Spire of Torment. Chapter 16: Deals & Debt

By: Lucien

Cazel stood naked in the middle of Yuldasha’s personal chamber. Deep amethyst torch flames danced softly, spilling light across the smooth spire floors. The giant moon hung low in the dark night sky, watching over Yuldasha’s personal chamber. Blindfolded with a strip of leather and restrained with chains running off to the stone walls, Cazel trembled in fear. Yuldasha circled her, whipping her tail back and forth as she pondered in deep thought.

The demoness reached up and removed Cazel’s blindfold. Cazel set her eyes upon Yuldasha, who held a different physical appearance this eve. Her cloven feet were now beautiful human feet, her demonic phallus replaced by her natural pussy with a small cropped strip of black pubic hair. A master of psychological games, her human appearance gave her an advantage of appearing more compassionate and caring; just another ploy deceitfully used to further confuse her victims.

Tasha and Ulla stood in separate caged cells across from each other, both facing Yuldasha and Cazel. They watched on nervously, fearing for her life.

“Ah, little Cazel, what to do with you? You did give us the location of Queen Aria; I suppose that should count towards something,” Yuldasha smirked.

“We almost forgot about you in the deep chambers. And in the company of Keeat hounds – how naughty of Jelthra! Gosh, that must have been a frightening experience…”

Yuldasha continued to circle Cazel, tipping around barefoot across the marble tile.

“The predicament we seem to have is that, well… you’re useless to us, Cazel. You’re too weak. You’re not worth the time or effort of trying to turn you. You’re a waste of space and resources at this point. Do you know what happens to ones I no longer need or find useful?”

Cazel shook her head side to side, her blue eyes starting to fill with tears. Yuldasha moved close to Cazel, gripping her chin and licking up the tears that ran down her cheek.

“Don’t cry, Cazel; its not fitting for a child of AzurLyyn,” Yuldasha smiled to herself while thinking the complete opposite. “Don’t worry, there is still hope, Cazel. You can still live. Maybe even obtain your freedom. All you need to do is prove yourself, Cazel. How does that sound?”

Cazel looked on in hope nodding, her eyes wide like a doe. Yuldasha leaned in very close to Cazel smiling.

“I’m feeling extremely generous today, little one. I believe you can help me, my sweet child of the North.” Yuldasha ran her hands across her soft face, brushing Cazel’s white strands of hair to the side and slowly wiping away more tears.

“I’m going to make a deal with you. You see, I need something. If you can successfully retrieve it for me, I will grant you your freedom. Its not too difficult – even someone such as yourself should be able to get it without much trouble.”

Both Tasha and Ulla leaned closer to their cell’s bars, intrigued and surprised by the words being spoken by Yuldasha.

“I’m looking for a special gem. Its location is only found in one underground location. Why I need the gem is of no concern to you; just find it, return it to me… and you will have your freedom.”

“Don’t do it Cazel! She’s lying!” Ulla suddenly yelled out from her holding cell.

Yuldasha smiled, reached back, not looking. She casted a bolt of green lighting towards Ulla’s cage. The bolt knocked her out cold and collapsed her to the floor.

“I always keep my end of a bargain dear, but you need to keep your end as well.”

Yuldasha snapped her fingers. Jelthra entered the chamber, deviously smiling and carrying all of Cazel’s clothes, weapons, and equipment.

“This map shows the location of the gem as well as an illustration of it. Do we have a deal, Cazel?”

Cazel looked up at Yuldasha and nodded softly, knowing she had no other choice.

“Good. Jelthra, release her and give her equipment back.” Yuldasha looked back at Cazel. “And don’t think of running away and not fulfilling this little quest. I promise you will not get far. I’m always watching, Cazel. Always.”

Jelthra undid Cazel’s chains and cuffs. Cazel nervously and cautiously put her clothes back on. She looked at the map Jelthra handed her. A red X marked the location at the base of Mournfall Peak.

16 gem map

Cazel looked at Yuldasha and Jelthra. Yuldasha smiled.

“Go on, my dear. Jelthra will escort you out of the Spire.”

Jelthra did as was told, taking her by the arm and out of the chamber. Cazel looked up at Ulla and Tasha as a wave of guilt spilled over her. She received passage out of the Spire but her fellow comrades did not.

Yuldasha looked over at Ulla as she slowly got back to her feet. She shook her head side to side in disappointment, walking slowly towards Ulla.

