Spire of Torment. Chapter 19 : The Forge

By: Lucien

Kamri carefully walked with Brazeek towards the chamber that Jelthra was trapped in.  

“Call your boys over if they want in on Jelthra too.” Kamri spoke, smiling to herself. 

The two moved towards the lower section. The group of Kazdruk soldiers were at the end of the stone stairwell. They all looked at Kamri and Brazeek with a puzzled gaze. Kamri kept the knife hidden behind Brazeek.

“Is everything ok, Brazeek?” one of the demons spoke.

Kamri pushed the knife tip into Brazeek’s back, reminding him not to pull anything.

“Yesss.  Move down to the holding area with uuus.”    

The demons looked at the two for a moment, nodded and moved down to the holding chamber with them. The group reached the large wide door that was still closed. Brazeek smiled; Kamri stopped and let the demons move onward towards the door.

“Alright Brazeek, she’s in there. I think it’s best if we go our separate ways now, for I have work to attend and I’m sure Jel wouldn’t be so pleased to see me… if she’s even alive,” she softly whispered under her breath, flashing her teeth. “I’m sure we’ll meet again.”

Kamri smiled and backed away, placing considerable distance between herself and the group. She wasn’t entirely sure what would come running out of there and she wasn’t about to find out. Brazeek grinned and nodded his head before turning to open the chamber.

Kamri turned and moved back up to the cell block. She moved quickly to the cell that held the new prisoner. She looked in at the human soldier; his long, brown hair swept over his light skin. The built man cocked his head upward at Kamri.

“Perfect,” Kamri smiled, raising Brazeek’s knife into view. The man’s eyes widened.

“Get up; you’re coming with me.”  


Elu moved with the rest of his fellow elven brethren. The Blue Lotus clan made their way for the rendezvous point. The group’s scouts returned moments earlier. A small Kazdruk outpost lay roughly a thousand meters ahead of them. No one had heard or received word on the progress of their northern brothers of Wayyel. Whispers and doubt soon began to spread throughout the regiment of elvish troops.

When word first spread throughout Elu’s clan weeks earlier that they would be launching an offensive, Elu was one of the first elves to pick up arms and meet with the elders. He, along with many of the younger elves, were eager to strike back at the demons. They were finally given the chance to draw blood on the horrors laying waste to every land.

Elu gripped his sword’s hilt tightly and peered across the young moon basked desert. His nerves were fried so he tried to keep his mind busy as he trekked along. He thought of anything that would emit joy. The warm jungles of home, the exotic colorful, singing birds, sweet fruit, warm night fires… and Kamri. With that, his heart sunk. He swallowed hard at the thought of her. He shook his head slowly. Only teenage friends, he smirked to himself. Its been years since he talked to her, but he dreamt of her on many warm summer nights. Their friendship had become severed when her family decided to move farther north, way up to Rillx Point. Elu’s heart sunk even deeper as a shot of pain ripped through his soul.

Rillx Point was decimated by the demons, but they failed at taking much more. The heavy overgrowth of Jadoola made their ground advance close to impossible. Any deeper infiltration became sluggishly slow. The northern areas were still occupied heavily by their forces but they have come to a stand still. Elu shivered, constantly thinking if Kamri made it out of there ok. Part of his inner drive to come along with his brethren was to avenge Kamri and her family. But he prayed to his gods that she was home safe, hidden someplace deep within the jungles.

The group, hidden under the cover of darkness, kept moving onward, still looking for any sign of the Northern Wayyel regiment. Suddenly, the group leader called for everyone to hold position. Far up ahead, the elvish troops could see a small bon-fire burning in the desert plains.

“That must be a small Kazdruk outpost,” someone whispered.

“Perhaps it’s a forward watchout post. We must be close to the Spire then!” Elu chimed in.     

“We’re going to take this small outpost, we must. We are within range of the rendezvous point. We need to make sure this area is clear. We can’t have any word getting back to the Kazdruk Spire,” the leader ordered.

