Spire of Torment. Chapter 21 : A Drought of Benevolence

By: Lucien

Geem sat on a broken tree, holding his head in his gloved hands. A fellow Elvish soldier was finishing bandaging up his arm. Elu walked over with a cup of herbal tea.

“You sure have taken a beating, Commander,”   Elu smiled as he handed Geem the cup of warm tea.

Geem nodded silently and took the cup from the young southland elf. Elu sat down on the log beside him. He fumbled with his long dreadlocks, looking across the dark land as he wrapped his hair into a bun. He tied the locks tightly with a red band. There was an awkward silence for a minute before Geem finally asked a question that he truly didn’t want the answer for.

“How do our numbers look, Elu?” Geem asked, taking a sip of the tea.

Elu looked skyward for a moment, gazing at the vibrant stars, hesitant to tell Geem the painful truth.

“Well… our scouts found what was left of your regiment. It seems many had fled from your tree line during the last Kazdruk assault …”

“Just give me some damn numbers boy!” Geem barked out, cutting Elu off.

“Roughly two hundred, Commander…two hundred of your troops are left in fighting condition.”

Geem dropped his head back into his palms.

“What about your clan, Elu? How many Blue Lotus soldiers made it here?”

“Roughly three hundred, Geem,” Elu spoke coldly.

“Five hundred soldiers? FIVE HUNDRED! To overrun the heart of the Kazdruk occupation!” Geem exploded in a mixture of fear and rage. “We don’t stand a chance, Elu…not a fucking CHANCE!”

Elu ignored Geem’s pessimistic outlook.

“They will most likely set up a defensive wall around the Spire, Geem. We need to coordinate this rescue. The Queen and now your Fiancee are depending on us. We’ve come this far, haven’t we?… So you can either sit here and sob into your hands, or you can put your damn armor back on and start figuring this out.”

Geem’s lip twitched as his eyes raced back and forth. He stopped,  took in a deep breath and began reattaching his amor.

“Right, lets figure this out then. We need a plan.”   

21 Geem Elu

Kiyler Geem & Elu

Cazel’s torch flickered wildly in the deep, cavernous tunnels of Mournfall Peak. The hollow belly of the mountain, spiraled downward leading into a labyrinth of passages and deep coves. Cazel ran her hands across the smooth ceiling pondering what Yuldasha needed this Gem for. She lost track of time as she walked deeper down into the tunnels. Cazel’s foot suddenly broke through the thin, hundred year old dry lava tunnel. Her entire leg fell through with a loud crunch. She let out a sharp scream that echoed down the cavern.>><<      

Realizing that she hadn’t fallen completely through the floor, she relaxed for a moment and pushed her arms out to both sides. Carefully she pulled upward lifting her leg out. Just as her boot reached the opening, the entire floor gave out in an avalanche of pebbles and ash. Cazel fell three meters through the hole, coming down hard on her boots. She collapsed into a somersault and then continued falling down a steep passage. Small rocks and thin sheets of dry lava sprinkled all over, tumbling downward with her. Cazel’s body picked up more and more momentum as she whirled head over heels. She reached out looking for anything to grab and break her fall. Her torch tumbled ahead of her, sliding along the rough tunnel and flashing violently. She slid faster before her side smashed into a stalagmite. With a loud crunch her body spun to a sharp stop. Cazel groaned holding her side. Thankful her armor took most of the impact. She laid in a fetal position for a moment, catching her breath that had been painfully knocked out of her. Her head spun as she looked around the small dry enclosure.

A gradual creaking sound started. Cazel shifted to try and get up and the entire floor caved in again in a explosion of sand, debris, and ash. Cazel dropped through another three meters landing hard on her stomach. She slid down a twenty meter rock hill before tumbling to a final stop. Rocks and dust settled on her back. Cazel coughed as she rolled to her side. The area was an open, immense cave. Stalactites rose up all over mixed with large slabs of granite jutting upward at all angles. The air was still, only delicate pebbles spilled in the distance, bouncing down into water filled channels. Cazel brushed the dirt and soot off her chest. Her torch laid on the granite floor, crackling and burning. She limped over to the torch and picked it up, illuminating the deep cavern. Cazel gasped in fear at the sight before her. Ten to twenty sets of peering eyes glowed all around her in the dark recesses of the cave. Each creature’s set of tapetum lucida reflected Cazel’s torched light back at her. The more she focused, the more sets of eyes she noticed glaring back at her. Cazel took a step backward and slowly spun around. She quickly lost count of the hundreds of eyes glaring at her.



