Spire of Torment. Chapter 14: Devious Diversion

By: Lucien

Luzella maliciously grinned as Kamri struggled under her hoof. Kamri gave up trying to push her off; the demon’s weight was too immense, and she was too weak from the day’s harsh training. Kamri frantically reached around for her staff halves as the room began to fade and her lungs screamed for air.

Luzella stood there with both hands on her hips, watching the patheticness unfold. Right as Kamri was about to reach the top half of her broken staff, Luzella kicked it away with her other hoof and applied more pressure on Kamri’s neck, further flexing her thigh and lower legs. In a last ditch effort to stop her attacker, Kamri placed her palms on Luzella’s calves and focused intently.

…The inner manifestation of energy is drawn from within as well as externally. 

A caster’s spell is only as strong as their inner demeanor…

She reached into the darkest recess of her mind and focused her inner self flowing towards her hands. She felt her palms warm up as a current of venomous dark energy ran down her arms and trickled into her hands. The weak and unfocused energy burned Luzella slightly. Before any real damage could be done, Luzella stepped back off her neck. Kamri seized the moment and got to her feet, heavily dazed as blood rushed back to her head. The room spun as she tried to focus on Luzella, bringing her arms up into a defensive position Neicul had taught her earlier.

Luzella smiled in a crazed grin, flexing her pectorals slightly in a predatory inclination.

“Aw, a little magic maker. I didn’t think you had it in you.”

Kamri strafed to the side; she held her rib in pain while feeling for a weapon along the fighting pit wall. Her hand brushed against a coiled chain hanging off a stake. Kamri ripped it off the wall and uncoiled it like a whip. She began to swing the chain side to side in a defensive orb-like shield. Luzella flashed her set of fangs at the challenge.

“So, you still wanna play little girl?”

She walked closer to Kamri. As the demoness came within range, Kamri lashed the chain outward striking Luzella. Luzella reached up blocking her face with her bracer and let the long chain wrap around her arm several times. She twisted and purposely entangled the chain around her wrist and yanked it free from Kamri’s hand. Kamri looked on in horror and turned to make a run for it, knowing she could surely outrun the taller, heavier demoness. She sprinted for the exit as quickly as her weak legs would carry her.

Just as she made it to the chamber door she was suddenly yanked backward and knocked clean off her feet, landing hard on her back. The same chain she had just tried using was now wrapped around her neck tightly like a noose. She felt herself being dragged away from her only chance of exiting. She watched helplessly as the chamber door drifted farther and farther away. She looked up squirming to see Luzella smiling, pulling her towards herself with her new leash as her cock started to slip free of its sheath.


Jelthra walked through the lower levels of the spire. The beams of ambient light scattered across her skin as she hunted and eagerly sought out Neicul. She came to a great opening, an intercession of conjoining halls. She stood in the center wondering if Neicul had returned to his private chambers or gone to shower and clean up.

“You look lost,” a male voice declared.

Jelthra spun around in the center, whipping her dark hair around smiling. She knew that voice well. She made her way off to the side, behind a stone support pillar. There Neicul stood.

“Yez I seem to have lost my way. You hiding from me, Neicul?”

Jelthra spoke jokingly.

“Perhaps you could say that. Maybe I don’t enjoy being followed. Besides, isn’t finding your prey half the fun of hunting?” Neicul asked, flashing his canines. Jelthra made her way towards Neicul.

“Indeed it iz, but I enjoy devouring ze prize just as much,” she spoke while reaching down and cupping Neicul’s package, squeezing softly.

Neicul let out a soft, low guttural growl as Jelthra stroked his hardening cock through his leather pants.

“It would seem as if you’re after something, Jelthra… You need a favor don’t you? Or perhaps you’re hiding something?”

“Whazever gave you that idea?” Jelthra smiled as she crouched down and began to undo Neicul’s belt clasp.

“I can read you like a book, Jel.” Neicul grunted in pleasure as Jelthra pulled down his pants, letting his hard cock bounce out.

Jelthra laughed nervously.

“…Waz does it matter at this point Neicul? Its too late. I know your self control… or lack of, I should say. If I were to get up and walk down zat hall, you would hunt me down in blind lust until you found me or someone else to fuck, or died trying.”

Jelthra looked up into Neicul’s eyes lustfully and began stroking his cock. He started breathing heavier, knowing Jelthra’s words were true. Any form of rational decision making ceased to exist. A lascivious shroud fell over his being. Jelthra exploited his only weak spot, awaking his primal animal side.