“How do we know that our brothers haven’t already come through? Or worse, came through and were killed off?” a younger elf spoke out nervously.

“We must remain optimistic young brother. We will assume they haven’t made it here yet, so let us clear this outpost and ready their arrival!” the leader smiled.

Avelyn awoke suddenly, laying on her side. Her eyes hectically raced back and forth as her situation quickly settled back into place. She noticed she was inside a command tent. A sliver of moonlight peered into the large tent. She felt an organic heat across her back. The warmth ran across the full length of her body. Avelyn’s eyes narrowed when she heard the purring. A heavy feral-like feline purring. The purr was large, deep, and substantial. Not a cute lovable feline, but a monster – a hellish killing machine. Images of those dreadful Keeat hounds burst into her head. The bedding she laid in rose and fell with each heavy purr. Avelyn swallowed nervously. The predatory purring made her heart pound in her chest. Avelyn noticed the heavy chain collar around her own neck, with thick weighty chain links running off into the shadows. The beast behind her started to shift. Too petrified to move, Avelyn laid still. Suddenly a heavy muscular arm reached up from behind her and pressed across Avelyn’s bare chest. Ayelyn’s eyes opened wide at the realization of what was behind her. She felt no fur. Instead the heavy, built arm was hot skin. A large humanoid hand grasped Avelyn’s neck and dragged Avelyn’s body closer, like she was a small toy doll. Avelyn swallowed hard again as her body was pulled into a nightmarish spooning position.

She felt large mammaries press across her back. At that moment, It all came crashing together for Avelyn, it was no Keeat. No, it was worse – it was Luzella. cuddling with her like a child’s plaything . She was indentured as her new toy. A heavy muscular thigh came up and over Avelyn’s torso. The Amazonian leg weighed almost as much as her. The powerful built leg enveloped Avelyn’s elvish build. Avelyn reached out to the side of the bedding to try and pull herself away from Luzella. Luzella easily pulled her inward to her own body, not phased in the slightest by Avelyn’s attempt to stay outward. Luzella’s purring ceased and Avelyn froze in terror, for Luzella had awakened. Luzella’s large hand ran down Avelyn’s flat stomach. The way Luzella ran her hand down her belly was surpassingly gentle for such a devoted vessel of carnage, a juggernaut of death, Yuldasha’s personal hammer. Still, her touch was soft and light. Avelyn shivered as her hand ran farther downward under her navel.

Luzella nuzzled into Avelyn’s neck, running her long tongue across her jugular. She ran her other hand upward, gripping Avelyn’s blonde hair. Avelyn let out a small gasp as Luzella kissed her neck softly, half expecting sharp pain of biting or maybe something worse. The bite never came, only soft kissing and her strong tongue. She flexed her thigh muscle, briefly crushing and pinning Avelyn into the soft bedding making sure her prey couldn’t escape. Avelyn reached down, frightened at the touch of Luzella’s immense quadriceps.  The amazon demon grind softly into Avelyn. The elf shuddered as she began to feel thick, hot flesh sliding up her back, the ever looming presence and reminder of sheer Kazdruk power. The large demonic equine phallus slid farther up the small of her back. The physiological effect that the cock made wrecked havoc on Avelyn’ s mind.

Avelyn reached out for the bedding side again in fear as a last ditch effort to escape Luzella’s embrace. Luzella only moaned slightly before she nonchalantly pulled Avelyn back into their spooning position. Avelyn momentarily lost her breath as Luzella wrapped her arm around her chest tightly.The soft moment was suddenly interrupted by a volley of arrows that tore through the tent. A large number of them struck the wood posts, while others pelted loose armor and wood crates.  Luzella grumbled to herself and quickly rolled out of bed, grabbing her chest armor and lower battle kilt. She quickly pulled it up around her waist and picked up her Halberd. She could hear the chaotic sound of battle roaring out around the command tent.

A Kazdruk guard ran into the tent, practicality tripping over his own hooves.

“Luzella; we’re under attack! Elves!” the stocky demon yelled.

Luzella only smiled.

