Spire of Torment. Chapter 12: Debauchery

By: Lucien

“Monsters – all of you! Hell spawns! “

Queen Aria screamed out, glaring at Yuldasha and her demonic court. The Northern Queen was on her knees, her hands bound behind her back. She was being restrained by a large guard as well as Jelthra. Aria closed her eyes and began whispering prayers softly to herself.

“Goddess Eletha, I call on thee; give me strength and perseverance. Lend me thy guiding light, show me the path to safety. Wash away this dark legion and lead my people to paradise.”

” You’re wasting your breath Queen Aria. Deities do not wander here. Nor do they listen to pleas or sorrow. Even they fear me behind these walls,” Yuldasha spoke from her throne. High Sorceress Aeltha stood beside her, her red eyes watching on in amusement. A young Keeat hound panted on the opposite side of Yuldasha’s throne. He sat obediently on his haunches, watching the Northern Queen. Yuldasha ran her hand across the hound’s head, gliding her fingers across his thick muscled neck up to his twisted horns. The beast squinted his eyes in contentment. A soft, guttural, purr-like growl emitted from his throat. He whipped his tail back and forth slowly across the smooth floor, waiting patiently.

“She will no longer need her restraints Jelthra,” Yuldasha spoke. “You may remove them.” Jelthra did as ordered and removed the Queen’s restraints. “You two may step aside. Queen Aria is our guest. We must show her some Kazdruk hospitality.”

Queen Aria rose to her feet in anger. “I hope you rot in hell, you wretched witch!” Aria spat.

“Very charming, Queen Aria. Not as prim or noble as I thought a royal would be.”

Aeltha and Jelthra both smiled at Yuldahsa’s remark.

“You have no right! You have no right at all! Enslaving and killing the people of these lands. Why are you here? What do you seek? Why all the chaos and bloodshed?”

“My dearest Aria, so many questions, so much fear…” Yuldasha smiled and continued stroking the Keeat’s head.

“To put it simply, I’m an extension of the Kazdruk legacy. The progeny of our great bloodline. We roam from realm to realm, Aria. We move – conquering, enslaving, assimilating. Your land is merely a field that we will harvest and reap. You and your people; they are the crops and wheat. Malleable and corruptible…” Yuldasha stated, a scowl on her face. “You’re a weak pestilence, Aria. Nothing more than a vermin scurrying across the snow. We will take what we want. This is how it’s been for millennia my friend. Unrivaled Kazdruk supremacy. We become stronger and stronger with every nation we conquer, every soul we feed upon, every drop of warm blood we consume.The sentient beings of these lands are most enjoyable and carry much essence.”

The Queen looked on in boiling hatred and contempt. “What do you want of me? Why not just kill me, or level the northern regions?”

Yuldasha looked down at her own nails, admiring their sharpness, perfection, and shape. “I enjoy the games we play, Aria; I enjoy watching the different kingdoms scatter like roaches, scurrying in crazed madness and chaos. The way they desperately try to organize themselves and build a resistance – it’s all quite entertaining.”

Yuldasha rose from her throne and approached Aria slowly. Her long, elegant robe glided behind her across the smooth floor in a wake of brilliance. Her armor glistened in the candlelight, sparkling like the heaven’s stars. Her wide hips swayed from side to side with every powerful step. Yuldahsa reached Aria, standing much taller then the Northern Queen. She looked down at her into her sharp blue eyes, placing her finger under her chin to tilt her gaze upward.

“You will become many things, Queen Aria. A bargaining chip, a slave, a receptacle of lust and debauchery. I’ll use you as I see fit.” Yuldasha smiled in a glare of perversion and deviance. She slowly slid her finger down Aria’s neck across and into her deep cleavage.

“I hope you enjoy cuddling Aira. It gets awfully lonely up here at night.” Yuldasha pulled the edge of Aria’s elegant top downward, exposing her cleavage further. She let it go, her top snapping back into place. She spun around and began to walk away from Aria, towards the great window overlooking the barren desert sea.

