Spire of Torment. Chapter 9: The Evolution of Depravity.

By: Lucien

Molten waves crashed across the onyx stone shore, the violent rip tide pulling bones and dried out remains into its embrace. The blood red, racing sky spun wildly over the lava ocean. I felt my legs sinking into the the hot sand, surrounded by deep piles of skulls and melting flesh. The air was filled with choking ash, soot smeared across my blistering skin as I stood, sinking slowly. Black crows cried out over head, circling my decaying body. I could see him again. Elu. in the distance on a wood boat, impossibly floating through the ocean’s flames. He was waving goodbye, I screamed out to him, not to leave. but only ash spilled from my mouth, crumbling out before me. My tears turning to glass as they fell from my face. I could feel the hatred growing deep inside, twisting at my core. Catalyst of spite and vengeance boiling deep.

I awoke violently. My heart racing and blood pulsing. Waking from one nightmare into another. I’m losing my sense of reality, I no longer know what day it is, or what time. My mind is lapsing, sometimes I can’t remember my own name. Here I am again, My vision trying to adjust to the dreary but familiar chamber. I stood shackled, with my arms stretched above my head still, only my location changed. A great glass pane view stood before me, an endless sprawl of sand and crimson dunes. High above the spire still. It was dusk, or so it appeared. I could see the sun starting to set, disappearing over the dead horizon. The dirty golden fire ball sinking through a wall of torn clouds. My eyes felt much more sensitive towards the light today, I tried my best to look away. Every breath I took was countered with slight pain. My chest was sore, my breast’s felt swollen and heavy. They seemed slightly larger then the night before. They heaved heavily with each exhale I took.

“A beautiful sight, No?”

Yuldasha’s voice echoed out.

Her voice sent chills down my spine. My mind twisting, a subtle predatory hunger filled my being at the sound of her.

“An entire human empire now nothing but a sea of desolation.

Absolute power, Kamri… Look at that setting sun. Symbolic of life being snuffed out, clearing the way for the creatures of the night… always been my favorite time of day. “

The thought did not bring sorrow or hatred. My morel’s felt conflicted. The thought of an empire being leveled strangely excited me. The sense of power and conquer allured me deep inside. It was the first positive emotion I’d felt in days.

I felt Yuldasha’s presences behind me. My hairs stood on end as I heard her cloven hooves clicking softly, coming closer. She ran her fingers down my naked back, her nails brushing softly down my skin.

“How are we feeling today, Kamri?” Yuldasha asked. Running her fingers up my back to my neck.

I didn’t respond.

I felt a warm sensation across my back as dark magic surged trough my spine. Yuldasha’s hand became hot as fire. but the burning sensation felt pleasant.

I felt the energy run to my core. I gasped as a powerful wave of pleasure surged through me. I felt my breast’s becoming heavier, engorged with dark magic, slowly expanding. I let out a small wimpier as my heavy tits gained considerable weight. I felt my pussy dripping. My body burning with primal desires.

 “Your body betrays you, my precious little bitch.” Yuldasha whispered into my ear. Squeezing my ass tightly.

Her magic was overpowering me, I wanted her. I hungered for her. I tried fighting the urge. My thighs pushed together in pleasure as my cunt ached for her. Her presence was driving me mad with lust. The dark animal inside longed for her.

“My, my Kamri. Your aura of lust is astounding. I’m slightly disappointed in how quickly you broke. Your will power dried up significantly. Although not to surprising. Once one is exposed to my seed, You’ll fall apart rather quickly. I was just hoping you’d be a little stronger and last at least a day longer. Perhaps I was to aggressive and filled you up, one to many times.”

Her voice was mesmerizing, I couldn’t control my lust, I needed her. I couldn’t fight with myself any longer. I wanted her. I could feel darkness coursing through my veins.