“Let them come. Is my dragon ready for flight?” Luzella asked as she tightened her arm bracers.

“Yes, of course…but won’t you stay here and fight with us? Half of your Talons returned to the Spire! We’re out numbered!”

Luzella placed her hand on the demon’s shoulder and looked down at him. “Your essence will forever run strong in the veins of all Kazdruk. Fight with honor brother, spill the blood of these wretched elves. I will meet you among the void at another time. Though, my day is not today.”

The demon nodded and pounded his chest with a closed fist.

“Hail Kazdruk, Hail Yuldasha!” the demon roared before running out of the tent with his blade drawn, disappearing into the wave of southern elves.

Luzella grabbed Avelyn’s leash and pulled hard.

“Lets go, on your feet!”

Not that Avelyn had much choice but to follow as Luzella’s tug pulled Avelyn out of the bed. With that, two elves entered the tent swinging swords towards Luzella.

Luzella reached up and blocked a strike with her armored bracer and returned a high kick to the elf’s chest, shattering his sternum. Without hesitation, Luzella outstretched her axe, splitting the other elf in two and painting the tent red. She pulled on Avelyn’s leash and fled out into the battlefield.

Avelyn watched helplessly as Elu and a second elf helped Geem by untying his restraints and removing him from the giant petrified tree.

“It’s a good thing we came across this hell-hole of an outpost. Didn’t think we would find any survivors. The names Elu, Blue Lotus Clan,” Elu smiled.

Geem looked up at Elu partly dazed, trying to remember his own.

“Geem… Commander Kiyler Geem. 1st Wayyel Division.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, sir! I certainly hope you’re not the last of the Northern elven forces. Are there any other prisoners here!” Elu yelled out as he handed Geem clothing and a sword.

“Yes! damnit! Avelyn! My fiancee.” Geem yelled to the southern elf.

The two frantically looked back and forth across the chaos.  Conflict exploded all around the outpost as Kazdruk and elf engaged in bloody battle. Luzella made her way across the battle to a group of dragons that stood at attention ready for flight.

“Kiyler! HELP! Geem! over here! HELP!” Avelyn yelled as loud as she could over the battle towards Elu and Geem.

Avelyn tried digging her heels into the soil with no success. Luzella pulled her through the sand like a ragdoll closer towards the dragons. They reached the three winged serpents. Two were slightly smaller black dragons, the third was a huskier crimson dragon with black war paint across his face. Avelyn continued yelling out to Geem.

Elu and Geem briefly heard Avelyn’s cries for help over the vicious battle. They both quickly turned to the source.

“NO! STOP THOSE TWO! Don’t let them on that dragon!” Geem yelled, pointing towards Luzella and Avelyn. He ran onward strapping his armor back on as Elu ran along with him.

A Kazdruk soldier was untying Luzella’s dragon when they arrived.

“Attach this piece of elvish meat to Adder! Prep him and get him airborne!”.

“Yes Ma’m!” the Kazdruk soldier yelled as he pulled Avelyn towards Adder. Avelyn struggled in the soldier’s arms, but the demon held her in a tight bear hug. He attached her to Adder’s carriage harness. He moved under the dragon and undid the dragon’s last grounding restraint and slapped his hind. The dragon brought down its massive wings and started to lift up into the air. His wide wings blew sand all over, causing a sandstorm.

Elu and Geem shielded their eyes as the red sand blasted into them. As the sand began to settle, Luzella stood before both of them, walking slowly out of the dark red fog. Her white eyes glowed like torches in the night air. She moved closer towering over both Geem and Elu . She twirled her Halberd, slowly eyeing her new targets. Elu and Geem ran towards her with swords drawn high. Luzella struck outward horizontally. Geem ducked and Elu jumped over her swing. She quickly came back around striking towards Elu. The south-lander blocked the low strike. Geem swung high as Luzella was off balance. She dug her head forward, deflecting the slash with one of her horns.

“Here to play again, Commander Geem?” Luzella mocked.

Geem slowly sidestepped, attempting to out-flank Luzella.