“Ah yes. Ulla, the perpetual thorn in my side. I’m beginning to lose my patience with you.”

Yuldasha opened the cage door, slowly eyeing the human. She lunged her hand around Ulla’s neck, pinning her against the steel bars.

“Such impudence and provocation. Defiant human, I think its time you learn some lessons.”

She lifted Ulla off her feet before tossing her out of the cell. Ulla landed hard and slid across the tile. Yuldasha walked slowly and elegantly towards the fallen human. Her horns extended as her temper and demeanor twisted and shifted. Her eyes began piercing with green energy. Yuldasha reached Ulla and looked down at her.

“You will soon learn your place human; you will become nothing more than pine shavings under my hoof. A mere afterthought, just like your homeland of Goldulin. I will enjoy every second of your diminution and pathetic fall from significance.”

Yuldasha stepped on Ulla’s head, pinning her body and stomach down to the cold floor. Ulla struggled under her foot.

Yuldasha emitted two streams of dark magic. The bolts wrapped around Ulla’s ankles spreading them apart, outstretching her legs and exposing her glistening pussy and ass. The magic leg cuffs adhered themselves to the tile floor, locking her legs in place, denying her the ability to close them. Yuldasha lifted her foot off of Ulla’s head. Ulla tried getting up, but the glowing green bands of energy sparked, further tightening. Ulla screamed out as the bindings restrained her. Her upper body fell back down as she laid helplessly on the cold tile.

Yuldasha walked around her, examining Ulla’s naked body. “The defiant ones are always more enjoyable to break. Look at you, writhing and squirming. Its very becoming of you.”

“I’m Goldulin born! I’ll never succumb to you! You witch!” Ulla spat.

“Is that so, Ulla?”

Yuldasha smiled and shot two more streams of magic towards Ulla’s hands. The streams wrapped around her wrists, pulling each hand down to the floor. The magic now bound her entire body to the tile floor.

Yuldasha conjured up her aether whip. The twisting energy manifested in her palm causing the whip to glow the same emerald green as her devious eyes. The dancing green sparks sparkled around as the whip grew longer. A few stray green cinders landed on Ulla’s back, burning her flesh lightly. Ulla’s body tensed in pain as more cinders spilled off the whip across her athletic back.

“Now, Ulla, you will learn some respect.”

Yuldasha lowered the aether green whip down softly and dragged it slowly across Ulla’s bare back. The whip hissed and sparked as it came in contact with the human’s skin. Searing her flesh, Ulla screamed out in sharp agony.

Yuldasha laughed out and pulled back the whip off Ulla’s skin. The burns instantly vanished, healing up and momently reliving Ulla of pain. Yuldasha rose her arm up and lashed the fiery green whip down hard across Ulla’s back. Emerald sparks exploded across the human’s shoulders as Ulla let out a bloodcurdling scream. Yuldasha placed her foot in front of Ulla’s face.

“Clean my toes, slave.”

Ulla turned her head away in opposition and was met with another painful lash of the whip. Another explosion of green lit up the chamber as Ulla cried out. The pain was unbearable. Ulla slowly stretched her tongue out. Yuldasha grinned and shifted her foot back so her toes where just out of reach of Ulla’s tongue. Ulla screamed out again as the Yuldasha lashed her twice with a sharp X pattern. The cracking whip echoed out across the walls.

“I said clean my toes. I will not ask again.”

Ulla stretched her tongue out as far as she could. The tip of her tongue just barely touched Yuldasha’s ring toe. Yuldasha shifted forward and placed her foot on Ulla’s head again, pushing down and pinning her head once again. She rose her whip and lashed it across Ulla’s bare ass. Keeping her foot across the side of Ulla’s head, she whipped her again and again, each of Ulla’s screams louder then the last. Yuldasha’s loins became wet with each lash and each scream of her slave.

“You will call me Master now,” Yuldasha spoke as she slid her fingers across her own wet labia, sliding her ring and index fingers inside her lips.

“Who am I?”

Ulla said nothing. Yuldasha lashed her whip across Ulla’s ass again.

“I didn’t hear you.”

“M-master,” Ulla whispered out of her weak mouth.

Yuldasha lashed the whip around Ulla’s neck and placed her foot across her back, pulling back hard on the whip. The whip sizzled across Ulla’s neck simultaneously choking and burning her.

“I’m sorry, I still didn’t hear you.” Yuldasha smiled and conjured up a second whip with her free hand, still pulling back with the whip that was surrently choking Ulla.

