Half-Breed. Chapter 12: The Nature of Confrontation – Stage III

By: Dawn2069MS

Sarissa came back from the land of overwhelming pleasure and slowly regained her consciousness. She still had the remnants of her unbelievably intense orgasm clouding her mind, making all of her body feel tingly and hot. The first sound she was able to hear was the clacking of hooves accompanied by an odd sensation of floating, somehow. Sarissa slowly opened her eyes. After some moments of focusing and trying to cope with the situation she was in, the naked maid recognized Rhyeesh’s smiling face looking down upon her. The first glimmer of fear sparking up somewhere in Sarissa’s mind was quickly extinguished by the pleasant memory of her orgasm.

The young woman finally realized what was happening. She was resting on Rhyeesh’s strong arms, comfortably, and got carried through the dimly lit cathedral. Upon recognizing the situation, Sarissa looked about, trying to see where Rhyeesh was carrying her. Before the naked maid was able to ask what was going on, Rhyeesh addressed her in a soft voice.

“Welcome back, my dear. That was a pretty intense orgasm you had. I’m curious to see you – and feel you – suffering through the next one.”

Rhyeesh smiled lasciviously. She knew that Sarissa wasn’t able to resist her any more. After draining their essence, as well as their blood, her victims craved to having more of her delicious orgasmic cocktail of pleasure.

“Ready for another round?” purred Rhyeesh.

Sarissa gazed at Rhyeesh’s face and nodded like in a trance. She wanted her, wanted to feel more of the demoness’ touches and caressing. Right now she would do anything to be taken by Rhyeesh.

Sarissa’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted as Rhyeesh stopped walking and slowly guided the young maid to stand on her own feet again. The demoness carefully positioned Sarissa in front of her then closed in on the needy woman and started to kiss her dearly. Sarissa lifted herself on the tip of her toes and leaned in to the demoness’ passionate kiss, moans of lust and satisfaction filling the room as both women hugged and kissed each other. Rhyeesh slowly withdrew her lips from the maid’s, moved her mouth to Sarissa’s ear and whispered:

“I have a gift for you.”

Before Sarissa was able to reply, she felt her hand being grabbed and moved to the demoness’ nether regions, where the flat-footed woman felt the shape of something she hadn’t expected there. The maid was startled upon feeling Rhyeesh’s erect cock, but then stepped back a bit to get visual confirmation of what she had just felt with her fingers. Sarissa couldn’t believe her eyes at first. She had never seen a cock on a woman in her life before. Its girth and length was impressive; larger than a human man’s penis, but without any scrotum and balls. However, it felt real, it looked real, and Sarissa felt an urge to feel and taste it rising within her.

Rhyeesh recognized that the aroused young woman was gazing at her phallus. She was pleased about the maid’s reaction and smiled, knowing exactly about Sarissa’s current urge and needs. She slowly moved her hand to the the maid’s blushed face and gently pushed her chin upwards until Sarissa’s eyes locked onto her own.

“Hey, I’m up here darling,” purred a smiling Rhyeesh.

“You want to play with it, don’t you?”

Sarissa looked down at Rhyeesh’s magnetic phallus again and blushed even more than before. She imagined being penetrated by the demoness’ large cock, feeling every inch of it slide inside her and stretch her insides. The heat between her legs increased with every second, or at least it felt alike. The maid’s eyes wandered upward to Rhyeesh’s face again, taking the time to eyeball every part of the demoness’ body. Sarissa swallowed; her heart was beating fast as she finally found the courage to reply to Rhyeesh’s question, her voice quivering with arousal.

“I … no, this is not right. … I can’t … I mean.”

Sarissa’s eyes jumped between Rhyeesh’s cock and face.

“I … uhm … want to feel you … inside me. … uhm … please?”

Rhyeesh smiled lasciviously again. She moved her lips to Sarissa’s ear and whispered.

“Your voice is so cute when you are aroused. Well, your wish shall be granted. I will impale you on my beautiful cock and fuck your brains out until you have orgasm after orgasm. There’s just one condition you need to accept before I take all of you, my dear.”

Directly after having spoken, Rhyeesh moved toward the stone altar next to her and flopped backwards onto it. Sarissa was astonished watching the succubus’ graceful moves on her hooves. She also adored the sight of Rhyeesh’s cock towering from the demoness’ nether regions.

“Earn your reward and make me cum. Then this pretty cock is all yours, my dear.”