I looked back, over my shoulder, biting my lips. Yuldasha sat down on her throne, she pulled me back with her, resting me her lap. She spread my legs across her powerful thighs. I looked down, her thick cock was growing between my legs, brushing across my wet lips. The hulking cock throbbed slightly, up and down. I shuttered at the thought of it inside me again. A soft moan escaped from my lips, her long tail began stroking my clit, sliding up and down. Yuldasha lifted me sightly and brought me down on the head of her monstrous equine like cock. Her wide member pushing my lips apart, forcing its way in. My lips stretched more, struggling to take her cock inside. I slide down her shaft slowly, the thick fat head pushing up side, stretching my tight walls.

“Mmm,tight as ever, my little pet.” Yuldasha spoke before running her wet tongue across my neck.

I could feel Yuldasha pushing herself up into me farther. The feeling was intoxicating. My eyes grew heavy as she stretched me wide. She reached up and fondled my heavy breasts, pushing them up, momentarily relieving the heavy weight. She begin thrusting into me, softly pumping in and out of my tight pussy.

The immense pleasure increased. Her whole cock was almost completely buried inside me. She kept pushing in and out of my dripping twat. My mind failed and crumbled from the pleasure. My purest instincts taking over. My darkest desires and carnivorous passion radiating. I no longer held back, and pushed my ass back into her. Grinding myself wildly on her. My heavy tits bouncing in unison. I was her fuck toy and it felt godlike. I road her massive member, pleasuring myself on her as she thrusted inward. I felt my body shiver as an orgasmic tremor ran through me. I screamed out in lust, Yuldasha didn’t hold back. She continued to fuck me hard. Her cock pummeling my tight pussy.

“This is my gift to you, Kamri.”

Yuldasha sank her cock inside and held it their, as an explosion of warm cum erupted deep inside me. Her warm seed shot upward, flooding my insides again. The torrent overflowing my womb. My eyes rolled back as her twisted seed enveloped me. The chamber spun. My body trembled. My vision suddenly flashed into dark flames, as every painful dark emotion I ever experienced, flooded my mind. Ending with my family and my lost love Elu.

9 Yuldasha Kamri

Yuldasha & Kamri

Yuldasha’s cock pulled out, splashing her thick semen across the floor. My chains detached and I fell to the cold floor. Thick loads of cum poring from my cunt. I laid there panting like a wild animal, vile energy sparking off my soft skin arcing around the puddle of cum. I spun around slowly, facing Yuldasha on all fours. Wiping my head upward to face her. I no longer felt hatred towards her, I no longer feared this spire, I didn’t want to run or escape. I wanted to remain in her presence. I could feel my body changing inside. My demeanor shifting. I ran my tongue across my teeth and felt my sharp canines extending. I only smiled at her. Kneeling in her puddle of cum.

My queen, my matriarch, my master.

“Clean me off, my child. Prove to me, your loyalty. ” Yuldasha ordered smiling.

“Yes Master.”

 I responded happily like a child receiving a new toy.

I crawled slowly towards her on all fours, reaching out to her semi-erect cock. Her thick member drenched in warm cum. I struggled to wrap my lips around her flared head. I greedily stuffed it inside my mouth, stretching my lips around its girth and began suckling softly. Yuldasha purred and laid back in her throne.

“Thats it, drink up Kamri, don’t be shy.” My master spoke.

My eyes flared in hunger.


The following morning.  

  Jelthra made her way up the long spiraling stair case, her boots echoing through the deep stone stairwell. The feeling of nervousness and excitement flowing through her. Two Kazdruk guards stood by the entrance of Yuldasha’s main chamber. The two recognized Jelthra and shifted to their sides. The two nodded before Jelthra letting her pass. She hesitated before entering the chamber, Clearing her throat and adjusting her skin tight, dark violet reptilian skinned dress. She took a deep breath and entered Yuldasha’s lair.

“Ah, Jelthra I’ve been expecting you.” Yuldasha spoke catching Jel off guard.

Yuldasha stood naked, looking out her glass view port. Her long robust legs sparkled in the early morning light. Each thigh muscle catching the choked out sun rays. Her long demon tail slowly waved back and forth, drawing Jel’s eyes to her wide hips and thick round ass. Her natural pussy glistening in the sun’s radiance. The eastern early morning sun rise was being smothered out in the heavy demonic cloud cover. Some golden-red beams managed to squeeze through the dark clouds beaming into Yuldasha’s room. She stood staring off across the Tortured Sea. An endless sandy, desert graveyard of the once beautiful Goldulin Empire. Dunes and ash swirling in the morning wind. She stood pondering her empire’s advance. Yuldasha watched out the glass view intently, stroking a large elongated reptilian creature, lost in thought, her green serpentine eyes set on the horizon.

