Spire of Torment. Chapter 26: Carnal Servitude

 By: Lucien

Neicul entered Aeltha’s nebulous chamber. Slowly he pushed the heavy door open, hiding his wound and the undeniable fact that he was one subject short. He strolled into the dark candlelight chamber knowing he was in trouble and would be at the mercy of the sorceress. Aeltha stood in the far corner, reading over dry scrolls and various outlandish artifacts. Lost in inimical thought, she seemed to ignore the soldier’s entrance. Off to his right, his piercing eyes caught movement. Two twin corrupted elves giggled softly before flashing tantalizing smiles towards Neicul. The two were laid back in unison across the stone altars they sat upon, exposing their smooth bronze naked bodies for Neicul to clearly see. The twin’s slanted eyes pulsed steadily in the smoky light, casting a mesmerizing gaze into his eyes. Neicul slowed his pace, suddenly finding it difficult to look away.


“Welcome back, Neicul,” Aeltha spoke out. Her voice startled Neicul as she was suddenly directly behind him. He snapped out of his daze with the alluring twins and spun to face Aeltha.


“Good evening, Aeltha,” he spoke before bowing.


“Excellent work, Neicul. The subjects you brought me shall work just fine… oh they will indeed,” she spoke, looking back where the two were now caged. Aeltha’s lips curled into the most mischievous and cruel grin he had ever seen. He was taken back by her lack of annoyance and anger. He was one test subject short but she didn’t seem to mind.


“Perhaps I was a bit harsh and wrong about you, Neicul. You fulfilled my request quite well.”  Aeltha stepped closer as the two corrupt elvish twins approached Neicul from behind. The duo draped themselves across Neicul’s broad shoulders while gliding their long tongues up his neck. Aeltha closed in, running her hand between his legs and pressing herself onto him before pressing her lips into his and kissing him softly. The group started to slowly move sideways up against the stone wall. Neicul found himself in bottomless bliss as the three women ran their hands across his body. The elves tugged on his earlobes with their teeth whispering soft moans of sizzling pleasure. Two metallic clicks of shackles clamping shut snapped Neicul out of the deceiving ruse. It was already too late. Neicul tried to move his arms but his wrists were shackled. Attached to short chains, he now stood crucified to the cold wall behind him. He cursed out, unable to move away or defend himself.

Aeltha laughed at how easily he fell into her trap. She shook her head side to side, partly disappointed in the lack of effort it took. The two twins came back into view on either side of Aeltha smiling with matching devilish grins.

She unsheathed her dagger and started to slowly slice into his vest. Letting the Kazdruk blade creep upward, it cut open his vest, exposing his sleek chest. She swiped outward twice, slicing the vest’s shoulders. The vest fell to the ground along with his two beloved knives.


Neicul stood now with only his pants on. He grimaced in anger as one of the twins removed his knives and vest from the room. Aeltha let her dagger gently glide across Neicul’s built chest.


“You failed me, Neicul. You were one subject short. I thought we had a clear understanding, yes?” Aeltha spoke harshly. She pushed the dagger under his chin, forcing his head upward.


Look at me!… you are now my third subject…” Aletha smiled, revealing her sharp fangs.  “It works out quite well now that I think about it. With you being Kazdruk, I’ll be able to push things farther. We wont have to waste any time being so cautious…and what I have planned for you will be ever enjoyable,” Aeltha shivered in jubilance.  One of the twins returned with a vial and handed it to Aeltha.


“Thank you, my dear. If you two would be so kind as to hold his head for me. I don’t wish to waste any more time.”  The two smiled, grabbed his black hair, and pried backward.


“You bitch! Mark my words! I’ll lay you to waste!” Neicul spat, now struggling to get out of the shackles.


“Ha! Please, save me the indignation and resentment. I won’t be changing anything you don’t already possess, no. Only amplifying your innerself.”


The twins pulled back on his hair, forcing his head back.


“Now be a good boy and open wide.” Aeltha drove her talon into Neicul’s wound, hooking her nail in deep. With his canines clamped down, he gritted his teeth grunting in pain. “Don’t make this so hard on yourself, Neicul. Trust me – I think you will enjoy what i’m about to do to you.”


Neicul wrapped his wrists around the short chains, grabbed them tightly and pulled himself upward. In one smooth motion he rolled his shoulder blades up the wall and kicked Aletha back. “Don’t you touch me ! I don’t want anything to do with your tampering!”


The two twins acted quickly and bit into his neck, letting their fangs sink deep. With another grunt Neicul’s entire body flexed, pulling on the chains as he tried to pull his head away. He found his body becoming weaker as his essence flowed into the twins. He felt his legs wobble slightly but kept trying to fight back.


Aletha straightened her leather corset and smirked. “My, aren’t we a difficult one,” She spat and drove her talon back into his chest. Another grunt rang out into the dark room as Aletha pulled on his stab wound, letting fresh crimson blood trickle down his chest. His eyes began to dwindle and roll as a deep red aura fizzled out of his neck now. The sangria smoke bellowed around the elves as they moaned in their feeding frenzy. Neicul tugged on the heavy chains one last time before he passed out. Aeltha smiled and waved the elves to get off. She pulled his head back, opened his mouth and poured the strange vial’s contents down his throat. The oily, juniper liquid spilled into his mouth, causing a vibrant flash to emit from his glazed over eyes.


“Excellent work ladies. Now we wait; hopefully this undiluted mixture doesn’t kill him.”






Thick pinewood and tall white birch shot off into the pale blue sky. Lush emerald leaves glistened in the gold sun as northern avians whistled their endless angelic hymns. Avelyn watched as lavender butterflies danced across her arm before fluttering up across her soft face. She laughed as Geem handed her a wild white rose. Avelyn returned a smile and kissed Geem softly. The two laid back under a tall tree while looking out across the coast of Wayyel.


“Words cannot describe how much I love you, Kiyler,” Avelyn spoke, now running her fingers through Geem’s long blond hair.


“I would travel to the ends of the world just to set my eyes upon you,” Geem smiled, looking deep into her lime eyes. Avelyn smirked at the comment and rested her head across his shoulder. Her fingers traced across his chest, letting warmth and love fill her soul.


“You mean the world to me Aveyln. I lov-”


Geem was cut off as the entire world started violently rocking back and forth. Tremors and earthquakes rocked the land as trees became set aflame melting into twisted, fanged, arachnid-like horrors. Black venomous oil seeped upward out of the bleeding dirt as chunks of land erected, spiraling out of control into the sky. The horizon began to crumble apart like broken granite as Geem fell away upward into the now void sky. Avelyn was ripped out of his loving embrace as she was pulled deep into the raven quicksand soil. The swampy mud began to cover her face as the world shattered apart like frozen stain glass.



“Hey! Rise and shine!”


Avelyn awoke from her deep sleep in a startle, her heart racing and confusion surging through her. She rolled to her side while rubbing her eyes, attempting to get rid of the blurry sleep that obstructed her vision. When she finally came to, she scurried backward in fear until she fell off the far side of the bed.  A familiar hardy Kazdruk laugh rang out. Avelyn awoke from her terrible dream, only to return to a much worse, deeper nightmare.


