Sewers of Harrow. Part I : Havoc.


The following events take place during Spire of Torment Chapter 24: Tempest’s Seed.


Part I : Havoc.

 The sewers of the Kazdruk spire loomed over the party of four elves who ventured inside. They looked around in quiet awe, the structure dwarfing any sewage systems built by even the great empire of Goldulin. The sounds of the battle raging outside were drowned out by the sounds of water flowing and pipes clattering within the cavernous halls.

“Alright ladies, stay alert.” Tereza broke the silent reverie. “The Kazdruk are throwing everything at us outside, but that doesn’t mean this place is completely unguarded.”

The four elven soldiers waded through the knee high water – at least, they hoped it was water – that covered the floor of the sewers like a shallow pool, brandishing their keen silver blades than glinted even in the dull light of the sewers. A pervading, almost oppressive stench creeped into their nostrils as they ventured deeper.

“Nice of Commander Geem to send us into this shit hole.” Zaya remarked, her fiery red hair flowing around her shoulders as she looked around.

Celena nodded. “Send all the women into the sewers and take the men to rescue the queen and grab all the glory..” The short haired, tomboyish elf grinned sarcastically.

“Maybe he just enjoys the company of men, hm?” Zaya smirked. The look in her eyes betrayed a casual friendship with Celena.

“No..” Valery interjected. “Come on. You’ve all heard what the Kazdruk do to their prisoners.. especially women.”

“What, afraid of what the big bad Kazdruk will do to you? Maybe you should’ve stayed in Wayyel shining that pretty white armour of yours then.” Celena scoffed.

Valery glared at Celena. “My *point* was we’ve all heard what happened to Geem’s fiancée. I think maybe he.. he doesn’t want to order us to a similar fate up there.”

“Feh.” Zaya looked around at the dark, seemingly endless halls towering above them. “Whatever the reason, we’re still stuck down here breathing in whatever the hells some demon passed through their anus a week ago.”

“Look I don’t like this either.. I want to be up there, the first to save my Queen. I’m just saying the Commander has his reasons.” The feathers in Valery’s blond hair added a little colour to the bleak surroundings as she spoke.

“Right, so we’re stuck down here because the Commander’s fiancée dropped her pants for the first Kazdruk cock she came across?” Celena rolled her eyes. “No really, great. Thank you Geem for protecting poor little me.”

“Yeah I guess the good Commander couldn’t satisfy her enough.” Zaya chuckled to her friend, making a little gesture with her pinky finger extended.

Tereza sighed angrily and spun around, facing her subordinates. “Enough!” Her raised voice echoed in the giant chambers. “I thought I was leading elven soldiers, not a trio of human fish wives.”

Zaya and Valery snapped to attention, looking a bit embarrassed. Celena remained defiant.

“I’m just saying what we’re all thinki..”

“Celena. Shut it.” Tereza’s icy blue eyes locked a piercing gaze on the arrogant young elf. “We were given an assignment to find an escape route for the Queen, and that’s what we’re going to do. Now. We’re going to keep moving forward and I don’t want to hear more irrelevant gossip, clear?”

“Yes ma’am.” The other 3 elves replied, almost in unison. Celena sticking out her tongue at Tereza when she turned away and wasn’t looking.


The elves continued moving deeper into the sewer halls. So far a straightforward series of large chambers until they arrived at a smaller passage. It split two ways, and the party had no way of knowing where either led. The stench of the sewer grew ever more intense as water flowed out of the passages and from grated pipes along the green walls.

Tereza raised her hand for her group to stop as she considered her options.

“Split into two groups of two, ma’am?” Zaya spoke up. “Seems like the obvious choice.”

Tereza frowned, knowing enough about the Kazdruk to know that ‘the obvious choice’ wasn’t necessarily the best option when dealing with them or their structures. “I don’t feel good about dividing us.. especially as we don’t know where they’ll lead and no means to communicate with each other.”

Zaya wandered into the entrance of one of the passages as she spoke, looking around. “As long as one group can secure the escape route that’ll be enough, right? The others can double back if they reach a dead end.”

“Alright.” Tereza nodded. “You and Cel..”

“ZAYA! STOP!” Valery blurted out, interrupting Tereza. She raised her hand as she noticed Zaya backing up onto a metal pressure plate, barely visible beneath the flowing water. Turning her head to ask what was going on, Zaya’s foot landed on the plate. Suddenly, a large steel gate slammed down behind Zaya, cutting her off from her 3 companions. All 4 elves quickly recovered from the sudden scare and scrambled to attempt to open the new barrier between them.

