Spire of Torment. Chapter: 15. Women, Weapons and War

By: Lucien

Today you are going to smith your own staff, Kamri,” Neicul spoke. “As you have clearly witnessed time and time again, wood will not do.”

Kamri watched Neicul speak within the fighting pit, his dark tattooed arms crossed along his chest.

“Lets go talk to a good friend; it’s time we get you truly battle-ready.”

Kamri bowed in her armor and followed Neicul out the chamber door. They made their way through the deep spire, traveling down endless dark halls. Kamri noticed more buzzing and activity than usual. Many Helots and grunts were moving heavy equipment and weaponry around; some moving crates full of barrels and some with their arms full of rope. One demon soldier was having trouble wrestling a large armored and battle-ready Keeat hound. The beast did not want to cooperate with his master; the muscular Keeat lost its patience, turned around, and shoved its master up against the wall. The beast drove its muzzle into the demon’s arm, tearing through his flesh and bone. The Soldier crawled away from the annoyed Keeat holding his arm in agony, blood pouring across the floor. Two other demons ran over to aid him and gain control of the beast.

Kamri was soon distracted from the incompetence unfolding. A battalion of soldiers came marching down the halls, fully armed, adorning their Kazdruk armor. Kamri’s blood boiled, and every last bit of self-control held herself back from lashing out when she recognized the demon leading the pack. Luzella stood much taller than the demons she led. Adorned in her heavy armor, she carried her large Halberd with one hand. Her powerful, robust legs carried her swiftly. Kamri noticed Luzella eyeing her down as they marched by – she didn’t take her eyes off of Kamri. As she passed, she licked her lips sensually before biting them softly. The group marched on without incident.

The two made it to their destination, Neicul knocking on the chamber door and awaiting an answer while Kamri stood obediently by his side. The door opened, and Kamri was not expecting what she saw before her. A male human slave with light soft skin and beautiful long black hair answered the door. He was exceptionally feminine looking; he could have easily been mistaken for a petite women.

“Master Neicul,” the slave spoke softly, fearful and timid of his presence. He immediately dropped down to his knees, eyes on the floor, ready to serve.

Kamri smiled at the sight of such devotion and male submissiveness. Neicul seemed unsurprised and entered the chamber stepping directly on the slave instead of over him. The slave sprawled out onto his stomach under Neicul’s weight before he moved on deeper into the chamber. Kamri, being not as rude, stepped over him scheming in glee, wondering how she could obtain such a beautiful and alluring slave like that for herself.

Shortly after entering, two female elven slaves approached the visitors. Both were light skinned northern elves with long, white hair. They wore matching outfits, tight thigh-highs leggings and beautifully crafted laced corsets. Both adorned heavy metal collars with long chains running off deep into the chamber.

“Can we take your clothes and equipment, Master Neicul?”, one of the elven slaves asked in a soft submissive voice, extending her arms.

“No, that won’t be necessary,” Neicul spoke, waving them aside.

“Of course – as you wish, Master Neicul.” The slave bowed slowly in response, her heavy tits barely fitting within her top.

“And you, Mistress?” the other slave asked Kamri.

Kamri only looked at her, eyeing the beautiful northern native, head to toe in animalistic hunger. The slave cowered downward submissively, not entirely sure of what she did wrong. Kamri took a step closer to the elvish slave, her sweet aroma enveloping her. Kamri could sense the elf’s heart rate increasing, smelling her fear.

“Ah, Neicul! Good afternoon, please come in. What brings you here today?” a low male voice rang out from a distance.

The voice caught Kamri by surprise, and she quickly stepped back and smiled at the elvish slave. The terrified elf slowly backed away, still frightened, thinking she had done something terribly wrong or offensive.

Kamri could not see the owner of the voice yet. The two still stood inside the long stone entrance section of the chamber. They move on to a larger, open chamber, Kamri following Neicul closely and turning a corner with him. There sitting at his throne at the end of the chamber was Vorgen. Warm horizontal light hit his dark exposed skin. His long twisting horns catching the beams of light, his yellow eyes glowing in the dim chamber.

