Spire of Torment. Chapter 11: Dinner for Two.

By: Lucien

 “Becoming acclimated to our Kazdruk ways Kamri? Hmm…?”

Yuldasha smiled, eyeing Kamri head to toe.

“Your armor suits you well.” 

Yuldasha spoke while eating delicately with two small knives. Kamri stood at attention at the end of the black marble table. She watched Yuldasha as she ate what appeared to be a rabbit or small woodland mammal. 

“Yes Master.” 

Kamri answered, bowing her head softly. 

Yuldasha nodded with a mouthful of flesh. She lightly and delicately dabbed her lips with a napkin, removing any blood before responding. 

“Please Kamri, have a seat. I’m sure you’re very hungry. Your transformation requires much sustenance .”  

Yuldasha stretched out her arm inviting Kamri to sit.

The majestic moon illuminated brightly through the great window. The milk white sphere was joined by intense lightning flashing in the far-off distance. Lavender flamed candles flickered softly, casting hard shadows across the dining table.  The room’s dim lighting  provided a deviant yet intimate setting. A cool draft pulsated through the spire, sending chills up Kamri’s spine. Kamri took a seat at the opposite head of the black table; she slowly pulled her seat in.

Kamri’s blank eyes stared down at her empty plate and then quietly up to Yuldasha. 

Yuldasha snapped her fingers. Instantly, a young dirty-blonde haired girl entered the room. A petite young servant, just barely of adult age. Her innocent frightened eyes told an entire story. She wore a simple leather top around her chest and short leather bottoms. Her stomach was distended. She was pregnant.- six to seven months along. The young human walked softly towards the table before bowing and then lowering herself onto both knees. Her pale blue eyes focused on the floor, awaiting her orders. 

“Acolyte Kamri requires a meal. You will serve her now… Don’t make her wait a second longer. ”    

Yuldasha ordered sternly.

“Yes Master, As you wish. ” 

The girl responded softly. She hesitated for a second, not entirely knowing if she was cleared to rise back to her feet or not. Noticing the urgency in her master’s voice, she decided it best to rise to her feet. 

Yuldasha’s eyes flared as a tendril of dark energy launched from her palm. The phallus-like whip wrapped around the human’s neck.    

“I did not say you could rise!”   

Yuldasha spoke coldly.

The young girl froze, too scared to move or resist. The dancing whip tendril slowly tightened itself.

“i-i-i’m sorry m-master, I will f-f-fetch Acolyte K-Kamri a meal of her choice at onc-.”  

Yuldasha shot a jolt of dark magic through the whip. The energy rode up the line before consuming the girl. The human screamed out in pain, falling to her knees convulsing violently. Kamri watched the helpless soon-to-be mother. Kamri’s cold, emotionless eyes stared at the suffering human. She watched as the girl arched her back in agony, her soft fingers digging into the floor, her eyes welling up with tears. She locked eyes with Kamri, the young human mouthing “help me.”

Kamri only returned a soft smile. The suffering and helplessness in the girl’s eyes excited Kamri. The feeling of being able to intervene but choosing not to excited her further. This new sadistic wave of pleasure enveloped Kamri as she watched on.

Kamri frowned as Yuldasha stopped the dark magic and retracted the aether whip. The girl lied there on the dark floor, whimpering in pain.


Yuldasha snapped her fingers. Another servant appeared at the door. This time a young, fair-skinned female elf. The elf did the same motions as the last slave, kneeling before the two.


 “Acolyte Kamri requires a meal; bring forth food.” Yuldasha spoke. 

“Yes Master, as you wish. ” 

The elf responded remaining on her knees. Yuldasha waited for a moment.  

“You may rise.” Yuldasha smiled.  

Moments later the elf returned with a large wooden cart. It held goblets of blood, different wines, and a wide variety of meats and animals; some still alive but all cleanly prepared.  Behind the elf servant, a naked male human followed, leashed to the cart by a chain. His neck was shackled to his wrists with steel cuffs and heavy chains. A mouth gag wrapped around his head and filled his mouth.

Kamri’s eyes light up with excitement at the sight of the naked human.  She looked over the cart and took a goblet of wine and a large de-feathered chicklet. The young bird was still alive, flapping its small wings in fear. Kamri raised one of her eyebrows in amusement before snapping its tiny neck.   