“Iz quite amazed you’ve been able to control yourself this long around little Kamri…Hell,you’re worse than a pubescent Keeat hound, Neicul. Even they have better control than you.”

Jelthra laughed and softly pushed Neicul’s cock head in between her wet, plump blue lips. She knelt as she bobbed her head softly back and forth, his thick slick cock glistening in the dark chamber light.


“We’re going to have a little bit of fun, Kamri.”

Kamri tried to stand but was quickly pushed back down to the dirt. Luzella loomed over her from behind; the demoness pinned Kamri behind her neck and with her other hand reached down and ripped off Karmi’s thong. Kamri squirmed wildly trying to free herself. Luzella slowly laid herself prone across Kamri’s back, pinning her face down against the dirt. Her shear weight and muscle overpowered Kamri. Kamri quivered as Luzella’s heavy tits squished across her back, making it hard for her to breathe.

” Go ahead, Kamri – squeak like the little mouse you are,” Luzella whispered into Kamri’s ear.

Kamri felt Luzella’s hardening equine cock brush up between her legs, drenching her thighs with warm precum. She reached up with her hands digging into the dirt looking for leverage, trying to pull herself away. Luzella easily held her in place as she slid her cock head between Kamri’s pussy lips.

“Not so tough anymore are you, Kamri? “

Kamri ground her teeth as Luzella’s forearm-length cock began to sink itself into her. Kamri’s tight lips struggled to take the massive cock. She kicked her feet up and down in the dirt, wincing as the cock sank deeper. Luzella breathed heavily across Kamri’s neck as she began to rock her hips against her.

Luzella pounded into Kamri relentlessly, her girthy cock spreading Kamri open wide. Luzella’s heavy balls bounced, churning with hot cum. Kamri softly cried out but quickly caught herself, not wanting to admit defeat or give Luzella the added enjoyment. Kamri but her tongue and dug her nails into the dirt as Luzella bucked into her wildly, forced to lay helpless and pinned underneath the demoness. Luzella’s back muscles flexed and twisted as she held Kamri in place. Her long tail whipped back and forth aggressively. Waves of her dark raven hair swung over her malevolent face, her expression a mix of desire and hell-bent destruction.


Jelthra slowly sank Neicul’s cock into her throat. She softly slurped her tongue across the underside of his cock, suckling softly. Jelthra kept her orange, heavy glowing eyes fixed on Neicul’s. She pulled his cock back out revealing a thin film of saliva, stroking it momentarily giving her a second to catch her breath.


Jelthra distracts Neicul

She began bobbing on his member again as a supple, audible sucking sound emitted into the dark halls. Neicul tried to answer but was too enveloped in pleasure to produce a coherent sentence; only a gasp of indulgence came out of his lips. Jelthra bobbed faster, letting her lips spread and suckle across his thick cock.”Waz the matter, Neicul? ” Jelthra asked, smiling before stuffing his cock back into her mouth.

Suddenly, a series of screams echoed out into the halls. Jelthra noticed that the scream’s origin came from the direction of the fighting pit. Neicul noticed as well, momentarily snapping out from his sexual haze.

“K-Kamri…Jelthra, y-you… bitch,” Neicul managed to whisper out, half smiling.

Jelthra gripped his thighs with both hands grinning.

“Not zo fast lover boy,” Jelthra spoke before she took his cock into her throat again.

Neicul’s knees shook in pleasure as he returned to his shroud of euphoric bliss. Frozen in rapture, Kamri’s screams became washed out as his eyes now glowed a soft white. Jelthra could feel Neicul getting close; she could feel his load building ready to cum. She pushed onto his cock faster, her heavy tits bouncing with each bob of her head. Her soft tits fell free from her scaled-skin purple top, bouncing together and softly clapping. Her bar-bell pierced nipples danced in unison next to the puddles of pre-cum and spit spilling from her mouth. Neicul’s legs shook with a tremor as he began to cum, filling Jelthra’s mouth up with thick warm Kazdruk seed. Jelthra looked up lustfully, swallowing his load in slow deep gulps.