“Master!” Ulla managed to scream out.

“Ah, finally we’re learning.” Yuldasha whipped Ulla’s ass as she pulled back on her neck, arching her torso upward. The sizzling whip lashed across her firm ass cheeks.

“Again.” Yuldasha began lashing in a steady pattern.

“Master!” Ulla screamed out between lashes.

“Are you a worthless human slave?”

“Yes, Master!”

“What are you?”

“A worthless human slave!”

Yuldasha continued lashing Ulla for several minutes before stopping, her whips vaporizing when she finished. Ulla laid on her stomach, panting in pain as her welts, burns, and slashes slowly healed, the dark magic dissipating and evaporating into the room.

“Perhaps there is hope for you after all.”

The demon walked around to the back of Ulla, viewing her soft pussy. Yuldasha outstretched her hand and it glowed a soft greenish blue. Suddenly Ulla started squirming as her clit glowed a matching color.

“Ulla my dear, I will show you every conceivable variety of pain and pleasure.”

Ulla moaned in pleasure as the most intense sensation she ever felt flowed through her loins. Her pussy dripped as the magic instantly brought her close to orgasm but never came. Yuldasha balanced Ulla’s sensation right on the edge, just about to make her explode but denying her the ability to do so. Ulla squirmed in her green shackles. She tried as hard as she could to reach down and finger herself but the cuffs held her in place.

Ulla cried out from the torturous orgasm denial. Her loins burned, aching for release.

“Pleaseee! Master!”

“Oh no, little slave. You will not receive such pleasure tonight – you still lack respect and discipline. You have a very long way to go before I’ll grant you any such privilege.”

“Noo Please! Oh god, let me !” Ulla tensed up in sexual frustration. Her pussy was soaking wet and running down her inner thighs.

“Aghhhh pleaseee!”

 Yuldasha smiled in an insidious manner.

“Your next lesson will be learning to keep quiet.”

Yuldasha ceased her magics effecting Ulla’s cunt. She stood watching the human pant and catch her breath. Yuldasha grinned and used her dark magic to lift Ulla’s weak body from the floor, flipping Ulla onto her back. She placed her head on the seat of her throne.

The demoness raised her hand and snapped her fingers again. A trio of beautiful female demons entered the chamber, each carrying a slightly different twisted bowed instrument. Abyssal, dark violins. Arcanely forged from the purest form of dark magic.

“Tell me Ulla, do you enjoy music? Lovely Kazdruk lullabies perhaps, hmm?”

Ulla looked up at Yuldasha in dismay, her heroic disposition fading. Weak and drained, Ulla tried to sit up but was meet with Yuldasha’s foot at her throat, pinning her back down.

“I asked you a question, human,” Yuldasha spat, increasing the pressure on Ulla’s neck. A green flash lashed out as she reignited her whip.

“Y-Y-Yes, I do.”

Yuldasha’s whip impacted hard across Ulla’s soft tits. A blast of green sparks showered across the floor like energized beads of glass. Ulla let out a muffled gurgled scream.

“You forget to say Master,” Yuldasha laughed.

Yuldahsa bit her lip and nodded at the trio.

“Adepts, please proceed… why don’t you play something, hmm… something delicate and celestial… yes, something empyrean.”

The demons nodded in unison and all raised their instruments. With perfection and skill they played, releasing a choirs of alluring, twisted sound.

“I enjoy the arts, Ulla. I find them inspiring and stimulating.”

Yuldasha moved closer to Ulla and ran her whip between her tits. The emerald whip sizzled and popped like a fireplace. Ulla cried out over the soft delicate music. The Adepts did not flinch or hesitate; they continued to play their melody. The song was dark and caliginous, its notes sent chills up Ulla’s spine.

“The art of music is by far the most powerful, my dear Ulla. Listen…there is such power and efficacy in each note and measure. Such calculated and conscious strokes… but yet, such tragedy in each drag of the bow. Listen to the chaos and disarray in each timbre, truly remarkable.”

Yuldasha softly cupped her hand over Ulla’s mouth and lightly dragged the whip across Ulla’s left nipple. Ulla’s eyes shot open wide in agony as she cried out into Yuldasha’s palm, her muffled scream was lost against the music.

“The friction and disturbance the bow makes across each string in turn creates tone and pitch.”

Yuldasha extinguished the aether whip, leaned in, and kissed Ulla softly on the lips. Ulla resisted and tried turning away but was too exhausted. Yuldasha pushed her weight further onto the human, forcing her tongue into Ulla’s mouth.