Rhyeesh grinned. She enjoyed playing with her victims, giving them the illusion of being in control over a situation, or seemingly letting them make choices where none were available. It was a game of manipulation and lust, domination and submission. It was a game Rhyeesh was an expert in.

Sometimes Rhyeesh’s victims were unexpectedly creative. It was a random element of surprise, an action the demoness hadn’t anticipated, or even expected. One of those surprises was Sarissa’s act to earn her reward. Rhyeesh had expected to receive a hand-job or even a blow-job from the maid, but Sarissa climbed on the altar and positioned herself in a 69-position over the surprised demoness. After lowering herself until her breasts and belly rested on Rhyeesh’s, Sarissa grabbed the shaft of the demoness’ cock and started to lick over the swollen glans with her wet tongue.

“Hmmm, that’s my girl,” purred Rhyeesh before grabbing Sarissa’s butt-cheeks with both of her hands and pulling her loins down towards her mouth. The moment Rhyeesh started her assault on the maid’s vulva, Sarissa squealed and lost focus on her task of licking her lover’s cockhead. Sarissa’s clit was still highly sensitive. Being orally stimulated after just having had a such intense orgasm felt amazing. The maid moaned aloud due to the intense sensation and her loins started to gyrate nearly automatically. After a few moments, Rhyeesh paused her oral cajoling and protested:

“You’re supposed to make me cum, girl.”

It was hard for Sarissa to re-focus on Rhyeesh’s cock. She tried to continue licking the demoness’ glans, but repeatedly got interrupted by her own groans of uncontrolled pleasure.

Rhyeesh know exactly that her victim was struggling to keep her focus. Feeling Sarissa’s wet tongue caressing her cockhead felt good, but Rhyeesh quickly came to the point where she wanted more from the maid than just getting her glans teased. While the lewd maid gave Rhyeesh a mediocre blow-job with muffed moans, the succubus continued to lick her moistening vulva and slowly moved both of her hands off of Sarissa’s butt cheeks. Her hands slid up the sides of her chest until they reached the maid’s breasts. After teasing the maid’s hard nipples with her fingers, Rhyeesh’s hands wandered over her cleavage to the back of Sarissa’s head.

Without any warning, Rhyeesh grabbed Sarissa’s head and pushed it down toward her loins, forcing the surprised maid to unexpectedly swallow nearly all of the demoness’ cock. Sarissa gagged hard upon the invading length; she never had taken a penis that deep into her throat. She struggled to push herself up with her hands, but her attempt was no match for the supernatural strength of Rhyeesh. A few seconds after being pushed down, Rhyeesh moved the maid’s head up and withdrew her cock from the flexing throat of her gagging and coughing victim. Before Sarissa was able to respond to the succubus’ harsh sex-play, Rhyeesh pushed her head down again and lifted her loins upwards a bit, forcing the naked woman – now torn between the rising oral pleasure between her legs and the cock invading her throat – to swallow all of her cock’s length until Sarissa’s chin touched her pubis. She then lifted the maid’s head up again, just to ram her phallus back into her throat, then again, and again … and again.

Every time Rhyeesh was immersing her erect cock into the maid’s gullet, she felt an orgasmic sensation rise up within her with every thrust of her loins. Sarissa still struggled against the demoness’ forceful guidance. Her eyes were already tear-stained and her saliva dripped from the corner of her mouth. She gagged again and again due to the relentlessly invading dick. The troubled maid was unable to cope with the bizarre situation. The heat between her legs was rising with every stroke of Rhyeesh’s skillful tongue, quickly driving the needy maid to the edge of an orgasm.

Rhyeesh felt the rise of Sarissa’s lustfulness. It fueled her own pleasure in addition to the intense sensation of face-fucking the maid. She had complete control over her victim’s orgasm. Right now, she held Sarissa on the brink of having her climax, denying her the so much needed orgasm as long as she saw fit. A few more thrusts of Rhyeesh’s loins were enough to push the demoness over the edge. Rhyeesh came, hard. While pushing Sarissa’s head down until all of her throbbing cock vanished into the maid’s throat, Rhyeesh started to groan and shoot rope after rope of white, sticky semen into Sarissa’s belly. Meanwhile, the gagging maid was also allowed to finally have her climax, together with Rhyeesh. Sarissa’s body quivered and tensed as she got ravaged by her orgasm. She wanted to groan aloud, but wasn’t able due to Rhyeesh’s cock filling all of her mouth and throat. While the demoness’ tongue and lips were still locked on the maid’s quivering wet vulva and Sarissa’s throat was still impaled on Rhyeesh’s dick, the bodies of both women lounged with pleasure and rubbed against each other in a cacophony of orgasmic moans.

