Spire of Torment. Chapter 18: Sheep Among Wolves

By: Lucien

Cazel dragged her feet across the barren sands of the Kazdruk dominion. She thought long and hard while being escorted to her location by the dragon. Jelthra had only escorted her to the dragon hold of the Spire where she was then handed off to a demon grunt. The Kazdruk demon that piloted the dragon had said nothing during the flight. They landed close to Mournfall peak. He opened her cage, pulled her out, and then took off high into the grey sky. 

Cazel couldn’t miss the peak; it stood erected in the middle of the barren, defaced land. She cautiously looked around the area, seeing only slabs of broken rock jutting out of the ground at extreme angles. Petrified trees were scattered here and there. No ponds, lakes, or rivers were around – only red dusty sand. She kept thinking about what she would do if she encountered any Kazdruk patrols; surely none of them would believe her. She only prayed that Yuldasha had informed her own forces about her little quest and that none would interfere; she doubted the demoness Queen cared enough. She kept pondering the possibilities of running away and fleeing while she had an open chance, but looking around at the desolate land, she had nowhere to go. For now she would play along and attempt to please the wretched demon Yuldasha. Deep in her mind she knew she could never be trusted. She couldn’t shake the last words Yuldasha spoke to her. “And don’t think of running away and not fulfilling this little quest. I promise you will not get far. I’m always watching, Cazel…Always  “

She wondered what made this gem so important.  If it was really of importance, why would she send someone like herself to retrieve it? It didn’t add up in her mind. While looking around the area, she sank into despair knowing this had once been a beautiful, lush land. She wondered how it all became so desolate so quickly. What kind of large scale death magic could be so powerful to wipe out a nation? It was as if the entire land had become twisted and corrupted. There was no sign of Goldulin this far out; no ruins, no trails, not even grass. The whole area was tragic and bitter. She looked over her shoulders every few seconds, the feeling of prying eyes gripping her. “I’m always watching, Cazel. Always…

The air was still. Cazel was perplexed by the weather; nothing felt right to her. The desert terrain was abnormally cold, the air was still and stale. The sky was dark and the sun would be setting soon. She rubbed her arms to rid herself of goose-bumps. She rubbed her gloved hands together trying to warm them. She squinted her eyes at the red horizon. Everything was stained red. The air tasted like iron and copper. 

She looked down at the cracked ground she walked on. The sound of the brittle crunching dirt drove her mad. It seemed so loud in comparison to the rest of her surroundings. The heavy crunching canceled out any possible noise around her. She would have to stop every few yards to listen to make sure nothing of hazard was around her or following her. 

She followed large ridges in the dirt that gradually got bigger and bigger leading up to Mournfall Peak. The terrain became more and more difficult to walk on; the red dust became pebbles which then quickly became fist sized rocks. She soon found herself crawling over boulders and large slabs of red granite. At one point her foot broke through thin crusted dirt. When Cazel lifted her foot out, molten lava ran underneath in steady streams. She gazed upward at the colossal mountain peak and then back down to the base. She looked at the map she was given noting the mark at the base. Loud rumbles rolled trough the sky over head. Cazel looked back to see the clouds overhead getting darker and darker. The winds and red dust started whipping up the side of the peak as a storm started to move in. She was getting closer to the location, walking horizontally across the base of the peak. 

Cazel noticed large holes in the side of the rock – some were almost big enough for her to crawl through. She kept moving looking for one big enough to enter. She climbed a few meters and eventually located one just large enough to fit trough. She reached into her package of supplies and pulled out a slow burning torch and flint kit. The elf scraped the flit carefully lighting her torch. She peaked into the hole in the mountain, her flame illuminating the deep hole. It looked like an old lava vent. The cooled vent was smooth and black, reflecting her torch flame like a warped mirror. Cazel took a deep breath and looked back beyond the Kazdruk expanse one last time before squeezing into the rocky vent leading deep inside Mournfall Peak.    


Luzella paced back and forth under her command tent, swinging her large Halberd slowly. Her impatient gait tore up red sand as her heavy hooves trumped around. She looked across to the horizon line at the orange sun; it would set in roughly three hours. She stopped her pacing and watched the sun for a moment. The great demon looked over towards her demon soldiers under her command.

“You five, ready your troops. It is time. It’s close enough to nightfall; we’re moving out now!”

Four of the five demons rose to their hooves, each one a leader of lesser demons. They began strapping on their light leather armor and gathering their weapons. The fifth contingent leader stood up but did not ready himself or his troops. He looked at Luzella as she marched towards him. The demon was considerably large for a Kazdruk but was still shorter than Luzella.

“Is there a problem?”

“Yuldasha said to wait until after nightfall and then go after the elvish meat,” the demon hissed with contempt.

Without warning Luzella reached down at the shorter demon. Clutching his neck, she lifted the demon off his hooves with one arm. Luzella thrusted him up against a wooden support beam, cracking it slightly. The greasy demon writhed in Luzella’s death grip, trying to stop his neck from being crushed.

“You pitiful creature. Are you questioning my orders? I suspected a spindly Helot to act like this, not a pure Kazdruk such as yourself.”