“Most importantly Aria, you will become a symbol of failure among the Coalition. The great Queen Aria of Wayyel, fallen from grace? Oh no! Whatever shall we do!” Yuldasha asked in mockery and twisted humor. She stood there focusing on the midnight stars shining down upon the infertile expanse.

“Your capture will force an offensive from your people. They will blindly retaliate. Running like angry hornets before crumbling into the deserts, we will crush them one by one, leaving a beautiful Kingdom completely exposed. We will watch the fall of your people together, Aria. We will watch as the Rook takes the Queen…”

Yuldasha paused for a moment before turning back to her guests. “Jelthra, take her away. Give her some time alone. Let her fully apprehend the situation, for now she begins her slow, serrated fall from grace in solitude.”

Jelthra smiled, taking Aria’s arm and guiding her out of the chamber. The rest of Yuldasha’s lower court followed close behind. Aeltha waited for the court to exit and glanced toward Yuldasha. The flickering candles caught the side of Aeltha’s face, exposing her slight scheming smile.

“She will be a fine soul to break, Master.” Aeltha grinned.

“Indeed she will Aeltha, indeed she will. So nice of you to join me today.”

Yuldasha smiled and raised a goblet of ruby blood. “To the fall of the North!”

Aeltha returned the toast and rose her glass. “Aye, to the fall of the North.”

“We will focus on the Queen tomorrow evening. For now, I have a small assignment for you,” Yuldasha spoke, taking a sip of blood. She moved closer to Aeltha.

“Find the young man who was captured along with the Queen… Javan, I believe his name is,” Yuldasha ordered softly before kissing Aeltha on her lips, blood trickling down both their necks and pooling in their cleavage.

“And what shall you have me do with this young man, Master?” Aeltha grinned in pleasure, licking her slick lips clean of the dark crimson.

“Break him.” Yuldasha simply answered.

Aeltha’s eyes glowed a deep red in delight.

“It would be my pleasure.”


Javan found himself naked, bent over, and face down. His face and chest pressed against a heavy, blood stained oak table. His legs were spread out and restrained by the ankles by heavy steel cuffs on the ground. His arms were similarly outstretched to either side by heavy chains. His exposed back was a perfect surface of warm young skin.

Aeltha stood behind him, smiling. Her red skin glimmered in the dingy dungeon light. Sharp rays of ambient light poured in from above, casting dark stripes across her skin.

“Shall we begin? You can make this hard on yourself, or pleasant for us both. It is your choice of course. We will start simply and unambiguously.”

Aeltha began to softly run her freshly sharpened talons up the boy’s flawless smooth back.

“What is your name, boy?”

The boy remained silent in a mixed state of fear and naive heroism. Aeltha applied slight pressure to his back as her nails began to slowly break his skin.

“Javan!” he cried out in pain.

“Ah, good boy Javan.” Aeltha started to run her fingers across his back again softly.

“How old are you Javan?”

“I-I’m eighteen.” Javan spoke nervously.

“Ah, a mere boy indeed. Let us move onto more interesting questions, shall we? What’s your allegiance Javan? Why is such a young human involved with Noble Elves?”

Javan raised his head as to answer, but hesitated. Aeltha drove her black nails into Javan’s skin, pulling back slightly. Javan screamed out in agony, clenching his fists.

“I don’t have patience for little games Javan; I suggest you answer the question,” Aeltha spoke while licking the boy’s fresh blood off of her fingers.

“I was adopted by the Elven royal family…after the death of my family.” Javan answered, wincing in pain.

“I see… how very sweet of them.” Aeltha detached her lower garments, dropping her leather to the floor. Her semi-erect member bounced out, dangling between her thighs. She bent over, spreading her legs wide and brushing her chest across Javan’s back. She leaned into him and licked behind his neck. The demoness reached up, clenching a fistful of Javan’s hair. She pulled his head back closer to her dark lips.