Rhyeesh’s mind was filled with orgasmic pleasure and the longing for more. She still wasn’t satisfied, and her hunger for more was as present as ever. However, the orgasm she was just having was different. There was a spark of foreign pleasure tingling in the back of her head, forming into sudden flashy and blurry images and emotions. Rhyeesh was unsure from where or whom they came. The actual essence-fueled mixture of Sarissa’s and her own lust wasn’t beneficial to exploring more details.


Kyaara sucked and licked her horse’s cock relentlessly, greedily, driven by an insatiable hunger for more white animal nectar. Her lips were stretched wide to enable the large horse cock to glide into her mouth and throat. While stroking Seriso’s hard member with her one hand, her other one massaged her own rock-hard cock which had grown beyond it’s normal girth and length. Kyaara desperately wanted to cum, and it felt like she would soon be able to achieve her release. Muffled groans of hungry pleasure erupted from under Seriso’s belly. The trained animal made some steps forward, suddenly forcing more of its cock into Kyaara’s already stuffed throat. She gagged hard upon the sudden thrust, but continued to suck hungrily on her horse’s phallus. Kyaara’s senses were all overloaded with sexual pleasure; the strong scent of Seriso’s genital area, the taste of his cum and precum, the look of the horse’s large penis, and nonetheless the feeling of being so close to yet another much needed orgasm.

It didn’t take long until Kyaara succeeded in pushing Seriso over the edge to another animalistic climax. The horse neighed in excitement as it started to shoot huge loads of horse cum out of its throbbing cock. The ejaculation of Seriso’s second in-a-row orgasm was much more forceful than Kyaara had expected. The first surge of cum filled her gullet and throat nearly instantly, then the white nectar started to spurt out of her nostrils and the corners of her mouth. The amount of cum was way too much for Kyaara. She was able to gulp down a small portion of the massive load, but the next surge of cum from Seriso’s cock forced Kyaara to release it from her overflowing mouth. Kyaara gagged and coughed due to all of the cum shooting into her mouth and throat while a large rope of cum shot out of the animal cock and splashed onto the elf’s face.

Kyaara looked messy and devastated. She coughed and panted heavily, yet tried to lick up and gulp down as much horse cum as possible. The white sticky liquid dripped down from her face, covered her bare breasts, and pooled in between them, partially mixing with the blood of her wounds. She had started to stroke her own enlarged cock as Seriso stopped ejaculating. Though Kyaara felt satisfied for a short time after drinking her horse’s cum, she soon realized that she still wasn’t able to have her own still much needed orgasm. She somehow felt more energized from swallowing the cum, but it soon was clear to her that she only would have true salvation from cumming herself.

“Hmm-god no … it won’t stop. My body, so hot … so needy.”

Kyaara’s voice was trembling – a mixture of lustfulness, despair, and helplessness. Her mind was clouded with the surreal urge to release herself. The question of where those emotions and feeling came from and why they were tormenting her were of no importance right now; the only goal Kyaara had was to have an orgasm. Kyaara wrapped both of her hands around her still hard cock and tried to masturbate again. The feeling of being close to a climax was still ever present. She felt it building up in her balls, felt it entangling her mind. It was spreading out into all of her body, making her feel hot and ever needy.

It was pure torture for poor Kyaara, a frustrating rollercoaster of rising pleasure and orgasmic denial. She was able to pleasure her own cock, but could not make herself cum now. Additionally, working her hands over her overstimulated cock soon resulted in an odd painful sensation. Soon, just touching her own cock would result in more pain than pleasure.

Kyaara slowly stopped pleasuring herself and hung her head. She started to sob, unable to bare the tormenting situation anymore. Tears began to rush into her eyes, then dropped down into the pool of blood and horse cum between Kyaara’s legs. She was desperate, feeling broken and defeated. She tried to think about something different, something which would be able to calm her down a bit, but her tainted thoughts continued to circle around her need to cum. It fueled the surreal urge within her.

Still kneeling under Seriso, digging her fingers into the moistened dirt between her thighs, Kyaara looked off to the side at the dead Plain Seeker and at her still unconscious sister. Suddenly, a thought jolted to her mind, powerful, driven by pure instinct, feeling like a lightning strike.