“Leave the male and remove this useless… and rather pregnant, guttersnipe from my sight. I’d suggest not testing my patience or sympathy any further. ” 

Yuldasha commanded. 

“As you wish master.” 

The servant bowed,  left the shackled male and helped the pregnant girl back to her feet.  The two quickly left the room.  

“Much training awaits you Kamri, but first  I need you at your full strength.”  

Yuldasha looked over the bound male while sipping her exquisite, pillaged wine.

“You. Come forth.”

The athletic human slowly stepped forward, stopping at the side of Yuldasha’s chair. He appeared to be in his thirties. The chains rattled against his soft, warm, light skin. The man’s chiseled face was worn and sorrowful. His dark eyes matched his cropped dark brown hair. His clean shaven chest was covered in scars and slashes of various age, signs of many battles and torture.       

“Hmm, a former Goldalin soldier I see. Seems there are still a few of you rats left.” Yuldasha paused for a moment, flashing her eyes before smiling. 

” …Oh, and a commander… Well would you look at that. You’re either one of Goldalin’s greatest cowards or worst commanding officers – seeing as you were not smashed under hoof or killed in combat.” 

Yuldasha laughed softly and Kamri smiled to herself still eating.  

Yuldasha reached over and cupped the man’s package, lifting his balls ever so slightly, feeling and measuring the weight.  

” …but with a package this small and diminutive, its no wonder you were captured. ” 

Yuldasha wrapped her thumb and index finger around the top of his testicules, softly pinching them off from his cock. She gripped his balls with the rest of her hand and tugged downward slowly with a soft amount of pressure.

” I suppose these will do.” 

Yuldasha pulled the man by his package closer to the edge of the table.The man grunted softly into his mouth gag. She reached for an empty glass and slid it to the edge of the table. 

” Now, what to do about this?” 

Yuldasha asked, looking at the man’s small flaccid cock.  

The demoness reached over to a small jar sitting on the table. She reached into the jar and retrieved a smearing of slick balm, anointing her hand. She began stroking the man’s petite soft cock, sliding her hand back and forth while looking up at the man smiling.

“Listen closely, little boy. You’re going to fill this entire glass to the brim. Once you’re finished, you’re going to do it again and again. You will keep filling them until we are satiated. Your days as an honorable soldier are over boy. You’re now merely cum livestock and nothing more. I do not care about your well-being, your stamina, or your comfort. If you release your load prematurely or before I say so, there will be consequences. If you do not fulfill your quota in a timely manner, there will be…much harsher consequences.  Is that understood? ” 

The man nodded up and down in fear.

Yuldasha tugged down on his balls with considerable force this time.

“I’m sorry, what was that? I didn’t hear you.”

The man groaned and responded, muffled by his mouth gag.     

” Good. Then let us begin.” 

Yuldasha started stroking the man’s cock, slowly running her long fingers across his shaft. His short cock began to erect and slowly harden. Yuldasha smiled and kept stroking, feeling his rod harden in her hand.

“Thats a good boy.”     

Yuldasha’s hand enveloped his whole stocky cock. His fully erect member just barely reached across the other side of her palm. The demoness increased her rhythm slightly, her hand sliding back and forth smoothly. The man gasped behind his mouth gag and flexed his cock between pumps. Yuldasha continued to stroke, turning her attention towards Kamri. 

“Enjoying your meal Kamri?” 

Yuldasha asked while still stroking the man’s cock.  

” Yes, I am master. Thank you.” 

Kamri responded, watching the slave being jerked off.

“How are your senses Kamri ? Do you feel any different?” 

Yuldasha slowed her stroking down to shorter but stronger strokes, squeezing her palm over his cock head. With her free left hand, she unclasped her top and removed it, letting her large, heavy tits bounce out freely. She pulled the man closer, so every stroke caused her tits to jiggle and bounce softly. The man moaned softly as his body began tensing.

” Yes master, my reflexes seem more attuned. My senses sharper. My cravings…”      

 Kamri paused and  watched her master’s hand work the slave’s cock. She salivated in anticipation. She could sense the man coming close to orgasm. She could feel his body’s longing and deep desire. He tried to control and hide it, ashamed and embarrassed. He was betraying his land, his people and fallen comrades.

