Spire of Torment. Chapter 8: The Cinders of Torment.

By: Lucien

Endless waves of flame and ash. Nether clouds racing over head like thick walls of collapsing souls. The screams. The infinite endless screams. The twisting agony slicing my chest open, burning like a newborn cinder upon a dry woodland leaf. The Black rivers running like streams of fresh blood. The broken mirror… The monolith at the center of a barren, scorched land. The screaming becoming comforting. Blanketing my cold flesh. The broken mirror. I have to reach the mirror. The vile roots of pestilence and famine encircling its murky frame. Its fiery runes drawing me closer, whispering my name. The unbearable hunger. The truest most basic primal huger.

I see myself in the broken reflection. The sight is exhilarating. Caustic and beautiful. Something is different… Something is…

“Wake up my dearest Kamri.” The familiar duel layered female voice echoed in my head.

I slowly pried open my eyes. Dazed, I winced at the bright lavender flames dancing all around me. A sharp midnight breeze brushed across my skin, sending my hairs to stand on end. The smell of burning wood filled my nostrils, It was pleasant, filling me with memories of home. With my vision slowly focusing. I looked around left to right. taking in the panoramic view. I could see forever across the the vast horizon.The endless night sky stretching on and on, filled with a sea of stars and tranquil nebulas. A full moon filling the heavens with a snow white glow. Atop the dreadful spire I must be.

“Sleep well, hmm?” The voice asked again.

The voice broke my inner tranquillity. Sending shivers up my spine. It was the voice of torment, power and suffering. The voice haunted me, haunted my dreams, haunted my psyche and inner being. Her figure stepped forward out of the soft shadows. Her Silhouette alone was an intimidating sight. My heart jumped at the sound of her steps. The sound of dominance and supremacy nearing. The low clicking on the onyx cobble stone grew louder. Adrenaline flowing like the waterfalls of home. I couldn’t move my arms, each wrist bound above my head, shackled to large chains running upward attached to the stone pillar above. An invisible heat. A field of twisted energy and power raced across my naked skin. I looked downward, my nipples hardening, mixing with the heat and crisp cool air. My stomach shimmering in the outdoor candle light the moon’s vibrant rays bathing me. My trembling thighs flexing. My arched feet resting on my tippy toes. The shadow came closer, her powerful legs slowly coming into the harsh light. Her crafted thigh muscles carried her smoothly, swaying her wide hips. Her powerful hooves coming into view.

“No..” Left my lips.

I felt the burning sensation now boiling inside. My heart racing. A new scent filled the air. Her familiar spicy venomous scent. I gasped softly.

“Yuldasha.” I mouthed to myself with fear overwhelming me.

She stepped closer to my exposed body, her exquisite form towering over me. I tried turning away, expecting a blow or strike. She placed her strong arm to the left of my head, resting it on the pillar behind me. Her heavy tits squeezed within her black armored corset. The extremely low cut design barley concealing her breasts. Her deep cleavage level with my face. I shivered in fear. My legs trembling. She softly pushed closer leaning into me, pressing her immense tits into my face. My nose and lips smothered within her soft cleavage. Her aroma made my heart race faster. I felt her free hand reach up behind me, clutching the back of my head. She pulled me deeper into her chest, deeper into her malevolent grasp. Her fingers running through my hair, caressing me softly like a child, holding me tightly in place.

“Shhh Kamri, its going to be alright.” Yuldasha spoke with twisted care and compassion.

I felt my lungs begin to burn, screaming for oxygen. Only her spicy scent filling my lungs. I tried pulling back for a gasp of cool air. My request was meet with refusal. As her strong arm only pulled my face deeper into her deep cleavage.

” Aww poor Kamri, what’s the matter?” Yuldasha frowned.

I could feel her toying with me, at her perverted will and mercy.

She finally pulled her body off of my face. Giving me a breath of fresh air. I looked away, shutting my eyes tightly. The demoness grasped my jaw and pulled my head upright, lined up with her face. I felt her soft plump wet lips press against my own, sending shivers down my neck. I could feel my body betraying me. Her passionate lips kissing me softly. I felt my own lips pucker and slowly return the favor. My body was on fire, the twisted energy sparking across my flesh, knees weakening. I pulled back gaining control of myself again. I felt her grab a handful of hair and pull my head back. Forcing her lips onto mine again. My eyes shot open and then froze as they locked with hers. I couldn’t look away. Her serpentine irises pulsating, the glow was hypnotizing.

Fire filled my mind, swirling dark fire. My body caving in. My loins tingled as I felt my inner walls becoming wet.

“…No…” Is all I could mumble out.

I looked down to see Yuldasha’s cock materializing, coming into view. Her thick cock head brushing my petals lightly. I gasped in a mix of terror and excitement. My mind screaming No, but the animal inside screaming Yes, wanting her. Wanting Yuldasha. I felt tears building as my inner being broke. My innocence and purity being choked out by her corrupt aura. How could I let this happen? I hated her, I hated everything she was. I felt her cock head press up against me again, the massive equine shaped phallus pulsing with rage. I could feel the hot stream of tears now running down my cheeks, dripping down to my bare feet. Yuldasha only smiled. Her sinister expression savoring the situation. She held my neck tightly, running her soft tongue across my face lapping up my crystal tears before kissing me again and again.

” Karmi,… captured on your own soil, brought here and tormented for days. Your pathetic village burning as we speak, your family and friends most likely lay in ruin… and here you are, naked before the bane of your very existence… helpless…truly tragic.” The demoness spoke into my ear softly.

I could feel her thick cock head slowly pushing into me, forcing its entry into my nether lips. My lips now dripping wet, stretching, taking her in.