Elu cautiously moved around in a counter clock-ward motion. He moved in again in a fast dash to strike. Luzella caught the blade strike with her halberd and pulled downward. Elu’s blade became stuck, lodged in the dark steel.  Luzella pried the sword from his grip and the blade flew far off into the sand. Geem took the opportunity to swing again. Luzella whipped her halberd up to block, simultaneously smashing Elu’s face with the pommel counterweight end of the axe. Elu fell backward, collapsing into the sand. Luzella’s halberd meet Geem’s sword and slid down the length of her handle. Luzella pushed herself forward into Geem, locking his blade. She looked over to one of the grounded black dragons grinning, flashing her canines.

“Kraita! “

The closer Black dragon looked over quickly towards Luzella and Geem.

“KESH DAR! ” Luzella yelled out, winking at Geem and then whistled loudly.  

The black dragon opened its razor filled mouth and released a bellow of flames. A vibrant orange wave of fire outstretched in Geem’s direction. Luzella jumped as Adder swooped downward. She grabbed the dragon’s talon and pulled herself upward out of harms way. Elu ran diving into Geem, knocking him out of the path of the dragon’s flames. The two tumbled into the red sand. Luzella climbed up to the saddle of Adder and flew off into the night sky with Avelyn.


Geem screamed into the sky as part of his pant leg was still cindering.  




Brazeek and his fellow soldiers pulled the long chain down that operated the wide chamber door. The heavy door rattled up letting the candle light pour in. Laying before the Kazdruk grunts, Jelthra laid weak and broken in a pool of thick cum. Parts of her armor hung off, cracked and broken.

Brazeek’s smile curled wide up around the side of his face. He walked slowly towards her thinking, The untouchable Jelthra. The very woman who advanced through the ranks, never shying away from cutting down a fellow soldier for personal gain. Brazeek’s good eye twitched. She wasn’t even true Kazdruk blood. No, a human turncoat, a renegade. Yuldasha saw something in her, but Brazeek could care less. She was on his playing field tonight.

Jelthra looked up at Brazeek and his men, squinting as the candle light poured in.

“Brazeek, thank ye blade you’re here. Dat fucking creature ran down through de sewer drain over there… The skies shall be torn asunder when I find out who de hell locked me in here!”

Jelthra spoke with a less than strong voice. She knew she was in a terrible position. She outranked him and all of his fellow soldiers, but rank only matters if you can physically back it up. She thought about barking an order at them to help her, but she knew better.

Some of Brazeek’s men surrounded her, all looking down at her and smiling. Jelthra started to get to her feet, but Brazeek palmed her head and easily pushed her back down.

Brazeek chuckled, as did his men. The group loosened their battle kilts and let their heavy cocks hang out.

“Yooou aren’t going anywhere little Jel, not until you service me and my boys here. If ya do a good job, I might even tell ya who placed ya in this mess.”

Brazeek pulled Jelthra’s head forward. With very little physical strength left, Jelthra moved with his motion. She lacked the strength to cast any fire spells; the creature that ravished her earlier had run her dry. Jelthra rose up and squatted, cum still spilling from her. Brazeek’s men moved in closer. She swallowed nervously at the sight of each cock. Fire ran through her veins as the situation she found herself in made her skin boil. She accepted that her life now depended solely on her performance. She knew Brazeek wouldn’t hesitate to kill her and cover it up as some unfortunate accident. She gripped a Kazdruk next to her, his veiny girth filling her gloved hand. She slowly jerked the thick cock back and fourth. The demon growled softly in pleasure. Jelthra looked up at Brazeek, his thick cock staring down at her. She reached up and pushed her blue lips around his glans. Brazeek moaned in deep hunger as Jelthra lapped her tongue across the bottom of his cock. She sank more of his cock into her mouth, the thickening girth stretching her lips wide to the max.

“Ahhh, there youu gooo.”  Brazeek ran his hand over the top of her head and palmed it.

“Ah the masterful Jelthra can dooo better, no? You want to know whooo placed you in this mess? Let me help you fuel your vengeance.”

