Spire of Torment. Chapter 20 : Predatory Nature

By: Lucien

Neicul landed hard on his feet, his heavy black boots sending an upwash of powdery snow. The moon hung partially obscured by thick clouds in the cold winter night sky, casting faint rays across the crystallized elven expanse. Small clouds of breath puffed up around his face as he scanned the surrounding area.

“Easy boy, this shouldn’t take too long,” he spoke as he patted the dragon’s neck, running his rough gloved hands across the dark scales.

The dragon shook his neck and wings wildly. A small avalanche of snow fell off his wings onto the ground around Neicul.

“Thanks,” he spoke under his breath, sneering.

He removed a slab of meat from his satchel and handed it up towards the dragon’s mouth. The beast lunged out viscously, just barely missing Neicul’s hand.   

“Stay here.”

Neicul crouched low, peering across the cold tundra. He inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly. The scent of burning wood and crisp winter air filled his lungs. It started snowing heavier now, the soft flakes of white danced across the sky wildy. The city of Llyward lay just north of his position with a smaller town right outside Llyward’s borders. Small yellow beacons of light illuminated the small elven village. Neicul tromped through the rough snow towards the quiet village, shrouded under the cover of night. He soon reached the outer rim of the wood village. He climbed up the elvish log wall and jumped down the other side, landing in a soft puff of snow. Small markets lined the perimeter, settled down and closed for the evening. Elven stonework and wood pillars laid scattered around the grounds.

Neicul pulled his hood up over his head and crouched to help get under the cold northern winds. The winter breezes whipped wildly, lifting fresh snow and tossing it across the cobble walkways of the village. A group of elven guards were huddled around a bonfire. The group was too cold to care about intruders or thieves, especially this deep into elven territory. Neicul stayed far out of range and ignored the guards, moving onward and shifting into the frozen shadows.

He peered upward into the windows, each one framed with elegantly carved wood.  Tranquil orange candle glow radiated from each thin glass window. He moved farther into the elven alleyway, hearing music up ahead. Violins and joyous singing echoed into the alley. Neicul shifted his approach and climbed the stone alley wall. He crept silently along the top of the walls. His body became lost in deep shadows being cast by large lanterns pouring into the alley below, only his faint silhouette being exposed momentarily as he jumped across gaps in the wall. He moved quickly and silently, efficiently calculating each step, as he moved with the cold howling wind.

He soon came to the source of the music, peering downward at the back entrance of a log tavern.

Elven folk stumbled into the cobble alley; male and female, young and old. Villagers and their significant others drinking merrily, singing and dancing. Neicul watched intently for a while. He surveyed, thumbing the edge of his twisted dagger. He examined his possible targets, noting their surroundings, weapons, and most importantly, the number of drinks consumed. One elven man stumbled into the snow inebriated and intoxicated. His friends cheered as he stood back up before falling over again.

Neicul grinned to himself.

“Almost too easy. I’ll have Aeltha’s test subjects by morning…” he whispered, watching the disaster unfold.  

A female elf ran out of the tavern in an uproar, yelling at the drunk elf to get up. The elven woman helped the man back to his feet. The two bickered for a while and then began to walk off together. They walked back into the dark alley, passing under Neicul. One of the elves’ buddies soon ran after them to catch up and tag along.This elven man carried a long sword on his hip. Neicul noticed his attire as a northern elven soldier.   

Neicul raised his thick eyebrows in amusement. He stepped back and began following the group of three. He stalked them into the darkest area of the alley from high above before making his move. Neicul jumped down behind the group, startling them with the sudden crunch of snow behind them. All three spun around peering into a black void of shadow; no ambient light existed this far into the alley.  Neicul watched as the three nervously looked for the source of sound. He toyed with the group, dragging his dagger across the side of the stone and wood wall. The soldier and the women quickly backed away from the dreadful sound, heading for the safety of light pooling in towards a break in the wall. The drunk was not so lucky. He stumbled around in the dark, confused and lost.  Neicul waited until the man walked into him. He immediately lifted the inebriated elf and tossed him into the lighted area of the alley, tumbling over crates and old wooden barrels.