“Sleep well, honey?” Luzella smirked closing in on Avelyn as the elf looked up from the cold floor. “Well? I asked you a question…”  Avelyn only looked up in anger before finally nodding yes.

“Good. It’s time to get you dressed. It’s your first big day; let’s see how long you can last.” Luzella smiled and tossed her a light blue lace thong.  “Today you start with this and only this. Depending on your behavior the next weeks, you might be rewarded with more clothing.


Avelyn looked at the skimpy lace thong and picked it up. She was hoping for real clothing, something with more cover and decency. A frown laced her face but awkwardly, she slid the thong on while trying to remain on all fours. Luzella towered over her, watching the elf in content. Avelyn finished dressing herself and looked up at Luzella in defiance. She was met with a face full of Kazdruk meat. The elf looked away in disgust while Luzella looked down, shaking her head from side to side in disappointment.


“You don’t seem very grateful for the article of clothing I’ve given you.” Avelyn looked the other way in anger and contempt. “Well? What do you have to say for yourself?” Luzella barked.


Avelyn shot her green eyes up at Luzella in pure hatred and rose up off her knees to stand. “I’m an elvish soldier of AzurLyyn!  Why should I be grateful for being treated like an animal? I’m of noble elvish blood! ” Avelyn spat gritting her teeth and she stood up, but then

Luzella lifted the elf off the ground swiftly by her neck, smiling.


“And that my dear, is where you are wrong. There’s no nobility here sweetheart. No entitlements or elvish privilege. Only the strong and the weak. There’s two ways of gaining respect in these walls. You either earn it, or take it by force”  Luzella spoke as her white eyes flared in arousal.  Avelyn struggled in the Kazdruk’s hellish grip now choking and flailing wildly.



“Geem didn’t want you, so now you’re mine. All mine, Avelyn. Do you understand?”  Luzella tossed Avelyn onto the bed. Before the elf could roll off, Luzella grabbed a fist full of her long gold hair and pulled the elf to the edge of the bed. Laying on her back, Avelyn looked up in angst as Luzella lowered herself over her face.


“You will learn your place soon enough. Like all wild animals, they just need some training and domestication…” Luzella paused for a moment thinking. “No.  You’re lower than an animal. Even lower than a human. You elves are worse. In fact, I’d place the dirt on my hoof in higher regards than you.” Luzella smiled, now pinning Avelyn down on the bed.


“I often wonder if you’re even worth being trained to be my little bitch.”  Luzella rested her thick semi-flaccid cock across Avelyn’s face. The heavy member flattened the elf’s cute button nose as she went cross-eyed looking at it’s girth. Avelyn stopped struggling for a moment in terror.


“You haven’t earned the right to be trained,” Luzella laughed. The tall Kazdruk leaned forward, letting her heavy balls drag across Avelyn’s face before resting them on her mouth. “As of now, you’re at the absolute bottom. You’re nothing but an object to me, a non-sentient being. You need to prove to me that you’re an elf that has feelings and perception. Prove to me you’re a living and breathing life.  You can start by polishing these balls.”


A muffle of protest emitted from under Luzella’s heavy dark balls as the great amazonian slowly pressed down, letting the weighty spheres smother the elf’s face.


“Hmm, did you say something?” Avelyn struggled again but Luzella nonchalantly held the small elf in place. “You better get licking.” The struggling stopped for a moment; “Struggle as much as you want, I promise you won’t win.”  Avelyn’s feet kicked in panic. Her arms flailed around doing anything in her power to escape.


“Looks like you might die on your first day after all. What a pity,”  Luzella sighed in disappointment. “You want me to let up? You want salvation? Commiseration perhaps? You need to earn it!”


Avelyn struggled even more before she finally complied. Luzella purred out softly as her balls were met with soft licking. The soft licks turned to long slow laps. Avelyn hated herself but her survival instinct took over.


“Mmmhmm there we go, what a good girl.” The amazonian held her grapefruit sized balls over Avelyn’s face, letting her work her tongue back and forth. Luzella smiled as the elf started to flail again, striving for air while kicking and trying to push up with her small hands. The Kazdruk locked her powerful thighs and looked down.


“Oh, the bed seems to be moving, how strange,” Luzella smirked, not letting up in the slightest. Luzella stood with her balls pressed over the elf’s face ignoring her muffled cries.


Luzella reached up and undid her hair tie, letting her long raven hair fall out of its single ponytail. As Avelyn struggled more, Luzella ran her fingers through her own black locks. Looking at the mirror at the head of the bed, the great demon adjusted her hair some, making sure it framed her face nicely. She tilted her head slightly to the right and ran her finger across the scar that Geem had left under her collar bone. Avelyn’s struggling became even more frantic now, her back arching and legs kicking out to the sides trying anything for a breath of air. Luzella stood unfazed and ran her finger across her own eyebrows. With a smile she adjusted her hair slightly again in pinch of narcissism. She held the very tip of a black strand and observed it closely letting her smile turn to a slight frown.


“Hmm, a split end.”  Luzella reached over and picked up a black brush and began to run it through her hair. Humming to herself, she continued to ignore the elf’s desperate pleas for air who was now punching the sides of Luzella’s robust thighs.


“You have not licked nearly enough to be granted any breath of air… not that you would really need any. Only living beings need air and If I my memory serves me correct, you are still less than a speck of dirt.”


Luzella continued to brush her long hair. Avelyn quickly started lapping away at the Kazdruk balls. Angrily yet eagerly she made long passes with her tongue, sliding back and working her way forward over and over. The elf worked in a last ditch effort to be rewarded with a breath.


“Mmm yes. That’s much better. Work that slutly little tongue of yours. Geem sure let a good one go. Ha! The sun isn’t even up yet and you’re already working that mouth.”

Luzella purred deeply as she felt her slave lap away like a dog. Slowly, the towering Kazdruk pulled her heavy balls off Avelyn’s face, rewarding her with a chance to breathe. The elf sucked in a deep breath of air looking upward in searing anger. Luzella rested her hands down on the bed smiling her injurious smile down at Avelyn.


With a soft animalistic growl Luzella pushed her thick cock head up across Avelyn’s soft lips. With a surprised mumble the elf tried to pull away, but was stopped by Luzella’s grip as she began to stuff her cock head into Avelyn’s mouth. “Where do you think you’re going, hmm? We’re just warming up that pretty little mouth of yours,” Luzella chuckled.  Pushing Avelyn into the bed, Luzella crammed more of her cock into the northern’s tiny mouth.


Avelyn started to panic again as the wide member pushed past her tonsils. She remembered last time Luzella did this on the battlefield, she had almost killed her. Now with the two of them alone in her personal chambers, there was no one to stop her. With no orders or mission objectives to adhere to, who would stop her this time? Avelyn doubted she would hold back today.