The demon choked and kicked around, his reddish face now turning grey. Luzella’s arm flexed powerfully as she toyed with the smaller demon.  

“I’ll ask you again – are you questioning orders? I asked you a simple question!”

The demon tried to talk but only wet gurgles emitted from his mouth as he was slowly choked out. 

“Hmm, how typical. No response. If you’re too weak to talk, then surely you’re to weak to fight alongside me – and certainly unworthy to serve Yuldasha.”

The demon’s eyes began to roll into the back of his head and his squirming began to falter.

The other surrounding demons readied themselves, half looking over their shoulders in horror. Luzella smiled as the demon desperately fought for a breath. She smirked as she denied him any such action. The demon fell limp in her grip. Luzella made a fist and the demon’s trachea was crushed like it was a dried out twig. She dropped the demon to the dirt.

“Helots! Drag this carcass away from my sight! Let maggots dine upon this poor excuse of a soldier.”

Luzella spit a wad of saliva across the fallen solider and cracked her neck slowly side to side. 

“Anyone else want to debate on what time of day it is?”

The four demons all shook their heads side to side as their troops started to line up behind them.

“You, over there!” Luzella yelled at a Kazdruk soldier walking by the command tent.

The demon stopped dead in his tracks, turned, and pounded his chest hard in salute.

“Master Luzella! Hail Yuldasha!”  the soldier reported and quickly made his way to Luzella’s location.  

“Congratulations, you’ve just been promoted. You’re now in charge of Talon Two over there.”

The young demon looked over at the hardened, battle ready group then down to the dead soldier at her hooves and then back to Luzella, completely dumbfounded. He stared for a moment before quickly wiping his expression of his face.

“Yes ma’am!” 

“Good. Its time we find those scattered elves and place some fire across their heels. You all know our orders. Don’t kill all of them, let some get away. Lets move!” Luzella spoke, tossing her halberd over her shoulder.


Commander Geem led his remaining haggard and broken contingent of elves across the dangerous Kazdruk terrain, hoping to meet up with clan Blue Lotus. They were just shy of three hundred elven men and women. Geem broke up his remaining soldiers into three separate groups. Geem split himself up into in a even smaller group of ten soldiers, all taking point. They moved slowly through the hostile sands, the ashes of Goldulin crunching under their boots. The group soon reached an area of dead trees. They moved through the thick petrified forest filled with fossilized bark. It looked as if the area had been destroyed by a blast. The skeleton-like trees creaked in the dry wind, the low orange sun casting harsh shadows across the soldiers’ path. Every soldier was on edge. Since the bloody landing, not a single Kazdruk soldier had been encountered. They found it odd; perhaps the demon’s forces were not as large as originally presumed. The thought danced across every elven mind. Where they all waiting for them? Where they walking into a trap? Would they have enough men to take on a fortress? 

A loud snap rang out and every elven soldier raised their weapon ready to fight. Archers had their arrows already pulled back, all pointing at a lone crow that had recently took off from a branch. The men and women lowered their weapons in a sigh of relief.

“Alright, everyone hold.” Geem commanded. 

“We’re going to dig in here for the night.  We can use this tree-line as cover. Tell the other groups to meet up at this location. I want some arches at all four points of this perimeter. Check your supplies and rations,” Geem commanded.

Geem moved up ahead of the other unpacking soldiers, climbing over a small embankment. A female elven soldier ran up after him, moving like the wind.

“Avelyn please, you should remain with the other soldiers. I need some space to clear my head and calm my nerves.” Geem spoke softly but sternly while stroking his blonde chin hair peering across the dead land. 

“What better way to clear one’s mind than with the company of someone who loves you,” Avelyn smiled, her voice smooth as elven velvet.

The beautiful elven soldier hopped over a fallen tree to reach Geem. Her long loose gold hair floated in the harsh wind. Geem looked back at her, lost in her sharp green elven eyes for a moment. She smiled as she sheathed her long elven blade.

Geem smiled as he caught a glimpse of her sleek physique. His brown eyes ran past her curvy hips and long athletic legs. Goddess Eletha had certainly blessed her with looks of awe and faultlessness. Her body reminded him of the perfectly sculpted statues back home – the four daughters of Eletha, located within the gates of Wayyel’s capital. The thought of home now warmed his heart. 

Geem pulled Avelyn into his strong arms, placing his lips across hers.

“Even after so many years of servitude to the Wayyel house, many demanding conflicts, and now demons – I, a commander of Wayyel’s 1st division… I never could say no to you, Avelyn.” Geem smiled.

“I ordered you to stay home. Stay and wait for my return Avelyn. I should have known that you would insist on coming along. Stubborn elven blood, a relationship with a fellow officer is a violation of code after all.”  

“Well you’re a naughty commander. Besides, someone has to watch your back, Kiyler.” Avelyn smirked.

Geem sighed as he tightened his long blonde braided ponytail. 

“This is suicide, Avelyn. Even if we reach Blue Lotus – and thats a big if –  we’ll never have enough manpower to overrun a Kazdruk fortress head on. We lost too many during the initial landing.” 