Kamri gave up on trying to stay stoic; Luzella’s cock was just too much for her. Kamri screamed out louder as Luzella handled her like a toy, pushing her face into the dirt with one flexed arm. The demon’s heavy cock stretched into Kamri, plowing into her like a horse. Kamri felt her heavy tits bouncing on her back, her soft warm flesh interrupted by her cold, heavy nipple rings. Luzella’s heavy balls smacked into Kamri over and over. She flashed her evil smile as Kamri continued to struggle underneath her.

“You’re not going anywhere, Kamri – not until I pump you full of cum.”

Kamri winced as she felt her insides erupt with hot cum; she lightly buried her hands into the dirt, cowering in defeat. Luzella dominantly held her in place and pumped her thick load into her. Kamri’s cunt overflowed with demon seed, the load spilling out onto the ground. Luzella collapsed in pleasure, further pinning Kamri. The demon rested in place on top of Kamri as her cock finished blasting off its salvos. Luzella ran her hand through Karmi’s hair in a faux tenderly motion, her cock letting off more loads as she caught her breath.

“Thats a good little girl Kamri…”

Kamri started to struggle again. Luzella held her fast gripping her black hair, pulling her back closer.

“Stay… i’ll pull out when I’m damn well ready,” Luzella spoke sternly, smiling to herself.

Kamri felt her attacker’s cock flex a few more times, pumping the last of her cum inside. Luzella sighed in relief and began to pull her cock from her toy slowly. A ropey torrent of sperm flooded out as Luzella pulled free. She rose to her hooves, letting her thick semi-flaccid cock sway from side to side.

“Its too bad we didn’t have more time, Kamri. Don’t worry – it’ll be your ass next time,” Luzella grinned before she turned and left the chamber, leaving Kamri behind as a cum covered mess.


Neicul bumped into Kamri as she made her way to the bathing chambers. Kamri limped, walking strangely and holding her side. The two looked at each other for a moment, each one waiting for the other to speak first. Kamri grimaced in searing anger towards Neicul. She hated that he wasn’t there to help or keep order among the lesser ranks, and she hated that she wasn’t strong enough. She quickly caught herself, wiping her look off her face. Delayed with proper edict, she tried to bow before him, painfully leaning forward slightly.

“Evening… Master Neicul.”

Neicul brushed his hand outward shaking his head, as if scoffing at the formalities. He knew what had happened earlier and wanted to ignore that fact. He knew he was partly responsible but he also knew holding her hand through difficult situations would only hurt her in the long run. He attempted to ignore the entire situation with an order.

“Get some rest Kamri.”

Kamri frowned. She scurried for something to make him proud.

“I-I used magic tonight, Master…”

She quickly regretted her words.

Neicul rose his eyebrow, his puzzled expression off setting a long vertical scar running up his right cheek.

“Oh you did eh? Well, it wasn’t enough, was it? “

Kamri paused for a moment and then grimaced in pure hatred, clutching her fists. She hated Neicul and hated that he was right. No compassion, no sympathy, and no morals. Those kinds of qualities got you killed. Such was the Kazdruk way.

Kamri stood up straight swallowing her pride.

“No, Master. It was not.”

“Don’t take me as a soft fool, Kamri; I may not openly prey on the weak like the others, but I’m not here to pat you on your back. Now go rest.”

Neicul walked away from Kamri before she could respond.

Kamri lashed out in frustration. She punched the wall next to her, her fist slightly cracking the stone slab. Twisted Kazdruk venom surged through her body, her corruption sinking deeper as her eyes glowed and flickered slightly. The warmth of anger was comforting, the torment seething under her skin was soothing.

She found herself in the bathing chamber soon after her confrontation. The dragon mouth spout above her poured warm water across her abused body. She thought about the words Neicul spoke. He was unreadable, his actions and mentality were confusing. She wasn’t sure if he was helping her, using her, or just running her down for others to prey upon. Still, she couldn’t ignore his allure… but the urge to drive a knife into his sternum brought a sick smile to her face as well.


The next morning Kamri meet Neicul for another day of training. They performed new attacks and strategies as well as older ones. Kamri was making much progress in keeping Neicul on the defensive. During their final sparring match of the morning, Kamri successfully took down Neicul, leaving him in a position of a killing blow.

Neicul laid there smiling before getting back to his feet. Kamri bowed and Neicul returned it.

“Impressive, Kamri, I must say, ” Neicul stated.

“Impressive indeed,” a second onlooking voice spoke out.