The heavy weight of Luzella behind her meaty cock let her slide effortlessly into her warm throat. The amazonian cooed in pleasure as she force fed the elf more length of cock. Avelyn gagged on the thick rod as her throat tightened around the demon shaft. A sloppy muffled protest leaked out as the Kazdruk meat squeezed its way down. Avelyn’s soft lips puckered outward as they tightly gripped the equine cock. Luzella rolled her hips back slightly letting a few inches glid back out. Avelyn tried to swallow as the amazonian member backed out some. Luzella’s eyes feel heavy at the immense pleasure of feeling Avelyn’s tight throat massage her heavy cock. Naturally, the demon pushed back forward in response, choking the elf with more deadly inches. Avelyn tried to reach up and stop any more length of cock from forcefully entering her throat. The elf failed as it was impossible to stop Luzella’s weight and size. It was like trying to push a horse backward, the feat was impossible. Luzella growled again in desire as she took the elf’s throat using it as her personal cock sleeve. Back and forth the Kazdruk soldier slowly rocked, now running her hand over Avelyn’s neck and feeling her own cock sink deeper into the elf’s throat.


Avelyn’s hands pried into Luzella’s large legs again as half of Luzella’s length was buried deep into her throat. Luzella’s pace increased slightly, pushing in and out. Avelyn gagged again as the massive cock pulled partly out before sinking back in. Bubbles of spit drenched the slick cock as Avelyn’s saliva worked as lubricant. The prudent elf twisted, now trying to free herself from choking to death on the fat amazonian cock. Luzella ignored the feeble attempts and held the elf’s neck in place as she sunk her cock even deeper, groaning in bliss. Avelyn’s eyes teared up as she continued to choke.

“What a good little slut. Your throat is even tighter than I remember…mmm, perhaps I should ease back a little. You’re looking a bit blue. Maybe in a few more minutes I will,” Luzella smirked.


Luzella’s comment was meet with a gargled, gagging and muffled whine knowing she wouldn’t last that long. With supremacy, Luzella lifted one hoof up on to the bedside table showing absolute power and control over the smaller elf. With Avelyn struggling between her legs, the demonic tank sank more of her girthy cock, forcing her member deeper. Avelyn frantically panicked now as her lungs burned for air. Luzella grinned in triumph as she used her own weight to keep her cock snugly nestled down her slave’s throat. She smirked resting her hand across her lifted leg and relaxing as the elf tried to push the Kazdruk off with all her strength.


Avelyn’s hands pressed into Luzella’s stallion thighs, her small hands feebly slapping and pushing harder and harder, the wet muffled sounds of dissent now became more feverish. The malicious amazonian sighed in rapture while relishing in the elf’s suffering. The weak and helpless position the northern elf was trapped in sent a shiver up Luzella’s muscular back. Without remorse or care, the Kazdruk held her cock in place enjoying the forced choking pleasure that was wrapping around her shaft. Bucking back and forth ever so softly, the demon continued to use the elf’s small mouth as a fuck toy.


Luzella Avelyn 1


Luzella moaned, now twisting her own large nipples.  She lifted the hefty breast, letting its immense weight hang from only its silver bar-bell piercing. Biting her glossy lower lip, Luzella completely disregarded the elf’s struggles now. Lost in her own wave of pleasure, she greedily sank the rest of her cock into Avelyn’s throat. A final weak muffled gurgle exhausted out of the elf as her throat bulged at the intrusion. Luzella sighed in lust as she let her heavy balls smother over Avelyn’s face and nose. She dropped her hand across Avelyn’s stomach, pinning her down to the bed as she frantically attempted to free herself one last time. The elf’s hands pushed up in a last ditch effort knowing she only had a few more seconds of air left.


Luzella growled in hot desire and twisted thrill as her cock alone was slowly choking out the elvish soldier. Avelyn’s hands faltered as the massive equine cock held itself down to the hilt. Avelyn’s arms fell in surrender as her body started to give up. Luzella bucked into her face, letting her heavy balls knock into the elf’s face. The room spun for Avelyn and stars filled her vision as her enemy’s heavy sack relentlessly punched into her. With big heavy thrusts Luzella moaned out in a wild animalistic fury. She sunk herself completely again, letting her wide balls cover Avelyn’s nose.  Her heavy cock started to pump away and flood Avelyn’s throat with thick Kazdruk seed. Avelyn began to drown on the hot viscous cum.


The torrent of batter endlessly spilled deep into her stomach. Avelyn’s bright green eyes faltered and rolled back as she was forced to take the load. Like a white river, the cum gushed down into her belly. Luzella purred like a panther as her horse cock head flared, trapping it deep in the elf’s throat. Her member flexed softly over and over, force feeding her slave. Avelyn’s soft continuous gulping sent a shiver of bliss up Luzella’s back. She shook her hackles in euphoria as her salvos of cum exceeded Avelyn’s holding capacity and began to flood backward out of her nose and mouth. Luzella started to slowly pull out, letting the remaining cum splash outward. Avelyn laid motionless on her back, her face a mess of cum and ruined eyeliner. Luzella stood with her hefty cock pulsating to the same tempo of her heavy heartbeat.


“Typical weak elvish behavior.”


Luzella grabbed her by the hair and dragged her off the bed, letting her collapse hard to the floor. The fall woke Avelyn up; she rolled to her side, coughing up thick cum and clearing her airway. Her eyes rolled back into focus and she laid for a moment while her head stopped spinning. Slowly, she tried to crawl away to a corner.


“I’m slightly impressed; I knew you were a keeper. My last slave didn’t survive her first oral encounter. I hadn’t cum in a few days while out in the field. Poor girl drowned on my seed…But here you are, still good after two.”  Before Avelyn could get far, Luzella squatted down, reached out, and attached a heavy collar around Avelyn’s small neck. The cold parkerized steel sent a shiver down the elf’s naked body, causing goose-bumps.


“Can’t have you running off throughout the Spire, “ Luzella smiled. “Time to get you cleaned up. You’ll be safe with me so don’t stall behind.”  Avelyn looked up still dazed with a string of cum hanging from her chin. Luzella pulled Avelyn’s face forward hard and kissed her softly. Aggressively, she ran her strong tongue across the elf’s lips lapping up her own excess cum. The demon’s eye fell heavy in pleasure as she swapped her seed with her elf.  Luzella grinned, stood back up, and started to head for the door. Carrying the two meter long chain leash behind her, Avelyn found herself caught off guard and was pulled to her face. Luzella didn’t bother to look back and continued to walk at her normal pace. Her robust long legs covered three to four times that of Avelyn’s normal gate, but with her on all fours it was even worse. The heavy leash started to drag her as she tried her best to adjust.


The two soon found themselves deep within the spire halls. A group of guards walked by slamming their fists to their chests in salute towards Luzella. The Amazinion returned with a smile and nod. The group looked down at Avelyn with sly grins, not taking their evil eyes off until they were out of range. The two made their way farther for what seemed like an eternity to Avelyn. More Kazdruk troops marched by eyeing the elvish slave. Avelyn blushed as the soldiers enjoyed the view.


The two soon found themselves at the entrance to the bathing chambers. The smooth currant tiles refracted the sound of rushing water as warm mist and steam sprinkled across Avelyn’s face. Luzella led her deeper into the bathing chambers. Small waterfalls spilled out of the maws of ancient Kazdruk statue heads. The walls of water ran into sections of deep, clear blue pools. Oval ports of black steel gates let the used water run off deep into the sewers below.  There wasn’t many members in the chambers at this hour, many of the personnel had already moved on to their daily duties, engaging into the cog of the great Kazdruk war machine.