Brazeek forcefully pushed his cock deep into Jelthra’s throat. Her eyes opened wide as his thick member pushed into her mouth. Jethra was thrown off guard; for someone who is always in control, the brute advance caused her to gag softly. She kept stroking the other soldier’s cock as she tried her best to keep up with Brazeek’s greedy pushing. Jelthra made if half way down his shaft before she placed her hand up on his thigh to push off. Brazeek only grinned flashing his sharp incisors. She pulled off Brazeek’s cock, gasping for a breath and composing herself. A large strand off spit soon followed.

Brazeek pulled her hair back looking down at her. “Get back on this cock, or Yuldasha’s little prized soldier here might go misssssing.”

Jelthra grimaced in anger but complied, pulling his cock back into her wet mouth. She pushed back and forth on his cock, sucking in long soft strides. Brazeek let her work his cock for a few minutes before he pulled her head down deep onto his meaty member. Strands of black eye liner ran down Jelthra’s face as she gagged harder on his large cock. Her exposed tits bounced with each pump Brazeek made. She reached up again, tapping out on Brazeek’s stomach and hoping he would slow down for a second. Brazeek didn’t stop and continued using her soft lips and throat, warm pre-cum spilling from her mouth and falling into her deep cleavage. She kept stroking the cock in her free hand as Brazeek pulled her head all the way down on his cock, resting her nose across the base of his stomach.

“Wooork that little tongue of yours, Jel.”

19 Jelthra

Jelthra’s eyes faded as she looked up at Brazeek. She squeezed her slick tongue out while his cock remained stuffed in her throat. Her tongue slide across the user side of his shaft and pressed softly against his heavy balls. She lapped up and down. Brazeek moaned out, holding her head firmly in place. With the last drop of energy she kept stroking the other demon. The demon grunted out and fired off a thick load across Jelthra’s hefty tits. She kept stroking his member and milked him dry. Another soldier, standing behind her finished jerking himself off across Jelthra’s back. The hot cum splashed and ran down to her exposed ass. Jelthra’s eyes began to roll back as Brazeek emptied his heavy balls down her tight throat. Brazeek grinned at the wet sounds emitting from his fuck toy. A heavy wave of white seed flooded her mouth. She reached up again to try and free herself, pushing on his muscled abdomen.  Brazeek held her still as she gagged on the massive torrent of cum. Jelthra choked on the sticky seed as it came up and out her nose. Brazeek’s thick member kept unloading. Sticky film spilled down her lips and all over her tits. Brazeek held her still for a few more seconds as the last drops of cum spilled into her mouth. He finally let Jelthra off his cock. Jelthra fell to all fours gasping for air. Her stomach heaved and she quickly placed her hand over her mouth.

“If you dooon’t keep it all down, then the info you want is forfeit,” Brazeek laughed. Jelthra heaved a second time but she placed her hand over her mouth again to help keep all the cum down.

“There you gooo, thats a good girl.”

The soldiers left the chamber but Brazeek stayed. His large shadow loomed over Jelthra.

” It was the recently corrupted southland elf. The one with the braided hair and shaaaaved sides. A cute little viper,”  Brazeek chuckled as he turned and left.

Jelthra’s hands turned into clenching fists. Her face stirred in anger. Her eyes rekindled a fiery orange as an inconceivable amount of hatred flooded into her.



“Certainly took your sweet time, didn’t you, Kamri?” Aeltha spoke as she sharpened one of her black talons across the edge of the table.

Kamri’s brow lowered slightly as she stepped into Aeltha’s chamber with the shackled man.  Aeltha looked him over head to toe with a curling grin on her face. She walked around the man grinning.

“I’m quite impressed, Kamri; he looks to be a strong subject. I’m curious, what was the draw to choosing him?”

Kamri smiled before responding, her eyes narrowed and flashed like cinders in the wind.

“His strength and blind courage. I want to see this strong human soldier wriggle before me. I wish to look into his eyes as his soul is slowly torn apart… watch him as all his hope is slowly pulled away. I hope he begs.”