The man groaned, coming closer to climax as his shaft flexed wildly. Precum began dripping from his cock, splattering onto the dark marble table.

“I did not say you could cum yet. You better control yourself, slave. “

The man moaned into his gag, his tight abdominal muscles now flexing, trying to hold back.

Yuldasha increased her pace again. Her hand sliding up his shaft and back down, again and again, her tits bouncing in unison. The man’s breathing increased.

” Aww poor baby? Are you ready to cum and I won’t let you? ” 

Yuldasha frowned mocking the cock-slave. 

The man’s cock began to flex harder as he moaned even louder. 

“All this whining. You better give me a nice thick load.”

The man’s back arched slightly and his thighs tensed up as he reached his climax.

Yuldasha felt his cock’s first pump and she immediately stopped stroking. She simply held his cock with her thumb and index finger, denying him the satisfaction of a pleasant orgasm. She aimed his cock at the glass and let him fire off his load. The man shook and moaned as his cock launched a salvo of cum into the glass.   

Kamri’s eyes light up in hunger. She licked her lips as she watched the thick load pour into the clear glass. The white ropey strands ran down the inside, pooling and filling the glass.   

Yuldasha shook her head in disappointment. 

“Tisk, tisk. I don’t remember saying you could release your load yet.”

 The man fired off his last salvo, filling a quarter of the glass total. Yuldasha lifted the glass, examining the volume. 

” Hmm, looks like it’s going to be a long night for you, my little cock-slave. You’re even more pathetic than I thought. I was being generous; I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt. But you truly have not a single thing going for you, do you? 

No homeland, no honor… and your manhood here… if you can even call it that. Ha! you couldn’t pleasure a winged imp with this.    

You clearly cannot command and you certainly aren’t intelligent. You failed to follow one simple direction!”  


Kamri couldn’t control herself. The sight of the man’s seed drove her over the edge. She dug her nails into the table trying to restrain herself.

Yuldasha suddenly stopped pestering the man and watched Kamri. Yuldasha smiled wide.  She looked back at the man. 

“Again slave.”

Yuldasha gripped the man’s flaccid cock and begin stroking it again. Her hands began to glow a soft green as her twisted magic forced his cock erect., instantly making him harden. Yuldasha slowly stroked her slave’s cock, slowly jerking him off for several minutes.  She watched Kamri agonize in lust and hunger.    

“Oh, you want this badly, don’t you Kamri? “

The man began to shiver again as his cock started to flex.

Yuldasha slid her hand faster, her large tits bouncing and rebounding off her arm.

“Not yet. You will surely regret it if you cum without my permission again.”

The man grunted. His raspy weakening voice got  heavier and heavier before cuming hard into the glass, filling it more. Yuldasha smirked, shaking her head in disappointment.     

Yuldasha watched Kamri for a moment sensing her frenzy of hunger. She finally decided to slide the glass across the smooth marble table towards Kamri, snatching up the glass. Her eyes flared intensely. She did not drink from it;  she waited obediently for her master to give her the okay instead. 

“Enjoy, Kamri.” Yuldasha nodded in approval.   

Kamri poured the glass of warm cum into her mouth. She closed her eyes in pleasure as the sustenance filled her. She felt her body explode in an orgasmic high. She shivered as the seed splashed across her tongue and down her throat. All of her senses were being strongly elevated. She dragged her sharp nails across the table slowly, lost in ecstasy. Her vision focused solely on the slave. She wanted more and she wanted more now. She slowly rose to her feet, both hands resting on the table. Her head arched down, her darkening hair falling across her face. She peered up at the human glaring in an animalistic nature. 

Yuldasha raised her palm up towards Kamri, signaling her to hold her position. The demoness stood up from her chair while looking at her cock-slave. She reached down and unhinged his mouth gag, dropping it to the floor.

 She bent over slightly bringing herself to his height and level. She pressed her heavy tits across his bare chest, twirling her finger around his chain leash.