Cool fresh water splashed down Luzella’s chiseled body. Small droplets of beads rolled between her deep cleavage as she ran her hands through her long black hair. She sighed in  relief as the remains of war were washed from her smooth Kazdruk skin. She stood in the waterfall shower, letting the cooling water sooth her wounds, knots, and pulled muscles.

“Excuse me, Luzella,” a small impish Kazdruk voice squeaked into the bathing chamber.

Luzella growled softly at the interruption; she opened her eyes and turned around to see a small statured Helot soldier. The Helot looked on surprised as he accidently walked straight into view of Luzella.  

The soldier stood dumbfounded and stared at Luzella’s impressive physique, following her athletic build down to her large flaccid cock, rocketing back up to Luzella’s white glowing eyes. The Helot swallowed hard, now regretting his decision of interrupting her. Luzella walked forward with strength and intention towards the small Helot. The small demon’s eyes opened wide in fear and he began walking backward slowly as if he’d accidentally walked into a den of dragons. Luzella easily closed the distance, grinning at the soldier.

“Well, what do you want? You’ve clearly interrupted me and now you seem to be trying to leave.”

The Helot bumped into the end of the chamber, his muscular back flattening against the cool wet tiles. Luzella looked down at the demon and rested her hand on the Helot’s head softly.

“Please, many apologies Luzella, I wasn’t aware you were…”

Luzella placed her hand over his mouth and placed a finger over her own lips to shush him.

“You’re only digging your grave deeper, Helot; I’d quickly start over if I were you.”

Luzella spoke with annoyance as she placed both hands against the wall behind him. The helot’s eyes danced back and forth in fear as they looked at each flexed arm on either side of his head. She slowly pushed her body onto him, letting her weighty breasts pin him to the wall. Her wet black hair now hanging over into the helot’s face.

“I’ll ask one more time nicely. What do you want?“    

“J-J- J-elthra, your Excellence. Please… don’t hurt me, I’m only the messenger.”

Luzella’s eyes narrowed harshly and a bit surprised. Her dark lips curled upward to the sides.

“Oh? Jelthra you say? And what does she want?” she spoke smugly.

“S-S-She requests your presence…please.”

Luzella bit her lower lip hard.

“I no longer need to answer to her, you little newborn swine. I’m no longer her little errand girl. You can go tell her that—” Luzella paused for a moment. “No, I’ll go tell her myself.” Luzella’s eyes flickered.

“T-T-Thank you, Great Luzella… I’ll be on my way then, I don’t wish to disrupt anymore of your time,” the Helot hissed.

Luzella smiled, but didn’t release the Helot from the wall. Her breasts now squeezing around his neck.

“Oh how thoughtful of you, my little Helot… You know, you’re awfully small, even for a Helot. You’re almost cute… in a twisted ugly way. Have you no manners? It’s rather rude to walk in on someone while they’re showering. ”

The Helot looked up ashamed, not sure how to respond.

“I-I-It won’t happen again Luzella, many apologies.”

“A submissive pushover too…” Luzella grinned, pushing herself into the demon.

“The most unique attribute of your Helot kind is that you’re expendable assets. Through Kazdruk intervention, now only males exist of your race.  Breed only for grunt work and front line fodder. Or in your pathetic case, a messenger.  If you were to go missing, no one would notice, no one would care, no one would shed a tear.  How does that make you feel? Diminutive? Hmm? Useless?”

The Helot looked up in anger.

“Luckily for you, I don’t have time to meddle with such a low tier creature. You’re not worth the blood on my hands. So let this be a lesson. If I ever see you again, you better run, run, ruuun, little boy. ”  

Luzella smiled, grabbed his arm, and tossed him to the wet floor. The Helot slid across the smooth, water soaked surface before hitting the wall hard with a loud crack.

“Time to pay Jelthra a visit.” Luzella grinned as her white eyes flashed.