Avelyn ran her fingers across Geem’s chest armor.

“One step at a time, my love. We reach Blue Lotus first, find out their situation, and go from there.” 

“We don’t even know if Blue Lotus is alive!” Geem spoke, frustrated.  Avelyn grabbed Geem by his leather pauldrons.

“Look at me, Kiyler. We are Wayyel born! Eletha shines down on us right now. We can do this; I’m sure Blue Lotus is holding up fine.”      

Geem nodded. Avelyn kissed him softly on his lips again and ran her hands down off the side of his shoulder pauldrons and groped his biceps. She moaned softly before stepping back.

“Let’s go, Geem. Your troops need you, as does our Queen.”

Avelyn turned and moved back. She started to walk over the embankment to return to the other soldiers. Geem smiled as Avelyn’s tight pants left nothing to the imagination. 



“Your king is wasting so many lives to save you? How come, Aria?” Yuldasha asked, looking across the vast expanse of her new empire. 

Aria knelt in place on the floor looking up at Yuldasha. She looked dazed; black oily fluids ran down off the crown Aletha had placed on her days before. The corruptive poison was now slowly seeping into her hair.  

“The amount of warships launched was quite astonishing. Had they made it they might have succeeded. How does it feel, knowing that hundreds of soldiers died trying to save one piece of flesh?”  

Aria gritted her teeth in anger.

“If you had a loved one kidnaped, you would do the same!” Aria yelled out.

Yuldasha laughed loudly, whipping her tail violently. She spun and looked down at Aria.

“No, Aria – don’t place such precious words in my mouth. I would never make such pointless sacrifices for such trivial feelings. But look at you, the words you speak, so selfish. So much royal arrogance is spilling from your pores, I’m practicality drowning in it! Tell me, Aria – if one elven soldier had been captured, would you send in a whole fleet to rescue him? No! It’s because you’re royalty, Aria…inestimable royalty.”

Yuldasha frowned, making a pouting-face and spoke like a whining toddler. “Nooo, Aria gets special treatment!” Yuldasha wiped the mocking face off, reached down, and smacked Aria hard across her face. Aria winced and looked away, tears now streaming down her face.

Yuldasha looked at Aria’s black crown for a moment and smiled while turning away to face Ulla. 

“Stay away from me, you bitch!” Ulla spat, curling up and sliding back away, cornering herself against the base of Yuldasha’s throne.   

Yuldasha looked down, flashing her canines.

“I enjoy your company as well, Ulla. You’re a nice reminder of everything I hate about your rodent-like species. You keep me on track, make sure I don’t become soft and find a glimpse of compassion.”

Ulla’s eyes flooded with hatred.

“I promise I will be there when you fall, Yuldasha! I swear on the shallow graves of my fallen family, I will see ye last breath!”

Yuldasha smiled.

“You will see nothing but my navel as you service me for the rest of your miserable life.”  


Luzella grinned in delight as she ran her hand across fresh footprints in the crimson sand. Three soldiers next to her held an armored Keeat back from running off. The large beast was now fresh on the elven scents.

Luzella looked over at her five contingent leaders and gestured a set of hand signals. Each contingent held roughly thirty bloodthirsty soldiers. Luzella commanded the groups to hold. She moved ahead briskly in the sand. She noticed shards of bark every few steps. Looking ahead she could see a faint line of dead trees. She dove prone and held her position scanning across the sand smiling. She peered into the wood line noting an elvish archer.

“Look at them, they will be merely sheep among wolves.”

She grinned slowly and retreated backward returning to her forces, calling them over.

“They’re in the tree line, I’m sure of it. Talons One and Two – flank to the left side of the wood line.

Talons Three and Four – flank the right. Talon five, you’re with me – we’re running up straight through the middle.  Each Talon should release your Keeats moments before your approach. Flush them out. Remember we don’t want to kill them all, Yuldasha wants them to get through. Understood?”

Each leader pounded their chests and moved back to their contingents. Luzella waited for each Talon to fall into place as each group signaled their ready signs.

They moved forward with the wind on their backs with about an hour of sunlight left. Talons one through four were now roughly a hundred yards out from the tree line. Each talon held a pack of five Keeats. When they got within range they all released their Keeats in unison. The beasts ripped ahead through the sand, disappearing into the tree line.

One Keeat fell as an elvish arrow sunk between its eyes. Chaos and screams soon after erupted in the dead tree line. Luzella flashed her teeth and moved onward with her Halberd raised.   


Geem was jolted out of his groggy nap to yelling and clattering of swords. He dazed off into space for a second as his senses and eyesight came into focus.

“Geem! Kazdruk!” a soldier yelled out, snapping him wide awake. 

Geem jumped to his feet and grabbed his blade. He looked around as his fellow soldiers scrambled. He couldn’t see any enemy soldiers; the sky was darkening as the sun was getting ready to set. He could only hear yelling and wild animal sounds.