“It’s time to wash up,” Luzella ordered, pushing Avelyn into the cold pool, not giving Avelyn the chance to remove her thong. The elf fell in face first before quickly surfacing with a yelp at the cold temperature. With her gold hair soaked she looked up at Luzella in a red face of enmity before spreading her hair off her face. Luzella stepped into the pool launching an unnecessary splash into Avelyn. The northern attempted to stand in the pool but had her head pushed under the surface.


“Tools and equipment require daily maintenance and cleaning,” Luzella spoke with a twisted grin on her face. Her smirk became more malevolent as Avelyn started to thrash under the surface. With ease Luzella held her underwater for a few moments until the thrashes slowed. With a yank upward, she pulled the elf up letting her gasp for air and relief. The tall Kazdruk roughly pulled Avelyn’s hair back examining her face.

“Hmm… nope. Still dirty,” Luzella laughed and shoved her head back under. Holding her under for a full minute this time. “We could work on your breathing.”  The cruel Kazdruk relished in the elf’s weak struggles as she admired the cute bubbles rising to the surface.


Luzella released her grip with a laugh and moved on to bathing herself. Avelyn surfaced again, her face a twisted mix of agitation and bewilderment. She stood for a moment catching her bearing. Keeping a leery eye on Luzella, she reached down and pulled her thong off, slowly splashed water onto her arms with a shiver and scrubbed her face with what she assumed was soap. At least it smelled nice. As she moved onto the rest of her body she watched Luzella’s wet muscles glisten in the overhead portal of light. The malign amazonian ran her fingers through her long wet black hair. The angle puffed out her large chest. Her heavy mammaries swayed while catching the waterfall’s stream. Avelyn swallowed hard at her sheer power and physique, her eyes becoming lost in the black tattoos that swirled across her body. Eventually Avelyn snapped back to herself and hurried to finish washing herself.


Luzella brushed past her and stepped out of the pool. Avelyn watched her closely. At the last second she whipped her tail launching a splash of chilled water into Avelyn’s face again. The tank emitted a small laugh that bounced into the chamber. Luzella moved on and walked toward fire pits that lined the outer sides of the chamber. Filled with hot coals, the waves of heat helped dry the Kazdruk’s skin. Like a wolf, Luzella shook her neck and back letting the water splash off.  Avelyn quickly made her way out of the pool awkwardly trying to dry off. She quickly realized she wouldn’t find soft lamb elvish towels here.


“Hurry up or we’re going to miss breakfast,” Luzella spoke placing her light leather garments on. Avelyn shook her arms and twisted her blond hair into a braid squeezing the water out. Her lip folded in an unpleasant grin as she held up her cold, wet thong.


“My undergarment is soaked now,” The northern elf mumbled to herself.  Luzella turned back to the outspoken elf.


“And who’s fault is that?” the Kazdruk smirked. Avelyn scowled at the conceited and obvious question. Staring at Luzella she stood, refusing to put them back on. Luzella looked at her in annoyance before smiling.


“Fine,” Luzella muttered before walking off to her shelf. She walked back quickly with a giant grin on her face. “You want another outfit?” Luzella snached the soaked thong away and tossed Avelyn a pair of black lace thigh-highs and an intricate, elvish laced half-underbust.


Avelyn looked at the clothing now regretting her original complaint. The clothing offered no real extra coverage. In fact there was less now since the outfit held no bottoms of any kind. In fear of angering Luzella any further, she hastily put the outfit on.  The underbust hugged her chest while pushing her breasts up in display. The long lace thigh-highs accentuated her long elvish legs and fit thighs.


Luzella ran her eye’s down Avelyn enjoying the new look. “Well?” Luzella asked. “Better?”


Avelyn twisted her bottom lip while biting her tongue.  “…Yes, thank… you.”


“Good; wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable during your stay,” Luzella responded with a malevolent edge. “Now let’s go, we’ve wasted enough time here.”


The two made their way back into the dark halls. Avelyn returned to all fours, freezing as Luzella reattached her collar. “When we get to the mess hall, I’ll give you permission to walk upright. You’ve behaved yourself thus far. I don’t want you tripping anyone up on your leash, so stay close.”




Testosterone filled yells and hardy Kazdruk laughs rang out from the mess hall. Soldiers of all ranks mingled, ate, and drank before starting their various duties. Bets were already being placed for the day as arm wrestling and gambling sprawled across oak tables. Tobacco smoke fogged the large room casting a fuzzy haze across a group of soldiers playing five finger fillet. 


Luzella pushed the door open and slowly strolled into the wood and amber hued room. Avelyn walked slowly behind her trying not to make eye contact with any of the soldiers and keeping close as ordered. The chatter and noisy discord lowered a few decibels as Luzella made her way to a table. A few grunts at the table spilled away in fear as Luzella and Avelyn headed towards it. The remaining three didn’t bother to move, either not aware of Luzella’s approach or too blinded in arrogant pride to care. Luzella pulled one of the Kazdruks off the wood bar stool, and the poor bastard busted his face on the side of the table and tried to run off before slipping and falling again. Luzella took his seat while fellow Kazdruk around them laughed as he crawled away with more than a bruised ego. The other two remaining grunts froze in terror. They sat across from the Amazonian silently drinking from their mugs. Avelyn remained standing, nervously looking around. She could feel hundreds of eyes staring at her almost naked body; she tried her best to cover her supple breasts and velvet cunt with her arms.


A soldier in the table next to them reached out and grouped the elf’s ass. In disgust, Avelyn slapped his hand away. With a surprise and laugh from the group at his table, the soldier rose to his hooves in anger.


“Wahhh, how dare you!” the Kazdruk yelled in a low guttural growl. He reached out to grab Avelyn. Instinctively she dodged the grapple, grabbed his arm, and twisted it outward. Without thinking, her years of elvish training took control. She reached for a steak knife on the table and came up fast driving it into the Kazdruk’s windpipe before slashing it outward and severing his jugular open. Crimson splashed across the table and her face as he fell to the ground, grasping his neck. The neighbouring table stopped laughing. Some even backed away with their hands up, others rose to their hooves and pulled out various weapons of their own. Avelyn stopped herself, realizing what she had just done. Two large hands rested on her shoulders. Luzella stood behind her with a large mischievous smile on her face, impressed at the carnage her little slave had just unleashed in only mere seconds.


“My my my… what a bad girl. Drop it,” Luzella smirked, slowly pushing the elf’s arms down. The surrounding Kazdruk lowered their own weapons and sat back down.

Avelyn thought for a moment gripping the knife tightly. “I could do the same to her… just slash Luzella’s throat… she would never expect it… but then what? I’d be alone in the mess hall, full of more Kazdruk only to be killed… or worse, reclaimed.”


As much as it pained her to think, Luzella was in fact her only form of protection within these walls. She grimaced in frustration, complied, and dropped the knife to the floor.