“It would seem you have important information to share with me Sorceress.” The demoness spoke, eyes still fixed on the deep red sands.

“Yes Master, indeed I do.” Jelthra spoke, walking closer and joining Yuldasha’s side. The human stood rigid, arms crossed behind her back staring across the barren lands. Her head only barley reaching Yuldasha’s shoulder.

“Yesterday the Northern Elf, Cazel revealed to me zee location of her Houses’ Queen.” Jelthra spoke.

“She’s on the Warden Izland of Wayyel.”

“Impressive Jelthra. Your interrogation techniques serve you well.” Yuldasha responded. ” If only your family could see you now.” The demoness smiled.

Jelthra paused for a moment.

“My family cared nothing of me, or my skillz. They’re better off six-feet under. They only served az a hindrance of my true potential.” Jelthra spoke without emotion, staring across the crimson dunes beside her master.

Yuldasha smiled. “Surly your father would be proud.” Twisting her mental knife into Jelthra’s mind.

“My father wazz an abusive drunk. He got what he deserved.” Jelthra spoke remaining cold and emotionless.

“Tell me Jelthra, when he touched you at night, how did it feel? Yuldasha smirked.

Jelthra grimaced slightly, her eyes piercing, silent in anger. Seething deep inside.

” I have no regrets for driving my blade into hiz neck. I hear hiz blood filled gargled cries every night before I fall asleep. The sound is comforting. A pleasant reminder of who I waz and who I am now.” Jelthra spoke calming herself.

“Yes a predator, a truly beautiful creature. The beauty was in your break down Jelthra. Your metamorphosis was triumphant. Your hatred drives you. You lack remorse and empathy. Your resentment gives you strength, makes you more perceptible to our gifts and dark magics. Abhorrence in its purest form.” Yuldasha spoke.

Jelthra ‘s orange eyes sparked with fury, she clutched her fist’s tightly, nodding in approval.

“When I found you six years ago Jelthra, covered in the blood of my greatest soldiers. I knew your hatred was close to peeking. The bloodlust in the air was intoxicating. I’ll never forget your former sky-blue eyes. The last pathetic sliver of innocents. Washed away in the study of our arts and training.” Yuldasha spoke smiling.

” Give me purpose Mazter, let me hunt down zee Queen.” Jelthra spoke with honor.

Yuldasha flashed her fangs before smiling.

“Patiences Jelthra. Like this Pit Relisk I hold, carried here with me from home. It never blindly strikes at its prey. It stalks them first, studies their every move, learns their errors, then strikes. The strike is vicious but elegant, sinking its fangs into its prey. Savoring its prey’s slow death. Magnificent creatures. The creatures of this plane are weak Jelthra. They evolve simply to survive, They’re not destined to conquer. Do not forget that.” Yuldasha spoke taking her gaze off the horizon.

Yuldasha turned, outstretching her arm. The dark Pit Relisk jumped off her arm before running across the dark floor into the shadows. The demoness towered over Jelthra and ran her finger down Jelthra’s forehead, down her nose and stoping on her thick blue lips. Yuldasha took one step closer. Jelthra looked up into Yuldasha’s green eyes, Jel’s heart now racing. Yuldahsa ran her finger across Jel’s face and then down her long scar running down the left side of her cheek. Yuldasha’s finger ran back up her face and into Jel’s long straight black hair. Jelthra closed her eyes as the demon ran her fingers through her strands. The feeling was relaxing as small tingles ran down Jel’s neck. Jel could feel her body relaxing, her rigidness easing. Jel’s shoulders began to slouch as Yuldasha’s fingers brushed across her face again.