He peered into the shadows as he saw a large four legged creature tear apart one of his soldiers. The elf stood no chance as he was torn apart limb from limb. Crimson blood sprayed out across the dry trees. Other soldiers tried to combat it with their swords but the beast was too strong and fast, and with its armored plating it was extremely difficult to hit.  It hunkered around and pounced on a female soldier. The massive hound like demon tore through her chest armor and then lunged into her neck. Geem’s heart stopped. The world around him froze as the unthinkable was unfolding in front of him.

Her scream was quickly cut off as her throat was torn out in one swift motion. 


“Avelyn! Noooooo!” Geem yelled out as he started to run forward. He was quickly pulled back before he could move forward.  

“I’m right here!” Avelyn yelled behind him.

” Lets go! We need to get the hell out of here!” she continued.

“Thank the gods Avelyn, you’re alive! Where the hell are my archers!” Geem yelled. 

The one hound was wreaking havoc across his lines. 

“Goddamn it! Archers, take it out!” 

A volley of arrows spilled across the dirt. A few found their target piercing into the demon’s unprotected hind leg. The beast roared out and began limping. It clawed at a solider who had come to close, smashing through his arm’s vambrace armor and tearing into his soft flesh underneath. The beast pounced onto the soldier as he fell back, impaling his blade into the beast’s chest. The demon hound came down, biting through his helm and viscously mauling his face. The beast bit down again around his head and pinned him down with his fore-paw. The Keeat ripped the elven soldier’s head clean off. It took a minute for the lethal sword wound to catch up with the beast. The Keeat hound staggered for a moment before it lunged at another soldier, biting into his chest plate and knocking the elven man over. The Keeat lumbered over him before finally falling over from its fatal wound with blood spilling from its chest.

“Sweet mother of the North!” Geem yelled out as five more Keeats flooded into the camp. 

“Pull back! Everyone pull back!” Geem commanded. His soldiers started to retreat deeper into the dead brittle woods. The wave of Keeat hounds pounced on soldiers who couldn’t escape fast enough. 

He took Avelyn’s hand and pulled her back with him. A Keeat cut the two of them off from his troops as they fell back. Two elven soldiers ran back to help Geem and Avelyn. The beast circled the four elvs and lunged out at Geem. Geem slashed outward at the hound slashing the beast’s face. The Keeat jumped back, growling loudly and readying himself for another strike. Suddenly a horn rang out, bouncing through the woods and reverberating off the hollowed out tree trunks. The Keeats all pulled back disappearing into the woods. Geem and Avelyn looked around the woods, their adrenaline pumping. The area had fallen silent as the rest of his troops fell back dragging their wounded. 

“Ash, Spring, give me some damn answers! What the hell is going on?”


The two heroes of the initial landing party, responsible for destroying a Kazdruk catapult by operating another, stood at attention. Ash looked off into the darkening woods. 

“Kazdruk, Sir! Their demon hounds ran us down; they came in from all sides without warning!”

Geem squinted past Ash and then suddenly pushed Ash over as a Kazdruk soldier appeared from behind a large tree.

“Look out!” 

The demon’s black scimitar swung high. Geem deflected the blade with his own. Avelyn followed through quickly and slashed the demon’s throat with her long silver blade. Trees were knocked over in a cacophony of branches and dry wood snapping. A wall of demons flooded into the area. A larger female amazonian towered over the rest, holding a dead elven soldier by the neck. She tossed the soldier to the ground like a rag doll. 

Geem and Avelyn moved into the swarm engaging four demons. Ash and Spring split up attempting to fight off the wave of demons. The two slashed at the band taking two to three at a time. Most of Luzella’s Talon ignored the small group and moved on after the fleeing elven contingent.

Ash and Spring managed to slay six demons before the two were confronted by Luzella alone. The tall demoness smiled at the two as they charged toward her. She swung her Halberd downward deflecting both of the elves oncoming sword strikes. Ash flanked around behind Luzella and attempted swinging at her. Luzella deflected his strike with the end of her halberd. The weight and strength behind her block sent Ash stepping backward wildly. She now focused on Spring. Without warning, she rose her Halberd up out of the way and kicked him square in the chestplate like a horse. The hoof-punt left a large dent in his armor, shattering his ribs. The kick sent him flying backward hard into a tree. As Ash recovered from his deflected swing, Lulzella spun herself around and swung her Halberd over head. She came down hard and severed Ash’s right arm clean off. Ash screamed out in agony as he fell to the ground on his back, grasping his shoulder socket. A torrent of red spilled as his severed arm fell to the dirt still gripping his sword.  Luzella walked over to Ash’s fallen handicapped body. He looked up in terror as she rose her powerful leg over his head and came down hard. Ash rolled out of the way. Luzella’s hoof came down hard where Ash’s head had just been a split second ago. 

Spring got back to his feet struggling to breath and limped toward his fallen friend. Luzella spun around, quickly outstretching her Halberd and slashing across Spring’s lower placard plate. The slash sliced through the elvish steel and split his abdomen wide open. Spring fell to his knees, his eyes glazing over as his innards spilled out into his own hands as a crumpled bloody mess. Luzella turned back to Ash as he was now trying to crawl away, still laying on his back. Luzella attempted to crush his head again with her hoof. She came down hard. Ash dodged the powerful strike again.

“Stay still, you worm!” 