“Marvelous doormat you have there, Vorgen. You always did have a delicate taste in fine decor,” Neicul responded, smiling his crooked grin.

Vorgen smiled back, flashing his sharp canine teeth.

Kamri noticed many Keeat hounds laying behind the set of thrones, some off to the side and another mounting a petite elf. The elf moaned softly as the massive Keeat thrusted into her.

“How can I be of service, my friend?” Vorgen asked.

Vorgen suddenly noticed Kamri a few steps behind Neicul. He peered his head slightly to the side, as if to get a better look past Neicul.

“Neicul, how rude of you! Please introduce me to this enticing soldier of yours.”

Kamri rolled her eyes and stepped forward before kneeling down to bow before Vorgen.

Neicul smirked. “This is Acolyte Kamri. One of our finer soldiers I’ve had the pleasure of training.”

Kamri rose back to her feet, standing proud, flattered by Neicul’s favorable remark. It was the first positive comment she received in a long time.

“Neicul please, if you would be so kind, let me inspect her in further detail. Don’t be modest Neicul; let me appreciate your fine craftsmanship. Soldiers trained under you have a reputation of being some of the finest. Combative… as well as physically. In fact, some of my captains that will be soon leading regiments across DelMarkaan were trained under you.”

Neicul smiled before turning to Kamri. “Remove your bottoms,” he ordered.

Kamri glanced slightly towards Neicul in slight puzzlement, wondering if she heard him correctly. He returned a quick nod. She did what she was ordered and dropped her Kazdruk thong bottom to the floor. Vorgen’s eyes grew in amusement as did his thick cock, which was now slowly hardening. Neicul silently gestured her to spin around with his hand. Kamri spun around slowly, showing off every angle of her body.

“Kamri, get back on your knees. Show Vorgen the respect he deserves… you will service him as long as you are in his presence.”

Kamri shot a sharp glare towards Neicul. Her expression was a mix of disbelief and anger.

“Master, you can’t be serio-“

Neicul looked back, raising his eyebrow at her sudden insubordination.

“Yes of course, Master,” Kamri spoke, quickly rectifying her question of orders. Kamri kneeled down between Vorgen’s legs, staring up towards him in slight defiance.

“All fours Kamri. Be a good girl,” Neicul spoke.

Kamri grimaced in annoyance but did what she was told, dropping down to all fours.

“Very impressive Neicul, I must say… ah, how rude of me! Please, have a seat. Join me in a drink or five, let us discuss whatever it is you came to discuss.” Vorgen motioned him to sit in an empty throne next to him; Neicul agreed and motioned over to it.

Vorgen snapped his fingers. One of the elvish slaves from earlier came rushing softly, barefooted to Vorgen’s side.

“Bring us drinks,” Vorgen ordered.

The slave returned shortly with mugs of ale.

“I know how much you enjoy AzurLyyn elvish ale Neicul; it’s a shame that soon there will be none left. It’s becoming a hard-to-find delicacy, my friend. Perhaps we should make a personal raid on their distilleries ourselves and enslave the workers!” Vorgen laughed out.

“That’s not a bad idea, Vorgen. Not a bad idea at all,” Neicul chuckled as the two clanked mugs before drinking. Vorgen reached down, gripping Kamri’s head and guiding it towards his now erect cock. She began to lick the underside of his ribbed shaft.  An elvish slave crawled out from behind the thrones. Her long dark red hair bounced as she crawled up to Kamri. She placed her head between Neicul’s legs and reached up, unclasping his belt with her mouth. She pulled down on his pant’s clasps, releasing his hardening cock.

“Let Lyra service your loins, Neicul. One of my greatest and prized slaves,” Vorgen smiled.