“Javan, now listen carefully, you’re going to tell me everything you know about the Royal houses,” she whispered, her words burning his ear as badly as her heated breath did. Aeltha begin to stroke her cock with a slick clear lubricant. “Tell me Javan – are the surrounding elven houses on good terms with each other?”

Javan remained silent in a state of puzzlement. Aeltha smiled and guided her growing member towards Javan’s tight ass. She pushed her cock head into his ass slowly.

“Aghh! please! NO! I don’t know! The other houses, Winterstone and Pearlwi- Aghhhh! “

Javan was cut off as Aeltha pushed his head down hard into the table while sinking her thick cock into his ass. Javan’s small ass tightened around her pulsating cock and struggled to accept it.

“Silence! It doesn’t matter Javan!” Aeltha responded. She leaned forward, watching as her cock disappeared into his ass. Javan grunted in pain as she started rocking her hips into his rear. Aeltha soon sank her member balls-deep, then pulled her cock back out before thrusting back in. Her heavy balls swung and slapped against Javan’s small sack. Aeltha smiled in a fang filled grin while holding her victim in place, basking in her prisoner’s agony.

Javan grunted hard and ground his teeth as the demoness buried her cock into his ass over and over. She thrusted hard into the boy, using him not unlike a toy. Aeltha moaned in a deep, visceral pleasure sinking her cock to the base. Javan struggled to free his arms from his restraints, but the heavy chains and steel didn’t budge. He screamed out as she fucked him, her heavy balls slapping into his own harder and harder.

“That’s right Javan, you take that cock like a good boy!” Aeltha smiled as she continued driving into him.

“Please! stop, I’ll tell you anything you want, aghhhh!” Javan yelled out. His cries echoed out across the stone walls.

” Yes, I know you will Javan. You’re weak and pathetic. I’m simply enjoying myself, just warming up.”

The low light bounced across her athletic ass, the rays of candle light being occasionally interrupted by her long tipped tail. Aeltha palmed the boys head as she began to cum deep into his ass. Javan moaned out as his insides were pumped full of warm cum. Aeltha kept her cock buried inside him as she shivered in pleasure, pumping more and more seed into him. Javan sobbed, tears spilling onto the dark oak. Aeltha finished and pulled out slowly, her hard cock sliding out and spilling cum to the floor. Aeltha purred softly in satisfaction as her powerful orgasm slowed.

“Now, let us truly begin Javan,” Aeltha spoke as she sharpened her nails across the side of steel lining the oak table.


The late afternoon sun burned the hazy skies as it began to vanish behind the horizon. Yuldasha sat at her throne in the upper chamber awaiting the arrival of Queen Aria. High Sorceress Aeltha stood by her side discussing the events of the previous night and the information acquired from Javan.

“He broke quickly, Master.” Aeltha smiled.

“I figured he would.”

“I obtained what was needed.”

“Good, we shall discuss them in detail at a later time.”

The chamber door swung open slowly. Aria and Jelthra entered. Aria walked slowly and stoically with Jelthra not far behind, carrying an amused grin across her face.

“Ah Aria, so nice for you to join us again this evening.” Yuldasha spoke, smiling. Her young Keeat still sat by her side, purring his low purr. Aria said nothing; she only looked away in defiance. “Thank you Jelthra, you are dismissed.”

Jelthra bowed before Yuldasha and Aeltha. “As you wish, Master.” Jelthra spun towards Aeltha and bowed to her as well before leaving the room.

“Guards – bring forth the table and prepare Aria.”

Two guards quickly walked in carrying a low stone table and sat it down in front of Yuldasha. The two then took Aria and forced her down on the table, facing up. Aria fought back at first, but quickly subdued under their strength. The guards strapped her arms to the side of the table and spread her legs open, tying her ankles down to the side.