» Fuck her. «

Kyaara caught her breath. She gazed at Tianna, letting her eyes wander over her sister’s voluptuous body.

» Fuck her. «

» No. She’s my sister. «

» She’s the only one capable of satisfying the urge. «

» God no, I’ve violated her once. I … mustn’t do it again. «

» Fuck her pussy. It will feel good. It will help. «

» She’s innocent. No. «

» She’s available. Yes. «

» Fuck her. I need to fuck her … Now. «

Kyaara hadn’t noticed that she had crawled toward her sister while struggling with her own thoughts. She knelt besides Tianna, looking down on her, gazing at her exposed and still cum-smeared breasts, feeding on her sister’s look. Tianna was lying on her cloak. Her white attire had gotten a bit dirty due to the recent set of actions, such as getting thrown off the horse. Kyaara recognized anew how well Tianna’s white corset, gloves and stockings complemented her natural light skin color, as well as the curves of her elven body. Even now, as Tianna was lying unconscious in front of Kyaara, she was radiating an aura of innocence paired with a certain level of attraction, even to her own sister Kyaara.

Driven by her lust-tainted instinct, Kyaara grabbed the front of Tianna’s thong and ripped it away from her loins, exposing her sister’s vulva. Kyaara felt her heartbeat rising as she denuded her sister’s nether regions. She grabbed both of Tianna’s knees and guided her thighs apart. Like an animal in heat, she moved her head down between Tianna’s thighs and nosed the sweet scent of her sister’s private parts.

» I still don’t know how you taste down there, sister. «

Kyaara’s thoughts were instantly followed by action. She stuck out her tongue, shoved it in between Tianna’s labia, and let it glide through her vulva until she reached its tip. While placing an intense kiss on her sister’s clitoris, Kyaara recognized that her sister’s body was somehow responding to her oral cajoling; she moaned a bit, silently but unconsciously. Crawling on all fours, the lust-driven Blade-Dancer positioned herself over her sister, her body trembling, panting in ecstatic anticipation of shoving her aching and needy cock into Tianna’s vagina.

Kyaara hesitated at first; she was still struggling with herself whether what she was going to do was right or wrong. However, as she felt the tip of her cock touch her sister’s labia, Kyaara was no longer able to hold herself back and pushed her cock into her sister’s pussy. The sensation of entering her sister’s vagina was much more intense and relieving than Kyaara had expected. The girth of her enlarged phallus spread Tianna’s labia wide and slowly filled all of her love tunnel. While hungrily pushing her loins forward and moaning in relief, Kyaara slowly lowered her chest until the hard nipples of her horse-cum-stained breasts touched her sister’s. Shortly before Kyaara was able to insert all of her grown phallus’ length into her sister’s vagina, she felt the tip of her cock touch the end of Tianna’s opening. The jolt of pain caused by the sudden impact of Kyaara’s glans on her sister’s cervix caused Tianna to abruptly snap back into consciousness and open her eyes, gazing at her big sister in disbelief.


Energized by the sudden flash of foreign lustful emotions, Rhyeesh released Sarissa from her grip, allowing the maid to withdraw from Rhyeesh’s still throbbing and spurting cock. While the young maid still coughed and gagged due to the massive load of semen poured into her mouth and throat, Rhyeesh guided Sarissa to remain on top of the altar while she slightly rolled to the side, sat upright, and got up from the altar stone. Without saying another word, the demoness gracefully moved to the lower end of the altar with clacking hoof steps, grabbed Sarissa’s legs, and pulled the surprised maid toward herself.

“Turn around on your back, lovely maid. I’m gonna fuck your brains out…” purred Rhyeesh.

The still horny maid obeyed, turning around and spreading her legs, inviting the demoness to fulfill her announcement. Rhyeesh dragged Sarissa’s body toward her until the maid’s butt reached the edge of the altar. Having her in this position allowed Rhyeesh to comfortably penetrate her sex toy while standing at the lower end of the stone. Without further ado, the succubus roughly shoved her hard and throbbing cock into the maid’s vagina. The sudden sensation of her labia being spread by the swollen glans of the demoness’ cock forced a loud lustful groan out of the maid’s mouth. A series of deeper moans followed as Rhyeesh started to rhythmically shove her demon cock back and forth, grinding all of Sarissa’s insides while massaging both of her tits and nipples with her hands.