Luzella spun her Halberd over and drove the spiked end through his left remaining arm. Ash screamed out in wrenching pain. The spear end pierced through his armor and tore straight through his biceps into the dirt, pinning his arm down.

“Ah, now thats better.”

Luzella smiled in malice and placed her hoof across his chest pushing down slowly. Her exposed thigh muscles flexed as she applied more and more pressure. Ash coughed as his chest was slowly crushed under hoof, blood pouring out of his mouth. Luzella grinned in triumphant indulgence as the elven soldier slowly died under hoof.

She pulled her Halberd out of the flesh and dirt and made her way towards Geem and Avelyn.  As she passed Spring kneeling and holding his intestines, she kicked him over face first into the dirt, leaving him to slowly bleed out into the soft soil. Geem and Avelyn tried to fight off the demons the best they could. Luzella’s entire Talon returned during the small skirmish, surrounding the two elves.

“I want those two alive!” Luzella ordered sternly. The Talon along with a pack of Keeats circled Geem and Avelyn who spun back to back with their swords drawn. Luzella broke through her Talon.

“And what do we have here? If I was not mistaken by your attire and armor’s markings, I’d say you’re a commander,” Luzella spoke out in her deep voice.

Geem only grimaced in anger, lowering his sword and tossing it into the dirt. He realized it was impossible to fight his way out. Two demons came forward and apprehended Geem, placing shackles around his wrists and ankles.  

Avelyn kept her sword gripped tightly, not wanting to accept defeat.

“And who is this defiant one?” Luzella asked while walking closer to her. 

Luzella towered over the elvish soldier and placed her hand around Avelyn’s sword. Luzella pushed it downward until she dropped it. Luzella looked down at her smiling. The large demoness walked behind Avelyn and grabbed a fistful of her gold hair pulling upward. Avelyn screamed out as she was lifted off the ground by her hair. She reached up over her head trying to break the grip.

“Don’t you fucking touch her, I swear!” Geem yelled out in anger, gritting his teeth and trying to pull away from the two demons that held him.  

Luzella looked over at Geem and slowly placed Avelyn back on her feet.

“Oh, are you two…lovers?” Luzella smiled a crooked grin. She fumbled her canine across her bottom lip in delight. She turned to one of the Talon leaders. 

“Where are the rest of the elves?”

“Theeeey fled fast Luzella! Out the other end of the the woodlands,” the demon hissed.   

“Perfect – round these two up; we’re returning to camp.”

Luzella looked at Avelyn as two Kazdruk soldiers came up behind her placing a large collar around her neck. She stared into Avelyn’s eyes, lustfully biting her lip.

“I’ll have my way with you later.”

The demons held Avelyn still as Luzella bent over, coming face to face with Avelyn. The elf tried to pull her face away, but Luzella held her chin and pulled her back to face forward. She kissed Avelyn across her lips slowly, tasting the elf’s lush lips. 

“Mmm… delicious.” 

Luzella turned and pointed at Geem. “Knock him out. For the female here, use a spore. I don’t want to ruin her pretty face just yet.”

A Talon leader walked up to Geem. The elven soldier was held up by two other soldiers. The leader smiled, flashing a row of crooked razor teeth and punched Geem hard in the face. Geem was knocked out cold, falling backward into the arms of the Kazdruk. The other soldiers chuckled and dragged him away. A second leader walked over to Avelyn. He carried in his hand a palm sized red spore. The organic sphere was lined in small thorns and dark purple chaotic patterns. He held it up to Avelyn’s face and squeezed it. A small cloud of red poisonous pollen spewed out. Avelyn coughed on the cloud as it filled her nostrils and lungs. The area around her spun as if she had drank twenty shots of the hardest AzurLyyn whisky. She tried to fight the pollen, but her eyelids grew to heavy. She coughed one last time before falling completely unconscious.

“Take em’ away!” Luzella ordered.        

The Talon moved out, heading back for their camp.

Avelyn woke up to the sound of Geem grunting out in pain. Her vision was groggy and she couldn’t move much. As she slowly came to, she found herself with her bare chest resting on a fallen tree that had toppled over. A thick, heavy steel collar was restrained around her thin neck. A heavy chain was wrapped from her collar to the underside of the large tree, holding her in place. She looked around at the desolate area, squinting trying to adjust her eyes. She was still outside; she could smell torches and camp fire. She felt the cold Kazdruk air across her now exposed skin.  She heard bustling and movement all around her. She slowly peered upward past her long, loose golden hair. 

She was in the middle of a Kazdruk outpost. Animal skin tents laid scattered, walls of various supplies and weaponry were piled around in the red sand. The burning sun was just starting to fall behind the horizon. She watched as groups of Kazdruk demons scurried around, attending to their current orders while others stood guard with long pikes.  A loud grunt rang out again, followed by coughing and gasping for air. She slowly tilted her head the best she could to the right. Geem was tied up around an old tree trunk with parts of his armor ripped off. He stood helpless with his pants torn completely off.  Luzella was railing into his stomach with her fists. She smiled in jubilation as Geem gasped for air after each hard punch, blood now trickling down his face.