The elven soldier ran back into the dark with his sword drawn swinging wildly in Neicul’s direction. Under the cover of shadows, Neicul simply ducked the swings, waited for a moment and came up fast placing his dagger through the side of the man’s chest. It entered under his armpit, piercing his lung. A soft muffled scream squeaked out as the man began to fall over, dropping his sword into the snow. Neicul caught the man by the neck before he collapsed and slammed him backward into the nearby wall. The elven man tried to push the demon off but failed, overpowered by his weight and height. Neicul pinned him hard into the wall before plunging his canines into the side of elf’s neck and tearing his jugular out. Ripping through sinew and flesh, a current of crimson blood spilled out across the elf’s chest and misted across Neicul’s face. The elf’s warm blood pooled in the fresh snow underneath. Neicul grinned as the elf’s motionless body slumped into the cold blood slush snow.

The elven women ran to aid her fallen intoxicated friend, not entirely seeing the shrouded carnage that had unfolded in front of her. She only knew it hadn’t ended well.

“Yemel, get up! Get up!” she cried. The drunk elf slowly got back to his feet, dazed and confused.

Emerging from the dark, Neicul slowly walked towards the two, licking the fresh blood off his wrist bracers and tonguing the engraved groves. The elven woman picked up a piece of nearby scrap wood and raised it ready to swing. Neicul’s white eyes glowed steadily in the dark shadows, his dark silhouette getting closer and closer.

“Stay away from us, hellspawn! “

Neicul leapt from the shadows into the light, pouncing on the elvish woman. She fell hard on her back, losing her piece of wood. He held her wrists down and drove his mouth into the woman’s neck. She sank into the snow under Neicul’s weight.  The elven woman struggled as he sank his canines deep. Neicul’s eyes flickered like white candles as he started to feed on the girl, relishing in her warm blood. The drunk man picked up the wood slab and haphazardly swung at Neicul’s back, braking it across his shoulders. Neicul let go of the woman and rose back to his feet facing the elven man, fresh blood pouring from his chin smiling as it slowly crystallized in the cold.  

“Surely I underestimated you; I was being kind in letting you live. You should have heeded my generosity,” Neicul laughed.


The woman rolled to her side, holding her bleeding puncture wounds.

“Run Yemel!”

The man backed up slowly, dropping the small chunk of broken wood. Neicul easily closed the distance between themselves at a brisk walking pace. Towering over the feeble elf, Neicul lifted him by his neck. The elf squirmed, dangling above the snow covered cobblestones. He coughed as Neicul choked him with one hand. The elven man reached up with both hands, desperately trying to break Neicul’s choke hold. The elvish woman got back to her feet, slowly and dazed. She limped over to Neicul and tried breaking his grip off her elvish friend. Surprised by the elvish woman, he crushed the elf’s neck before tossing the elf hard into the alley wall. Neicul turned to face the annoyance.

The elven woman spun around to run, terrified and slipping in the snow. She got back up quickly and veered from side to side as she ran, dazed and clutching her neck. Neicul grinned as his prey pathetically stumbled away. Neicul looked down at the dead elven drunk and frowned.

“I suppose I should have kept him alive.”     

He looked back up and watched the elven woman stumble into a barrel, doing her best at placing some distance between herself and the Kazdruk soldier.

Neicul smiled his twisted smile at the obvious new target. He began to follow her slowly. She was in shock and losing a large amount of blood. She looked back in fear to see him twenty yards away, slowly following her. Terror and delirium was beginning to set in as she fell hard into the snow and crawled on all fours into a large area of casted dark shadow. She leaned up against a wood barrel and peered back again to see if he was still there stalking her. He was gone. She scanned the snow filled alley shivering in fear, her heart about to burst through her chest. The street was still – only soft white snow fell into a single beam of a street torch.           