Kamri’s eyes glared over the ancient Kazdruk scripts, being careful not to rip the old parchment.  With Neicul away on a quest for Aeltha, she had no master to report to. Now on her own, she continued training by herself and absorbing as much knowledge as she could. Kamri shut the book – this would be enough reading for one day. She began getting ancy so she shifted up from the stone table and lifted her staff. Low howls rang out as she slowly spun her newly constructed weapon. Feeling its light weight, Kamri momentarily gazed to her right. She noticed the candle on the reading table was glowing from orange to a deep red.

A sharp vision of Elu suddenly relapsed into her mind. The red flames reminded her of his red hair ties. The sudden jolt of imagery caused Kamri to lose focus mid twirl. Her staff slipped from her hand and fell hard to the floor. The image was painful. His face danced in her head for a moment before vanishing. Her heart sunk for a moment. Kamri took a deep breath and picked up her staff. She decided to leave the room and get some fresh air. She walked out of the library into the dark Spire halls, her shadow casting itself down the long endless void of stone. She wasn’t entirely sure where she was going yet. She hadn’t relapsed in quite some time. She needed someone to talk to, but Neicul was gone and she didn’t entirely trust anyone else. She wondered how he was faring on his quest.    


Timothy squinted at his blade laying before him on his large oak table. He dipped his cleaning rag into the elvish polishing solution before rising it up again to run it across his sword. He watched as the suds rolled between each detailed elvish engraving. He suddenly froze mid motion and cocked his head to the side. He brushed his long dark hair out of his face. He could have sworn he heard a sound outside the window on the second-story balcony. He listened carefully for a moment. Only a soft snow filled wind and the crackling of the candles could be heard.  His wife and two kids were sound asleep at this hour. He shook his head.

“Hmm, its getting pretty late I suppose, the mind is playing its tricks.”  Being a reserve soldier of house Wayyel, Timothy had to report tomorrow morning in the center of town. But before he would accompany his beautiful elvish wife in bed, he noticed his blade was getting a bit dirty, so a quick cleaning was in order.

A clear knock echoed outside the window again and Timothy snapped his head upward and looked at the window.There was no mistake that something was outside. He slowly stood up gripping his sword. Timothy unhinged the wood bar that kept the door locked. He pushed the door open and a blast of cold snow spilled into the room. The light snowstorm made any outdoor visibility practically impossible. Timothy expected to find a raccoon or large AzurLyyn mountain squirrel. He saw nothing but snow and more snow. Looking closer he peered at the ground. He could see two large prints in the snow that were already becoming quickly covered up. They looked like boot pri-


Timothy was suddenly smashed backward as if a horse had kicked him in his face with both hooves. Someone or something had kicked him from the above the roof ledge. Timothy’s vision blurred as he fought to stay standing. He fell to one knee before he was shoved down to the floor by a large being. The dark figure stepped over him and entered his house. Timothy struggled back to his feet, picking up his sword. He stumbled back into his room right as his work table’s candle was blown out, plunging the room into darkness.

Only a cold blue ambient light trickled in from outside. Timothy brought his sword up in front of him; he could tell that the work-room’s door was still closed. The intruder was still in the room.

“Show yourself thief!”  Timothy spoke out looking around in fear.

“Your form is horrid…“ a low demonic voice whispered out.

Timothy looked down at his hilt quickly, gripped his blade tighter and tried to determine where the hell the voice came from. He took a few steps forward scanning the dark room.

What do you want?”

Suddenly, Neicul appeared out of the shadows, striking outward with his twin daggers. Timothy brought up his sword to block, haphazardly deflecting the shadowy strike. Timothy fell backward and the two crashed through a wood book shelf, sending books, glass and his sword across the room in a loud crash. Timothy punched the demon hard across his face before pushing him off. Neicul rolled back to his feet with blood trickling down his lip. He smiled bringing both daggers up into view, holding them in his unorthodox reverse grip with the blades facing downward. Neicul struck fast with his right fist striking the elvish man hard in the chest. He wanted this elvish man alive. Timothy threw a combination of punches but the demon blocked the fury. He returned a low kick towards Timothy’s leg. The elf stepped backward dodging the kick. Neicul fluently rode out his missed strike. Using his spinning momentum, he smoothly transitioned into a back fist strike. Timothy never saw it coming.  The hard punch caught Timothy square in the side of the face, the hit smashing his cheek bone. As Timothy began to collapse, Neicul drove one of his daggers through his left arm, painfully pinning him to the wall.  