Avelyn tried to break from the fallen tree she was shackled to, but her collar held her in place. She grimaced in fear and anger as her fiancé was beaten by Luzella.

“Stop it!” she screamed out in pure hatred.

Luzella stopped in mid swing and slowly turned around to face Avelyn. She turned around fully, cracking her knuckles. She picked up her Halberd as she walked toward Avelyn.

“I don’t think you’re in any position to be making orders, elf flesh…” Luzella spoke as she pulled Avelyn’s head up by a handful of hair. The elf cringed at the forceful hair pull. “You will do as I say or your boyfriend here dies; slowly and very painfully.”

“Avelyn! Don’t listen to her!” Geem yelled with a mouthful of blood.

“Oh, Avelyn… hmm, such a pretty name. A pretty name to match your pretty lips and pretty face,” Luzella smiled.

Luzella turned back to Geem and walked up to him. She ran her hand across his face slowly, softly running it down his cheek.

“You’re a fucking monster! A FUCKING MONSTER!” Geem screamed out.

She grinned at the elf’s amusing words and leaned over into his pointed ear.

“Oooh, but you truly have no idea, loverboy,” Luzella whispered softly. 

She removed her heavy chest plate and tossed it off to the side. Her large heavy tits bounced out as their black metal nipple rings swung around slowly. She reached down and unbuckled her short battle skirt. The leather piece fell to the dirt, exposing her thick sheathed cock.

Geem looked at Luzella’s flaccid cock; his eyes grew wide in horror. Luzella took a step closer, pressing herself up against his chest, letting her weight pin him to the tree. She let her soft broad cock brush against his, her cock completely overshadowing his diminutive penis. Luzella’s demon cock started to unsheathe ever so slightly. Semi-erect, it was almost the length of Geem’s forearm. She leaned back into his elven ear and whispered.

“Tell me, how does it feel? Being brushed up against pure Kazdruk supremacy…” Geem swallowed hard. Luzella ran her tongue slowly up Geem’s neck before biting softly on his ear lobe.   

Luzella pushed herself off of Geem and walked over to the tent. She came back holding a confiscated elvish dagger. The amazonian made her way back to Avelyn’s side.

“Lets play a quick game, Commander. Blade… or Pommel – pick one.”

Geem didn’t say a word, only giving her a face of contempt. Luzella laid the sharp blade across Avelyn’s shoulder, taunting as if she would drive into her back’s soft flesh at any moment.

“I SAID Blade or Pommel, Commander! Do NOT make me ask again!” Luzella barked, now placing some pressure into the blade.

“Pommel! Pommel!” Geem finally yelled out.

“Thats the spirit, Commander,” Luzella laughed.

“Blade, she takes it up her tight ass like a good girl. Pommel, she gets in her sweet elvish cunt.”

Geem’s face exploded in a fury of anger. He pulled himself forward with all his strength, trying with all his might to break free of the four chains and rope holding him to the tree.           

“No, NO! Don’t you dare! Don’t you touch her!” Geem screamed out.

Luzella held the dagger by the blade and smiled, throwing it towards Geem. The blade cut through the air, spinning blade over pommel before striking the tree – just missing Geem’s head. The dagger sunk into the tree, blade first.

Luzella smiled as she walked back to Geem.

“Well I’ll be damned, look at that. Blade it is.”  

She reached over his head to remove the dagger. Her heavy tits brushed across his face. Luzella tossed the dagger far off into the sand. Geem tried lashing out at Luzella but failed due to the heavy chains and rope holding him to the tree. 

Luzella walked back over towards Avelyn. The demon’s weighty balls swung side to side as she approached the elf’s face. Luzella stood directly in front of her as her thick cock started to grow. The demonic equine phallus slid from her sheath. The hefty meat throbbed as it erected slowly. Avelyn eyes widened at the daunting sight.

“Time to open up, Avelyn.”

Avelyn swallowed in fear, her bright green eyes staring at her thick cock head. Luzella pushed her cock head up to Avelyn’s lips. Avelyn pushed her head off to the side. 

“Please, no, it’s too big…” Avelyn whimpered.

“That’s not my problem, Avelyn. The only alternative is to make your mouth a tad bigger…” she smirked, looking up at her Halberd blade. “But that gets a little messy, so we’ll just use a bit of force.”  

Luzella reached down, forcefully holding the elf’s head in place and pushed her fat cock head between the elf’s plump lips. Avelyn struggled as her soft lips spread open wide around the cock. Her nose flared as the gigantic Kazdruk member slid over her tongue. Avelyn gagged softly as the cock stretched her mouth open as wide as it could possibly go. Her eyes widened as the cock started to slide into her throat. Luzella pulled back, letting a strand of saliva spill from Avelyn’s mouth. Luzella smiled to herself and slowly slid her cock back into the elf’s mouth. The demon pushed her fat member further into Avelyn’s throat this time. Ignoring Avelyn’s gagging, Luzella pushed further. 