“That’s a good girl. Now come here, you want some breakfast?” Avelyn spun around slowly, reaching up to cover her breasts again. “We will discuss this little bout of misbehavior later,” Luzella smiled while wiping the fresh blood off the elf’s face. Avelyn took a seat. The two grunts who sat across from Luzella looked at her for a moment as Avelyn looked up at them. They returned their own heinous grins, most likely mentally ravaging her.


“Pleasant morning, yeah?” Luzella asked the two.


“Oh..uh, yes…yes,” The soldier on the left finally spoke out, clearly uneasy. A scantily clad female Kazdruk walked up to the table eyeing Avelyn through the black hair that hung over her green piercing eyes. She bent over the table seductively and dropped down two fresh mugs.

“Who’s the fresh meat, Luz?” she asked with a twinkle in her eye and revealing a sharp row of teeth.


“Just a new spoil of war, hon,” Luzella responded with a grin.


“Aye, well you better keep her leash tight in these parts.”


” She seems to be already making new friends,” Luzella smirked and took a swing from her mug.


“Aye, so I see…so what’ll be, Luz? The usual?” Luzella nodded

“Sure, but rare this time! I swear, if that imbecile of a cook burns it again, I’ll go back there and cut his fucking hand off.”


The Kazdruk waitress giggled. “How about blondie here?”


“Oh…I dunno, What do elves eat anyway? Leaves? Bark? Fuck, I don’t know, give her some prisoner rations.”


The server let out a loud laugh and spun a dagger before driving in into the table for Luzella.  “You got it, Luzella.”


Avelyn looked at the apparent server in awe. Another female Kazdruk. She wondered why the others didn’t assault her. Perhaps they didn’t turn on their own kind after all. But that didn’t seem right. No, she didn’t accept that thought and watched on in wonder. She wasn’t as large as Luzella. In fact, she was only an inch or so taller than Avelyn.

“By the way, hows your stomach?” the server asked smiling in a conceited manner.

Luzella pushed her stool back and ran her finger over a faint scar.

“Fine, no thanks to you,” the great Kazdruk spat playfully. ” …I still want a rematch.”


“Ha! Of course you do; be back in sec with your meals.”


“Every Kazdruk is dangerous.” Avelyn thought to herself. “Even her.


Avelyn shyly looked at the mug in front of her and slowly reached out for it. She wrapped her small hands around it and brought the rim up to her nose.  The fumes burned her nose and she made a face of disgust. Still, she took a sip.


With a dry cough, she spit it back out. It tasted like old whisky and ashes, though it didn’t really surprise her that these monsters would drink first thing. Luzella slapped her across the back hard, nearly knocking Ayelyn over.


“No dying on me now; it’s only your first day, and not even noon,” Luzella smiled.

Suddenly the mess hall door swung open hard. Another tall female Kazdruk strolled in.


Avelyn looked up at her in awe and was surprised by her resemblance to Luzella. Her skin was tan much like Luzella’s. She was built strong like a warrior and her long hoofed legs carried the amazonian gracefully. She appeared slightly shorter than Luzella with a similar but thinner build. Her thick muscular thighs and ripped abdominal section rivaled Luzella’s. Half of her head was shaved while the other half was elegantly long and raven black, draping down the right side of her head. Locks of tight, thin, blue braids were mixed in. A long curling horn much like Luzella’s rose up across the shaven part of her scalp while the other horn was sheared off at midpoint. Her face was filled with scourge and hate. The thick black facial tattoos was set off by her icey mint colored serpent eyes that peered across the mess hall. Avelyn noticed a black bull ring hanging from her septum. As she got closer she noticed two Kazdruk battle axes hosteled on either side of her wide hips. The two weapons hung loosely in steel loops ready for combat at moments notice. The built Kazdruk was clearly looking for someone.




Hastily, she moved from table to table shoving soldiers around and yelling. Finally a grunt pointed toward Avelyn and Luzella. Avelyn watched on in fear as the berzerker got closer. Luzella didn’t seem to notice. The tall demoness’ tail whipped side to side; she reached down and unholstered one of her battle axes raising it high over her head. Luzella still sat oblivious.


“Behind you ! Watch out!” Avelyn yelled out in mixed horror, quickly hating herself for even caring.


The Kazdruk’s axe came down into the oak table directly in front of Luzella. Luzella flashed her fangs and shifted herself off to the side tackling the other demon. Luzella lifted her off her hoofs and tossed her over a table. The assailant rose up quickly and swung at Luzella with a fork. Luzella blocked the stab but was met with a punch by the attacker’s free hand. Luzella stumbled back before launching a hard elbow strike in response. The two brutes grappled in a circle flexing their large arms while knocking over stools and tables. Avelyn ducked trying to keep clear of the wild chaos. The two wrestled for a moment before suddenly stopping mid fight and bursting out into wild, hardy laughter. The two outstretched their arms and embraced each other in large bear hugs. Slapping each others backs, the two smiled. Avelyn watched on with her mouth wide open in bewilderment.


“Wulfshn you dumb Keeat, how have you been?… Clearly, still the weaker one, ha! Have a seat, enjoy a meal with me, tell your oldest and greatest sister some war stories,” Luzella laughed, rubbing the other woman’s shoulder.


Wulfshn smiled and sat down next to Luzella.  Avelyn felt a heavy hand slam onto her shoulder. Luzella turned to her and spoke. “This is Wulfshn, my younger littermate. We derive from the same unrivalled bloodline. You will treat her with utmost respect.”


Avelyn nodded. “Yes… of course.”


“So Wulfshn, what brings you back to the Spire? I thought you were fighting in the horrid jungles to the south?”


“I was, we took thirteen villages.” Wulfshn spoke proudly with a similar deep Kazdruk voice, but she seemed to carry a much harsher accent than Luzella’s. Avelyn noticed a slight animalistic demeanor that radiated from her. She seemed reckless and bloodthirsty.

“My talon was recalled back here to the Spire. Something about needing to support the proposed invasion of the continent to the west… Dal… something… Markaan?… I believe it’s called… who cares, as long as there’s blood to be shed.  But I’m afraid I return with concerning news. Word travels fast. It’s our youngest littermate, Karthelza.”


Luzella paused for a moment. “Karthelza; what of her?” Wulfshn took Avelyn’s mug and took a sip.

“She’s gone missing.”


“What! missing?”


“Yes, she was leading a caravan of slave wagons towards Innisgar, but her troops and the caravan went missing. That’s all I know. No one has reported in,” Wulfshn spoke slightly puzzled.


“How odd. Well we can only wait and hope that no harm has come to our Karthelza.”


Wulfshn nodded before taking another swig. At that moment, their food came. Avelyn looked down at her plate of rather unappetizing food. Moving the rock-hard piece bread over with her finger, she made a face of disgust.


“Eat up dear, we’re training after this,” Luzella spoke, poking Avelyn hard in her arm, almost knocking her out of the stool. “If you don’t have anything scheduled today Wulfshn, you’re more than welcome to join.”


Wulfshn smiled, running her finger across her battleaxe blade.


“Indeed, I could go for a good sparr match with you, sis.”




Yuldasha never found out about the stunt Jelthra pulled, shoving me into Bel’vkar cage.

I kept it that way. No need to be punished twice. She didn’t think I was ready after all to command a Talon. She was smart and knew we still hated each other.     