Timothy hung pinned to the wall and knocked out cold.

Neicul pulled out his magic flask and poured it over the man’s mouth. The Kazdruk magic surged through him keeping him in his slumber. Neicul pulled his dagger out with a splash of red and heaved the unconscious man over his shoulder.

“Two down, one to go.”



Luzella walked briskly to Jelthra’s quarters, part annoyed and part intrigued. She pondered why Jelthra was requesting her presence again so soon. The useless Helot messenger had no info on the matter, only that Jelthra requested her presence. Her lips curled upward as she thought of her new elvish bitch Aveyln. She was looking forward to returning to her personal chamber to relieve some stress with the fresh elf.  She moved up the obsidian stairs, secretly hoping the matters might involve that little spitfire Kamri – she owed her a good railing. She came to the top, rounded the corner, and reached the black door leading into Jelthra’s room. Luzella pounded the wood hard, the door shook in its steel hinges.  

“Pleaze, come in,” Jelthra spoke out.

Luzella opened the heavy door and stepped in. The air was filled with sweet incense as an assortment of candles flickered in the chamber.

Luzella grinned at Jelthra. The human’s sight caused her to whip her tail back and forth once. Jelthra laid before her on the chamber’s bedding. She sat sprawled out and topless. The human looked upward lounging and restringing her beloved cross bow.

“Ah Luzella, how does zee night treat you?”

Luzella moved into the chamber, closing the heavy door behind her. The demon’s freshly wet black hair waved with each dominant, powerful step. She reached the edge of the bed and towered over Jelthra. She looked up at Luzella; she knew that look. The tall demoness’ white eyes were filled with lust and hunger.

Jelthra swallowed and kept cool. She outranked her. As long as she showed no signs of weakness she would be ok. Luzella leaned over slowly placing a heavy arm on either side of Jelthra. Her pectoralis and biceps flexed slightly. Her looming body trapped Jelthra in place.

“How can I be of service to you Jelthra?” She spoke, eyeing her up and down.

Jelthra knew she was playing a dangerous game with Luzella. The dog-eat-dog mentality of neighboring ranks always held the risk of one trying to overthrow the other. More so if they were on bad terms. There was no bad blood between the two as far as Jelthra knew. But still, she proceeded with caution.

“Kamri.” Jelthra simply spoke out, her eyes flaring with anger. She placed an arrow bolt into her cocked crossbow. She tried ignoring Luzella’s intimidating stature. She looked down and cross checked the restrung weapon.  

Luzella ran her hand up to the center of Jelthra’s chest running her finger down her sternum.

“Ah, little Kamri still causing you issues? How cute.”

“I vant her dead dis time!” Jelthra spoke coldly.

Luzella smiled her fiendish smile. She moved in closer onto the bed and straddled Jelthra.

Jelthra watched Luzella closely and nervously, trying her best to read the demon’s disposition, knowing her situation could quickly go downhill at any moment. She didn’t like how close Luzella was. Jelthra had seen her in combat and knew the only way to survive a skirmish with her was to not let her get in too close. Knowing this though, she attempted to play passive and non defensive. For this to work and win Luzella’s favor she couldn’t raise any red flags so she remained seated. Now she greatly regretted her decision. Jelthra was now in the absolute worst possible position.  Luzella was physically on her, pinning her mid-section to the bed. She sure hoped she still wanted a piece of Kamri.    

“Sounds like a personal problem, Jel.”

Luzella reached over Jelthra, her deep cleavage brushing into Jelthra’s face. The amazon picked up a vine of elvish fruit from a bowl behind the bed. Jelthra started to panic and shifted herself, trying to get out from under Luzella. The demoness flexed her strong thighs, squeezing Jelthra’s torso and holding her in place. With one hand she softly pushed Jelthra’s upper body down into the bed. Luzella only smiled as she plucked a small round grape sized fruit off the stem and slowly slid it between her lush lips.


Jelthra quickly realized that her plan was completely backfiring on her.  Luzella had completely blown off her order to kill Kamri, and seemed to have something else on her mind. No, this wouldn’t work, she would have to rethink her strategy and figure out a different way to smite Kamri.