Avelyn couldn’t breath and started to panic. She put her hands up against Luzella’s thighs. Her palms frantically pushed against the demon’s robust quadriceps, trying to push the heavy demon back. Luzella easily held her own ground, not phased in the slightest by the feeble attempts trying to push her off. Amused, Luzella held her cock in place. Half of her cock sunk in Avelyn’s throat. The elf slapped her hands on Luzella’s thighs. Struggling for air, the slaps turned to fists and then weakening pounding.

 Luzella looked at Geem who was fighting with everything in him to break free. Luzella flashed her canines and blew him a kiss before she pushed more of her cock into Avelyn’s throat. Avelyn’s face turned blue, as Luzella slowly sank more of her cock down the elf’s tight throat. 

Luzella kept her eyes on Geem and smiled. “She’s quite impressive as a cock sucker, Commander. Perhaps I’ll keep her around for a few days.”

Geem pulled forward again gritting his teeth in fury. Luzella sank the rest of her cock into Avelyn’s throat, resting her heavy balls across her chin. Avelyn desperately tried pushing Luzella off. The demon purred at the mixed feeling of her small hands struggling on her and the elf’s tight throat choking around her girth.  

“Mmmm there we go, all the way in. What a good slut…” Luzella watched as Avelyn’s eyes started to flutter.

“What do you think, Commander; how long do you think she can last?”             

“Get off of her!! You’re gonna kill her!” Geem shouted out.   


Luzella smirked. “Now wouldn’t that be unfortunate.” 

She looked back down towards Aveyln and started to rock her hips back and forth, slowly sliding the base of her cock in and out of Avelyn’s stretched lips. Avelyn’s hands finally slid off Luzella’s thighs, falling down onto the tree, her body seemingly giving up. Luzella smiled and pulled her long cock out of Avelyn’s throat. Avelyn laid motionless and unconscious on the fallen tree. Luzella pulled her head up and looked at the passed out elf.

“Oh no you don’t. That was just the foreplay.”

Avelyn’s rolled back green eyes fell forward again and blinked slowly as her body started taking in valuable oxygen. She gasped and coughed staring into Luzella’s eyes. Her expression was glazed over as her senses slowly rekindled themselves.     

“You still with me, Avelyn?” 


 Avelyn remained silent, physically swallowing back her pride and fear.

“Good, that would have been very disappointing if we lost you that quickly.”

Luzella walked around to Avelyn’s rear. Her slick heavy cock swung back and forth with each weighty step she took. She stopped behind Avelyn; the elf’s body was perfectly set up and angled for Luzella’s height. She slid her immense cock head up against Avelyn’s small pussy. The wide cock head spread her tight lips apart, forcing its girth into the small opening. Avelyn let out a gasp as her pussy finally submitted to the large flared ram-head, the wide equine glans disappearing into the elf’s cunt.

“Mmm, this will be a joy to destroy at a later date, but we all saw the dagger and how it landed. It wouldn’t be fair if I were to suddenly break the rules. Wouldn’t you agree, Commander?”

“You fucking bitch! Let her go! Please! I beg of you!” Geem’s muscle’s weakened as he continued to try and break free.

Luzella pulled her cock out from the tight elven pussy and angled it upward slightly. The wet head now pushed up against the elf’s tiny pink anus.

“No, wait! Please, not there!” Avelyn screamed.

Luzella mocked the pleas and pushed forward slowly. Her flared head pushed past Avelyn’s cheeks and began to spread her ass open wide.

Avelyn gritted her teeth at the impossible intrusion. She screamed as her ass began stretching around Luzella’s massive head. The elf reached down and tried pulling herself forward on the tree, attempting to pull herself away from Luzella’s member. Luzella reached up with her hand and grasped Avelyn’s neck, holding her in place.

“Oh no…you’re going to be a good girl and take this to the hilt. “

Luzella shifted forward, sinking her whole cock head into Avelyn’s anus. Avelyn gritted her teeth harder as her ass struggled around its huge girth. Luzella melted in pleasure as the tight sphincter squeezed her hard cock; she stopped for a moment, feeling Avelyn’s ass squeeze hard around her. She started back up and continued to push with her entire horse-sized weight behind her. Her powerful legs flexed as her hooves dug into the dirt, leveraging herself to push forward. 

Avelyn grunted as she felt the mammoth member start to sink deep inside her. Luzella relished in the feeling as she forcefully feed more of her cock into her victim. Avelyn pried her hands into the bark as the meaty rod filled more and more of her. Geem helplessly watched on in horror. Avelyn struggled underneath Luzella’s grip as the demon cock’s wider base begin stretching her even wider. Luzella felt her heavy balls press up against the elf’s tiny cunt. The demoness pushed every last inch into her and began bucking back and forth, letting her meaty balls slap back and forth like a pendulum.

Luzella slowly added more and more force behind each thrust.  She then began pulling out further and further with longer strides between trusts. Avelyn cried out as she was man-handled by the amazonian demon. Avelyn grunted hard with each completed slam into her, the wind being knocked out of her with each solid pummel. The elf’s ass stretched around the massive girth with strands of precum now spilling to the dirt. Luzella raised her leg up onto Avelyn’s thigh. Now with even more leverage and power, Luzella railed into her ass. Avelyn saw stars as her ass was pumped full of thick meat. Each revolving hump sent shivers up Luzella’s spine. The smacking of her hulking cum filled balls knocking into Avelyn’s dripping cunt echoed out across the sand. Avelyn was fucked silly as saliva and spit began to fly from her mouth, her guttural grunting now syncing up with each firm thrust.  