Yuldasha grabbed a handful of Jel’s hair and pulled her head back, breaking Jel out of her state of pleasure. The demoness pulled her hair back hard, Jel emitting a soft audible cry of pain. Caught off guard by her master’s maneuver. Emerald sparks of magic began sparking within Yuldasha’s fist, traveling down Jelthra’s neck. Jelthra struggled to remain on her feet , the pain now coursing through her entire body, the dark energy sparking across her flesh.

“Jelthra, you have made a critical failure in the past days.”

Jelthra only responded with screaming as the pain intensified. Thrashing trying to break free of Yuladasha’s grip.

“The Southland Elf who goes by the name Tasha, Tell me Jelthra? What happened to her? Yuldasha asked with a slight touch of anger. Her eyes flashing a brighter green.

Jel screamed falling to her knees, her body convulsing as the waves of terror traveled through her spine. Yuldasha released her hold, dropping Jel to the ground.

Jelthra curled into a fetal position, clutching her body as smoke trailed off around her.

“Br-Brazeek” Jel managed to cough out ” I -I gave her to him. Ask him Mazter, please!”

Yuldasha laughed and launched an arc of twisted magic striking Jelthra again. Jel screamed in agony as her body was lifted high off the ground. Yuldasha suspended the human with her cruel powers as if a mere toy.

“Jelthra, my dear. Brazeek’s failures are now your own. Your actions are directly responsible for her loss.”

Jelthra screamed as the pain increased. Green sparks arcing across her chest.

” Aww but its not fair is it?” Yuldasha asked mocking Jelthra’s thoughts.

The demoness lashed out her powers, launching Jel across the room, towards her throne, Jel landed on the hard floor before sliding across the polished stone tiles to the foot of Yuldasha’s throne.

“Luckily for you Jelthra,Tasha is still in my possession. But that is of no concern for you at the moment.”

Yuldasha spoke while walking towards her throne. Rocking her wide hips. Her exposed heavy tits bouncing with each step, unhindered by armor or clothing.

Jel tried sitting up. Yuldahsa clutched Jel’s head lifting her body, dragging her like a child’s doll and resting her head against the edge of her throne. Her head now resting on the throne’s seat looking upward towards the spire’s high endless ceiling.

Yuldasha stood over Jel, looking down at her moaning in pain. The early morning sun now burning through the large window across Yuldasha’s reddish skin. She turned around before sitting down slowly on Jelthra’s face, The demon’s sizable athletic ass covered Jel’s face, her glistening pussy lips resting on the human’s mouth. Yuldasha wiggled slightly adjusting her weight, making herself comfortable on her new throne. Yuldasha leaned back with a sigh of contentment.

“Jelthra you’re an exceptional warrior but you’re incompetence needs correcting.”

Muffled moans emitted from underneath Yuldasha’s ass. Jel struggled to breath as her Master’s full weight smothered her face.

Yuldasha launched a bolt of magic at Jelthra’s stomach. The painful shock jolted Jel’s body releasing a muffled scream of stabbing pain.

“Service me with your tongue.”

Jel complied and hastily began lapping her Masters lips, moaning softly underneath.

Yuldasha bit her lip in gratification, enjoying the wet tongue’s repeated licking.

” That’s a good girl.”

Yuldsaha purred. Now examining her nails, running her thumb across the sharp points

“Now, let us discus your mission to capture this Northern Queen.”

Jelthra’s licking started to slow as her body weakened from the lack of oxygen.

Yuldasha still admiring her nails launched another bolt towards Jel’s stomach, never taking her eyes off her dark nails. The crackling bolt unleashed another muffled scream from Jel.

” I don’t believe I said you could stop.” Yuldasha spoke.

The licking continued again now across Yuldasha’s clitoris. Jel hungrily lapped away fearing another blot of pain.

“I want this queen alive, do you understand?”

Yuldasha spoke raising a goblet to her mouth taking a sip of dark liquid.

“You will leave tomorrow at dawn.”

Jelthra began thrashing underneath, flailing her arms from the lack of air. Jel reached up smacking Yuldasha’s robust thighs, lightly tapping out. Yuldasha didn’t move she only sipped more from her glass.

“I will let you up when you have earned it.” The demon responded.


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