The demoness pushed Ulla back down. She turned around slowly, showing off her round ass and shapely hips, whipping her tail back and forth. Yuldasha sat down, placing her full weight across Ulla’s face and pinning her to the throne. Yuldahsa smirked in pleasure as Ulla squirmed underneath her ass and dripping cunt.

“Ah, that’s much better; now we can truly appreciate this exquisite music.”

The music continued as faint, muffled screams from Ulla went barely heard.

Yuldasha outstretched her hand and casted a powerful spell across Ulla’s pussy again. Ulla kicked and squirmed as the intense sensation returned to her clit. Ulla’s loins began dripping across the floor, pooling at the base of the throne. The denial drove her mad with lust and unfathomable pleasure. Yuldasha sat back in her throne, relishing in Ulla’s suffering. She smiled as her slave struggled under her, entwined and lost in uncontrollable pleasure. Ulla’s body fought to stay conscious with her face now trapped under Yuldasha’s cunt.

Yuldahsa moaned out in indulgence and rested her hands on the arms of her throne. Her eyelids fell heavy with lust as she slowly gyrated on Ulla’s face.

“That’s a good little slave.”

Ulla started to struggle frantically underneath, trying to kick with her restrained legs. She let out a muffled protest, trying to push away with her restrained hands. Yuldasha only grinned over her slave’s further suffering. Yuldasha flexed her legs keeping Ulla pinned down. The wicked music carried on, shrouding Ulla’s mixed cries of pleasure and protest.

Ulla’s body started to falter and weaken, her protest fading.

“Giving up already? You humans are truly pathetic creatures. It’s no surprise the Empire of Goldulin fell so effortlessly.”

16Yuld Ulla

Yuldasha shot more energized twisted magic into Ulla’s pussy. A surge of stirring powerful pleasure washed through Ulla’s body again. Yuldasha lifted herself off the human momentarily. Ulla screamed out, gasping for air mixed in with a powerful gasp of pleasure.

“Lap me up you worthless whore,” Yuldasha ordered before smothering Ulla again.

Ulla struggled again and was meet with more intense magic, moaning into her masters cunt. Ulla’s tongue slowly slid out sliding across Yuldasha’s labia. Yuldasha bit her plump bottom lip in desire, her eyes piercing in green flares .

“Thats a good girl, keep lapping me up.”

Ulla slid her tongue faster and farther across Yuldasha’s cunt and flicking across her clit. The demon left her trapped underneath, feeling her struggle again. She lifted off for a moment and pushed herself back down.

“You don’t deserve your precious air. You must earn it. Keep licking, slave.”

Ulla kept pleasing her master, licking and pushing her tongue deep into Yudasha’s dripping lips. She would be rewarded with small breaths of air, just enough to stay conscious. Yuldasha kept her magic focused on Ulla, still denying her orgasm. The demon queen leaned back in gratification as she came to climax upon Ulla’s face. The Adepts finished their musical score, letting the last note slowly fade. The human still lapped away hoping for a window of air. Yuldasha laid back, catching her breath, grinning in fulfillment. She sat still and left Ulla smothered underneath, squirming against her still active spell. Ulla remained just on the edge of climax. No closer and no weaker; lost in perpetual orgasm torture.

“Adepts, a fine piece. How about another?”

“As you wish, Master,” the adapts responded, bowing in unison.


Yuldahsa flashed her fangs in masochistic bliss before launching another surge of magic into Ulla, restarting her torture with a muffled scream. Her screams lost against the start of a new musical piece.


Neicul and Kamri slowly entered Aeltha’s chamber. The two bowed in Aeltha’s presence.

Aeltha circled around Neicul, eyeing him head to toe. She walked slowly, observing the soldier and ignoring Kamri for the moment. Aeltha’s deep red eyes flickered in amusement. The demon’s crimson lips curled upward, scheming in beguilement.

Aeltha stopped behind Neicul and ran her black taloned hands across the back of his neck.

“Neicul, I must admit it’s rather perplexing yet amusing finding you at my chamber door.”

Aeltha purred as she ran her index talon down the length of Neicul’s neck and across the back of his vest. Neicul shivered slightly.

“You’re a strong and able soldier, so it’s lead to believe.” Aletha circled back to the front of Neicul. Neicul couldn’t help but notice her tight black corset, constricting her perky breasts, his eyes becoming lost in her deep cleavage. Neicul caught her now leering gaze.