” Have you ever wondered why none of your people have rescued you Kamri? Or even attempted to? Hmm?… because you’re worthless Kamri. You’re not worth anyones time or resources.”

” No! That’s not true! ” I coughed up between my tears. ” They will come! They will come looking for me and your reign will end. “

” You’re so cute my little cunt, I’ll be looking forward to their visit… Assuming they learn how to resurrect themselves or pry their own severed heads out from under my hooves. In the mean time, your tight little body is all mine Kamri.” Yuldasha smiled, thrusting herself deep into me.

She buried her heavy member inside, my body struggling to take her in. The massive cock plunged forth stretching my inner walls. Her member was warm and full, she slowly used me as her toy, pulling herself in and out, every time I tried to look away she would throttle my neck tightly, choking me. I looked up into her eyes, silently pleading. Her heavy breasts heaving in rhythm, as she fucked me. Her member was too much to handle. She reached down and lifted me by my thighs, pulling my legs upward, sinking her massive cock into me deeper.

“I’m certainly going to enjoy you Kamri. Don’t worry, in due time, you too will learn to enjoy this.”

Her powerful hips thrusted into me, harder and harder. Her member throbbing as my walls continued stretching. She pounded into me, rocking my back into the stone pillar, my hands and chains rattling above, sweat dripping down my chest. I could feel the heat building, the intensity rising. Yuldasha’s eyes flickered again as she squeezed my legs. I felt her unload her dark seed inside me. Her powerful cock convulsing heavily, pumping me full of hot cum. Salvo after salvo blasting up inside me. I felt my womb overflowing. Heat and pure hatred rushed across my body. My consciousness fading, I let out a scream as everything went black, a flash of visions erupting inside my head.

My village was burning, an endless stretch of chaos and flames. My friends and family just out of reach, my child hood friend Elu was the closest… If I could only reach out to him! I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out. I couldn’t move or run after him. My legs where trapped under something… entangled in burning dark vines. I screamed out again, but nothing. My fingers tore at the ash and dirt, trying to drag myself forth. My family was turning their backs on me. Fire now raining down from the skies. Elu turned one last time and made eye contact with me. His long brown hair flowing in the firestorm. I’ll never forget his beautiful green eyes, his handsome smile… He only stood and watched me… before shaking his head and walking away. The flames covering up his footprints before engulfing the jungle.

Her voice echoing in my head. Over and over. 

because you’re worthless Kamri… 

because you’re worthless Kamri… 

because you’re worthless Kamri… 

Yuldasha returned from the lookout porch back to her one of many master chambers. Cum still dripping from her semi flaccid cock, stringing across the stone floor. She entered through the large twisting door, lined with draconic skulls of all species. The dimly lit chamber danced with candles and smoke. A juxtaposition of steel chains swinging from the celling casting shadows across beautiful ornate tapestries blanketing the cold walls. Yuldasha reached the far side of the great room. Before her stood an alter covered in runes, ceremonial daggers and vials of blood ranging a wide verity of races and species. Centered a top the marble alter was a great mirror, framed with black vines, thorns and blood-red gems.

 Behind the alter and great mirror stood a wall of glass looking out high above the spire. The view stretching across all of Kazdruk, the former human Goldulin Empire now nothing but a land covered in ash and smoke. Yuldasha stood before the mirror and flashed her deep green serpent eyes. The mirror’s surface sparked with emerald energy, crackling and hissing. The hard surface liquifying, rippling outward like a puddle of diabolical water. The reflection vanished being replaced with an empty black void. The void was soon replaced with an image. The dark Thorlgruz cathedral filled the plane of the twisted mirror. The desecrated room sharply came into focus. Aeltha’s face came into view. Her dark red body lounging in a stone throne, her blood red eyes glowing in the dark light. An elvish slave was in the process of servicing Aeltha’s thick cock. Her blonde head bobbing up and down, lips slurping away loudly on her master’s member.

” Master Yuldasha.” Aeltha spoke. “You grace us with your divine presence.” Bowing her head forward, dim light catching the intricate tattoos running down the left side of her red face.

“How can I be of service?” Aeltha smiled, as she nonchalantly palmed the elf’s head and pushed her slave all the way down on her cock, smothering out her loud slurping. Leaving only a soft muffled gagging.

” Aeltha, your work is impressive. Your knowledge and skill in our dark arts serves you well.” Yuldasha spoke.

” Thank you Master.” Aeltha responded still holding her slave’s head down. Her attention solely fixed on Yuldasha.

“The two corrupted elf twins you sent me as a gift, have indeed succeed in softening up one of my pet’s inner peace. It appears their corruption is capable of spreading in small amounts. A pleasant side effect of their essence feeding.” Yuldasha smiled.

“This is note worthy indeed, Master.” Aeltha nodded. Her slave now fighting to come up for air. Aeltha calmly kept her slave’s head down on her cock. Purring in gratification.

“I have read your reports, your champion Lillium serves well. Her abilities in the field are exceptional. I would like to meet this…Lillium when the time allows it. A solider of such devotion is certainly worth a look. Yuldasha smiled.”

Aeltha shivered slightly as her cock began pumping.

“Of course master, I will see to it.” Aeltha nodded, biting her lip in pleasure , as cum began pouring out of her slave’s nose.

” Continue with your works Aeltha, You will be rewarded for your everlasting commemorable service.” Yuldasha spoke.

“Thank you Master.” Aeltha smiled before bowing her head.

Yuldasha’s mirror extinguished itself. As she turned to walk towards the outdoor balcony. The bright moon pouring in across the detailed engraved floor. She stood, watching the shackled Elf. Smiling as Kamri’s naked body twisted and turned in agony. The southland Elf lost in nightmares of aguish and torment.

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