Jelthra rose her crossbow up quickly at Luzella, attempting to stop her promiscuous advance. The demon quickly palmed the crossbow, pointing it upward as it fired off the bolt. The arrow stuck into the ceiling with a loud thud. Luzella bent Jelthra’s crossbow, crushing the wood and metal before tossing it off to the floor. The demoness remained silent and ate another tiny fruit, slowly running the grape between her lips. She shook her head side to side slowly in disappointment.

Jelthra threw a right hook up towards Luzella’s face. The demon shifted slightly and caught her punch, dropping the vine of fruit. Jelthra squirmed under Luzella, trying again to free herself.

Luzella squeezed Jelthra’s hand, applying pressure that could surely fracture her hand if continued for too long .

“Agghhh!”  Jelthra screamed out in pain, and rose her left hand. Her palm ignited into a fireball. Luzella caught her left hand at the wrist and aimed her hand outward. The fire spell launched out, striking the stone wall in a ball of cinders.    

The amazon took both hands and pinned Jelthra’s hands above her head. The two sank into the bedding. The demon’s long black hair cascaded around Jelthra’s face.    

“I honestly don’t know who’s weaker, you or Kamri? Apparently that little viper bested you. You should slit her throat yourself… but here you are, on your back like a little Beta Keeat.”

“You bitch ! Get off! Das an order!”

Luzella only returned a smile, flashing her canines.

“I no longer have to take orders from you, little Jelthra. Yuldasha once had high hopes for you, but I believe her opinion has changed. ”   

“Vat! Why?” Jelthra continued to struggle, trying to break the demon’s grip.

“I’m not the only one who has noticed how weak you are, as it is clearly being demonstrated here before us.”

Luzella moved her right hand down around Jelthra’s neck, feeling the human’s racing pulse through her jugular. Jelthra took the opportunity and ignited her free hand again, but the amazon squeezed her neck tightly.

“Toss another one of those and I’ll crush your little neck,” Luzella smiled cutting off the air to Jelthra.

Jelthra’s fire spell sizzled out as she wriggled around frantically, kicking and swinging. She started to break free, twisting her body around to her hands and knees. She started making leeway in her hectic struggle and began crawling off the bed. Luzella grabbed one of the human’s legs and dragged her back. Jelthra cried out knowing it was of no use. Luzella straddled her back, pinning her belly down to the bed.

“Such a strong and talented fighter, until you lose all your little toys Jel’. I’ll show you what a true warrior is capable of…a true Kazdruk.”

She reached down, sliding her hand across Jelthra’s thong before ripping it off her. Luzella purred as she ran her middle finger between Jelthra’s labia, slowly sliding her finger deep upside her. The amazon pulled her finger out and rubbed her erecting cock across Jeltra’s loins.

“…no…” Jelthra mumbled out as she felt Luzella’s heavy demon cock slide against her pussy. Luzella slid her hard cock head between Jelthra’s tight lips. The demon’s girth stretched her wide.

“Pleaze Luzella! I’ll do anything! Have mercy!” 

Luzella laughed.   

“You seek benevolence? I’ve wanted to pump you full of cum for a long time Jel. Always marching that tight ass of yours around, condescending and self righteousness…you reminded me of an elf jel… But this whole time you’ve been untouchable because of rank. The only thing holding me back was Yuldasha. It’s true that one will always crave what they can never have. But now you’re free game.”

Luzella lowered herself, sliding more of her member into Jelthra’s stretching pussy. She rested her weighty tits on Jelthra’s head, the large heavy mammaries inadvertently pinning the human’s head down. Jelthra gripped the bedding softy as the thick equine shaft slid deeper into her. She let out small cries as her insides were stuffed full.The amazon started rocking softly in and out, letting her cock slowly stretch her out. The wooden bed frame started creaking, struggling to hold both Jelthra and Luzella’s amazonian weight.     

“Oh fuck you’re tight, but I think we can do better Jel, don’t you think?” Luzella purred like a wild Keeat.

“No… no, no!”

“It would be a sin to let such a tight ass go untouched.”       

