind padded into view.

“Keeats!” Valery confirmed.

The Keeat pair sniffed the air around them, their advanced senses singling out the scent of the elven females even through the constant stench of the sewer. Instantly they darted at the elves with terrifying speed. Valery gripped her sword and evaded one of the attacking Keeats with the switfness and grace of an elven Queen’s guard, her blade slashing the attacking hound’s side deeply. The Keeat let out a pained roar and skidded into a wall, dazed.

The other Keeat lunged at Celena. “Oh, you want me. WANT ME? FUCK YOU,

YOU PIECE OF SHIT,” She shrieked. The elf was near hysterical, but her combat training still served her, she gave the Keeat’s snout a vicious kick and drove her sword into it’s skull, instantly killing It. Celena looked over as Valery ran to the other Keeat and mercilessly decapitated it as it struggled to stand. Somehow the creature’s blood didn’t stain Valery’s gleaming white armour at all. The elves panted heavily as they looked over their kills. Celena went back to pry out her sword from the dead Keeat, which she had driven in so deep with rage-fueled strength it was now stuck.

“Celena, look out!” Valery shouted as another Keeat sprung out of the shadows and

toppled Celena to the ground. Celena struggled as she was pinned down by strong feral paws, noticing the Keeat’s heavy cock rapidly slipping free of its sheath.

Celena’s eyes grew wide, realising what the beast intended to do. “No! NO!


A sword drove through the beast on top of Celena. Valery put her boot on the Keeat’s side and pushed her blade free as it slumped over. The noble Wayyel guard helped her comrade to her feet as yet more Keeats came into view. Two… then five… then yet more.

The two elves backed off from the pack of Keeats that were attracted to their struggle and scent. They were almost surrounded except for one nearby exit.

“Run!!” Valery commanded, and the pair took off as fast as they could. The pack gave chase, following the elves. Valery and Celena ran for all their worth, their toned elven bodies being at the peak of athletic fitness, they could easily outrun a human and even many Kazdruk.

The elves rounded a corner and kept running, with the Keeats in hot pursuit. Bit by bit the creatures were gaining ground, fueled by animalistic lust.

“Keep… going, we have to…” Valery said in between pants. Celena, right alongside her, face full of panic and despair. She looked behind at the chasing pack and back to Valery.  

“I’m… sorry!” Celena blurted out, and swiftly kicked Valery in the ribs. Celena’s comrade fell and skidded onto the floor, eyes widened in shock. Nothing was broken, but she had the wind knocked out of her and she lay clutching her stomach.

“I can’t… I can’t… I don’t need to outrun them… I… I just need to outrun you. Sorry… I’m really sorry,” Celena huffed while running away.

Celena went into a full sprint away from her fellow elven soldier.


As Valery stumbled onto her feet and cursing as the the Keeats caught up to her. Four of the beasts ran right past her to chase Celena as the others quickly Kazdruk hounds surrounded her. More cautious than the first members of the pack, the creatures kept their distance making sure to cut any possible way for Valery to escape. The elven soldier reached for her sword, but saw she had dropped it when she fell, it was now well out of reach behind one of the creatures. Valery stood still, her heart pounding. She was no match for an entire pack and she knew it, the creatures could tear her apart at will. The Keeats all looked at her with evil, hungry eyes, sniffing the air constantly. The scent. Her scent. She knew. She had heard tales of what they do.

The largest Keeat of the pack approached, the alpha. Growling and sniffing the air, it’s giant snout approached Valery’s crotch. It pushed out it’s tongue and started licking the elf’s leather pants aggressively. Valery shuddered and started to panic. “NO!” She punched the alpha’s head hard, and turned away, trying desperately to find a way to slip through the pack and escape. The alpha, hardly fazed, let out a deep growl and pounced on top of Valery, knocking her onto the cold, wet stone floor. The other Keeats howled in seeming approval as the alpha ripped Valery’s leather pants and panties to shreds with a swipe of it’s claws and pressed it’s weight down on the smaller elf.

“No… get… off!” Valery struggled in vain as the creature pinned her down. No one was here to help her, like she helped Celena. That coward. The creature grew tired of the female’s ceaseless struggles and growled loudly into her ear while chomping it’s powerful jaws close to her head. Valery’s struggles ceased as she realised the threatening implications. Then she felt something hot and rigid rub against her exposed pussy. The alpha’s cock, unsheathed and hardened from it’s excitement of Valery’s scent and pushed inside her. The elf’s face felt flushed as she felt herself be penetrated by the Keeat’s thick member. It grew yet more as the alpha thrust in and out, shifting it’s weight to keep her pinned down.


Valery panted and gasped with each thrust, the alpha’s powerful body plunging it’s cock deeper and deeper into her. Her body writhing under the beast as it established its dominance over the pack’s new bitch. It drooled thick spittle over her pristine white gloves. Watery precum surged from it’s cock into the quivering elf. The elf could hardly believe the position she was in right now. She tried to focus on something else, anything else, but each animalistic thrust brought her back to reality. Worse, she felt a familiar pleasant tingle in her loins. She was being fucked by a demonic animal and her body was starting to enjoy it. She tried to push back the growing feelings of pleasure even as she felt her nipples harden and push against her leather chest-plate. The pack watched intently as the act of mating continued.

Valery grunted and gasped. The alpha rutted her with raw animalistic desire. She felt it’s base get bigger and bigger. Yet even as it grew, it still slipped inside her pussy lips. The elf cursed herself as her own building arousal only served to make it easier for the Keeat’s dog cock to push inside her. Then, as the alpha held it’s paws tightly against her writhing hips, it thrust in again, hilting it’s cock inside Valery’s cunt.  The elf’s eyes grew wide, her mouth agape, drool flowing freely as she felt the cock’s base expand so much that it was firmly stuck in her pussy now.

The large hard knot bumped against her clit in just the right way to drive her wild. “F… FUUUUUUUCKK!!!!” she screamed as a hard, forced orgasm crashed through her body. This reaction only caused the alpha to pound her even harder, it’s knotted cock pushing and tugging on her pussy prolonging her climax. Soon, the alpha let out a triumphant howl and followed with it’s own orgasm, flooding Valery’s womb with hot Keeat seed. Valery cried on in both pleasure and humiliation. She had just been bred like an animal, and the alpha’s cock was still firmly stuck inside her. The alpha took it’s time, fucking the writhing, sweating elf yet more. Forcing more pleasure out of her and making sure she understood her new place. She wasn’t sure how much time passed. It seemed like quite a bit of time went by and the alpha’s knot still wouldn’t release her. The alpha finally grew tired and dismounted the elf. The fat cock still attached to her form. It looked around the pack, still patiently watching the whole time, yet clearly growing impatient. The alpha growled and barked at them, making it clear she was still it’s mate…for now.


Finally, after some more time, the knot shrunk enough to be pulled out of

Valery’s pussy. Globs of cum spilled out onto the floor as the elf lay exhausted. She had lost count of the times that animal had forced a climax out of her. She lay there, thinking how a proud Queen’s guard like herself could have possibly ended up like this, her leggings in tatters, her beautiful blonde hair matted with drool and spilt cum, but at least now it was over…

… until the next Keeat of the pack approached her, it’s cock already hard, throbbing and leaking precum freely as it mounted her weakened body. It was then she knew the entire pack would have their turn with her and she would remain the pack’s bitch… forever.





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