18 Luzella

Luzella held the elf in place and plowed into her relentlessly. She felt her cock begin to pulsate as she reached orgasm. Luzella felt her cock head flare as a powerful surge gushed through her meaty cock and flooded Avelyn’s innards. She sank her cock to the hilt, resting her brawny balls against the elf while holding Avelyn’s neck.  Luzella groaned in pleasure as copious amounts of thick cum pumped into Avelyn. Avelyn grunted out loudly as her insides were pumped beyond capacity. Hot demon seed squirted out of her tight seal splashing to the ground. More and more thick strands spilled out into large puddles between the elf’s legs. Luzella stood pleased as she continued to empty out her reserve into the panting and squirming elf. Tight contractions ran through her cock as her climax began slowing. She slowly pulled her slick beefy member out as a torrent of cum spilled out of Avelyn’s gaped ass. Her ass slowly closed upped as thick globs of cum continued trying to flood out of her small anus. Avelyn’s thighs trembled from the assault on her ass, she could barely hold herself up and tried to catch her labored breath. Panting heavily she collapsed onto the fallen tree as cum slowly drizzled out of her.



Kamri tiptoed back into the prison block, smiling mischievously and deviantly. Leaving Jelthra trapped in the holding cell brought her sharp canines into the shadowy light. She still needed to find a subject to sacrifice – the idea excited her. The thrill of taking another life to gain an advantage was now an empowering and compelling thought to her. As she searched the cells, she heard struggling in the hall ahead. A group of Kazdruk soldiers marched into the corridor dragging a captive human. The strong man pulled and pushed trying to break free of the soldiers. Kamri stood in the way of the narrow hall smiling. She noticed that the group was led by Brazeek. She had not meet him yet, only hearing of him by word of mouth. The lumbering carnal brute pulled the shackled man along the hall. Brazeek looked at Kamri puzzled.

“Whaat are yooou looking at? Get out of my cell-block!”

He shoved Kamri aside and moved a few cells ahead before tossing the man into the cage. Brazeek chuckled while he locked the cell door. His other soldiers marched off into the shadows.

“Noow who to play with tooonight?” the demon asked himself looking into the cells. Brazeek frowned at the realization of such sparse choosing this eve. In a fit of rage he punched the wall in anger.  

“Bah! No damsels or elven flesh tonight. The last batch must have beeeen moved!”

He slowly turned to face Kamri with a pernicious and predatory grin on his face. An easy target, he thought to himself after noticing the smaller scale of the Kazdruk woman. 

“On second thought… yooou’re not half bad looking; as long as you struggle some, I’ll be pleaseeed.”

He sneered in vile and foul manner. He moved towards Kamri slowly while cracking his knuckles.   

Kamri took a step back, nervously grinning in vexation and ready to fight. 

“Brazeek, right?” Kamri asked, remaining cold and collective.

“Yessh tis iss” The large demon laughed out slowly.

“Wee can do this the easy waaay, or the hard waaaay.”

Brazeek spoke before lashing out his large hand towards Kamri. Kamri easily dodged the grab and spun around behind him. 

“Hey wait, I have a proposal for you, Brazeek…” Kamri spoke. Remaining in constant motion, she backed into the shadows.

“Ooooh, cat and mooouse; I enjoy games.” 

Brazeek smiled as he looked around for Kamri. She lost sight of Brazeek as she hid behind a pillar. Brazeek appeared from the other side out of the shadows and pinned Kamri’s neck, pushing her up against the stone pillar. Kamri fought to escape his grip as she was lifted off the stone floor.

“Whaaat is this proposal of yours? Speak quickly, little girl.” 

“Jelthra!” she managed to cough out.

Brazeek loosened his grip slightly.

“Thaat bitch? Whaaat about her?”

“She’s all yours, if you let me go.”

Brazeek thought for a moment.

“You have my interest… but I doont trust you. How about I fuck you and then I’ll find Jelthra?” Brazeek laughed and tightened his grip again.

Kamri jumped up, wrapping her legs around his arm and twisted in a twirling scissor hold. Brazeek’s arm twisted off to the side; he decided to fall over to the ground to his side rather than have his arm broken from the unnatural movement. Kamri held his arm in a lock. Placing pressure across his elbow joint she quickly reached across and unsheathed his own large knife from his chest sling.  

“I’ll give you one more chance to take me up on my offer. I hate that bitch, and I’m going to show you where she’s at. And she’ll be weak, all for your taking, Brazeek. I promise.”

Brazeek grunted in pain as his arm was wrenched back, about to dislocate.

“Okay! Okaaay!” Brazeek cried. 

The two got up and Kamri placed his knife across his back close to his kidney. 

“Alright – let’s move, big guy. You try to pull anything and I’ll carve your fucking kidney out. Now let’s go; it’s time to pay Jelthra a visit.”

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