“Well, little boy, I was looking forward to punishing you myself. But it looks as if Kamri has other plans for you. I’m afraid her punishment will be far greater…and much longer.” Yuldasha bent over further and softly kissed the weak man on the lips before shoving him backward violently. She turned and started to leave the room.

“He’s all yours Kamri.”   

 Kamri launched herself across the table in a predatory manner. She landed smoothly on the floor before rising up fully, moving quickly towards the man.

The slave looked on in fear and confusion, bracing himself for impact or possible death. Kamri leapt high, pouncing onto the man. Her nails dug into his collar bones as she rose her legs around his hips. The man fell backward towards the wall. The grey surface caught his fall as his back slammed into it hard. Kamri slid her claws downward leaving superficial slashes down his chest. The man screamed and tried regaining his balance, shifting his weight forward. With both hands, Kamri shoved him backward again into the wall with immense strength, the force cracking the stone wall.      

Kamri quickly dropped down, lowering herself  into a squatting position. She drove her face into the man’s neither regions. She growled hungrily stuffing his cock into her soft, salivating mouth, her thick lips smothering his entire cock with ease. She pushed her head forward, taking his cock into her throat. Kamri moaned in pleasure yearning for the taste of his cum. She came back off his cock, drool spilling down her chest and to the floor. 

“Give me your cum!”

Kamri yelled in crazed growl, before hastily going back down on the man’s cock. She sucked him off, slurping back and forth. The man moaned as Kamri violently drew on his manhood. She came back up again, more saliva spilling out as the man attempted  to lean forward again. Kamri slid one arm up to his chest and pushed the man back hard into the wall, holding him in place as she continued sucking away. Long strands of spit fell to the floor as she slobbered across his shaft bobbing her head back and forth. The man grunted as he began to cum again. Kamri pushed her head down on his cock hard. resting her lips at the base, suckling his warm seed. She gentility dug her nails into the man’s stomach as he shook in orgasm. His cock flexed repeatedly, blowing his load deep into her throat. Kamri bobbed back and forth again, pumping every last drop out of his cock with her lips. Her eyes flared in nefarious passion driving her into twisted jubilation. 

She pulled off his cock gasping for air as thick ropes of cum hung from her mouth. She reached up and slurped up the strands, not missing a drop. She looked up at the tired man’s eyes smiling an evil smile. 


She grabbed the man and tossed him to the floor on his back. She rolled over him, straddling him backwards. The weak man tried to rise, lifting his upper body. Kamri rested her shins across his chest and pushed him back down with ease, pinning him to the floor. Kamri shoved his softening cock back into her mouth and began slurping on it lovingly, starting a new round of forced oral torture.      



The moon vanished behind the oncoming tempest.  The lightning in the distance came closer to the spire.  Thunder was crackling and crashing, erupting in the nocturnal heavens above. A light rain began falling, splattering across the Spire’s surface. Rain flooded the viewport surface, the sky’s tears coming down in long slick sheets. Yuldasha’s hooves clicked in the vast chamber as she made her way into another large room. Soft purple flames bounced softly as if dancing in the night breeze.        

 A giant scaled Worm lay dormant, completely stretched out on a massive marble table extending the whole far side of the chamber wall. Yuldasha gazed at the beast for a moment, the lighting outside casting shocks of white light across its rough textured skin. 

“Guards! Bring me forth Ulla – the human responsible for damaging our prison cell level.”

A guard soon returned with Ulla. The strong woman struggled in the demon guard’s grip. Determination and defiance glared from her brown eyes.   

“Ah, if it isn’t Ulla Stormgate,  Goldalin Royal Garrison, if I’m not mistaken.

Please come closer; let me gaze upon the face of opposition and enmity.” 

The guard pulled her closer. Ulla struggled and resisted trying to break free. She finally yielded and came closer to Yuldasha. 

“You rats seem to be sprouting up all over. Your family wasn’t as stubborn in their deaths. In fact, your brother was a good boy, he even kneeled before me, begging before I crushed his windpipe. But you seem to be a bit more…tenacious and indomitable. I do wonder…how did you survive the Worm? Tell me Ulla, was it raw skill or simply dumb luck ?…I’d place coin on the later. “

Ulla grimaced in anger before spitting a wad of saliva at Yuldasha, catching her on the side of her face.