When the guards finished with the restraints, they reached down and tore her white lace thong off, exposing her fresh pussy topped with a thin strip of white pubic hair. The guards discarded the lace, and the two quickly left the room.

Aria lay on her back, her long white hair hung loosely falling to the floor. Her breathing slowly increased in a wave of visible fear and nervousness. Yuldasha’s Keeat drove his talons into the tile floor in excited anticipation, but remained obedient. He could sense her fear and smell her now exposed lips. His large cock started to harden, bouncing slightly as his arousal triggered and approached a dangerous level. The beast rose to all four paws, but remained in place and did not step forward.

“Stay,” Yuldasha sternly commanded. Anticipating his next move, she reached her hand out in front of the young hound. “Aria my dear – how are we feeling today? Has your abhorrent situation and future of your people finally sunk in?”

Aria rolled her head sideways to view Yuldasha talking. “What are you doing to me?”

Aeltha’s soft red body suddenly stepped into Aria’s view. “Breaking you in, my dear.”

Aria could see Aeltha approaching her while upside down. She could see her semi flaccid cock bouncing side to side with every step she took, growing size both from her walking towards her and from her own growing arousal. Her soft breasts jiggled, and her ruby nipple piercings swung in unison. Aeltha’s soft red skin danced in the setting sun, exposing her twisting black tattoos covering her right side. The demoness stopped with her cock resting in front of her face. Aria swallowed hard at the sight.

Yuldasha snapped her fingers, and the Keeat dashed towards the vulnerable Queen in lustful hunger. The beast rose up with his thick cock fully erect dripping pre-cum. He rested his clawed paws on the low table, hoisting his muscular body forward over the queen. Aria grimaced as she felt the hunkering beast over her. She could feel his member brush against her, the cock head probing against her soft petals. The Keeat growled softly, establishing his dominance. Aeltha grabbed the now trembling Queen. She tightly gripped her soft neck, her talons wrapping around Aria’s warm flesh. Aeltha throttled the elven neck pinning her head downward and lined the elf’s mouth up with her pulsating cock.

Aria felt the Keeat’s cock force its way into her; the muscular ribbed shaft spread her pussy lips wide as the beast sank inch after inch into her. The Queen let out a scream of surprise and disgust as the hellish cock violated her. She felt his hot member sinking inside, stretching her wide. Aeltha forced Aria’s mouth open and pushed her cock head in between her wet lips. Aira moaned around her fat cock-head in submission. The Keeat began to hump into her hard, thrusting his muscular hips. Aeltha pushed her cock in a little farther, feeling the Queen’s tight mouth struggle to take in her girth and length. The demoness felt the Queen softly gag and pulled her cock back out slowly. Her symmetrical tattoos under her lips twisted as she smiled in joy.

12 Aeltha Aria

Aeltha lifted her left leg onto the table and buried her cock back into the Queen’s mouth. The Queen began to panic as Aeltha pushed her member slowly into the back of Aria’s throat. Aeltha’s eyelids fell heavily in gratification as the Queen gagged again on her thickness. This time Aeltha ignored Aria’s struggles and continued sinking her cock in balls-deep. The demoness pressed her balls against the Queen’s face, smothering her nostrils and eyes. She watched in nefarious pleasure as her cock visibly bulged inside the Queen’s throat.

The Keeat’s pace heightened as he fucked the helpless elf, rocking her heavy tits. They smacked together, bouncing out of her elegant white top. Aeltha moaned softly as Aria’s throat tightened around her cock. She felt her throat repeatedly struggle and fail to swallow, watching as her throat undulated, stroking her cock. Gargled groans and muffled coughing rang out as Aria gaged on Aeltha’s meat. Soon the Keeat began to unload his first load of cum. His fat balls swung, slapping the queen as he exploded deep inside her. Aria felt her womb fill with the hot demon-beast seed. She tried to scream, but no sound could resonate as Aeltha’s cock snuffed out her cries. The Keeat didn’t stop or let up his assault as he pumped his mate full of another warm salvo. The hot sperm began overflowing out of her and spilling out onto the table and floor.