Sarissa was soon engulfed in an overwhelming experience of being relentlessly fucked, feeling a large cock filling all of her pussy again and again and again. It got even better for the maid as she felt Rhyeesh’s demon tail slowly pushing into her anus, quickly joining the pleasure-giving rhythm of sexual intercourse. Sarissa had wrapped her legs around Rhyeesh’s loins; her mind was clouded by the raw and intense sensation of being taken in a way she had never dreamed of before. It did not take long until she felt another orgasm crawling through the insides of her body and mind.

“Oh-god … cumming, I’m cumming again!” moaned Sarissa, nearly screaming.

Moments later, her body began to tense as the predicted climax ravaged through her body, essence, and mind. Rhyeesh felt the flush of orgasmic power within the maid. It was yet another fragment of her feast, like a series of appetizers slowly driving her to the grand finale. The demoness didn’t stop grinding her victim’s pussy; she continued fucking Sarissa, slowly working herself to her own orgasm.


It took a few moments until Tianna recognized what was happening. The pain between her legs was real. The pressure of her sister’s body was real. The smell of cum, beast, and blood was real. Her violation was real, the whole bizarre situation. Tianna tried to somehow resist her sister’s sexual assault on her, but quickly realized that she had not much to counter against her big sister’s strength. Kyaara had already pinned down her wrists to the sides of head with her hands, but did not move her loins so far. She just had penetrated her inside walls, filled her up, and remained in this position.

Tianna looked up in her big sister’s eyes; frightened, shocked, and still in disbelief of what was just happening. She felt Kyaara’s breath on her face and her breasts resting on her own as well as the warmth of Kyaara’s loins on hers.

“Sister … please … what are you doing?” whimpered Tianna while gazing into Kyaara’s eyes.

The instinct-driven Blade-Dancer did not respond at first; she just continued to pant in silence, to feel her little sister’s vaginal muscles flex and tense because of her penetration.

“Kyaara … it hurts,” sobbed Tianna, “it’s not you, sister … fight it, please.”

“I … c-can’t …” Kyaara’s voice was trembling, strained.

She was still fighting with herself, fighting the surreal urge and instinct which was driving her.

“Forgive me …” were Kyaara’s last words as she started moving her hips.

Feeling her sister’s insides was more than relieving for Kyaara. She was sure that fucking her was the only way of gaining salvation from her tormenting urge. She had no problems restraining Tianna under her; her trained fighter body had enough strength left despite her still bleeding wounds. After a series of thrusts of her loins, Kyaara recognized that Tianna’s resistance slowly decreased. She was uncertain if Tianna was just coming to terms with her fate, or if there were other reasons.

Kyaara relished the feeling of her enlarged cock sliding into her sister’s vagina, the feeling of filling her up completely until her glans touched her sister’s cervix. Her thrusts were slow yet powerful. She was surprised that her sister’s vaginal muscles were massaging her cock, flexing and tensing.

Tianna was torn between trying to fully resist her big sister, and her body responding to the unusual large phallus invading her. The sheer size of Kyaara’s cock and the intensity of the penetrations slowly pushed the elven priestess to the point where the pain of the violation slowly morphed into some sort of bizarre pleasure. Tianna was sure that those feelings were infested, tainted by the wicked powers of the demoness who had caught her back then. However, the resistance to her big sister’s invasion, the corresponding feeling of shame and unbelief dimmed out, slowly, inexorable. Since the elven priestess quickly realized that there was no physical action she could do in order to counter her sister’s raping act, she did what her goddess Eletha had taught her – to endure.

Tianna looked up into Kyaara’s face, her eyes tear-stained, while tantalized moans of unmeant forbidden pleasure escaped from her mouth, joined in to the rhythm of her sister’s thrusts. What she saw in Kyaara’s eyes was primeval lust, paired with traces of doubt.

“Kyaara … hnnn … sister…” moaned Tianna.

“My womb … hmm-god … so deep. Your cock … hnnn … so big.”

The sensation of being completely filled by Kyaara’s enlarged cock was overwhelming for Tianna. The intensity of the penetration, the heat emanating from her sister’s cock – it was wrong, yet it all started to feel good, a bizarre sort of good, tainted somehow. A few of her sister’s thrusts later, Tianna felt that she was being rhythmically pushed toward an orgasm. She was shocked that her body reacted in this manner, it was her big sister after all. She tried to address Kyaara again.