“The reason I have come is that I have a question. You are well versed in smithing. These twin daggers I carry are the best pair I’ve ever had, thanks to your knowledge of metals. Kamri here will be seeing true conflict soon. She has become quite efficient in bo-staff combat. She needs something stronger than any wood but still retain the same level of weight.”

“Ah, well I – mmm!” Vorgen started to respond but cut himself off with a sigh of pleasure as Kamri sucked on his cock head.

“Y-Your daggers are made of Demkk, correct? ” Vorgen asked.

“Yes they are. Stronger than steel – even elvish steel – but with the price of added weight. Not bad in dagger form, but a staff would weigh more than Kamri!”

Neicul shivered and leaned back in the throne as the elvish slave worked her soft lips over his cock.

“Hmm, a perplexing problem. Demkk is stronger but Tezger is lighter. She’ll have to use our arts to bind the two materials. That’s well beyond my skills. Aletha perhaps; I’d suggest seeking her out.”

Vorgen held Kamri’s head across his large ribbed cock; she struggled to fit her mouth around its girth.

“Mmm, thats a good girl,” Vorgen purred.

15 orgen NeiculVorgen & Neicul


Kamri kept sucking on his thick member, doing her best to please him. She ran her tongue across his glans and the underside of his head.

Neicul relaxed, lost in pleasure as Vorgen’s slave Lyra lapped her tongue across his balls. He watched as the red-headed elf bobbed her round ass from side to side. Neicul’s mind wandered as the elf worked his cock, now sucking on his cock head. He considered how good it would feel to sink his cock into her tight ass. He held himself back, not wanting to disrespect Vorgen or his property. The elf pulled half of his cock into her throat, softly gaging before sliding back off.

“Hnng, then Ale-tha we…will find,” Neicul managed to say as his cock began to erupt, launching a warm load across Lyra’s face. The next blast fired over her head across her round ass.

Kamri continued sucking on Vorgen’s thick member, slowly bobbing back and forth. Bubbles of spit and saliva rolled down his cock. Kamri looked up at him with his cock pushed between her lips, her tiny mouth stretched wide trying to accommodate his girth. Vorgen purred in bliss as he felt his cock reading to release. Kamri bobbed faster and felt his cock starting to unload. Thick spurts of warm cum started to fill her mouth; she pulled off as Vorgen’s cock launched a massive load, spurting across her shoulders and back. Kamri looked up at Vorgen, knowing deep down thats what all Kazdruk like to see – a submissive cock sucker. Kamri was rewarded with a load across her face.The thick cum slowly ran down her face over her lips. She gradually licked his warm seed from her bottom lip, pulling it into her mouth across her tongue.The demon’s semen was rejuvenating. Kamri shivered slightly as she felt her animalistic tendencies surfacing. It was the same feeling she felt the night Yuldasha gave her the glass of slave cum. She remained kneeling, eyes focused on Vorgen. Her hatred and anger at the degrading and unfair situation quickly turned to blind lust. She wanted more of Vorgen’s cum and hated herself because of it. She stood still and fought hard trying to suppress her hunger. She didn’t think Vorgen would mind if she jumped on his cock again, but she wasn’t about to find out.

Do as your told, know your place, play your part and I’ll be on my way, just focus.

She tried to take her mind off it, wondering what she would have to do for Aeltha. What would she would ask of her? What would she do to her?


Our ships ran quickly with the wind. One hundred and two fleet carriers across the SajaRuun Ocean. Led by House Wayyel with support teams from Pearlwinn and the unexpected help from the Zelkathon Blue Lotus Tribe. Wayyel and Pearlwinn were bound for the North-Western coast of the Kazdruk occupation zone while Blue Lotus would rendezvous with a small regiment of our ships North-East of Dammtha island. The plan was to hit the demons from both sides, surprise them from the North-West and South-East. House Winterstone had refused us aid; those cowards would rather sit back and watch from afar.


Battle Plan

We sailed fast towards the former Goldulin Empire, prosperity of man – now only a desolate crimson wasteland. I’d only heard horror story after horror story of the cursed location our ships were headed. King Tepel finally sanctioned the assault after the capture of his beloved wife Aria, our Northern Queen. The Kazdruk would surely pay.