Luzella pulled her slick meaty shaft out. Candlelight shined off the wet pussy juices that now lathered her cock. Jelthra reached up for the bed frame, attempting to pull herself free again with no avail. Luzella reached down and palmed the back of Jelthra’s head holding her in place.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Pleaze! Luzella! Vhat do you want!”

Luzella slid her wet and robust rod upward, sliding it up against the human’s tight ass. Her flared demonic cock head pushed into her, demanding entrance. Jelthra gritted her teeth and pushed her arms backward into Luzella’s muscular thighs, in a feeble attempt as if to somehow push the titan Kazdruk off her.

Luzella only smiled her malevolent smile and pushed Jelthra’s head down into the bedding. She handled the human like a small toy as she forced her cockhead into Jelthra’s tight ass. Jelthra screamed as her sphincter struggled to accept the wide battering ram. Luzella slowly feed more of her length and wide girth into the human. Slowly it squeezed inward, stretching more and more, inch after inch. Jelthra screamed out again as her ass was becoming impossibly filled with Kazdruk meat. Luzella grinned in delectation as she pushed Jelthra’s face into the bedding, smothering out her cries. The Amazon’s arm flexed as she dominantly held her bitch in place. The demon smiled as half of her fat cock laid sunken into her toy’s ass. She rolled her hips backward to let part of her cock slid back outward. Luzella pulled back, letting her warm skin brush across Jelthra’s soft tattooed back.

Jelthra sighed in slight relief, maybe by a miraculous miracle Luzella had stuffed into her ass by mistake she thought. Her slight moment of relief was quickly snuffed out as Luzella pushed her mammoth member back inward again. This time she sank her cock deeper than before, letting a good three-fourths push in. Jelthra grunted as her ass was filled with the demon’s wide member. Luzella lowered herself again, resting her heavy tits on her own hand that pinned Jelthra’s head to the bed. The Kazdruk leaned into the human’s neck and bit her ear softly. Luzella rocked back and forth softly, letting the human’s tight asshole stroke her cock. Jelthra groaned in discontent. Luzllea loosened her grip on Jelthra’s head, letting her roll her head to the side with a loud gasp of needed air. The Amazon palmed the side of her face, re-pinning her to the bed. The bed creaked more as the two sank into the bedding under the weight of Luzella.

21 Luzella Jelthra

Luzella pumped into Jelthra harder now, letting her cock slide in and out. She thrusted inward faster, forcing Jelthra to take it up to her equine-like cock’s preputial ring. Her thick lumbering balls bounced up and down with each thrust. The Kazdruk’s tail whipped back and forth as she climbed closer to cumming. Jelthra whimpered as her ass was assaulted by the animalistic Luzella. The bed rocked backward, knocking into the table behind it as the sides of the bed began buckling under the stress of Luzella’s hard trusting.  Wood started splintering at its weak points, the frame now cracking and bending. Luzella growled as she hammered into Jelthra’s soft ass. Gripping her head, Lulzella sank her cock in balls-deep and let her meat erupt inside. Jelthra grunted out loud as she was pumped full of hot Kazdruk seed. She could feel the thick batter start to fill every inch of her insides. Luzella didn’t let up, she kept her furious pace as the bed’s frame completely snapped under her repetitive jack-hammering. She kept thrusting, now in slower but much harder, focused pumps. Jelthra grunted out with each powerful thrust, each heavy pummel knocking the wind out of her. She struggled, flattened out and squashed under Luzella’s muscular build. Jelthra could feel the immense loads pouring into her; the demon’s cock continued flexing as it pumped salvos of hot semen deep inside her.

Jelthra couldn’t hold anymore cum. It soon started flowing back out of her as more and more warm seed replaced it. The Kazdruk spunk splashed out, leaking downward across her pussy before forming thick puddles on the bed.  Luzella’s hard pounding started to slow as she released the last of her hot cum into Jelthra. The demon’s heavy body collapsed onto Jelthra’s back, now purring in satisfaction as her cock pumped out its final salvo. Luzella slowly pulled out.

Jelthra laid still and broken, too weak to attempt going after Luzella. She knew it would be safer to remain face down.

Luzella made her way to the door before looking back at Jelthra. “Take care sweetheart.” Luzella spoke winking at her.

“…Oh, and I’ll think about it…Kamri that is.”

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