The elvish woman tried to catch her breath. Fear and anxiety gripped at her lungs as she frantically looked around, searching for the demon. She started to calm down and catch her raspy breath. Suddenly, her head was pulled back by her long dark red hair and her mouth covered by a large hand. The elf was pulled back deeper into the shadows, kicking and screaming into the hand that smothered her mouth. She slid on the snow and ice.

“It would be in your best interest to stop struggling, and to keep your mouth shut,” Neicul spoke softly. The elven women only struggled more and screamed louder into his hand, terrified.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to kill you.”

The elven women sobbed into his hand, kicking at the ice. Neicul placed his free hand on top her head.

“One more sound and I’ll snap your neck.”

The elf stopped screaming and kicking instantly. She only looked upward in sheer terror, streams of tears now running down her face.

“That’s a good little girl,” he spoke, removing his hand from her mouth and moving his arm down around her neck, initiating a choke hold position.

Neicul brought his face in close to the girl’s neck, sniffing her dark red elven hair that hung in two braids. He looked down at her chest and her torn light blue elven dress, soaked in frozen blood. Neicul ran his hand through her hair.  He could smell her fear and smell the blood, he could feel her heart racing, her body trembling. Neicul remained placid and calm, fighting back his arousal and animalistic Kazdruk tendencies. He growled softly in frustration.        

“Its a shame you’re Aeltha’s property now.”

“P-P-Please, l-l-let me go…what do you want from me? Currency? Gems? Gold?” Neicul smiled and nodded his head side to side slowly.

“We’re going on a little trip, but first I need you to drink some of this.” Neicul reached down and pulled out a black flask. The woman swallowed hard. Her green eyes widened in surprise.    

“Wha- what is it? It’s poison!” the elvish woman shouted, struggling again and kicking in the snow and ice.

“If I wanted you dead, trust me you’d be dead already. Now stop moving and asking me questions. Take a sip before I change my mind and bleed you dry.”

The woman shook uncontrollably and took a sip from Neicul. Half of the liquid spilled down her front. She swallowed the dark fluid and made a face like she had just taken a mouthful of a thousand year old whiskey. The woman coughed lightly.

“W-What…what’s going to happen to me?” she cried in fear.

“Relax, it’s a potion that will keep you warm. So you don’t freeze to death.” The elf’s eyes started to flutter.

“Ehhh-My skin! It’s tingling! What the hell did you do to me! Augh, it’s crawling… it burns!”

The elvish woman struggled in fear again. Her struggles started to fade as she slowly slipped into twilight, the potion causing her to pass out into a deep slumber. Neicul watched as a magic’s deep red aura glowed around her, cocooning her softly. Neicul easily pulled her up over his shoulders. He placed her behind a group of crates hidden in the dark shadows of the alley.

“One down, two more to go. Sleep tight – I’ll be back soon.”

Neicul smiled before disappearing into the snowy shadows to find his next target.


Before requesting entrance into Yuldasha’s main chamber hall, Luzella brushed some dry blood and dirt off her armor, letting it flake off to the floor. She straightened her raven hair and made sure she looked presentable. As strong and powerful as Luzella was, even she feared Yuldasha, just as all Kazdruk did. She wondered why she was being hailed fourth to her master’s room. Luzella was called upon as soon as she returned from the frontlines. She stashed the elvish girl Avelyn into her own chamber and quickly made her way to Yuldasha’s floor. The meeting would be for either praise or punishment. Two guards at Yuldasha’s door greeted her and quickly stepped aside to let her enter, both guards clearly intimidated by her stature.

Luzella confidently entered Yuldasha’s lair, walking briskly across the polished granite floor, each heavy cloven step echoing out in a crisp fashion. She advanced, purple torches flickering as Luzella passed by. Yuldasha stood preoccupied, her back facing the great amazon and watching out over the spire’s view port. Luzella noted two female prisoners resting on either side of Yuldasha’s throne, one human and one Northern elf who emitted great royalty. Luzella smiled her fiendish smile as she got closer to the two, eyeing their elegant bodies.