“Don’t waste my time and state your business, Neicul. Why are you here? Have you come to simply stare?” Aeltha’s tone shifted unfavorably. She turned her back on Neicul and began walking deeper into her chamber.

Neicul was cut off by Kamri’s voice before he could answer. His face wide eyed in surprise and horror.

“It is I who wishes to speak to you, High Sorceress Aeltha.” Kamri stepped forward, lowering herself to one knee.

Aeltha stopped in her tracks and spun sharply on her heel. Her eyebrows arched in amusement.

“Oh? Well that’s intriguing. What could I do for you, young acolyte?” Aeltha questioned sharply before once again turning her back.

Aeltha returned to her business at hand, annoyed at the interruption and break of focus. Her red eyes scanned across her stone altar filled with Kazdruk spells and tomes. Focusing intently, she went back to work calculating, examining, and reexamining.

Kamri hesitated for a moment before stepping closer to Aeltha’s side.

“I ne-” Kamri was cut off.

“I see your masters have lengthened your leash, Kamri,” Aeltha spoke, anticipating her next move.

Kamri grimaced for a moment and brushed the comment aside.

“I need your help binding a staff, High Sorceress Aeltha.”

Aeltha smiled softly but kept working at her altar for a moment before responding.

“Is that all?”

“Why yes, Aeltha, that is all.”

Aeltha schemed for a moment.

“Fine, I will grant your wish…for a price of course. You have nothing to offer me at the moment… but Neicul on the other hand… Yes, It’ll be a price Neicul will pay.”

Neicul was already on the other side of the chamber looking at a set of small torture devices. Startled at suddenly hearing his name, he quickly placed the device back on the table fumbling and knocking over various oddities, vials and jars. One set of jars rolled over, knocking a stand which then toppled into a set of knives, spilling to the stone floor.

Neicul hid one hand behind his back and bit his other hand’s knuckle. He quickly looked off in the opposite direction as if he had nothing to do with the sudden disturbance.

“Huh? Me? uh… what could you possibly want from me, Aeltha ?” He nervously responded.

Aeltha stopped what she was doing and walked over to Neicul.

“Listen to me carefully, you guttersnipe!” Aeltha spat placing her black sharp talons under his chin.

“You’re damn lucky Yuldasha has you assigned to training Kamri. You traverse dangerous terrain being in my presence, Neicul. I don’t enjoy dealing with lower castes. I will help your little pet here, but you will owe me. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir- err… Ma’am.”

Neicul grinned mischievously at Aeltha’s threat, flashing his canines.

Aeltha twitched at the sly comment, not finding it humorous. She leered at him, her eyes burning like cinders. She swiped her talon away from his face quickly, leaving behind a small slash across Neicul’s face.

“First, you will owe me one favor of my choosing at anytime I see fit.”

Neicul smirked at the thought of indentured servitude to Aeltha.

“Fine, sounds fair enough.”

Aeltha reached out and grabbed Neicul’s vest tightly.

“You’re not getting off that easily Neicul. I have one last aspect to my terms. I have a simple job for you. If you’re half as good as Yuldasha says, it should be easy for you. You want this staff? Then you’re going to find me three fresh subjects. You will bring them to me…alive and intact. Is that too complicated? Are you even capable of such a task?”

Neicul thought for a moment and looked at Kamri then back to Aeltha. He winked at Aeltha and smiled with touch of nefarious charm. He nodded in agreement.

“Of course, Aeltha.”

Aeltha suddenly had a dagger resting across her throat. She released her grip and took a step back.

Neicul smiled. Clutched in his fist was a small ornate Kazdruk dagger.

“An exceptional blade, Aeltha.”

Aeltha looked at it in shock and then reached down to her own empty hidden sheathe along her hip. She grimaced in anger and confusion, wondering how he managed to steal her own dagger.

Neicul handed her dagger back and narrowed his eyes.

“You underestimate me, Aeltha. I will have your subjects, and you have my debt.”

Aletha snatched her dagger back from him and walked away, shaking her head in antipathy.

“Kamri will stay here and give me her requirements. Get me those subjects and don’t keep me waiting. Now leave my presence before I change my mind.”

Neicul bowed in his overly exaggerated manner, further mocking Aletha’s position.

“Thank you for your generous hospitality, High Sorceress Aletha,” Neicul sneered as left the chamber.

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