Yuldasha’s eyes flared in anger, her dark pupil slanting tightly. She quickly calmed herself and gently wiped her face off. She fumbled her bottom lip with her sharp fangs, eyeing the human. 

“Before I decimate you, I want you to witness greatness. “

Yuldasha opened her arms, raising them towards the high ceiling. A giant orb of dark arcane energy formed, hissing and popping. Ulla felt the hair on her back rising as a static energy field began radiating in all directions. A massive stream of magic launched out striking the Worm. The colossal beast rose into the air, letting out a long sickening screech and started disintegrating. The creature’s flesh flaked away like burning parchment. Petrified chunks, cinders, and ash fell to the dark stone floor. 

Various bones and digested humanoid skulls fell to the floor, rolling over to Yuldasha’s hooves. The great Worm was completely burned away. All remaining pieces of the beast vanished. After the smoke and magic wafted away, only a dark, silk like cocoon floated in the air. The large black chrysalis softly descended down to the table. Ulla looked on in terror.

Yuldasha approached the cocoon and touched the casing. The cocoon melted away in a stream of dark viscous liquid. The oily, umber colored fluid spilled onto the floor in a thick puddle, leaving behind a humanoid figure. 

A thin layer of embryonic film stretched across the figure’s body, the slimy film slushing off the form like a snake shedding it’s skin.  

The person rolled to its side coughing up fluid, gasping for air and shivering uncontrollably. The person mumbled gibberish softly, its deep purple eyes rolling in and out of focus.

“Welcome back to the land of the living, Tasha .”   

Tasha rolled to her side in pain.

 “Your body has been sustained in a venom-induced coma. 

These Worms are interesting creatures. 

Aeltha and myself have learned over the years that If no nutrition is required at the time of  feeding, they will store its prey within an internal cocoon. The cocoon’s fluid will maintain its prey’s life for a short span of time – roughly a week or so, before it will begin to break you down and digest you. Luckily for you, I got a hold of this one before that process took place.”    

Tasha only looked around the room dazed and confused, drifting in and out of consciousness.

“Don’t worry, you will come around. And when you do, we will discuss your naughty behavior.” Yuldasha flashed a fang before calling over a guard.

“Get her cleaned up and take her to my personal holding cell.”

“Yes master.”  The guardsmen replied. He lifted the weak elf over his shoulder and walked off.

Yuldasha approached Ulla, running her hands up to her long brunette hair.

“So you see Ulla, absolute power. I control your destiny now. I control your living and your death. And I’ll control everything in-between. You should show some respect to your God . 

Yuldasha grinned. 

“I’ll die before I worship you! You bloody witch! You miserable,  god forsake- ” Ulla spat out.

Yuldasha lunged her hand outward grasping Ulla’s neck, cutting her chain of insults off. The demoness lifted her off her feet.

“You will only die if I allow you to, my dear.” 

Ulla’s feet kicked wildly. She lifted her hands gripping Yuldasha’s wrist, trying to break her grip. Ulla’s milky face started to turn blue.

Suddenly a guard rushed into the chamber, running forth before bowing down to one knee.

“Master Yuldasha. Please excuse my intrusion. Acolyte Jelthra has returned with a Northern Queen.”


Yuldasha ignored the guard and continued choking Ulla. Her kicking began to falter and weaken. Yuldasha finally snapped out of her berserk state and dropped Ulla to the floor, leaving her coughing and gasping for air.

“Dumb luck strikes again, it would seem. I will deal with you at a later time.”

Yuldasha spun around and approached the guard. 

“What did you say?” 

  The guard remained on one knee. 

“Acolyte Jelthra master; she has returned with the Northern Queen of Wayyel and a young human.”

Yuldasha gripped the demon’s long black hair, pulling his head upward. She reached down and unsheathed the guards own long dagger. Without hesitation she slit the demon’s throat. A violent spray of red mist splashed upward across her face. She released the demon’s hair and the guard fell forward into a pool of his own blood. The surrounding guards looked on in confusion and fear. Yuldasha dropped the dagger  and turned to leave the chamber. 

“This is interesting news indeed… Next time knock. “

She headed out of the room with a splash of fresh blood dripping across her face.

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