“It won’t budge.” Tereza spoke up, her hands uselessly running along the smooth metal surface of the gate. The only opening being a grate for the water to flow through at their feet.

“Zaya! Just.. hold on!” Celena slammed the low grate with her sword. If she could break that, Zaya could try to swim through. But the grate felt as solid as the thick steel gate itself, and swinging a sword against a constant flow of water wasn’t making it any easier.

“No good.” Tereza pondered. “We’ll never force open this Kazdruk metal gate. Zaya. Can you hear me?”

“Yes.” Zaya replied, her voice a little muffled by the barrier. She brushed her red hair from her face nervously.

“Look. We can’t just sit here. We’re going to go down the other passageway and press onwards. Try to find a way to open this gate.. there must be a switch or something. If not, just keep going. Hopefully we can meet up further ahead. Understood?”

“Yes ma’am.” Zaya said, a little dejectedly.

Celena spoke up. “We can’t just leave Zaya alone!”

“I’ll be fine, I can take care of myself! Maybe I’ll find the way up before you do!” Zaya spoke reassuringly.

“We don’t have time to argue, fall in behind me. We’re going. And for the goddess’ sake watch the floor for more traps.” Tereza turned and walked into the other passageway. “Good luck, Zaya.”

Celena grumbled and followed, with Valery not far behind. Both wishing Zaya luck as well. Zaya turned her back against the steel gate, sighed and moved ahead.


Zaya felt a creeping tension as she pressed on alone. The sounds of the sewer seemed more intense now. The flowing water, the dripping, the sound of her own breath, the creak of her leather armour as she moved. Her heart started to beat faster, the passage felt dank and oppressive. And the stench. Her red hair matted to her face as she realised she was sweating profusely, the water below providing no comfort from the increasing heat.

Then there was a new sound. She heard something that sounded like a scrape on the wall. She froze. “Commander Tereza? Are you there?” Perhaps her squad had found their way to her after all. But there was no reply. Just another scrape. “C.. Celena? Don’t mess with me again.”

Zaya frowned and readied her sword. She heard what sounded like a grunt. Not her squad’s. A male grunt.. but it didn’t sound elven. Another scrape. She realised it sounded like a claw scratching against stone. She tensed up. The sounds grew louder, and louder. Whatever it was, was coming near her. The passageway became somewhat larger, but there were no alternate routes, just a corner ahead, and the sealed gate behind. She resolved to be ready for whatever was coming, and went round the corner.

The sight before her made her gasp. It was a tall humanoid creature, four powerful arms extended from it’s muscular frame. The upper arms had fairly normal hands, but the lower had large, sharp black claws in place of fingers. It’s head bore no resemblance to elf or human, looking like a demonic monstrosity more akin to a Keeat hound or dragon with large, black horns. But what disturbed Zaya the most was it’s incredibly large cock dangling between it’s equally muscular legs.

The creature glanced at Zaya with it’s fiery yellow eyes. It did not seem surprised by her presence. It made several loud snorts as it regarded her and Zaya realised.. it smelled her. It had her scent. Then, suddenly the beast charged at her with inhuman speed. Zaya barely had time to react, raising her sword as the creature slammed into her. She was sent reeling into the wall behind her. She recovered quickly and gritted her teeth, slicing her sword down into it’s chest, leaving a visible scar, but the creature barely reacted. It lunged at her and slammed her against the wall again. Zaya screamed in pain and raised her sword again. This time the creature’s upper hands grabbed her wrists and spun her around, her back facing him. With a strong squeeze of her wrist, the creature forced Zaya to drop her sword into the water below them as it raised it’s two clawed hands, preparing to strike.

“No.. no! STOP! CELENA! HELP ME!!!!” Zaya shrieked as she struggled against the creature’s strong grip, she was almost certain the claws would impale her in a moment, ending her life.

The creature snorted again next to Zaya’s fiery hair, smelling her up close. It’s claws hooked onto and shredded Zaya’s leather bottoms and part of her top, exposing her elegantly weaved emerald green thong and bare breast to the dank sewer air, then grabbed her hips with those same claws, spreading her legs apart. Zaya’s eyes widened in horror as she realised the creatures intent as she was positioned over the beast’s rapidly hardening cock, her arms and legs restrained and useless.