Both Kamri and Neicul jumped at the familiar chilling voice. Kamri’s hair rose on the back of her neck as she brought her staff down to her side. She knew all too well what the tingling sensation at the back of her head was.

“Master Yuldasha,” Neicul spoke as he kneeled and bowed his head. Kamri hesitated for a brief second before doing the same.

“Neicul, you may rise,” Yuldasha spoke, the fighting pit light shimmering across her deadly curves. She approached Neicul, taller than even him.

“I see that your training of Kamri here is going well.”

“Indeed it is, Master.”

Kamri remained on one knee, not daring to move or speak unless ordered to.

Yuldasha stepped closer to Neicul, looking down at him. She poked his chest softly with her outstretched finger. A subtle green glow emitted from her fingertip and started burning into his vest slowly.

“I hope we are still on schedule, Neicul, and have not run into anymore delays.”

Neicul winched slightly in pain as Yuldasha’s finger breached his vest and began to burn into his skin.

“Yes, Master, everything is going as planned.”

“Good.” Yuldasha removed her finger and softly kissed him on his lips. “That’s a good boy, Neicul.” She smiled, turned, and left, slowly swaying her hips and whipping her tail like a pissed Plain Seeker.

Neicul and Kamri both remained silent for a few minutes.

“That will be all the combative training for today, Kamri. You are dismissed until further notice.”

Kamri looked on, puzzled and frustrated.

“Master Neicul, what does Yuldasha have planned for me?”

Neicul flashed a sharp tooth and grinned; he looked over his shoulder quickly scanning for any peering eyes.


Kamri smiled, her eyes flashing a deeper yellow. She began to ask a chain of questions, but Neicul rose his hand to cut her off.

“You will learn more in due time,” he proclaimed.


“My fellow people of Wayyel! Brothers, sisters, neighbors, and friends.”

King Tepel bemoaned to his people with sorrow and sadness in his voice. The older elven man choked back tears and remained stoic, as a good King should.

“As some of you may have heard, it saddens me greatly to confirm that in the past days my beloved wife Aria was kidnapped… Our dearest Queen has fallen into the hands of the Kazdruk!”

A chorus of gasps and bewilderment roared out among the great elven city court. The outcry of elven townsmen and peasants quickly settled down into individual whispers. Rumors, schemes, and intrigue spread like wildfire across the people of Wayyel.

“This is surely an act of war!” a hefty townsman yelled out of the crowd.

“We won’t let this stand Tepel! We must retaliate!” a younger elf spoke out, followed by a cheer of agreement from many.

“Down with the Kaz-folk! We’ll burn them all and send them back to the pits from which they came!” an elderly elven women shouted, followed by another large cheer of agreement from the town folk.

“We won’t sit back cowardly anymore Tepel! You must sanction an offensive!” another shouted. The entire town erupted into a cheer of patriotism and honor.

King Tepel stepped back from his throne and leaned into his closest advisers, neighboring chancellors, and the King’s advisers. Royal groups from both Houses Winterstone and Pearlwinn had come. King Tepel looked back over their shoulders towards his people, then back to his peers.

“The Demon spawn leave me no choice, chancellors. I must retaliate and launch a counter offensive. If not for my Wife, then for my people,” Tepel pleaded.

Chancellor Lelthina of Winterstone quickly interjected with her smooth elven voice, laced with annoyance.

“The King of Winterstone will not approve, your Majesty. Launching an offensive would surely open not only Wayyel, but the entire nation of AzurLyyn up to war!”

Lelthina spoke, her light robin blue silk dress hugging her elegant hourglass frame. Blue sparkling eyeshadow danced around her dark almond eyes. Her abnormally dark hair contrasted against her light skin sharply, perfectly fitting for her sharp traditional elven views and demeanor. Although upset and outraged, her expression was masked with beauty. The glittering of her expensive jewelry and rare gems bounced off the other AzurLyyn members, radiating riches and pompousness.

“We will not offer our support in any offensive matter, especially after the disarray at Atzgol. The Winterstone house won’t lay a single foot on the vile soil of those demons. Spoiled first by a Human nation and now Kazdruk; that land is an agglomeration of disgust, destined to crumble into the depths of the SajaRuun.”

Lelthina finished, looking away as if she had greater and more important business to attend.

“Well, Chancellor Lelthina, please thank your King regardless.”