“Hmmm … by Eletha, no … please, Kyaara, I’m cumming from Kyaara’s cock …”

“Kiss me…” commanded Kyaara as she lowered her head and pressed her lips onto her sister’s.

Tianna endured and obeyed. She parted her lips and gave in to her sister’s kiss. Kyaara continued to thrust her hips and shove her cock in and out of Tianna’s pussy with vigor. It didn’t take long untill the violated priestess was pushed over the edge to her forced climax. All of her body quivered and tensed as she tried to endure the intense orgasm delivered by Kyaara’s fucking. Tianna groaned aloud. She was barely able to cope with the situation, still torn between the intense love to her big sister and a fading urge to fight against the violation.

While Tianna was suffering through her intense orgasm, Kyaara didn’t stop grinding her sister’s pussy; she continued fucking Tianna, slowly working herself to her own much needed climax.


Rhyeesh’s ecstasy and lust grew and grew with every one of her loin thrusts. The sensation of feeling her cock being massaged so intensely by Sarissa’s pussy was unexpectedly strong in comparison to other situations where Rhyeesh was having sex with her victims in order to drain their essence.

While shoving her cock in and out of Sarissa’s vagina, Rhyeesh enjoyed massaging the young maid’s tender breasts or playfully pinching her hard nipples, forcing pleasure-stained squeals of lustful pain out of the maid.

“Kiss meee-oh god … cumming, I’m cumming again!” moaned Sarissa aloud as she reached her hand out towards the demoness.

Rhyeesh decided to be responsive to the cumming maid’s plea. She released her sensitive nipples, sending another jolt of lustful pain through Sarissa’s breasts, grabbed her butt-cheeks with both of her hands, and lifted the quivering woman from the altar stone. Sarissa barely had control over her limbs due to having another orgasm, but managed to hug Rhyeesh and wrap her legs around the succubus’ waist. The sudden weight of Sarissa’s own body forced Rhyeesh’s cock deeper into the maid’s pussy, filling her out completely, pushing her orgasm to a new level of intensity. A cacophony of lustful moans had filled the abandoned cathedral. Both women’s lips were locked in a passionate kiss while Sarissa lounged her body against the demoness’. Rhyeesh continued to thrust her cock into the maid, racing towards her climax.

Moments before she went over the edge, the world around Rhyeesh seemed to blur away. It felt like she was being dragged towards a mind-blowing orgasm by an invisible force; it was much more powerful than anything the succubus had experienced so far.


Tianna’s and Kyaara’s lips had joined in a passionate kiss. Tianna had meanwhile ceased to try to resist her big sisters actions; she had just given into Kyaara’s pleasure and instinct-driven mating attempt. The priestess felt defeated – again – and helpless; she had no more ideas how to seal herself off from the violation. In fact her own body betrayed her by having yet another billowing orgasm.

Kyaara was close to cumming herself. Feeling her sister’s soft inside walls flexing around her grown cock was more than satisfying; it felt like the only viable way to gain salvation from her demonic desire. Her thrusts were slow, luxurious, intense. She nearly withdrew all of her cock from Tianna’s pussy just to push it all back in until her pubis met with her sister’s. Every time her over-sensitive glans pushed against Tianna’s cervix, the orgasm-ridden priestess groaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain, and Kyaara joined in by moaning and panting due to her own incoming orgasm. Moments before Kyaara finally went over the edge, her heart suddenly started to beat fast within her chest and her mind started to go blank due to the sheer intensity of cumming into her beloved sister.




Kyaara came. Hard.

Rhyeesh came. Hard.




Her large cock was fully immersed into her sister’s vagina as Kyaara started to flood Tianna. The force of her ejaculation was strong enough to shoot her hot cum from the tip of her glans directly into Tianna’s womb. While Tianna moaned silently, suffering through her final orgasm, Kyaara nearly screamed in order to endure her extraordinary climax. She felt like being catapulted directly into the realm of pure pleasure. Her body and mind were instantly filled with orgasmic lustfulness. The scent of her sister, her moans of pleasure, the sensation of feeling Tianna’s breasts and nipples on hers; it all fueled Kyaara’s orgasm and held the corrupted elven fighter on this level of ecstasy for – it felt like – eternity. Kyaara’s eyes had rolled up back into her head. After being hold on the peak of her extended orgasm, after pumping more semen into her sister than her virgin womb was able to hold, after lots of Kyaara’s cum spurted out of Tianna’s vagina, and after screaming all of her heart out, the whole buildup in Kyaara’s cock and balls and all of the frustration which had tainted her mind for days got washed away, leaving nothing else than pure liberating satisfaction.