“OH GODDESS NO! COMMANDER! PLEASE!! ANYONE!! AHHHHH!” Zaya screamed in panic. None of the salacious stories of what the Kazdruk did to their prisoners prepared her for the moment the creature’s engorged member pushed inside of her pussy, easily slipping her thong aside. She gasped, and screamed again, the creature rapidly filling her like no elven man ever did. The creature roared triumphantly as it started to take it’s new female prize.

Zaya’s screams echoed down the passageways and halls. Tereza, Celena and Valery froze as they heard them. Muffled, distant. But definitely Zaya. Along with the roar. A horrible, guttural roar.

“Zaya? ZAYA! We have to help her!!” Celena blurted out, waving her sword and preparing to charge back the way she came.

“Stop, STOP!” Tereza shouted, firmly grasping Celena’s shoulders. “We have no idea where she is! And that other passage is still blocked!”

“Screw that! I’ll bash it down if I have to!” Celena spat, tears welling up in her eyes.

“We have to keep going ahead with the mission. That’s an order.”

Valery tried to calm Celena down. “You can’t help her by going back, okay? We just have to.. we have to go on okay? There has to be a connection ahead!”

Celena relented, hanging her head, realising Valery was right. All 3 elves were startled again as they heard another scream, another muffled plea, with no way of knowing how close they were. She was distant.. or was she? Was she behind the wall next to them? The sounds in the sewers travelled frustratingly far. Then.. their hairs stood on end as they heard her screams become shorter.. quieter.. liked pained moans as if something was slamming into her repeatedly.

“Oh no.. she’s.. she’s..” Celena grabbed her chest, breathing rapidly.

“Don’t think about it. Keep moving. Just block it out. Block it out..” Tereza replied, perhaps trying to convince herself to do so as well.

The creature roared contentedly as it’s cock rutted into Zaya’s quivering form, her free breast bouncing in the hole in her top. Zaya looked on in disbelief at the cock that filled her, she gasped and made short, repeated cries as the creature fucked her relentlessly.

DC SEWER 1_Lucien

The beast soon reached it’s orgasm, roaring again, it’s sharp toothed mouth spewing drool onto Zaya’s face and hair as it spurted creamy cum into her pussy, it rapidly flowing out. This only seemed to serve to drive it to pump it’s cock into Zaya even faster and harder than before, now lubricated by the cum coating it’s shaft.

Zaya felt embarrassed and fearful as she felt her insides churn against the massive cock, she tried to raise her hands again but they were held down tight by the beast. She sensed her nethers tingling as the lubricated cock filled her and rubbed on her clit. The initial shock having passed, she found herself focusing on this more and more. She gasped and shook her head. The last thing she wanted was to give this monster the satisfaction of making her cum. If it even understood that, that is. If it even cared about the feelings of the woman it was impaling on it’s long.. hard.. slimy.. cock..

She moaned. She felt like her hips were starting to thrust back of their own volition. Her bare nippled hardened and stood out erect. As the pounding of her soft nethers continued, Zaya felt her face flush and a warm tingle overtake her whole body. She let out a cry and thrust her head back as she came, the walls of her cunt twitching and clamping on the beast’s shaft, clear juices squirting out.

The creature roared again, pumping more thick ejaculate into Zaya. She recovered her breath as she came down from her orgasm and looked at the creature’s face behind her. Somehow, seeing it’s face, the way it looked back at her. She could tell. It knew. It knew she just came. Hard. And as it started pumping into her once again, grasping her limbs tightly she let out a weak moan and understood the look on it’s demonic face. It owned her.

The three elves noticed the sounds coming from Zaya becoming quieter and quieter. Then, only the roars of the creature could be heard… and then.. nothing. Only the sound of water flowing, and pipes clattering. The three remained silent, Celena’s face streaked with tears. And they marched onwards…




  1. Nice story man can’t wait for the next CH. Did have a question tho. when it says “As the pounding of her soft nethers continued, Zaya felt her face flush and her warm tingle overtake her whole body.” Did u mean ‘a’ warm tingle…or am I missing something?

    1. Oh yep it was supposed to be “A” warm tingle I think.

      I’m going to post my next Spire of Torment chapter first, then Part II for this should release maybe a week later :)

  2. Oh, come on. Geem totally knew what he was sending these poor girls into. Dank tunnels under the spire? How could he have possibly thought that would be safer? Haha!

    Great first chapter though. Looking forward to the next!

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