“Ah, Luzella!” Yuldasha spoke out, snapping Luzella out of her calamitous thoughts of the two prisoners.

Luzella quickly brought herself to attention before Yuldasha could fully turn around. Yuldasha stepped down a short series of steps looking over Luzella, delightfully purring like a feline.

“Welcome back, dearest Luzella,” Yuldasha grinned. Even she had to look slightly upward to make eye contact with the tall Kazdruk amazon.    

“One of my most capable and ruthless soldiers. The scattering of our Northern coast was executed perfectly.You have made me quite proud Luzella.”

“It is an honor to serve you master,” Luzella remarked, bowing her head.   

Ulla peered up at the two demons talking. Yuldasha caught the human looking upward and stopped before she started her next sentence.

“Please excuse me Luzella. I forgot to introduce you to my two… guests. Here at my left is Queen Aria of the Elvish House Wayyel. To my right… is a rather worthless human. A soldier of Goldalin. Hmmm… Luzella, if I remember correctly, you held one of the highest kill counts among the initial invasion of Goldalin.”

Luzella smiled down at Ulla, running her tongue up between her canines and rolling it across the top of her lip.

“You are correct Master. The screams of humans are slightly different than their elvish counterparts. Skin slightly rougher, blood slightly thicker,… their cunts, ever so slightly looser.”

Ulla rose to her feet in furious anger, her height only coming up to Luzella’s breasts. The human lashed out at Luzella, her hard punch landing square in the demon’s muscular abdominals. The punch did nothing; it felt like she had punched a soft wall. Annoyed, Luzella reached down and picked up the human by her neck, throttling the woman’s small throat. Ulla reached up holding the demon’s writs, kicking and wriggling, struggling for freedom.

Yuldasha smiled for a moment, curious on how things would turn out. She paced around Luzella, watching as the Kazdruk soldier enjoyed the struggling of the weaker human.  She could see the pure glee in her face as she toyed with the smaller prisoner. The human’s fighting began to weaken, eyes glazing, her body faltering and her feet now swinging loosely.  

“That’s enough Luzella, release her.”

Luzella didn’t drop her at first, instead she kept her hand around Ulla’s neck, lost in twisted indulgence.

“Luzella! I said that’s enough.”

Luzella dropped the human, letting her unconscious body collapse to the ground.

“As you wish, Master.” Luzella bowed her head again slightly. “My apologies.”

Ulla rolled to her side, massaging her neck and coughing as oxygen slowly returned to her lungs.    

“I have a, let’s say… a more interesting fate for this human here. This human soldier of Goldalin has angered me for the last time. This Impudent and uncivilized rat will beg for forgiveness when she arrives at her new destination… Luzella, are you aware of what season it currently is back at our home realm?”   

Luzella looked on intrigued but not answering, only smiling. Yuldasha took a step towards Ulla. She reached out, casting jade bolts of magic. The streams of sorcery lifted Ulla off the floor, raising her to eye level. The arcane magic left Ulla hovering a few feet above the floor. She looked at Yuldasha in fear.

“Aww young Ulla, it’s the season of procreation. More precisely, the mating season of our native species of worm. You may remember the one below this spire when you attempted your little escape. These are a close cousin; the Viprill species to be exact. From miles away they will come, they put aside their predatory nature and make the great journey every cycle, Ulla. They gather, creating massive entangled orgies. Hundreds of serpents ganging up on the females. Sometimes ten, twenty, even fifty males entangled with one female.”

Yuldasha slowly ran her finger down Ulla’s chest down to her belly.

“All driven by pure instinct, Ulla. Impregnate their mate and continue their species. No second thoughts or clouded judgement. No, only unfiltered primal lust. A cataclysm of semen and leathery scales. Mother nature is truly beautiful, don’t you agree, Ulla? ”

Yuldasha walked away from Ulla. She threw her hands out to her sides and all of the torches blew out violently. She rose both of her hands high above her head. Spliced arcs of green lighting bounced around the chamber, each shard returning to Yuldasha’s fingertips.