The exhaustion of her mind, as well as the still bleeding wounds from her fight with the Plain-Seeker, now took their toll. Kyaara collapsed into unconsciousness, her branded body resting nerveless and heavy on her little sister.


Cumsplosion. Rhyeesh’s whole body quivered and tensed. The orgasm she was just having was overwhelming for the rather experienced demoness, and the flow of essence she was just draining had a much greater force than normal. Rhyeesh looked into the maid’s eyes as she came. There was something like a reflection, or maybe just a flashing image rushing into the succubus’ mind’s eye. It was Kyaara, that she was sure of, and she was also having an intense orgasm, at least it was what she felt while cumming hard.

Rhyeesh hadn’t planned to harvest all of Sarissa’s essence, but nearly an instant after seeing Kyaara’s image, the demoness found herself having her elongated fangs buried deep into Sarissa’s neck, sucking the potent melange of blood and essence out of her victim. She acted as if she was in a trance while still cumming harder and longer than ever in her life before.

Sarissa’s mind was floating in a stream of overwhelming pleasure. Feeling Rhyeesh’s body, smelling her sweet exotic scent, adoring the demoness’ unearthy appearance, it was more than she could handle, yet everything the young maid had ever dreamt of. The experience she just had surpassed everything she had felt so far, and it probably would surpass everything she would feel ever again. Sarissa felt a deep and intense connection pulsing between herself and Rhyeesh; she was happy, feeling safe and protected. Right now, she wanted to be with the attractive succubus forever. The moment Rhyeesh immersed her vampiric fangs into her flesh, Sarissa’s mind got struck by an intense emotion; it was love, pure and real love for the one she was together with right now, for Rhyeesh.

» I’m yours, my lovely Rhyeesh. « was what waved from Sarissa to the demoness, a strong, powerful and unforeseen emotion. Rhyeesh felt how the maid’s mind and soul slowly get entangled by a forceful stream of demonic magic power which dimmed the glowing flame of life pulsing within the maid.

Sarissa’s body suddenly started to tremble. All of her bodily muscles flexed and tensed hard. As the young maid had yet another huge climax, she suddenly cried out in pleasure and pain, then her body relaxed and her voice went silent.

Sarissa did not feel any pain, nor did she suffer from unpleasant emotions. Feeling as she was in the midst of utter satisfaction and happiness, her last conscious thought was that she finally had reached true love, and there was nothing more she needed to have. Sarissa’s thoughts vanished into unconsciousness; the unconsciousness blended over into naught.

Rhyeesh’s fangs were still locked onto the maid’s neck. The ecstatic sensation of draining Sarissa’s life essence was still clouding Rhyeesh’s mind, but started to fade slowly during the sweet aftermath of her orgasm. Silence filled the abandoned cathedral. A short while after Rhyeesh’s essence harvesting, the demoness withdrew her mouth from Sarissa’s neck, leaving a pair of small bloody holes. The succubus shook her head in disbelief. She hadn’t intended to drain Sarissa’s essence completely, yet she looked down and saw the pale body of the young maid, resting lifeless on her arms.

Rhyeesh still felt Sarissa’s thoughts and emotions; they glowed like the remaining sparks of a dying camp fire. The love she had felt within the maid and which was still waving through her mind; it felt good, yet dissembling.

» Oh no … Sarissa … I didn’t want to … « Rhyeesh’s thoughts came to a halt. She looked into the maid’s peaceful looking face while still holding her in her arms.

“I’m sorry … ” whispered Rhyeesh as she placed a soft kiss on Sarissa’s forehead and placed her lifeless body on the altar stone.

She had never expected to lose control over her appetite in such a drastic manner. Recalling what had just happened, she realized that it was her connection to the elven sisters, especially to Kyaara, the bond she had initiated over a week ago at this very same place, which had now been completely established. Rhyeesh felt charged, able to call upon all of her powers, though the burden of having killed Sarissa against her own intent rested heavy on her shoulders. However, a part of Sarissa had now become a part of herself. It was one of the major side effects of completely draining essence; it’s what Rhyeesh felt deep within her. After some time of finding back to herself again, Rhyeesh finally got herself ready.

“I know where you are, Kyaara.” whispered Rhyeesh to herself. “I’m coming for you …”

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