I sailed on one of the leading assault carriers, the Marri’s Eye. Her majestic white sails and mass pulled herself across the dark ocean. A horizontal white line of ships raced towards the red land. The morale of the soldiers were mixed. The younger, less experienced were excited, ready to fight for their Queen and in honor of the fallen human empire. The more experienced seemed terrified. They knew what lay before them. They knew the probability of them returning home was slim to none. Still, they held their swords and shields with a sense of purpose and dignity. The ocean spray misted across our armor and weaponry. I spun my hilt to pass the time, nervously awaiting the shores of hell. I could see out in the distance, a crimson wall peaking from the Ocean mist. Kazdruk mainland slowly exposed herself.

“Ready yourselves! Kazdruk mainland dead-a-head.”

Our commander yelled out over the roar of the crashing sea. We were a wall of ships, side by side, enclosing on the forsaken shore. I pulled my helmet down over my head; my fellow elven men and women did the same. The minutes dragged on like days. The ocean fell quiet as we neared the rocky bloodsand shore. Only the light splashing of the tide brushing the side of our ships echoed out. The shoreline enlarged itself; the haggard bluff began to tower over us. We all stood petrified, some of our legs shaking nervously, clinking our armor. The silence hung in the salty air. I could hear my heart racing.


I looked up to see a group of keg-shaped cages. The volley of skeletal barrels floated in the grey sky high above us before breaking apart. Shards of the boney cages flew off in all directions, releasing black shards of steel. Each twisted shard about half the size of a man. The shards poured down on the ship in front of us. The steel shrapnel ripped through their mass, tearing up the wooden deck. Soldiers were split in half, bisected and decapitated. Only a few soldiers had enough time and thought to raise their shields. One shard pierced straight through a soldier’s shield and chest armor. The deck rang out in a loud crunching chorus of shards smashing through flesh, wood, and steel.

“By the Gods! Catapults on the bluffs! Archers! Take them out!” the Commander yelled over the chaos. It was too late, a second volley was already air-born.

“Get your shields up!”

I raised my shield and grimaced. Moments later the hellish shards tore through our ship. Some spikes decimated my fellow soldiers. The deck ran red with blood mixed with murky sea water.

“Abandon ship! Everyone regroup on the shore!”

The large ship was already sinking. The deck splashed with foamy ocean water and began to capsize to the starboard side. Wounded soldiers slid down the side as a third volley exploded along the deck. Wood splinters and red mist blasted upward. I shielded my face with my gauntlet and slid overboard. The blaring ring of combat and carnage was cut off as I sank underwater. Shards cut through the pale green ocean. The neighboring ship received a similar fate; her deck exploded into a ball of murky flame. I surfaced as balls of fire fell from the sky. I was surrounded by chaos. The waves pulled us into the rocky shore; I managed to lift my shield and wade onto land. Nearly half of our landing party had been lost.

I could see Commander Geem and a group of soldiers hunkered behind a large upturned slab of stone jutting out of the sand. I made a run for their location about thirty yards out. I caught to my right two large demons sliding down the bluff. Their skin looked liked dried blood. Twisted horns jutted out of the side of their heads. They looked like a mix of man and beast, muscle layered on top of more muscle. They approached in a slow hunkering dash, lacking tactics or reason. They barged into our lines, towering over our soldiers, lifting them like small children, crushing armor and bones. One suicidal demon had his left arm severed off. He didn’t budge and continued his onslaught. It took five elven men to finally drop the demon, not before losing at-least seven of our own. The second demon took two volleys of arrows before he dropped, still choking a soldier in his death grip.

We advanced up the bluff. We could see a group of demons operating one of their hellish catapults. In their rush and haste, the timed release mechanism on their munition malfunctioned. The bone caged barrel exploded prematurely, launching shrapnel and twisted shards outward in all directions. The grounded blast killed the operators and heavily wounded a group of surrounding demons.