Aeltha held Aria’s head in place as she rocked her hips ever so softly, fucking the helpless Queen’s tight throat. Slick drool and pre-cum ran down Aria’s face spilling to the tiled floor. A soft whimpering gag echoed across the walls as the Queen was force fed more of Aeltha’s cock. Yuldasha watched the show of perversion from the comfort of her own throne. A soft smile spread across her face as Queen Aria struggled to free herself, forced to endure the malevolent act.

Aeltha rocked her shapely hips harder into the Queen’s face. Her balls slapped into Aria’s face, releasing a soft, audible ‘smack’ sound. Thick bubbles of pre-cum and saliva spilled out of her mouth as it was forced upon the demoness’ cock. Aeltha pulled her cock back, slowly freeing it from the elf’s mouth. Aria gasped for air as a long strand of spit spilled down her face. Aeltha only smiled as she stuffed her cock back into the elf’s mouth without warning. The Queen’s eyes shot open as the thick cock stretched her throat open. The elf was caught off guard in mid-breath, and Aria’s tried to bring her restrained hands up in natural reflex to stop the invading cock. Aria gaged as Aeltha sank her cock balls-deep again, squashing her balls across Aira’s face.

The Keeat rocked into his toy relentlessly. A now steady stream of warm cum poured like a small river from Aira’s used cunt. Her large tits bounced widely as the Keeat fucked into her harder and harder. The dark beast heaved heavily as his cock unloaded again, the massive salvo filling her womb. Aeltha throttled the Queen’s neck again holding her in place. She braced herself, making sure the Queen took every drop she was about to dump into her. The demoness arched her back in euphoria as her cock exploded in the Aria’s throat. Thick cum pumped into her as Aria gagged and struggled to swallow the demon’s tremendous load. Aria tried to pull free, but Aeltha held her throat in place. She grinned in rapture as she could see and feel her own cock pumping and flexing through Aria’s throat. She used the Queen’s throat to softly massage her cock as she unloaded more thick spurts of demon-seed. A waterfall of cum blasted back out of Aria’s nose, but Aletha’s heavy balls blocked the warm cum from exiting.

Aletha rested for a second, relishing in the moment as her cock fired off her last loads. Her chest softly rose and fell as she caught her breath, her thick cock still stuffed inside Aira’s throat. Warm cum leaked out down the side of Aria’s face. Aletha smiled as Aria still struggled, choking on her cock and trapped loads of cum. She ran her hands over the elf’s soft white neck and watched as the Keeat pulled out and dismounted Aria. A torrent of cum spilled to the floor as the satisfied beast lumbered back to Yuldasha’s side. Aria’s body jerked, now wildly screaming for air and squirming desperately for freedom. Aeltha’s eyes flashed a deep red, and her fangs glimmered in elation. She closed her eyes in pleasure, savoring the warm feeling of the elf’s life hanging on edge. The suffering of the elf ran shivers up Aeltha’s spine. The elf’s face turned blue as more long strands of cum squeezed past the tight seal of her lips. The Queen’s thrashing began to falter and weaken as she slowly drowned in thick cum.

“Perhaps you should release her, High Sorceress Aeltha. We wouldn’t want her to die too quickly now, would we?” Yuldasha laughed out.

Aeltha opened her eyes slowly, her stage of ecstasy slightly interrupted. Her lurid, baleful glowing eyes revealed themselves.

“Of course. As you wish Master; my apologies,” she gestured as she pulled her wet cock out slowly.


A small river of thick cum spilled to the cold floor. Aria coughed out and took a large gasp of much needed air. She drooled ropes of cum as the large cock freed itself from her airway.

Yuldasha rose from her throne and walked over to the ruined elf.

“A beautiful sight to behold. Wouldn’t you agree Aeltha?”

Aeltha smiled.

“Exquisite, Master.”

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