Chancellor Rell of Pearlwinn stepped in. The tall skinny middle aged elvish male smiled softly. A spray of white and grey speckled his long braided hair. Chancellor Rell outstretched his robed arm, placing his gloved hand onto the king’s shoulder.

“I’m sure we can lend you ships and a few regiments of good men. I will discuss our options with King Oallet. Pearlwinn will always remain as brother in arms with house Wayyel, my friend. Our bloodlines run deep, Tepel.”

“Thank you, Chancellor Rell …and Lelthina,” the King bowed.

Lelthina scoffed and returned a less-than convincing bow. Chancellor Rell softly returned a jolly and humble smile and bowed. Before the royal gathering disbanded, Lelthina looked back at King Tepel.

“I hope you sleep well, your Majesty… knowing your actions may very well be the undoing of all of AzurLyyn and her people.”

She sneered and left with her advisers and armed guards.

King Tepel only nodded at her comment, not wanting to admit the truth in her painfully stinging words. He tightened his belt and royal coat, taking in a deep breath before announcing his decision publicly. The cheer of the Wayyel people grew louder and louder awaiting his decision.

10 AzurLyyn -The Elvish Prosperity-


Later that night


King Tepel stood around a giant oak table, reviewing a large map. He was finalizing the offensive details with his commanding officers. A commotion erupted outside the main meeting chamber. Tepel looked up from the giant map to his guards standing by the door. A guard came rushing through the entrance.

“King Tepel! A group of Zelkathron royals have arrived. They wish to speak with you at once!”

“Zelkathron?… Why in the name of Eletha would they be here?” the King questioned, looking on puzzled. He rubbed his temple softly, attempting to push out all the stress and controlled chaos of the last few days.

“Alright then, I will meet with them.”

After cleaning up and making himself look presettable, King Tepel met with the Zelkathron Royals.

They met in a large, open royal meeting chamber. Masterful elvish craftsmanship filled the great castle room. Giant wide glass windows looked over the majestic range of Wayyel. A light dusting of snow was falling softly across the night sky.

The Zelkathron stood proud as a group of five – three royals and two body guards. The people of AzurLyyn did not view the southern Zelkathron as enemies, nor did the south view their northern cousins as adversaries. They had an understanding. Some Zelkathron natives even fought for the AzurLyyn nation. Their differences primarily came down to culture and views on the conflict.

The first elder took a step forward to meet King Tepel. The male dark skinned elf wore a dark brown heavy animal skin type robe, decorated in elegant colorful gems and wild feathers. His older leathery skin shown off years of knowledge and experience. His long black hair was held in twisting braids adorned in gold clamps and beads. The most notable decoration was a giant blue lotus delicately embroidered across the front of his robe. He looked upon Tepel with bright purple eyes, his bushy eyebrows holding firm and his emotions as hard as stone.

One of Tepel’s guards came forth to the King. “Sir, this is Clan Elder Rimish Kov of the Blue Lotus Tribe.”

King Tepel nodded at the young soldier.

The Clan Elder bowed in their traditional southern way. He angled his right arm face up as if holding a bowl across his stomach. He then rose his left palm upward vertically, facing Tepel and then bent his upper body downward.

“King Tepel, even within snow it brings warmth to my heart, standing inside the great land that your goddess Eletha has blessed. The elder sprites run strong with you and your people,” Rimish spoke with a heavy southland elvish accent.

Tepel bowed in return.

“Clan Elder Rimish, thank you. I must admit I’m a bit surprised to see a Zelkathron Elder here at a time like this.”

The Elder smiled. His wrinkled skin pulling across his face.

“The unknown is what gives life purpose, Tepel. A tree does not know from which way the wind will blow next, nor which direction a storm will come… still it stands ever strong.”

“That it does Rimish, that it does.”

“Word travels like heaven’s lighting, Tepel. You’re launching an offensive on the hell spawns are you not, hmm?”

“Yes, yes we are.”

“When I speak, I am the voice of all Clan Blue Lotus. I have a proposal for you and your people – we wish to aid in your offensive. The other clans of Zelkathron do not wish to openly attack. They are timid and apprehensive like your woodland deer. But we, children of the Lotus, will not stand back and watch from afar anymore. We will not tremble in fear. We will ride like spirits with a tempest at our backs.”

Tepel smiled a large grin, his face filled with warmth.

“Please, Clan Elder Rimish. Follow me to the battle room then; we have much work to do.”

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