Instead of being forgiven of our differences, Yuldasha thought it would be best if we kept working together. So she ordered us to work at the training pit. So here Jelthra and I worked. A bit ironic actually, the two of us being forced to work together around weapons. Maybe Yuldasha wanted to see if we would slowly kill each other. Then we would be out of her hair.

The two of us moved back and forth removing broken weapons that needed mending by blacksmiths. We spent hours doing inventory and restocking crates with new swords. The two of us didn’t speak unless we absolutely had to. The silence was killing me slowly. I was going mad with my own thoughts, so I finally said something.


“I think we’re even.”



Jelthra ignored Kamri for a moment before finally smirking.  The silence was eating away at her just as much. “Well? Are you never going to speak to me ?” Kamri asked slightly laced with annoyance.


Jelthra looked away for a moment then finally responded. “Iz suppose…”


Kamri’s brows angled downward at the blunt response. A spark of anger tingled down her neck but she didn’t push on.


At that moment, Jelthra looked past Kamri. Her eyes filled with a rare glimpse of fear.

Kamri knew something was wrong, she could sense it. She turned to see Luzella and another quite large female Kazdruk soldier walking into the fighting pit tying off their bracers. An elf slave followed them close behind trying her best to carry Luzella’s heavy halberd.


Both Kamri and Jelthra noticed that they were trapped in the weapon hold. The only way out of the pit was to exit the weapon hold and pass through Luzella and the other. The two ducked behind a barrel of damaged swords and peered over. It would appear that Luzella had not noticed either of them yet.


“Shit, shit, shiiit. She shows up at ze worst times.” Jelthra clutched her fist in anger.

Kamri looked around analyzing the best way to escape. It was too late. Luzella was already walking toward the weapon hold.


Kamri noticed a shaft straight above them. Without wasting another second, she kicked off the side of the wall, launched herself upward and was able to hang from the opening. She pulled herself up quickly and was able to crawl inside. The shaft was a long tunnel that most likely lead outside or at least another room. Kamri crawled inside vanishing into the dark shadows.


‘What do we have here?” Luzella laughed, now only meters away.


Jelthra looked around panicking now, wondering if she could make the same jump Kamri made. She looked back at Luzella and then quickly back up. She backed up slightly and attempted to jump. She kicked off the wall and grabbed the entrance to the air-shaft. As she pulled herself up she slipped and fell back down. She realized it was impossible for her to back up to gain enough running room and try again.


” Leaving so soon, Jelthra?” Luzella asked, enclosing on the human.


“Jelthra, jump!”


Jelthra looked back up to see Kamri’s outstretched hand reaching down. Without hesitating, she jumped up grabbing Kamri’s arm. The southland elf pulled her up to safety before Luzella could get close enough. Luzella’s squinted in frustration looking up into the shaft.


“Cowards! Simply masters of retreat and nothing more!… When your time comes it will be so ever glorious.” Luzella smiled, accepting their escape and turning back around.


Jelthra and Kamri sat inside the shaft for a second. The two panted in the dark catching their breaths. “Why did you do zat? Jelthra asked puzzled.


“Listen, I think we’re stronger off as a team. We need to take her out. It would be beneficial to both of us. Regardless, a thank you would be nice…trust me, I wanted to leave you down there.”


Jelthra cracked a sly smile. “Well, thank you.”


“By the way, who was the other tall one?” Kamri asked trying to figure out where to go next.


“I think it’s Luzella’s littermate…Wulfshn I believe.” Jelthra replied, now flicking a flame from her fingertip to help light the way.


“Ugh, you mean there’s more like Luzella?”


“Unfortunately yes, but not many. She and her sisters are a rare breed. They’re born from a purebred bloodline designed strictly to cause great ruin. Built for strength, dexterity, size, and prowl. Their clan of Kazdruk were no fools though. Zhey also passed on intelligence and tactician skills.”


“Seems they also passed on arrogance and a bad attitude. So how do we stop her?”


“Carefully… We do have one advantage,” Jelthra spoke well looking at her flickering finger and turned her hand into a blazing ball of flame.


“You zee, her militant clan does not tinker with magic. They don’t look highly of it. They find it dishonorable and full of trickery. ”


“So we need magic?”


“Indeed, as much as we can find and learn.”






Later that night.


Luzella closed the heavy chamber door and locked it. She lead Avelyn in, slowly pushing down on her neck.


“On the bed,” Luzella ordered coldly.


Avelyn frowned and moved towards the bed before lowering herself onto it without protest. Her will was faltering, her body tired and weak. It had been a very, very long day following Luzella around on her various duties. She was ordered back and forth to retrieve various weapons while Luzella and Wulfshn trained. Later she carried her halberd everywhere they went. To the barracks, to the upper levels of the spire, and every location in between. Then as a reward for not dropping it at any point, she was instructed to clean it. Wulfshn enjoyed making her life even more miserable; at one point Wulfshn shoved her into a table full of assorted armor when Luzella wasn’t looking. She was then punished for her clumsiness.


Avelyn complied. She kneeled in the middle of the bed with her hands resting on either side. She looked ahead at Luzella’s long legs as she paced around the room removing her clothing. The moon glared in from outside casting rays of lunar light across Luzella’s build. Many scattered candles mixed with cool lunar hues.

“Well, Avelyn, you didn’t do too bad today.” Luzella tilted her lip and nodded to the side slightly. “You did slay a soldier… but I’ll let that slide today.” The Amazonian approached Avelyn and ran her hand through her long blond hair.


She walked to the foot of the bed directly in front of Avelyn. Her athletically round ass and wide hips suddenly obscured her view. She laid back and joined Avelyn beside her in bed.

Luzella shifted her hair to one side, exposing her shoulders and muscular back. Avelyn nervously ran her eyes across the amazonian.


“Let’s see if you remember your duty.”


Without another word Avelyn swallowed and pushed her tiny hands across her master’s broad back. The Kazdruk relaxed on her stomach feeling her slave’s tiny hands work into her shoulders. The elf worked her hands for a few minutes as the candles flickered in the chilly night breeze. Avelyn was rewarded with soft purrs of content.


“Mmm, tell me Avelyn, how are you enjoying your stay?”


Avelyn didn’t know how to respond. She chose her response carefully. “I-I-It’s been fine.” She finally managed to say.  Luzella smiled through her lovely back rub.


The awkward silence was making Avelyn nervous. She thought it was probably best to keep her mouth shut but she gathered the courage, cleared her throat, and opened her mouth.


“Ummm, Master? Who were the two in the fighting pit earlier today? The ones who… got away?”


Avelyn kept moving her hands into the Kazdruk’s back, swallowing hard and fearing Luzella’s response. The Amazonian only smiled to herself in a dark rancorous manner. Ignoring the elf’s question, she countered with a question of her own.


“What else can you do little one?” Avelyn paused in fear. The question completely caught her off guard. She couldn’t think of anything to say.



“Well? Are you really that useless? What else are you capable of doing?” Luzella asked, curling her lips.


Avelyn quickly reached up and touched Luzella’s long hair. “I-I could braid your hair?”