“You will be granted the pleasure of seeing our home Ulla. The home of all Kazdruk.”

The center of the floor began to warp as orange cinders rose up vertically from the floor. The granite tiles began to whirl in a circular motion like a molten funnel. Lighting struck out again and again as the gateway to the Kazdruk home realm started to tear through the fabric of the current realm.

Queen Aria looked on in great wonder. A gateway to the demon’s realm, this must be how they arrived. Through a portal… but why? Aria pondered for a moment.      

Yuldasha’s eyes turned a solid vibrant green as the portal ripped its way fully open. A violent wind swirled around the chamber, whipping cinders around the room. Luzella watched on from the side of Yuldahsa’s throne, her black hair loosely spreading across her face, her slick smile becoming wider.

The portal opened fully and locked itself open. Yuldasha pulled Ulla closer to the spinning gate. Through the thin veil of swirling arcane magic, Ulla could make out massive segmented serpents twirling around. Each one screeching out in a low guttural roar, their calls reminiscent of gigantic bending cello strings.

“Please, no…No! ” Ulla cried out, thinking of the horrid demise that laid before her.    

Yuldahsa placed her hand softly over Ulla’s mouth.

“Shhh, listen to them Ulla, they’re calling out…calling to you.”

Yuldasha ran her free hand up between Ulla’s legs, gliding her middle finger deep into her pussy before slowing pulling it back out. A thin strand of honey followed up to Yuldasha’s finger.

“The Viprill of the endless sea, they smell your sweet cunt, Ulla.”

Ulla screamed into Yuldasha’s hand, her muffled cries lost against the Viprill calls.

“Remember Ulla, you brought this upon yourself. Don’t worry, we will all be here watching.”

Yuldahsa waved her hand and Ulla’s body rose over the swirling portal. The human kicked and screamed within the green binding magic. Her feet dangled above the mouth to the wicked new world.  

“No! please, I’ll do anything! ANYTHING!” Ulla screamed out, fighting her magical restraints.   

“Good luck, Ulla.”

Yuldasha blew her a kiss before snapping her finger. The magic restraints extinguished themselves and Ulla was dropped, falling into the portal. Her shriek cut off as the last of her body passed through to the other side.   


The magic particles fell around Ulla’s side like snow and washed up waves of black sand. Ulla squinted around the gloomful and forsaken area she’d been sent to. She looked up into the swirling greyish purple heavens, hoping to somehow leap back into the portal from which she came. Only an angry sky full of endless tempests filled Ulla’s eyes. Clamorous sound was the first sense to overtake Ulla. The immense noise of dragging and crushing filled her eardrums. The ground shook and trembled as both stone and earth were grinded to dust around her. The large bellowing roars of the worms rumbled deep inside Ulla’s chest.

She looked back down and around at the new dark, chaotic world. Elongated silhouettes could be made out all around her cast against a violet melancholic horizon. A coiled bunch of gigantic tangled serpents tumbled around in a crazed frenzy. As Ulla’a eyes adjusted in the low light she could make their shapes out better. The large beasts slithered closer and closer. Ulla felt like a helpless field mouse dumped into the middle of a Northern viper den. The scale of each serpent was enormous. Each beast stretched over fourteen meters long, some even longer. Ulla got up from her crouching position and quickly spun around to run. Her feet sank into the dry bead-like black sand. She struggled with each step in the wide oceanless beach. Only miles of stretching barren land lay before her. She quickly noticed that she was completely surrounded. The beasts in her area were closing in on her. Coiled mass of muscles, plated scale armor and reptilian skin closed in.