Aeltha smiled at Kamri’s cruel words.

“Outstanding. Then let us begin; please follow me.”

The three made their way into the next room that branched off of Aeltha’s main chamber. The small short hall opened up into a large circular chamber with a high ceiling. A large stone altar stood in the center. The stone walls where filled with flickering candles that spiraled up around the room. Three Kazdruk grimoires laid out in a line across a wood casting stand in front of the alter. The human looked around the room in fear.

“Do exactly what I say, without hesitation Kamri. When you are ready, place him on the altar and we will begin.”  

Kamri followed her orders and placed the man on the alter. At first he fought her, but Kamri easily overpowered the shackled human and shoved him onto his back. Aeltha walked over and casted an intense spell over him. A large glowing red enneagram ignited over his chest. The sigil spun just over his torso slowly, pulsating back and forth from dark red to bright red. The magical force pinned him down to the alter. He screamed out trying to fight the force holding him down. Aeltha smirked as she rose her casting hand slightly. The enneagram flashed violently and the man’s ragged clothes were instantly incinerated. Aletha moved her casting hand lower and the man screamed out again, this time in searing pain. He flexed all of his muscles as the spell tore at his insides. Aeltha’s eyes flashed and the spell remained over him. She was now able to freely move her hands without worrying about the spell. She went to her casting table and lifted a black sharp Kazdruk Athame.

“Come forth, Kamri.”

Kamri bowed and moved to Aeltha’s table. Aeltha outstretched her hand and handed her the black Athame.

“Take this extension of the foremothers of all Kazdruk.”

Aeltha looked at the first grimoire and outstretched both hands.

“The Matriarch of fire bestows strength upon thee. The Matriarch of the abyss bestows shadows upon thee.”

An emerald circle within a smaller circle was casted out at Kamri. The spell absorbed into her skin and her Athame glowed a deep green. Kamri smiled as the spell ran through her body. She watched on in excitement as the spell tortured the man’s insides.   

Aeltha moved to the grimoire to her far right.

“Kamri, the grafting of your staff will be twice as strong if completed with sexual arousal. The closer you ride the fine line between pain and pleasure, the greater the bond. Bring this sacrifice to orgasm.”

Kamri grinned in a calamitous manner and bit her bottom lip. The intense sparks of the spell flashed across her nefarious face. Her orange eyes narrowed.

“Yes, Aeltha.”

Kamri moved to the altar and placed her Athame on the side. She removed her chest armor, letting her perky breasts bounce out into the flashing spell light. She reached down and slowly undid her bottoms letting them fall to the floor.

Aeltha watched on with a curled smirk, feeling her cock flex slightly under her battle skirt. Kamri climbed on top the alter, her naked body running through the spell without harm. She straddled the man and ran her hands across his defined chest, relishing in his suffering. The dominance and sheer power she now had over the strong man, made her nipples hard. She leaned down letting a few braids fall down either side of her shaved head. The braids slid across the man’s bare chest. As she moved, she licked his thorax, letting her tongue glide across his warm skin. The glow of Aeltha’s spell grew more intense as Kamri’s arousal grew. She gyrated her pussy across the man’s soft cock. His face was frozen in terror. She leaned into the man’s neck and kissed his jugular, softly running her tongue up and down his neck. She ran her soft breasts across the man’s chest and kissed him on his lips. She nibbled on his lower lip while she continued gyrating, her eyes now piercing into his own. Kamri felt his cock harding. She kept rubbing her wet pussy across his groin. She rolled her hips upward and pushed back down softly letting his cock head push up inside her. With primal hunger Kamri gyrated faster now, moaning as the man’s member sank into her warm cunt. The man moaned out softly as his hard cock was forced into her. Kamri bounced up and down as she dug her nails into his chest. She flung her head back in pleasure. Her black undercut hair flowing backward down her bare back.                              

Aeltha watched on as she continued the spell.

“Let the object of thought be granted at the expense of life. From death brings new form. Let the giver of life be spilled. Let the essence of life is spilled.”