“Archers!” Commander Geem called out.

“Finish them off! The rest of you round up behind that catapult and dig in. We need to secure this area to allow the rest of our fleet ashore.”

The archers finished off the wounded and we moved in. We could see a line of catapults sprinkled across the the rest of the shore.

“Boy, you know how to operate this thing?” Geem yelled at me.

“No sir, I have no damn clue.”

“Well gods be damned, find out! Our support depends on it, as does the Queen! We need to take out those catapults!”

The catapult didn’t look much different than our own back home, but this hellish beast was built with bone and black twisted wood, or what at least looked like wood. I assumed it worked in the same leverage and release manner.

“Ho Spring! Give me a hand! We need to crank down this winch!”

Spring came running over, his whole left side bruised and missing parts of armor. He lost his helmet at some point. His face covered in blood, either his own or Kazys…probably a mix of both.

“Dammit Ash, whatever you’re going to do, do it fast! We got a group of Kazys coming in!”

The two of us torqued the winch back as quickly as we could. The parts of the catapult were built for much larger hands making it incredibly difficult. The claw-like loading basket lowered down, every few feet passing blood stained marks on the side of its chassis. They must represent some kind of measurement for distance.

“Alright Spring, we need to spin this bitch and angle it towards the others raining down on our landing party.”

“Ho Ash and Spring! Hurry it up! We have some mean-mugs coming in!” A fellow soldier yelled out to us.

I pulled up on a bone lever and prayed it did what I hoped. I was rewarded with a loud click. The lever disengaged the locking mechanism allowing it to rotate on its axis horizontally.

“Push you rabbit shit!”

The two of us pushed the catapult to line it up with the enemy catapults lining Athe shore.

“Alright, we need to load this thing and pray we hit something.”

We carefully loaded one of the caged barrels onto the end.

“How the hell do we time this to release in the sky?” Spring yelled in a slight panic.

“Do I look like a goddamned Kaz? How the hell would I know?”

“I don’t know, you’ve gotten this damn far!”

Enemy demons began engaging our outer parameter. Our archers did their best to ward off the demons.

“Hell! just fire it!” Spring yelled drawing his sword, readying for another brawl.

I reached down towards the back side of the catapult behind a shield of ribs and bone and pulled back another bone lever. A loud snap rang out – something wasn’t right, the bow didn’t launch. Instead a black cord snapped and lashed out just missing my face.

“Damnit to hell! I think the release cord snapped or something… I’ll have to cut it manually to launch it.”

“I swear to Eletha, Ash! Stop dicking around and just fire the cursed thing.”

I climbed up the side and reached up in between twisting and fused bone. A second rope cable ran across the inside. Our outer defense was getting pulverized. A group of Helots marched over the red soil closer to our position. Their long talons glimmered even in the hazy sky; I could see their cold white eyes from atop the catapult. I reached in and cut the cable with my knife. The cable snapped and whipped up into the chassis, disengaging the firing pin. The catapult launched its barrel, flying up high along the bluff. Since we never figured out the timing mechanism, the barrel failed to release in the air. By sheer luck and the blessings of every northern God, the barrel landed next to the second catapult location. The barrel struck the dirt and exploded, launching shards off in all directions and wrecking the catapult, severing its lines and operators. A large cheer rang out from our soldiers. Our men and women managed to kill off the Helots. It was a bloody skirmish that left many of our group killed. Spring managed to behead a Helot that came close to us and the catapult. Its grey twisted face rolling in the red sand, its body still clawing and swinging wildly before finally stiffing up like a freshly killed spider.

What few remaining ships were left safely landed ashore inside the small area we cleared. Out of the hundred and two that had set sail, only thirty made it ashore. We all regrouped with Geem, digging in, readying ourselves for the great journey that now lay in front of us. Fear set in knowing this was only the beginning, some of us wondering if our fellow soldiers and Zelkathorn made it to the rendezvous point.

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