Luzella grinned knowing the elf was scrambling to make herself useful. She slowly turned back to face Avelyn. The northern elf knelled back, frozen in fear and hating herself on the inside.


“Braid her hair? Really Avelyn? This blood thirsty raping Kazdruk? A soldier responsible for hundreds of her own people’s death. That’s the best you could think of?.”


“Or, I uh…could polish your hooves?” Avelyn asked, desperately trying to offer something better.


Luzella smiled, quite amused. “No, no, you may braid my hair if that’s what you wish, I would make a fitting reward for your good behavior today.” Luzella chuckled and turned back before sitting up.


Avelyn nodded and cautiously reached up and parted three long strands of hair towards the right side. She certainly had enough hair she thought to herself. Slowly, she began to weave the long tresses. Luzella closed her eyes, relaxing while the elf’s small hands started to cross the hair into a long elvish styled braid.

“Those two you saw, the human. Her name is Jelthra and the elf is Kamri,” Luzella finally responded, her mind filling with heinous thoughts.


“Umm…are they in trouble? Enemies of yours?” Avelyn cautiously pryed.


“Yes,” Luzella simply responded.


“Oh, I see.”


Avelyn pulled back on her hair rather hard now picking up slack. The great Kazdruk smirked, finding the position rather amusing. It wasn’t often that she had someone behind her pulling on her thick hair. She grazed her fang over her lip at the rare occurrence. Mixed with the thoughts of Kamri and Jelthra dancing through her head, her cock jumped in excitement.


Fire began to surge through the Kazduk’s bloodstream as Avelyn inadvertently aroused her mistress while she tugged at her hair again. A soft growl slipped between Luzella’s gritted teeth as a deep predatory wave ran up her spine. Avelyn stopped suddenly at the sound, thinking she might have done something wrong or inflicted discomfort. Avelyn waited for a second and continued the braid. Luzella made a soft groan of pleasure as her slave once again pulled on her braid to keep the slack tight. Luzella’s heavy cock started to rise and erect itself. Avelyn tied off the braid with a small piece or red thread.


“I completed your braid, Master. Would you like me to do another?”


Luzella ran her fingers through the new braid smiling and grinning knowing her slave had devoted herself freely to it. Licking her lips, she turned around slowly. Avelyn fell cold from the gaze in Luzella’s eyes. She knew that look well.


Avelyn backed up cautiously, resting on her ass.  Luzella slowly advanced, pushing Avelyn onto her back. The Kazdruk moved like a deadly carnivore about to strike its prey. Elegantly, the amazonian leaned into the small elf pushing her deep into the soft bed.


“You sure do ask a lot of questions slave,” Luzella purred, wiping her tail back in excitement before running her tongue up Avelyn’s neck. She bit the air, slamming her teeth shut and causing an audible snap. Avelyn flinched at the sudden sound. Inhaling deeply, Luzella relished in her slave’s fresh scent, like fruit ripe for the taking. Her eyes glowed a fiery white in response to the inviting scent. Pushing herself atop more, she wrapped her hand around the northerner’s neck and lapped her tongue across her soft elvish lips.


Avelyn looked up in distress, her fingertips now digging into the soft bed. She watched as soft honey colored candles bounced across Luzella’s bellicose face. Luzella pressed herself down forcing her lush lips across the elf’s. Avelyn’s sharp green eyes widened at the sudden intrusion of warm Kazdruk tongue. Laying down, Luzella’s warm body now enveloped Avelyn, pushing her deeper into the bed. She squirmed slightly as she lay trapped under the muscular tank. A shiver ran up her spine as she realized even the demon’s tongue was dominant and in full control.


A thick bulge pressed against Avelyn’s twat. Instinctively she tried to push Luzella off. Her tiny hands moved up her master’s arms before wrapping around the Kazdruk’s authoritarian biceps. The northern conceded to the impossible idea as she felt them flex in her hands. A silky growl resonated from Luzella like a Keeat warning and ensured her dominance. In fear, the elf backed off accepting her submissive place beneath the predator.


Luzella pushed her thickening cock head up against the elf’s petals again earning a soft moan of protest from Avelyn. She rose her hands up again and desperately pushed her palms into the sides of Luzella as if somehow she would be able to shove her off. The amazonian pushed back aggressively, letting out another soft growl.


Gently, Luzella pulled back grinning and rolled the elf over unto her chest and belly. Avelyn hesitated as she was pushed downward and had her arms pulled behind her. With no other choice she laid on her stomach. A soft click chirped out as cold shackles attached around her thin wrists. The steel cuffs locked together and restrained her arms behind her back. It was an unneeded and redundant measure for someone such as Luzella and her strength, but the Kazdruk relished in the idea of submissiveness stacked upon helplessness. It served as an oppressive reminder to Avelyn that she was nothing but a mere object, a slave and personal sex toy. The notion that her future would be forever beneath this Kazdruk warrior struck Avelyn hard like a warhammer.


Luzella straddled over her back and nuzzled into Avelyn’s neck playfully letting out a primal snarl. The sound sent shivers up Avelyn’s back. Completely defenseless now, she whimpered softly as Luzella leaned into her.


Sliding her hand through Avelyn’s hair, Luzella toyed with her golden tresses as if trying to comfort her in a nefarious and derisive manner. Avelyn’s heart started to race as she felt Luzella’s cold nipple studs slide across her warm back. The loving caresses turned to a fist full of hair as Luzella pulled the elf’s head back.


“You haven’t forgotten your place already, have you?” Luzella asked while sharply pulling back on Avelyn’s hair further. The elf let out another soft whimper in response.


“You need to remember two things my dear. One: Geem put you here. Two: your place,” Luzella remarked, pushing the elf’s head down onto the fluffy pillow.


Luzella laid down on top of the elf, letting her heavy tits squash across her back.  Trapped under the amazianion, Avelyn gripped the shackle chain tightly as she felt Luzella’s hardening cock grind up against her ass then slide downward towards her tight cunt. A worried weep cried out from Avelyn’s lips as the fat member pushed into cunt forcing her lips to spread and accommodate the Kazdruk’s girth. Avelyn’s toes curled under foot as the beefy flared cock head completed its entry. Luzella pulled her hair back like a set of reins. Forced to look forward, Avelyn gritted her teeth in discomfort as the amazonian sank more of her length into her. Calmly, Luzella held her mount in place and rocked into her fuck-pet. Avelyn’s breasts slid back and forth across the silk sheets as her master’s pace started to increase.


Avelyn thought of Geem now. Outrage and searing anger filled her eyes as her abandonment played over and over. The loop of him turning to Queen Aria repeated again and again to the rhythm of Luzella’s thrusting. Sadness did not fill her anymore. Only hatred, deep-seated hatred. The sudden sound of her own ass slapping against Luzella’s powerful hips snapped her out of the rage. Her mouth agape and moaning in disbelief as the powerful Kazdruk had thrusted her way balls-deep. Avelyn’s hands gripped into fists and her moans shifted to short grunts as the heavy equine-like cock pushed up into her cervix. Her jade eyes rolled back in a mix of pleasure and pain. She tried to hold back the audible sounds, denying the Kazdruk bitch any more bliss but the heavy thrusting pushed the moans and mixed grunts out.