By the gods! Ulla whispered to herself. She quickly spun to head the other way only to see another wall giant worms homing in on her. Each titanic worm was a dark purple with vibrant blue markings. Ulla watched on in horror as endless coils wrapped around other coils. She could make out what appeared to be a female. The lighter, whitish frosted color skin could barely be visible beneath the wave of other darker worms entangled around her, each competing for her prized ventral vent.

The ground beneath her shifted as an emesene worm rose up from under the black, loose surface. Fine pebbles rolled off its rough skin as six glowing eyes opened wide against the sinister sky. Ulla fell backwards, landing atop of the worm. It lifted her upward with him as he rose up from the unholy soil.  The creature’s nostrils flared in Ulla’s direction. Picking up her scent, the serpent coiled itself around to face the human. All six jaundiced eyes acquired her body. The Viprill worm rose up high above the ground, shrouding Ulla’s body in his massive shadow. The horrid beast opened its jaws and let out a devastating shrieking roar, followed shortly by a series of loud clicks. Before Ulla could move, the great serpent was already coiling around her and lifting her higher up off the ground.

The worm ungulated his muscular coils to trap Ulla’s body, rising up over her. Ulla screamed as he used his long body to pin her against his own belly. His leathery skin slid across her soft milky back. Ulla reached out looking for a way to free herself, her hands flailing as she tried to leverage off his skin. His massive build and weight sandwiched Ulla in place. A long, wet phallus erected from beneath his belly scales. The pulsating veiny shaft slid across Ulla’s back and between her ass cheeks leaving a trail of slick, warm precum. Ulla squirmed under the worm’s belly feeling his hot weighty member searching for an opening.

Yuldasha smiled looking on from the comfort of her throne. A great ball of energy swirled in front of her; inside the swirling storm of magic was a scrying port allowing a perfect view of Ulla’s predicament. Luzella stood close by amused, watching the unnatural mating between human and Viprill worm. Queen Aria looked away in utter fear.

The worm’s meaty member slid up against Ulla’s pussy lips, its thick head pushing hard into her. Ulla grimaced as his large glans pushed its way deep into her, spreading her lips wide. The beast let out a series of small roars and clicking, some kind of twisted animalistic audible que of pleasure. The serpent pushed himself deeper, holding Ulla in place with his upper half. Ulla screamed again as the warm cock buried itself into its new home. She tried desperately to push the worm’s head away, as if to somehow physically move him. The vile creature only pushed himself closer, pulling more of himself on top of the small human. The wide cock base began spreading and stretching her tight cunt.

20 Worm Ulla

A bundle of worms in the vicinity slithered over, hoping to get a piece of the human as well. The sky fell even darker around Ulla as the group of Viprills closed in over her and her forced mating partner. Ulla whimpered as her insides were pumped full of warm cum. Gallons of thick oozing loads spilled into her, overflowing and spilling down below.

Yuldasha ginned as Ulla’s whimpers turned to screams, then became nothing more then muffled cries as her body disappeared in a tangled ball of massive worms and thick cum. Luzella smiled, flicking her tongue across her lips.

“I wonder how long she’ll survive, Master.”

“As do I, Luzella,” Yuldasha smiled as she pushed the gazing ball of energy off to the side.

“Now where were we… ah yes, your recent accomplishments. Your actions on the field have been remarkable, Luzella. I only wish I had more soldiers like you,” Yuldasha spoke with her sly grin turning to a frown.

“I have been quite aware of Jelthra’s less-than-remarkable performances of late. You no longer need to answer to her if you wish, any order she gives to you are now forfeit. She is only holding back your true potential.  Prepare yourself and your Talons for the arrival of the pathetic elves; it’s time we finally crush them beneath our hooves and remind them that they will never succeed.”   

Luzella bowed slowly before Yuldasha.

“Thank you, Master. I will continue my duty and slay all who defy Kazdruk rule. I’m looking quite forward to the arrival those worthless elves. I don’t enjoy leaving this genocide only half completed.”

Yuldasha’s emerald eyes glimmered in the chamber light, her lips curling upward.

“You are dismissed then, my child of the storm.”

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