Aeltha casted another circle across the alter. The glowing symbol enveloped both Kamri and the man. Kamri moaned out as the man began to cum deep inside her. Kamri reached down and grabbed the Athame. She raised it high over her head, still gyrating herself on his exploding cock. The man looked up in a mix of pleasure and fear as Kamri brought the Athame down hard, plunging it straight into his sternum. The sharp crunch of the the blade piercing through his chest rang out into the chamber. The man twitched as he continued cuming inside Kamri. Fresh red blood poured off the sides of the Altar and ran down thin trenches, pooling in a marble collection reservoir. The man slowly died as Kamri continued riding him through his climax. Kamri caught her breath as the man faltered. She lifted herself up off the man slowly. A strand of thick cum trailed up from his cock to Kamri’s pussy lips. Kamri reached down and fingered herself. She brought her hand up and slowly licked the warm cum off her fingers.

All of Aletha’s spells extinguished themselves and the chamber grew dark.

“Come forth, Kamri” Aletha spoke as she moved to her final leather bound book.

“Here before us lay two pieces of Kazdruk metals. Demkk and Tezger. We will now bind the two.” Aletha flashed her eyes and raised her hands out.

Kamri looked down at the clumps of dark raw material while licking her lips clean of the sacrifice’s cum. Fresh blood from her sacrifice ran down the stone channels towards the two metals. The blood touched the raw ores and started absorbing slowly into their pores. Dark purple strands of magic arched out of Aeltha’s hands striking the the ores momently. Aletha then reached up touching Kamri’s temple.

“Let the object of thought be granted at the expense of life. Your weapon of choice will now be manifested.”

Kamri closed her eyes and envisioned the design of her staff. She focused intently. Aeltha now reached out again with her free hand and launched more arcs of magic towards the ores. The Demkk and Tezger began to fuse together melting like liquid chrome. The two rippled together quickly. The chaotic form began to stretch and elongate itself, slowly changing to the shape of a staff. Aletha’s magic flashed intensely as the ore flashed a blinding light. A loud crackle emitted into the chamber followed by dark smoke. Aletha removed her hand from Kamri’s head. Kamri opened her eyes and watched closely as the smoke cleared. Laying before her was the exact weapon she imagined.

“Congratulations, Kamri; it seems you’re able to keep strong focus,” Aletha smiled.

Kamri reached down and picked up her newly constructed staff. She throttled her grip around the dark steel, the staff still warm from its fresh magical forge. The parkerized finish seemed to absorb light more the reflect it. Kamri was amazed at how light it felt in her hands. She immediately flourished the staff in a quick twirl. A very low wolf-like howl rang out as the staff cut through the air. Kamri smiled and spun it again and again. She gazed at the staff’s sharp spear ends, just as she envisioned. She stopped the flourishing spin on a dime and rested one end on the stone floor softly. A devastating clank rang out. Kamri grinned in joy again as she quickly realized the weight behind even the smallest strike didn’t match up with its featherweight. She ran her finger ever so softly across the tapered end. The tip drew a trickle of her own blood. Kamri flashed her fangs. The sharpness was greater than anything she’d ever seen.

“It’s perfect; I shall forever be in your service, Aletha,” Kamri spoke, bowing before Aletha.

Aletha smiled to herself as she watched Kamri practice with her new staff.

That you will, Kamri… that you will, Aeltha whispered to herself scheming.

Aeltha reached for one of her mirrors as Kamri continued to familiarize herself with her weapon. She looked down at the smaller hand held mirror and ignited it. The surface changed to a night-sky filled with windy snow.

“Ah good evening, Aeltha. How does the kindest soul among the spire fare tonight?” a deep male Kazdruk voice spoke out over the howling, snowy wind.

“Shut it Neicul! I have completed my end of the bargain, now where is yours?” Aletha barked.

“Not to worry, dearest Aeltha, I’m enroute. On my way North towards Llyward. I will have your lovely subjects in my possession in due time.”

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