“Listen to you moaning like an elvish dog. If I wasn’t mistaken, it sounds like you’re enjoying my cock.”


Avelyn tried to respond but only managed to grunt out between the battering ram humps.  “Unngh, No…please, uuuh,…ease…up…please!”


Luzella’s lips curled up in a destructive grin. Pulling back on her toy’s hair she bucked into her harder. “I promised I’d fuck you into oblivion, didn’t I? I want Geem hear your screams,”

Luzella proclaimed while pounding into the tiny elf wildly. Not holding back, she drove into her causing the entire bed frame to move. Tiny squeaks of moans shot out of Avelyn’s mouth between thrusts. Held down she sank into the bed as Luzella buried into her without remorse.


In slight relief Avelyn felt Luzella pull out, spilling warm precum across the dark sheets. The glistening cock bobbed out throbbing hard in hungry anticipation. Pulling Avelyn by her hair, Luzella dragged the elf’s face toward her wide cock-head. Luzella brushed her member across the elf’s forehead, down her face and to her lips.


“Thats it, lick that cum up!” With the room spinning, Avelyn stuck her tongue out as precum drizzled across her face and chin.


With an effortless movement, Luzella tossed Avelyn back onto her stomach. The elf heaved heavily trying to catching her breath. “Please… let me rest,” Avelyn managed to speak between labored breaths.

Luzella wrapped her hand around the elf’s calf and pulled her left leg up, shifting Avelyn to her side. The northern struggled slightly, trying to pull away. The threatening demon gripped her leg tighter and curled her slick lips up in elation, her smile quickly turning to malice.


“ Aww poor Ave, are you worn out so soon? I expected more from such a preeminent and opulent species.”


Luzella ignored the request for repose and pushed her cockhead back up against Avelyn’s pussy. The great demon lifted her toy’s leg up as she pushed back inside her. Avelyn gritted her teeth as the girth began to re stretch her, the dark cock sliding deeper and deeper. Luzella growled in delight as the elf’s lips clutched around her shaft. In rapture, the amazonian thrusted in and out. Avelyn bounced back and forth helplessly taking her master’s cock.

Avelyn’s moans rang out louder now, too defeated to hold back.


“That’s right, you take that cock like a good whore, Avelyn,” Luzella smirked.

Luzella Avelyn2


With assertion, Luzella shoved Avelyn’s head into the pillow while rocking into her. Avelyn’s tits bounced up with every heavy thrust. Laying into the elf, Luzella stuffed her slave full of meat, in and out, relentlessly. Harder and harder Luzella pumped. The bed rocked into the stone wall in repetitive hard strikes. Avelyn’s moans fell to quiet groans, now being overshadowed by skin smacking against skin. Luzella couldn’t hold back any longer, the sensation of the Avelyn’s tight cunt drove the Kazdruk over the edge. In uncontrollable lust, Luzella plowed into the elf even harder now, as her cock began to explode cum deep inside her womb. Hot thick seed flooded into Avelyn, overflowing her insides like a freshly broken dam.


The vicious demon held Avelyn fast as she deposited gallons of her batter inside. In thick spurts, Luzella unloaded as she dropped Avelyn’s leg. The northern elf rolled to her back as the mammoth Kazdruk collapsed on top of her. Her heavy body and tits pinned the elf to the bed. In short heavy breaths Luzella panted like a wild animal. She bit her lip as her cock flexed a few final times deep inside the elf. Holding Avelyn tight, she lapped up the sticky precum that laid glazed across her slave’s lips. Avelyn laid helplessly under the strong demon as the room spun on end.


“Mmm, you’re such a delicious little slut,” Luzella purred while undoing her slave’s shackles.  Resting her head on the pillow and her body still crushing Avelyn. Luzella’s tail flicked back and forth in content. The Kazdruk sighed in pleasure as she quickly started to drift off to sleep. Avelyn laid under her wincing in a mix of pain, bewilderment and relief as Luzella’s fat cock started to soften, letting another flood of hot cum to spill back out.  Her green eyes raced around in uneasiness. She lifted her weak arms and tried to push the now slumbering amazonian demon off her. Avelyn’s hands fell to her sides in exhaustion. She frowned as the heavy Kazdruk didn’t budge in the slightest. Giving in to defeat, she sank into the sheets and closed her eyes, relieved that this day has ended but fearing for the next.


        1. lol i just now reread the whole chapter again. I thought 3dtab7 was making a funny. And here it really said that 😛 That’s what i get for not reading it again.

  1. I remember in a discussion between Luzella and Yuldasha in one of the previous chapters Luzella was more confident in her ability to weather Yuldasha’s wrath because the former cost the latter so much to create. Now that it’s clear that Luzella’s unique appearance in the Kazdruk forces is because she is a sub-race rather than a hybrid or corrupted like Kamri or Lillium respectively what did she mean by cost? Was it training? Is she a mercenary? I don’t mind the mystery just curious about the different factions at play.

    Great chapter as always though. Kinda hope Neicul gets out OK, he acts as a nice foil for the other characters.

    1. Ah yes. I’d be happy to explain.

      Luzella knows she’s an important asset to Yuldasha. Luzella is quite arrogant and egotistical but her numbers and success don’t lie. She’s vital on the field as a talon commander and soldier. And this, she knows.

      Something that I’ve been working on for a while is information on the Kazdruk race, how it works and why some appear as they do.

      Much like dogs, we hold the ability to breed custom breeds or focus on purebreds. We can alter a breed over many, many generations. The Kazdruk do the same. There’s Mutts ( which in nature, we know can be just as strong if not better depending on what they mixed with) as well as purebreds. That’s the simplest way I can describe it at the moment 😀

      As Jelthra mentioned, Luzella derives from a small clan bloodline that was more focused for a specific need.

      Yuldasha does make a comment.

      “I could crush you under hoof and simply make another just like you.”

      Luzella knew that was a hollow threat and is not entirely true because it takes much time to create a refined breed. It’s important to know that Luzella was not built in a test tube lab or magic cauldron. She was carefully breed naturally from a line of others.
      We may learn more in the future.

      I hope this helps answer your question
      and thank you for reading along, i’m glad you enjoyed the chapter!

  2. Well, you said you were going to give us all a chapter with Luzella and Avelyn, and by God that’s what we got. I swear, your characterization of Luzella gets better and better with every chapter.

    Oh, and Kamri and Jelthra working together? My brain can’t process that. I had to read that part twice, thinking I missed the line where Kamri dropped Jelthra on her ass and ran away laughing. Haha

    Not that it’s a bad thing, mind you. I’m just waiting for that moment when one of them stabs the other in the back. Or they could make out… I mean up… and become besties. Anything is possible! 😛

    Great work as always, Lucien.

    1. thanks Gamov! I’m really glad you say that about Luzella and her character. She’s fun but surprisingly challenging to write sometimes. i don’t want people to get tired of her. So I’m glad to see i did ok 😀

      Haha and yes Jelthra and Kamri. Only time will tell how they do. 😀

      Will they work their differences out and come BFF? Or will they double cross each other? Tune in next time !

      Thanks for reading along and leaving a comment !

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